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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kids and Psychic Abilities

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  • Published: 06/04/21 9:40 PM EDT
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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kids and Psychic Abilities

Many people have been gifted with psychic powers, allowing them to gain insights into their own lives and contribute to the development and success of others. Although psychics and mediums are acknowledged worldwide and psychic platforms have millions of annual customers, little do people know that kids can also possess supernatural powers. The truth is that psychic kids DO exist and they can be literally as talented as grown-up psychics.

What makes it challenging to identify psychic children from early age is that kids cannot always express themselves. If parents are not attentive enough and do not have corresponding knowledge in the psychic field, they might not be able to uncover their kids’ psychic gifts. Still, lots of children possess psychic abilities, such as mind reading, aura sensing, spirit communication, and many more.

While some kids manage to preserve their natural abilities and use the powers as they mature, others simply forget about their psychic skills. To ensure that the kids do not lose their spiritual gifts, parents should pay attention to some of the most obvious signs of being a psychic.

If you are unsure what the characteristics of psychic kids are, we’ve got you covered! In the following sections, we will discuss the nature of psychic abilities in children and list 10 facts about supernatural kids. We will also briefly overview a TV show about kids with paranormal abilities. Finally, we will provide some tips and recommendations for parents on how to support their psychic kids.


What Are Psychic Abilities?

Psychic abilities are supernatural powers that enable people to gain clarity into a wide range of occurrences and aspects of life. By using certain psychic skills, an individual can gather information on improving a romantic relationship, strengthening family connections, enhancing health, growing financially, or even communicating with the deceased loved ones.

Some of the most widespread psychic abilities include divination, mediumship, psychometry, telepathy, remote viewing, astral projection, and clair senses (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance). In some cases, psychics and mediums possess a couple of different powers. For instance, a clairvoyant medium can see distant people or events through extrasensory perception and use channeling to communicate with the spirits from the other world.

While we typically encounter adult psychics and mediums either in person or remotely, there are lots of kids with actual psychic powers. Non-psychic people find it absurd that psychic kids exist. However, psychic children must have superpowers because there is no other reasonable way to explain what they can do.

Along with having a perfect memory and being able to learn things quickly, a gifted child can also gain insights into various situations through sources other than ordinary sensory channels. The only issue is that young children cannot really demonstrate their supernatural powers because they do not know how to use them yet. Besides, some parents do not believe that their kids have psychic powers. This often leads to the diminishment of the kids’ psychic skills.


10 Facts About Psychic Kids

Even though every psychic kid has a unique set of psychic powers, there are some characteristics that apply to the majority of them. In some cases, these features are pretty similar to what adult psychics typically experience. However, psychic kids’ traits are still not the same as those observed in adults.

If you doubt your kids’ supernatural talents and clairvoyant abilities, you should definitely check these 10 exciting facts about psychic children.

Keep in mind that just because one or more of these facts apply to your kid, it does not necessarily mean that he/she is a psychic. Yet, you should further observe your kid’s actions and daily decisions to determine whether he/she actually possesses psychic powers.

1.    Children with Supernatural Powers Are Called Indigo Kids

Before we discuss psychic kid traits, let’s start with explaining why children with special, unusual, or supernatural powers are often called indigo children. The basis of the concept of an indigo child was originally developed by Nancy Ann Tappe in the 1970s. The idea was further expanded by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. After about two decades, the concept gained increased popularity due to the series of books and a couple of films on that topic.

Some people believe that indigo kids were born after 1987, right after the new age Harmonic Convergence event. Contrarily, others claim that psychic kids have always been around. Psychic believers have even reported that about 90% of children globally possess indigo traits.

The concept of an indigo kid can be interpreted in two different ways:

  • Indigo kids possess paranormal abilities
  • Indigo kids are empathetic children, more creative than their peers

Some advocates for indigo children claim that these kids are upgraded blueprints of humanity with an explicit mission to change the world for the better. These gifted youngsters are called “Indigo Kids” because their auric fields are dominated by different shades of blue color, especially royal blue.

Although it is totally wrong, some parents still label their kids with learning disabilities as indigo children. This alternative diagnosis can be considered as a way for parents to avoid pediatric consultations or actual psychiatric diagnosis and treatment.

