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10 Signs of Psychic Awakening and How to Embrace Them

  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 10/12/21 11:59 AM EDT
  • Updated: 09/17/21 12:00 PM EDT

10 Signs of Psychic Awakening and How to Embrace Them

Psychic readings and other related services offer clarity into various situations and enable people to change their lives for the better. For that reason, millions of people worldwide refer to psychic advisors to get answers to some of the major life questions. While consulting a psychic or medium is one of the best options to receive spiritual enlightenment, certain groups of individuals attempt to find answers through their inner selves. Psychic awakening is what makes them capable of feeling a deeper connection with their soul-searching journey. As a result, spiritually awakened people use their supernatural powers to receive insights into life.

While some individuals believe that only gifted ones can undergo the spiritual awakening process, this is not actually the truth. In reality, any human being can discover this life-changing path to enlightenment. The only problem here is that many people are unaware of what psychic awakening signs are and they simply ignore some of the most common awakening symptoms they face in life.

If you have never heard of psychic awakening before, we’ve got you covered. In this article, you will find everything you need to know to kick off your self-discovery journey. To begin with, we will explain the basics of psychic awakening and provide detailed information on the 10 common spiritual awakening symptoms. Then, we will continue with additional tips and recommendations to embrace your psychic gifts and take a step forward to enhancing your spiritual awareness. Finally, we will offer some pros and cons of psychic awakening you should consider in order to make the most of your soul-searching trip.

Relax, keep an open mind, and let’s get started!

What Is Psychic Awakening?

Psychic awakening is the act of unlocking your inner self, a whole new dimension of reality beyond the boundaries of the ego. The process leads to uncovering and developing your innate abilities and psychic powers. Besides, you identify your core beliefs and gain a better understanding of what truly matters to you. As the psychic awakening journey unfolds, your inner self and soul start to live a much more spiritually enlightened life. To be even more precise, psychic awakening allows you to find the best route for further growth in different aspects of life.

For some reason, people often confuse psychic awakening with spiritual awakening. While these two processes often coincide, there are some differences you should be aware of. The major difference is that psychic awakening involves the activation of the pineal gland and tapping into your superhuman potential. Conversely, spiritual awakening is pretty much about accessing the center of your heart and strengthening the mind-body connection. Still, psychic awakening typically involves spiritual awakening as spirituality is super important for those developing psychic powers.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that psychic awakening does not really happen in a single moment. Although you may have experiences that seem to be pretty intense, you are not being awakened in the twinkling of an eye. Many experts claim that the psychic awakening journey involves multiple stages of growth and development. Hence, the psychic awakening process occurs gradually and the timeframes may differ from individuals to individuals.

After awakening your psychic inner self, you will gain a whole new perspective on life. You will notice that your natural abilities are pretty exciting and intuitive awakening can truly guide you through the challenges. As psychic awakening leads to the opening of your third eye, you may start having particular visions about past, present, or future events. You may also be able to communicate with your spirit guides and deliver messages from the other side. In a nutshell, psychic awakening gives you powers that seemed bizarre earlier.

Since there is not much information available on the topic, many people are unaware of how to identify or what to expect from a psychic awakening. For that reason, the signs of psychic awakening are often ignored. To help you form a deep connection with your inner self and psychic gifts, the following section will thoroughly discuss 10 common symptoms of psychic awakening.

10 Common Signs You Are Experiencing a Psychic Awakening

As mentioned above, psychic awakening activates and balances your third eye chakra and develops psychic abilities. However, the journey often involves spiritual aspects of life and enables you to gain a heightened awareness for your inner self and soul. Although many people ignore this, some common spiritual awakening signs indicate that something great is about to happen in your life.

Below are 10 of the most widespread signs of awakening that you should be looking for when trying to unlock your psychic gifts.

1.    You are feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, and confused

During the initial stages of psychic awakening, you will probably feel disconnected or detached from your inner self. You may be overwhelmed and anxious, even if there are no apparent reasons to be feeling this way. The confusion might make you think that everything you believed in was a complete lie.

