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Keen is the next popular psychic platform on the list. During the last two decades, Keen has been helping individuals find their clarity and solutions to even the most challenging situations in life. To learn more about, check out the following subsections answering several common inquiries.

How Much Does a Psychic Reading at Cost?

Although Keen offers psychic readings by high-class psychics, the rates are pretty affordable. As indicated on the main page, the rate per minute for a psychic reading starts from $1.99 and goes up to $30.00/minute. After going through different profiles, it was clear that most psychics offer readings for less than $6/minute, while just a couple of advisors have indicated rates higher than $9.99 per minute.

Upon creating an account, you will be granted 3 free minutes for your first psychic reading. You can use these free minutes for a call or a live chat with a psychic you select. Free minutes are perfect for learning a little bit more about a given psychic and deciding whether he/she is the right fit for you. If you are not satisfied with the psychic, you can end the session and find another one.

To speak/chat longer, you can either add extra funds prior to connecting to a psychic or pay as you speak/chat with a particular advisor. Note that even if you add additional funds beforehand, you will only be charged for the minutes you spend talking with a psychic.  If you are tight on funds, you can often find Keen Deals and Coupons

Keen Deals and Promos

First 3 minutes Free (as of Nov 27th 2020)

Many Psychic Websites have special promos, coupons and deals for our website and we love to feature them to our audience. They are often great deals at discounted pricing to get you to check out their service. They are so convinced you will love their service that they want to almost give it away for you to try it.

Simply click the link above that says "activate deal" and the deal will be automatically activated. It's important you only use the link above as it has special tracking to make sure your deal is activated for you.

Yes, these deals are all special offer from different companies, so yes you could activate as many deals as you wish using our psychic discounts and coupons.