For further information, check out these 13 traits and signs of indigo children by Andye Murphy on Gaia.

2.    Psychic Kids Are Incredibly Creative

Obviously, lots of children are incredibly creative and can reflect a large variety of personal feelings and experiences without judgment. Studies have shown that psychic kids tend to be even more creative than ordinary children. This can be explained by the fact that psychic kids use the right side of the brain more often than the left side. The theory is that one side of the brain is dominant in almost every single human. Clearly, the right hemisphere of the brain is the dominant side in indigo children.

In the majority of scientific reports, “left-brained” and “right-brained” are popular terms used to describe individuals with logical or analytical thinking skills and individuals with a creative or intuitive approach. However, a study conducted in 2013 suggests that individual brains are neither left-brained nor right-brained. MRI of 1,000 individuals revealed that asymmetric lateralization is just a property of local nodes and subnetworks.

Although brain hemispheres could have something to do with the fact that psychic kids are so creative, there is no scientific proof that this is the case. Still, psychic children’s imagination, creative thinking, and intuitive abilities are more developed compared to children with no supernatural powers.

3.    Psychic Kids Usually Experience Sleeping Difficulties

Sleeping difficulties can be caused by a wide range of health conditions, emotional stress, mental illnesses, and other medical or psychological problems. However, gifted people usually experience various sleep disorders, including insomnia, sleep apnea, parasomnias, and others.

Believe it or not, psychic kids are no exception. They also have trouble falling asleep and some of them feel extremely uncomfortable as they close their eyes and face the darkness. If they manage to fall asleep, they might have vivid dreams or even nightmares. This is what makes them hate the process of falling asleep even more.

If your kids are unable to fall asleep or stay asleep at night, they are probably experiencing insomnia, one of the most widespread sleep disorders. This might be caused by a variety of medical problems, so you should definitely schedule a doctor’s appointment. If everything seems to be totally fine health-wise, sleeping issues might be caused by the fact that your kid is actually a psychic. In this case, you should do your best to help your child have a calm and pleasant night’s sleep. Try to read a book or simply have a general conversation with them before they go to bed.

4.    Psychic Kids Are Emotional, Sensitive, and Even Fragile Sometimes

Although lots of kids are emotional and sensitive, psychic children are especially fragile and empathetic. Since so many things are happening around them, little kids cannot really handle everything and often experience emotional overload. They are easily triggered by almost everything, including smells, sounds, and sensations. In a nutshell, psychic kids are incredibly sensitive to the world around them.

Besides, psychic kids take other people’s stories close to their heart since they often perceive and feel the emotions and physical sensations of others literally as their own. Hence, psychic kids are fantastic listeners, but other people’s personal experiences might easily set them off crying.

This is why close relationships often overwhelm psychic kids and even lead to stress and worries. Due to their high sensitivity, too much talking or touching might also cause sensory overload in kids with supernatural powers.

5.    Psychic Kids Do Not Enjoy Spending Time in Crowded Places

As a matter of fact, individuals with paranormal abilities absorb the energy vibrations of others. The same applies to psychic kids. Unfortunately, psychics are not capable of filtering the energies, meaning that they absorb both positive and negative energy whenever someone is around.

As we mentioned above, psychic kids are especially sensitive and can be easily triggered by the environment. The fact that they absorb the energies of others and get overwhelmed by relationships, psychic kids do not feel comfortable in crowded places.

Even if kids do not have one-on-one communication with people, they still pick up on the moods of those surrounding them. In crowded places, these mixed energies are especially noticeable, making it challenging for psychic kids to remain calm and enjoy their time.

If your child does not enjoy spending time in crowded places, his/her psychic abilities might be the reason.

6.    Psychic Kids Adore Nature and Animals

While most psychic kids hate crowded places, they love spending time in natural environments, especially when animals accompany them. As a matter of fact, pets generally improve people’s mood and simply make them feel better. In the case of psychic kids, the bond between the kids and animals is even stronger. This extraordinary connection makes psychic kids feel less anxious and enables them to cope with sensory or emotional overload.