If you ever experience something like this in life, do not freak out. Keep calm and remember that the confusion will gradually fade away. You will soon reconnect with the things and people you truly love. The negative emotions are due to the experiences that are new and somewhat challenging.

2.    You have been re-evaluating your beliefs and habits recently

The psychic awakening process involves the re-evaluation of your core beliefs and habits. You will probably start by asking deep questions in order to become aware of who you really are. This will also help you identify some of your old negative habits and teach you how to improve your overall performance in life.

As a result, you may face sudden changes in your habits and daily routine. As you thoroughly examine your core beliefs, you may also experience significant shifts in priorities and values. As this is new to you, things might feel a bit unpleasant at first glance. However, the uncertainty will gradually grow faint and disappear. You will gain a whole new perspective on life, and undoubtedly the better one. You will also realize how strong the connection between happiness and longevity is.

3.    You may also experience physical and mental symptoms

In some cases, psychic awakening makes individuals experience various physical symptoms, including fatigue, brain fog, headaches, muscle pain, sleeping problems, and others. However, having these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you are being spiritually awakened. There are chances that you have a medical condition, so it is super important to consult a healthcare professional ASAP.

4.    You have found inner peace

After successfully passing a couple of initial stages of psychic awakening, you will finally be able to find inner peace. At this point, you are re-engaging with your emotional flow and your physical and spiritual body is filling up with positive emotions.

Inner peace will make you feel calmer and it will be much easier to identify your path life. You will also find it less challenging to keep track of your goals, which is essential for further growth and development as a psychic. In addition to that, you may finally overcome your fear of death and cope with reality.

5.    Spirituality has become an important part of your life

The psychic awakening journey is not only about developing psychic abilities. Rather, it involves numerous spiritual aspects of life, allowing you to strengthen your sense of connection with your inner self. Spiritual practice is key to fully awakening your innate abilities and unlocking your true potential in life.

During the later stages of psychic awakening, you will notice that spirituality has become a pretty important part of your life. If you experience something like that, you are probably pretty close to fully awakening your inner self.

6.    You are feeling connected again

This is one of the final stages of psychic awakening. After finding inner peace and starting to live a more spiritual life, you will feel a connection with the entire world again. Reconnecting with your inner self will lead to intense feelings of calmness and serenity. At this point, you no longer need something external to complete you

You no longer need anything external to complete you. Your journey toward wholeness and healing has been successful, meaning that your harmonious life will not be broken or damaged. However, you should do your best to preserve this state of well-being. Otherwise, you may feel disconnected from your psychic awakening again.

7.    Your intuitive powers and empathy for others have started to show up

Clearly, psychic awakening involves the process of unlocking and developing psychic abilities. Therefore, your psychic awakening journey will make you more sensitive and your intuitive skills will also enhance. You may experience strong gut feelings that you have never had before. Make sure you trust them, but not until you can fully comprehend what these feelings are trying to tell you.

Psychic awakening will also increase your empathy for others. You will be granted the ability to understand and feel what other people experience. You may even physically feel other people’s pain and pleasure.

You will start to love people unconditionally. Loving others unconditionally does not necessarily mean that you love them without limits. It simply means that you offer your love freely without any expectations.

8.    You are having visions beyond normal sensory perception

Psychic awakening unlocks your third eye chakra, meaning that you may start to have visions beyond normal human sensory channels. These visions may be about the past, present, or future aspects of life. At first glance, you will probably feel confused, but you will soon learn how to interpret your visions and apply them to real-life situations.

Keep in mind that psychic visions and predictions are not always accurate and you should never take them too literally. Consider them as warnings and signs. Thoroughly examine your visions before making decisions that could potentially change your life.

9.    Your dreams and visions are scaringly vivid

Having vivid dreams is yet another sign of psychic awakening. After activating your pineal gland and balancing the third eye chakra, you may start to have lucid dreams and visions that are sometimes pretty scary. If this is the case, try to keep as calm as possible. Your dreams and visions should be considered as messages that you are supposed to interpret and share.

