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What is Psychic Txt?

Psychic Txt is a leading psychic app that is accessible for Android and iOS users. The app offers free daily horoscope and paid live chat and text consultations with top psychics worldwide. The Psychic Txt app is an affordable platform that comprises gifted psychics specializing in Tarot reading, astrology, clairvoyance, past and future reading, spirit-led reading, palm reading, and many more.

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Quality 73%
Price 70%
Psychic Quality 71%
Response Time 80%

Our Review of Psychic Txt

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Updated: 10/11/2020

Psychic Txt Review

Although in-person services have tons of advantages, people usually prefer receiving remote assistance while saving money, energy, and time. Since online services allow us to get almost everything we want without leaving home, more and more companies start implementing virtual systems using different online platforms.

Luckily, the psychic industry is not an exception. During the last decade or two, psychic readings have been available through phone calls, emails, websites, and even mobile apps. Obviously, if you do not own a PC, having a psychic app installed on your device will be much more convenient. And if this is the case, you may find this article interesting.

Psychic Txt is among the apps offering affordable psychic readings for Android and iOS users. Although the app is popular, it does not necessarily mean that the readings are accurate. To make the right choice, you’d better do some research before actually consulting a psychic on the Psychic Txt app. In this article, you will find valuable information about what Psychic Txt offers and how affordable and reliable the readings are.

If you have not consulted a psychic on the Psychic Txt app before but you are just thinking

How much Does Psychic Txt Cost?

Psychic Txt is completely free to download from both Google Play and the App Store. After downloading the app and creating an account, you will receive 150 txt credits as a gift. You will also have free access to the news feed sharing fascinating psychic articles and daily horoscopes for each zodiac sign.

Additionally, the app offers in-app purchases through which you can receive paid readings from gifted psychics. You either pay £3.30 to purchase 150 txt credits and ask one question or buy 15 live credits for £14.49 and use the balance to pay for the minutes you spend chatting with an online psychic.

150 txt credits allow you to ask one question while live credits are used for paying for the minutes you spend chatting with a particular psychic. The fee depends on the rate of a specific psychic and is displayed on his/her profile. You will probably need to pay 2-5 credits per minute to consult a psychic using a live chat.

The following table will help you understand how different price packages work on the Psychic Txt app.

Text Credits Live Credits
Credits Questions Price Credits Price
150 1 £3.30 15 £14.49
450 3 £8.99 27 £23.99
1200 8 £23.49 55 £47.99
1800 12 £32.49 105 £85.99
3000 20 £53.99


How Does Psychic Txt Work?

Psychic Txt is a user-friendly app that has a simple design and offers easy-to-understand features. After downloading the app, you will be asked to create an account. Next, you will receive 150 txt credits for free. If you want to consult live psychics or ask additional questions, you will need to top up your balance by purchasing text or live credits.

Further information about the services provided by the Psychic Txt app is given in the following section.


What Are the Services Offered by the Psychic Txt App?

Similarly to other psychic apps, Psychic Txt offers free and paid services. After creating an account, you will gain access to daily horoscope and news feed with a bunch of useful articles.

If you are willing to receive a more insightful reading, you should purchase some credits and consult authenticated psychics through live chat or text messages. What is unique about the app is that it allows you to send and receive voice messages. This not only makes it easier to communicate with a psychic but also saves you and the psychic some time and energy. Instead of typing, you can simply press the designated button and send an audio recording.

The Psychic Txt app comprises psychics specializing in a wide array of fields, including but not limited to, love, career, money, spiritual path, and deceased loved ones. Advisors on the platform use different tools, such as Tarot cards, astrology, clairvoyance, spirit-led readings, palmistry, and energy reading. So, no matter what the topic of your inquiry is, you will find a psychic that can guide you through even the toughest life situations.

The Psychic Txt app offers two types of psychic consultations:

  • Live Chat Consultation

If you want to chat with an online psychic in live, you will need to purchase live credits. Then, you select the psychic and tap on the “Live Chat” icon. Each psychic has a specific rate indicated as the number of credits you need to pay per minute of live chat consultation.

  • Txt Consultation

If you are not in a hurry and can wait for the psychic to respond with a comprehensive reading, you can choose txt consultation and ask a specific question along with providing particular details. After tapping on the “Txt” icon, you will be redirected to the private chat with a given psychic. A welcome message will be displayed on the screen, telling you what to include in your question.

Keep in mind that each Txt message requires 150 Txt credits.


Are the Services Provided by Psychic Txt Affordable?

As a matter of fact, psychic consultations are pretty expensive. Although in-person readings are much more costly, remote sessions can also cost hundreds of dollars. Luckily, psychic apps allow us to receive psychic guidance for a relatively low price.

As mentioned earlier, the Psychic Txt app is among the most affordable psychic platforms available on Google Play and App Store. For only £3.30, you can receive an insightful reading on your specific question. If you are more into live chat readings, you can pay about £15 and have a 7-minute live chat consultation.

Another great perk of the Psychic Txt app is that you can spin the wheel once a day to win extra credits or special discounts to speak with psychics through live chat or text messages. The prizes include 2 live credits, 5 or 10 text credits, 30% off on text consultations, and 30% off on live consultations. The bonus will be automatically applied to your next reading and is valid for only 24 hours. If you could not use your prize, do not worry. You will still have a chance to win one of the rewards the next day.

After spinning the wheel, I got 30% off on my next txt reading and I had to pay 105 credits instead of 150 to receive an insightful answer to my question.

If you are looking for an affordable psychic app, you should definitely consider downloading Psychic Txt on your Android or iOS device.


Are the Psychics on Psychic Txt Reliable?

Psychic Txt carefully selects the psychics and partners with the most gifted ones. This allows the platform to provide accurate and reliable readings while keeping the services affordable. Obviously, psychics having over 10 years of experience working in the field should offer trustworthy readings. But still, I decided to use my 150 free txt credits and consult one of the top-rated psychics to check whether the readings are actually accurate.

As a result, I received a valid reading that included some really specific details. Although timeframes were not mentioned in the reading, the information seemed to be correct. The reading could have been more precise, but I was still satisfied with what I received for less than £3.30.

Considering my personal experience with Psychic Txt, I can recommend downloading the app. You may need to consult a few psychics to find the one that best suits your needs. Overall, the app, as well as the psychics, are genuine and trustworthy.

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