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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 06/30/20 7:02 PM EDT
  • Updated: 11/09/20 6:22 PM EST

10 Public Figures Who Get Psychic Consultations and Receive Readings

At first glance, celebrities might seem to be living a very happy life. They have fame, wealth, and a large circle of friends. Since stars are so rich, people usually misconceive their daily lives and personal problems. They believe that affluent societies can solve any issue with money. But this is far from reality.

Even celebrities have life-changing decisions to make, which cannot be unraveled by using their resources. Instead, they might either address their close friends to get a piece of advice or refer to psychics to get a consultation and receive readings on some of the life-and-death matters.

While there are dozens of biggest stars visiting mediums to receive psychic guidance, I will list 10 of the most famous public figures getting help from “spiritual coaches.”


  1. Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I had been relying on psychic and astrology readings ever since she gained the throne of England. Although there have been multiple attempts made to destroy any evidence reflecting Elizabeth’s interest in psychic readings, several facts still prove how dependent she was on mysterious predictions.

For instance, the team of psychics and astrologers predicted a terrible disaster happening at the time when Elizabeth had to decide whether to fight with the Spanish or not. Once again, the prediction came true and the Queen managed to defeat the army.


  1. Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein

Although Albert Einstein is well-known for his exceptional theories in physics, less is known about his belief in psychic abilities. Obviously, it is pretty unexpected that a person with such a solid background in sciences considered psychic readings to be accurate. The reason for thinking of psychics in this way was the fact that he was amazed by how precisely Gene Dennis described some of the life events nobody could ever know.


  1. Princess Diana

    Princess Diana

Even if it seems ridiculous, Princess Diana consulted various astrologers and psychics to receive some possible solutions and make her world less chaotic. One of her astrologers, Dr. James Colthurst, predicted that Diana would never become a Queen. Diana was 100% sure in his words, which ended up being true.


  1. President Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln

Even though Abraham Lincoln occasionally consulted clairvoyants, people do not know much about it. He used psychics to receive readings about critical future events. Along with her wife Mary, Lincoln has attended various seances.

What is even more enthralling is that the president had his own visions giving foreknowledge of certain occurrences. One of the most mysterious visions of him was when he saw two faces in the mirror simultaneously. He and Mary perceived this as a sign of his second election. Nevertheless, since the second face was extremely pale, Lincoln assumed that he would not even live until the re-election.


  1. President Reagan

    Ronald Reagan

Nancy, Ronald Reagan’s wife, had been regularly visiting the psychic Joan Quigley. As a matter of fact, Reagan got rid of numerous political issues through psychic readings. Besides, Reagans considered any piece of information predicted by their psychic to on a daily basis. The psychic even forecasted a lousy day in the president’s life, on which John Wayne Hinckley shot Reagan.


  1. George Clooney

Continuing with celebrities, George Clooney is among the stars consulting psychics for readings and advice to improve their life. In 2009, Clooney addressed a psychic with the hope of reconnecting with his beloved pig, Max, who had passed away three years earlier. Our celebrity reported that the medium managed to contact Max, ensured George that he was feeling well, and the pig even hung out with him from time to time.


  1. Jennifer Lopez

It turns out that Jennifer Lopez is a huge fan of psychic readings. She has visited mediums a great many times to get advice for critical occasions in her life. One of the most intriguing cases was when J-Lo announced that her wedding was off just several hours after she visited Merle Gonzalez, her spiritual coach. Consequently, Jennifer claimed that the reason for canceling the wedding was the fact that some sensitive details have leaked and they did not want to ruin their special day.


  1. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is yet another celebrity who has used psychic seances to get advice. Back in 2011, Cameron was noticed in front of Mrs. Grace’s storefront. As reported by various sources, Diaz had visited Hollywood psychic to receive readings, which would help her improve her love life and make life-changing decisions regarding her career.


  1. Brad Pitt

    Brad Pitt

Ron Bard is a famous psychic who reports that Brad Pitt visits him for readings. Brad claims that Bard has inspired and helped him with his readings even during extremely challenging periods.

Although Bard refuses to provide any specific details, Pitt’s close friends have spoken about Brad talking with his psychic about his relationship issues with Angelina Jolie.


  1. Denise Richards

Denise Richards claims that she has become friends with a psychic her mother met right before she passed away. Since Denise’s mother had told her about the experience with this psychic called Natalie, Richards wanted to talk to her and somehow feel the presence of her mom. She kept in touch with Natalie with the hope that her mother would contact her through the psychic.


This was the list of 10 public figures, who have contacted a psychic for readings and feedback on their daily activities as well as future events. Summing up, celebrities also have personal issues and sometimes even require a helping hand of a medium. They should be considered as regular people who have problems to solve similarly to any other person on earth.




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