The best way to keep track of your dreams is to maintain a dream journal. Write down everything you remember after waking up and try to find possible meanings of your dreams. This will help you further develop your psychic abilities.

10. You need some time to reset and fill yourself with energy

Last but not least, individuals going through the psychic awakening journey often require some extra time to reset. If this is the case, you should take your time to regenerate energy. You feel exhausted due to so many new experiences that you have encountered recently. You will soon learn how to deal with them and you may no longer need to reset yourself that often.

Try to spend more time in nature and avoid crowded places. Also, consider meditating as this will help you get back on track. The key is to determine what works best for you. We are all unique and there are no specific rules about how one should re-fill his/her inner self with energy.

Embracing Your Psychic Awakening

Understanding and embracing your psychic gifts is just as important as identifying your psychic awakening signs. You should do your best to accept your innate abilities willingly and enthusiastically. The main reason for this is that embracing your psychic awakening will help you overcome some of your greatest fears. You will no longer be frightened about what you see, feel, or hear through your supernatural skills.

If you are a newbie and do not really know how to get started, we are here to help you. Below is a step-by-step guide to embracing your psychic awakening and advancing your superpowers.

Step 1: Identify your psychic skills and special talents

If the psychic awakening symptoms discussed in the previous section apply to you, now it is time to identify some of your special powers. This is key to further developing your supernatural skills and becoming an actual psychic.

Keep in mind that identifying your psychic abilities is not an easy job. It may take a while for you to fully understand what your talents are. Take your time and never rush yourself. Keep calm, as this will make the process much more straightforward.

To get started, check out our comprehensive guide on finding your most potent psychic power.

CLICK HERE to test your psychic abilities and take a step forward to enhancing your unique talents.

Step 2: Look for the rationale behind your psychic powers

The next step is to determine the reason why you have developed the specific psychic ability. Experts believe that everything happens for a reason and finding the rationale behind your psychic talents will make it much easier for you to advance your capabilities.

For instance, individuals often develop abilities to communicate with the spirits when their deceased loved ones want to share some messages from the other side. This applies to almost every psychic ability, so make sure you carefully look for the clues.

Step 3: Discover methods and techniques to complement your special powers

This is by far the most important step to fully embrace your psychic awakening. Even if you uncover your psychic abilities, you need to master specific reading techniques and apply them to real-life settings. Developing your psychic powers is all about unlocking the sixth sense that allows you to gain clarity into various occurrences in life.

The best way to strengthen your psychic powers is to find the proper techniques that work specifically for you. While some people use Tarot cards or numerology to deliver readings, you may find tea leaves or crystals more helpful. It all depends on your personal preferences and inner self.

We share 10 essential tips for developing psychic abilities, so do not forget to check them out.

Step 4: Keep an open mind and practice!

As you enhance your psychic abilities, you should be open to new ideas, opinions, and perspectives. Being open-minded means that you can see all of the factors that contribute to specific issues in life. Hence, it will be much easier for you to find optimal solutions to these problems.

The challenging part is that some aspects of the psychic realm often conflict with our existing beliefs. Clearly, it is not that easy to keep an open mind when you face plenty of new ideas that seem to be ridiculous at first glance. With just a bit of effort and willingness, you can change and revise some of your old perspectives and take a step forward to growing as a psychic.

The Benefits of Psychic Awakening

Possessing psychic abilities is just like having some kind of superpower. Although it might sound pretty bizarre, psychic powers are truly magical and their mystical nature makes them even more remarkable.

Here are some of the pros of psychic awakening:

  • You gain a whole new perspective on different aspects of life
  • You become more connected to your inner self and soul
  • You achieve inner peace and stillness
  • You can easily manage your anxiety and stress level
  • Your inner self is no longer dependent on external influences
  • You become aware of everything that is going on around you (simultaneous awareness)
  • You start to live a more balanced life
  • You gain a strong understanding of who you really are on a soul level
  • You can comprehend your true purpose and potential in life
  • You can see, feel, and hear things that other people can’t
  • Your gut instincts become pretty intense and accurate
  • You can gain insights into the past, present, and future
  • You can communicate with the spirits of the dead and deliver messages from the other side
  • You can guide people through the challenges and difficulties
  • You can connect people with their deceased loved ones

While these are some of the most essential benefits of possessing psychic powers, there are plenty of others that you will encounter while on your psychic awakening journey.

