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What is Yodha My Horoscope?

Yodha My Horoscope is an app available on the App Store and Google Play through which you can consult real astrologers specializing in Vedic Astrology. The app offers immediate access to a professional astrologer whenever you need help. Besides, you can get free daily/weekly horoscopes and astrological predictions for particular events. From time to time, the Yodha My Horoscope app offers promotional bonuses and special gifts/discounts for its users.

If you are willing to receive an accurate astrological prediction, download the Yodha My Horoscope app on your iOS or Android device and ask top astrologers anything you want!

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Updated: 29/09/2020

Although in-person communication may be way more productive than distant services, millions of people prefer receiving guidance remotely. The main reason for this is that remote services allow us to not only save time and energy but also pay less and receive quality services on a budget.

Despite the fact that psychic readings are gradually becoming more accessible, the services are usually too expensive and people can barely afford to visit spiritual advisors and receive psychic guidance. Luckily, online psychic platforms allow us to consult top advisors at an affordable price. Without spending too much money and time, you can receive accurate readings at any time.

Obviously, accessing such platforms (especially websites) via your smartphone may sometimes be challenging. If this is the case, you should probably download one of the psychic apps and consult psychics through in-app chat or calls.

“Yodha My Horoscope” is a leading psychic app with over a million downloads. Although the app is quite popular among different societies, you may still wonder how accurate the services really are. In this article, you will find a general overview of what is offered by the Yodha My Horoscope app. The following sections will also cover the affordability, accuracy, and reliability of the readings on Yodha My Horoscope. Since Yodha offers services through a couple of other apps, the last section will provide some basic details about what to expect from these platforms.

If you have not tried consulting a psychic on the Yodha My horoscope app, keep reading! Here is all you may need to know to make the right choice.

How much Does Yodha My Horoscope Cost?

The Yodha My Horoscope app is completely free to download from the App Store and Google Play. However, the app offers in-app purchases for private consultations with personal astrologers. You can receive a comprehensive astrological prediction for as low as about $4.00. The price of consultation can increase, depending on the astrologer you are talking with.

Along with paid astrological predictions, you will receive daily and weekly horoscopes for free. Besides, astrological predictions for special events can also be obtained at no extra cost.

Typically, psychic and astrological apps allow you to ask your very first question for free. This helps you get an idea of how the platform works as well as check the accuracy of the advisors. Unfortunately, the Yodha My Horoscope does not grant you free credits for asking a question. You have to pay for each and every question you ask in the chat.

How Does Yodha My Horoscope Work?

To consult a professional Vedic astrologer, you will need to download the Yodha My Horoscope app from the App Store or Google Play. Next, you will be asked to fill in the birth profile. This can be done simply by providing your name, gender, date, time, country, and city of birth. Finally, you will be redirected to a chat window where you can ask a question, pay the fee, and wait for a Vedic astrologer to provide a complete prediction.

Compared to other psychic and astrological apps, Yodha My Horoscope does not provide clear instructions and some aspects are not clear whatsoever. For instance, you have access to the list of Vedic astrologers providing predictions through the platform, but you cannot check their profiles or rating scores. Instead of selecting a specific astrologer and asking him/her a question, your inquiry is addressed by a random guru.

Although the app says that all of their astrologers are experienced and can deliver accurate predictions, it is always beneficial to check customer feedback of a particular advisor before actually paying for a reading.

What Are the Services Offered by the Yodha My Horoscope App?

The Yodha My Horoscope app only provides astrological predictions based on a personal birth chart. The horoscope can either be about your specific question or a general daily/weekly/monthly forecast of your future. Some of the common topics include love, self, everyday life, education, work, money, and business.

If you are a newbie and do not really know how to formulate your question, the app gives you access to some useful question samples and ideas to inspire you. The list of questions is so comprehensive that you will most probably find the type of question you are willing to ask. If you could not find a question describing your concerns, do not worry. You can simply type your own query and wait for the guru to provide astrological insights into your future.

Generally, you pay about $4 for receiving an answer to a specific question. On the other hand, daily complimentary horoscope updates for your Vedic sign are completely free.

Are the Services Provided by Yodha My Horoscope Affordable?

As you may already know, psychic and astrological consultations are quite expensive. For a comprehensive reading, you may end up paying hundreds of dollars. This is especially true for in-person séances. On the contrary, remote psychic services are much more affordable and convenient since you receive guidance without leaving your home.

While psychic and astrological websites provide services at relatively low prices compared to in-person consultations, some of the apps are even more affordable. The main reason for this is that you typically pay a fixed price to receive a reading on your specific question.

The Yodha My Horoscope is among the most affordable astrological platforms through which you can receive an accurate and comprehensive prediction for only $4.00.

Are the Psychics on Yodha My Horoscope Reliable?

As mentioned earlier, the rating scores and customer feedback of different Vedic astrologers are not shown on the Yodha My Horoscope app. Therefore, you cannot really tell how accurate their performance is. But still, the app has over million downloads and tons of positive reviews on the App Store and Google Play, and this says it all. On both Android and iOS stores, the app’s rating is above 4.5 stars and it is really exciting.

Besides, the Yodha My Horoscope app comprises only authentic Vedic astrologers from Nepal. The app guarantees high-quality and professional astrological services delivered by top astrologers.

Considering how popular the app is and how satisfied the customers are, we can conclude that Yodha My Horoscope is a reliable platform that can really guide you through even tough periods of life.

What Type of Services Do Other Yodha Apps Offer?

While Yodha My Horoscope is a leading astrological platform, Yodha offers a couple of other apps for both Android and iOS users. Some general information about other Yodha apps is provided below.

  • Yodha Apps for Android Devices

In addition to the Yodha My Horoscope app, Android users can download another 2 apps offered by Yodha.

The first one is called “Daily Horoscope and Astrology by Yodha.” Instead of asking a specific question and waiting for a real astrologer to respond, this app provides a daily horoscope based on your date, time, and place of birth. As soon as you update your personal information, the app will give you a daily horoscope along with a color and a number of the day.

Another app is called “Yodha My Astrology and Zodiac Horoscope,” and it is basically the same as the Yodha My Horoscope app. The only difference I noticed is that this app gives you 1000 free credits that are equal to 1 free question. In the case of Yodha My Horoscope, I had to pay even for my first question. Other than that,  these two apps are identical with the same exact Vedic astrologers.

  • Yodha Apps for iOS Devices

Similarly, Yodha offers additional three apps on the App Store.

The first app is called “Daily Horoscope 2020 by Yodha,” and it is the same as the “Daily Horoscope and Astrology by Yodha” (the one that we have discussed above). You simply provide your name, gender, date, time, and place of birth and you receive a daily horoscope completely for free.

The next app for iOS devices is called “Horoscope + Astrology by Yodha,” and it allows you to ask specific questions to real Vedic astrologers. The app works in the same exact way as the Yodha My Horoscope app.

The last app offered by Yodha is called “Yodha Life Quotes and Sayings.” The app shares daily quotes that are known are thoughts of the day. You can also collect your favorite quotations and access them at any time. The app also allows you to share these quotes with friends to inspire them as well.


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