Avoiding Psychic Scams

6 steps to Avoid Psychic Scams

avoiding psychic scams tips
Tips to Avoid psychic scams
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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 08/09/20 12:51 AM EDT
  • Updated: 08/09/20 2:34 PM EDT
6 ways to avoid a psychic scam

6 Steps To Avoid Psychic Scams

Especially in the field of spirituality there is lot of light and a lot of shadow. It can be difficult to tell the real deal apart from a scam, so we compiled a list of signs to watch out for, when you want to find a psychic.

If you read some of our past articles you will have seen that there is a common theme behind most fake psychics. Oftentimes digital media companies run their websites and marketing materials, which turns out to be fake personas. In most cases when you find a website of a psychic offering you free readings, that person does not even exist. It´s a clever marketing trick to get people to pay money for readings, which are just generic content and don´t offer any real value, let alone psychic insights.

However, it does not mean that there is no real psychics in this world and that all psychic business is a scam! Some psychics have tremendous gifts and can help you to transform your life for the better. Which can be a game changer for some!

A real psychic has been refining his/her gifts for years, which often includes clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clair knowing. All of their senses are amplified, which is why they receive the information they receive so accurately. Their aim should be to help you and support you with the information they are giving, so that you can see clearly what usually would be hidden from you.

For psychics, shamans and lightworkers the same rules apply: You should approach them for their services, never should they pressure you to buy anything from them. They are here to serve you, when you are ready to receive their offers by your own decision.

Down below you find a list on how to tell scam apart from the real deal!

1) Being a Psychic is a Craft

Like any other job being a psychic is a craft that can be refined over the years. Even if the psychic received their gifts at childhood or through an initiating event, they can refine and sharpen their skills through meditation, methods of consciousness expansion, learning to read the tarot, astrology, crystals or runes and by working with many clients. The more a psychic opens him/herself to the other world, the sharper their gifts become.

A real psychic should be able to give you information about your life, which they simply could not know if it wasn´t for their gifts. That goes beyond the stereotypical review of your astro sign or telling you about potential events in the future. They can feel your feelings, tell your about mental confusion, your gifts and your Soul path. If they ask you for your star sign, they should be able to get your sign right matching to your date of birth. They should also tell you accurate things about your current situation.

If they read the tarot they should be able to precisely describe your current situation and your feelings, as well as the feelings of other people involved in your relationships, and not just tell you: good luck is coming your way or bad news will arrive soon.

If they are palm readers they should be able to know the different lines on your hand and be accurate in what these lines mean. In the end, you can check the details yourself in any book. So make sure your psychic knows more than you do, in a good way!


2) Spirituality does not discriminate Religion

A psychic works with higher energy and wisdom. What they see, hear and feel is not limited to any religion nor to any specific rituals. While some psychics offer rituals to release negative karma, they should always give you the tools to sort out your own situation with the information given to you. Psychics are here to empower you.

A psychic should neither try to convince you to believe in curses, rituals, animal totems, spirits or karma, nor should they overly emphasize on it. If they pressure you to buy, because otherwise your life will be doomed, it´s a big red flag. If they are putting a lot of effort into convincing you of negative forces in your life, they are just trying to sell you a scam.


3) Doubting a Psychic is your Right

It´s your right to question a psychic’s abilities. The best way to know they are actually good at what they are doing is by word-of-mouth. Sometimes you come across a psychic on the internet and need to do your own research, so it´s important that there are positive reviews that speak for them.

If you get in touch with a psychic to ask them about their skills, reputation, history and methods the psychic should be supportive and encouraging to you. They should never pressure you nor get angry at you, when you hesitate and don´t trust them right away. With all the scam that`s happening in online and offline space, it´s ok to take your time to find out if the psychic is the real deal. Even if they are truly gifted, not every psychic matches to what you need.

Taking your time to find the right person you vibe with and can trust is your right. If they get angry at your questions or want you to buy without confirming their skills, take your money and run. It´s a scam.


4) Psychic Curses are a big fat Scam

The most common complaint we hear from people who have been scammed, is that the psychic told them the person is cursed and only the psychic can help them to relief the curse. Most of the marketing agencies promoting fake psychic online personas use this tactic and become more and more negative in their emails, to make you believe something bad is going to occur, if you don´t buy their services.

That´s a big red flag. Take your money and leave. If you are cursed, you might have a sense of it. But if that´s the only thing a psychic tells you about your life situation it´s simply not true. It´s praying on vulnerable people to give them their last money. Bad behavior.


5) If they try to upsell you, leave

It´s very common in online services that you are lured in with one offer for a low price and are immediately given another offer for a substantially higher price. Either you buy the first offer at the low price and the next offer comes right away with the bill for the first one. Or you click on the lower priced item and when you get to the page you are immediately offered a higher priced item instead. It might seem to be more comprehensive, but it´s not an introductory offer anymore, it´s an upsell.

A bait-and-switch might be common in the online world, but it´s a tell-tale-sign of a red flag for a psychic.

To be on the safe side, find a person that simply sells you what they offered in the first place, so you can get to know their services and build trust over time.

Everything else is a scam.


6) Future promises and Gloomy Forecasts are a Scam

A psychic usually addresses the here and now. They tune into presence, which is where the wisdom lies. With their unique skills to read energy they can tell you what your heart desires, even if your mind is too loud to let you hear it, they can decipher the emotions and intentions of other people towards you and they can tell you what is energetically aligned with you for your next step.

If they give you vague promises, half-explained future events, or keep pressuring you to buy more (rituals, ebooks, readings) because otherwise you will be doomed – run!

A psychic should address all the questions asked in a reading, according to their policy. They should not let you wait for more, manipulate you into buying another reading or scare you with their services. If they try to make you believe you´ll loose everything, they are a business person but not a psychic.

A real psychic works with the light. They empower you, support you and help you make better choices.

If they do the opposite and make you feel worse every time you read from them, it´s a scam.

I hope this helped you to find the right psychic for you, so that you can shine a light on your strength, best future and most aligned life!


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