Besides, developing positive feelings about pets contributes to an individual’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Since psychic kids tend to be less expressive and they do not always realize how loved they are in this world, animals’ nurturing vibes really make these kids feel better.

While spending time in nature is good for everyone and the benefits are remarkable, psychic kids take comfort in nature more than anyone else. Nature provides a calming space for them to rest and successfully deal with overwhelming sensations and feelings.

7.    Psychic Kids Can See Auras and Read People

Along with being able to absorb other people’s energies, some psychic kids can feel and see their auras. Various ancient medical systems have suggested that a human’s electromagnetic field is expressed in seven different layers, each corresponding to a specific element of your health (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual). Besides, auras comprise vibrational frequencies, also known as vibes. Psychic kids sense these auric fields and vibrations, leading to the formation of positive, neutral, and negative feelings about other people.

Some reports have suggested that children are more likely to see auras around people than adults. Even babies and toddlers with psychic abilities constantly check the auras of people surrounding them. Sensing auras enables psychic kids to easily figure out what a person is like. This is why children either love being around certain people or simply despise them for no evident reason.

8.    Psychic Kids Can Communicate with Spirits

Have you ever noticed that your little one speaks with an imaginary friend at times? While the friend might be just a part of your kid’s limitless imagination, he/she might also be capable of communicating with the spirits from the other world. Psychics, mediums, and various spiritual facilities claim that every individual has a spirit guide, but not everyone can interact with them. Individuals with spiritual gifts can actually communicate with their spirit guides and deliver messages from the other world.

Some experts believe that spirit communication is much more challenging for adults since they do not always accept that they have a spirit guide. In the case of children, they cannot fully realize what is going on. Hence, they easily connect with their spirit guides, especially the spirits of their deceased parents or grandparents.

If your kid tends to speak with someone who is not present in the room, do not freak out. It might just be your child’s imagination rather than an actual spirit communication.

9.    Psychic Kids Can Predict Future Events

Individuals with psychic powers often foresee distant events through extrasensory perception or other divination techniques. Kids can also know about things before they actually occur. Similarly to adult psychics, children receive predictions in their daily visions or vivid dreams.

Oftentimes, kids talk about things that seem to be ridiculous at first glance. However, they might be trying to express and convey their visions about the future. In some cases, children do not even realize that their visions are events that have not happened yet. They just describe whatever they have seen or felt.

10. Psychic or Indigo Traits Often Run in Families

According to various studies, psychic traits often run in families, meaning that one or more family members or generations are gifted with supernatural abilities. A group of researchers conducted a study about the genetics of psychic abilities. To evaluate the differences between psychic and non-psychic cases, they screened over 3,000 participants worldwide. After completing two online surveys, eligible candidates were further interviewed. For the final study, they selected 23 candidates, 13 with psychic abilities and 10 with no psychic powers. The researchers obtained DNA from the saliva of the participants and performed whole-exome sequencing.

As a result, the researchers concluded that there were no differences in the protein-coding sequences, or the exons. However, they observed a variation in the non-protein-coding region, or intron adjacent to an exon in the TNRC18 gene on chromosome 7. This alteration of GG to GA was not found in any psychic cases.

Along with scientific evidence (although it has to be replicated), families have reported that their kids have psychic abilities. Tammy and Aaren Glover are among the parents of the psychic children. They claim that their kids are not only unusually gifted, but they also possess certain supernatural powers. Glovers also believe that if their kids were born in a different family, they would probably be on medication for various behavior disorders. Their aim is to just share the story and “plant a seed” rather than convert or convince the audience.

Here is what Glover kids can do!

  • Angelina

Angelina could speak Spanish and sing French songs when she was only 2. Obviously, Glovers noticed that their first daughter was incredibly talented. As she grew older, she started seeing dreams about future events. Angelina talked about things that would happen in the future and her empathic abilities were also apparent.

  • Suriel

Suriel was 7 when Tammy noticed how thoughtfully he was eating an apple. Suriel told his mother that he was thinking about the apple’s life, from its seeds to an apple.

  • Maielaya

According to Glovers, Maielaya has lucid memories of her grandmother, even though she passed away before the girl was even born. The family believes that Maielaya is the reincarnation of her deceased grandmother.