The Drawbacks of Psychic Awakening

Although psychic awakening is a genuinely insightful journey and carries plenty of benefits, there are some drawbacks and unpleasant experiences people face during and after the process.

Here are some of the cons of psychic awakening:

  • The initial stages of psychic awakening can be pretty strenuous and overwhelming
  • You become more sensitive to the environment
  • You may discover food intolerances and your eating habits may change
  • Your sleeping patterns may change and lead to insomnia
  • You may have scaringly vivid dreams and visions
  • You may either lose or gain weight
  • You may feel less energized throughout the day
  • The initial attempts of spirit communication may scare you
  • People may be skeptical about your psychic abilities

Despite the fact that there are some drawbacks of psychic awakening, it is clear that the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages. Besides, you can learn how to overcome your fears and deal with unpleasant experiences.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Psychic Awakening?

Although we have already discussed some common signs of psychic awakening and corresponding benefits and drawbacks, there are a couple of aspects you should be aware of. The following sections will make things even more explicit, enabling you to better understand how the overall process of psychic awakening works.

Causes of Psychic Awakening

If you are wondering what could potentially trigger psychic awakening, here are some of the most common causes:

  • Life-changing events in general
  • Losing your job
  • Financial problems
  • Losing your loved one
  • Continuous disagreements with family or friends
  • Breaking up with your partner
  • Divorce
  • Moving away from home
  • A car accident
  • Specific health problems
  • Life-threatening illnesses
  • Near-death experiences
  • Physical or mental trauma
  • Mental health issues
  • War or other political events
  • Pandemics, just like the COVID-19 outbreak

Keep in mind that these causes may not necessarily apply to you. We are all unique and different experiences may lead to our psychic awakening. These are just some of the most commonly reported causes of psychic enlightenment.

Psychic Awakening Myths and False Signs

While there are common symptoms and indications of psychic awakening, people often confuse them with myths and false signs. To make things explicit, we will list some of the widely spread psychic and spiritual awakening myths below.

  • Psychic awakening always leads to an instant enlightenment
  • The psychic awakening process is always 100% pleasant
  • Only gifted people experience the psychic awakening
  • Only those identifying themselves as “spiritual people” can experience the psychic awakening
  • If you are seeking love and light, you are definitely experiencing the psychic awakening
  • If you are compassionate about others, you are definitely experiencing the psychic awakening
  • If your intuition and gut instincts are intense, you are definitely experiencing the psychic awakening

Psychic Awakening: Temporary or Permanent?

Another issue people are commonly worried about is whether psychic awakening is temporary or permanent. Unfortunately, there is no specific answer to the question. The fact is that psychic awakening can be both temporary and permanent. While some people are awakened and this lasts forever, others may easily get disconnected from their psychic awakening.

Reconnecting with Your Psychic Awakening

As mentioned earlier, you may get disconnected from your spiritual or psychic awakening. The good thing is that you can reconnect with your psychic awakening as long as you understand the rationale behind it. We have already shared tips to reconnect with your psychic awakening, so do not forget to check them out.

Psychic Awakening in a Nutshell

Summing up, psychic awakening is a process through which you develop a whole new perspective on life and take a step forward to unlocking your true innate abilities. Psychic awakening often involves spiritual enlightenment journeys that connect individuals with various life forces.

There are some common signs of psychic awakening, including but not limited to the re-evaluation of beliefs, finding inner peace, the desire to live a more spiritual life, enhanced intuition, strong gut feelings, vivid dreams, and the ability to perceive things beyond normal sensory channels. Identifying the psychic awakening symptoms early on will make it much easier for you to unlock and harness your psychic powers.

We hope you found the article helpful and our tips will make your psychic awakening journey even more insightful and enlightening!

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