  • Orion

Although Orion is only 2 and he cannot express his psychic powers, Glovers still believe that there is something special about him since he keeps calling himself “Buddha.”


Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal

If you have never seen a psychic kid before, you should definitely check out the reality series broadcast by the A&E TV Network called “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal.” The Psychic Kids show features children with paranormal abilities who are guided by famous people, including psychic medium Chip Coffey, clinical psychologist Lisa Miller, licensed therapist Edy Nathan, and medium Kim Russo.

Each episode focuses on a specific kid with reported psychic powers. A child in question is brought to a particular location and adult psychics help him/her harness supernatural powers and learn how to deliver an actual psychic reading.

There are 3 seasons and 21 episodes in the original series of Psychic Kids. These seasons were released from 2008 to 2010. Psychic Kids 2019 is a reboot of the TV show, featuring the same psychic kids who are now adults and can actually use their supernatural abilities.

The TV show is ideal for those who are still unsure whether psychic kids exist. The program might also help the parents of kids with unusual abilities. Professional psychics, mediums, psychologists, and therapists tell you how to embrace psychic powers and overcome some of your biggest fears as a psychic kid.


How to Support a Psychic Kid as a Parent?

Hollywood medium Tyler Henry claims that he often felt misunderstood by kids of his age since he had no one to relate to at school. This is a common issue for children with psychic powers because their fields of interest do not always match those of ordinary kids. Besides, they are incredibly sensitive to the environment and can easily pick up on other children’s intentions and thoughts.

Skeptics often regard psychic children as those with an autism spectrum disorder. Oftentimes, such kids are also diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Since there is no scientific proof that children will paranormal gifts actually exist, people often explain their psychic powers by various mental and behavior disorders. This is what makes it extremely challenging for parents to take proper care of their kids.

However, there are a couple of ways to support a psychic kid as a parent!

Tip 1: Ensure that Your Kid Possesses Psychic Powers

First of all, you should ensure that your kid possesses supernatural abilities. Since kids are not really good at expressing themselves and often tell made-up stories, it is a bit challenging to verify their paranormal powers. Still, by carefully observing their daily activities and behavioral patterns, one should be able to determine whether a kid is actually a psychic. Besides, daily communication with your children is of huge importance.

Tip 2: Pay Attention to Your Kid’s Dreams

As a matter of fact, not every psychic kid has visions when they are awake. Instead, they have vivid and lucid dreams telling them what will happen in the future. Therefore, you should always listen to your kids and try to interpret their dreams. Dream journaling will enable you to keep track of your kids’ dreams and find explanations for the mysterious questions about their psychic powers.

Tip 3: Teach Your Kid How to Overcome Fears

Another way to support your psychic kid is to help him/her relax and overcome anxiety. Since your kid might be communicating with the spirits, he/she might be scared sometimes. Hence, do your best to teach him/her how to cope with even the biggest fears in life. Daily conversations would be ideal for solving this issue!

Tip 4: Spend More Time in Nature and with Animals

Spending more time in natural environments would be an excellent activity for kids with psychic powers. As they typically avoid crowded places and tend to isolate themselves, they will probably feel much more relaxed in nature. Consider going on a picnic or visiting a local zoo. A petting zoo would be ideal for psychic kids since they can actually handle and feed the animals. Getting a pet for your supernatural kid would be a win-win!

Tip 5: Motivate Your Psychic Kid to Meditate

Since meditation is one of the best ways to teach your mind how to focus and redirect thoughts, psychics really benefit from the process. Along with being able to increase awareness of your own self, meditation helps you with stress reduction and pain relief. Besides, meditation is also ideal for awakening your third eye and developing psychic abilities. Motivating your psychic kid to meditate will definitely keep him/her relaxed and make it much easier to uncover or master psychic powers.

Tip 6: Encourage Your Kid’s Natural Abilities

Finally, encourage your kids’ natural abilities and help them harness their psychic powers. This will also enable you to increase your own supernatural powers. Check out the guide book “The Psychic Child: Encouraging Your Child’s Natural Abilities” by The Abbot to better understand your psychic kids.


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