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7 Tricks Psychics and Mediums Use

  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 10/05/21 11:59 AM EDT
  • Updated: 09/18/21 4:39 AM EDT

7 Tricks Psychics and Mediums Use

Psychic readings and spiritual sessions have become increasingly popular across the globe. During the last two decades, millions of people have been referring two psychics and mediums, both in person and remotely. Although the Internet made it possible to consult psychics without leaving our homes, it also increased the chances of getting scammed. The main reason for this is that fake online psychics can easily disappear after delivering a fraudulent psychic reading and it is highly unlikely that you find them again.

Since psychic readings are so mysterious, fake advisors often use some tricks to scam people and bilk them out of thousands of dollars. By doing so, they make their customers believe that the readings are accurate and that they should continue paying for further sessions. While some tricks are more obvious than others, newbies are often confused and cannot really identify fake psychics and mediums early on.

If you have just started receiving psychic readings, we are here to guide you through the process. In the following sections, we will explain why psychics and mediums try to scam people. In the main section of the article, we will list and discuss 7 common tricks used by psychics and mediums worldwide. Lastly, we will address some additional aspects you should be aware of to receive genuine psychic readings and insightful spiritual guidance.

Why Do Psychics and Mediums Use Tricks?

Obviously, psychics and mediums use tricks for a reason. While most of them scam people to get extra money, the rationale behind these tricks may vary.

Some of the most common reasons psychics and mediums trick people include:

  • To bilk their customers out of thousands of dollars
  • To sound more legit and make customers pay for additional sessions
  • To build trust and make customers share their personal information
  • To become famous within certain groups of people in the area
  • To advertise their fake services through TV shows and group readings
  • To build a successful career by getting tons of positive reviews and testimonials

While these are some reasons psychics and mediums use tricks, individual advisors may also have other intentions. In any case, tricksters are not honest by any means and you should always avoid consulting them.

7 of the Most Common Tricks Used by Psychics and Mediums

If you are not sure how psychics and mediums scam their customers and deliver fake readings, we’ve got you covered. Below are 7 of the most widespread techniques used for psychic scams.

1.    Cold reading

Cold reading is all about making high-probability guesses and interpreting them with carefully crafted statements. Cold reading does not involve a single technique; rather, it incorporates a set of reading techniques that are based on human psychology and body language.

While cold reading, individuals pay attention to even the minor details, including the way one sits, talks, or dresses up. In a nutshell, cold reader psychics observe their customers’ age, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education level, body language, actions, facial expressions, visual appearance, and manner of speech to make assumptions accordingly.

To prevent your psychic from cold reading during the session, you should never let your appearance and body language speak for you. Instead of wearing clothes and accessories that reflect your personality, use garments that are relatively neutral. Besides, your facial expressions should not express your feelings. Otherwise, the psychic might make assumptions and continue the reading based on them.

Cold reading is commonly associated with warm reading, but the former term is more widespread than the latter one.

We have already posted a comprehensive guide to different cold reading techniques, so do not forget to check it out!

2.    Hot reading

Hot reading is the opposite of cold reading. As mentioned above, cold readers gather information as they speak with their clients. Contrarily, hot readers do some background research prior to actually meeting their clients.

Hot reading is often used when customers schedule appointments in advance. As clients provide their contact information, the psychic gathers information through social media or other sources. In some cases, psychics simply overhear a conversation while the client is waiting for them in the hallway.

Hot reading is also common in psychic TV shows and group readings. In such cases, stage mediums and psychics canvass information about the participants prior to starting the show or group session. Hot readers may also wear hearing aids to obtain even more details about the attendees.

Most of the time, hot reading is complemented with cold reading, so that the resulting reading seems even more reliable and trustworthy.

3.    Making universal claims that could apply to anyone

As a matter of fact, certain claims can apply to literally anyone on earth. Fake psychics often uses these universal statements to scam people and make them believe in the accuracy of the readings. This trick can be explained by a couple of cold reading techniques, including Shotgunning and Jacques Statements.

Shotgunning is a cold reading technique that involves making numerous generalized assumptions in the hope that one or more of them will apply to the client. Psychics slowly offer plenty of shotgun statements and observe their customers’ reactions to move forward. Shotgunning also involves claims about some of the most common diseases, such as heart problems or cancer. Gradually, cold readers narrow the scope and refine the original statements accordingly.

When cold readers use Jacques statements, they also make universal claims, with the only exception – the assumptions are based on the age of the customer. For example, teenagers will probably receive readings that involve depression, bullying, or self-esteem. Contrarily, older people may receive readings mentioning health issues or challenges in marriage.

While this technique is used by the majority of fake psychics, universal statements that could apply to anyone are especially common for astrology reports and horoscopes.

4.    Making claims that will be true for at least someone in the audience

Psychic tricks for a TV show or a group reading and those used during a private reading significantly differ from each other. When fake psychics deliver readings for multiple attendees, they try to make claims that can be true for at least someone in the audience. Instead of making it explicit who they are talking about, psychics just offer plenty of generalized statements in the hope that someone will raise a hand and say: “Oh, you’re talking about me!”

For instance, if a fake psychic is delivering a reading for 30 participants, he/she may talk about certain diseases: “I can see someone whose loved one had been struggling with cancer, or heart disease, or depression, etc.” You probably had a relative or friend who passed away from cancer or heart problems, right? There is no doubt that at least one person in the audience has had the same experience.

5.    Keeping their claims as vague as possible

Another trick psychics and mediums use to scam people is the use of vague statements. Instead of providing specific details, they make the readings as hazy as possible. The rationale behind delivering vague readings is that clients will assign their own meanings to these sentences without even thinking too much about it. By keeping things vague and explaining that the spirit world is not always explicit, psychics seem more legit and trustworthy.

Vanishing Negative is one of the most common ways psychics keep their readings generalized and vague. Instead of giving clear answers, they ask questions in the following way: “You do not have any relationship issues, do you?”. When hearing this type of question, most clients do not really pay attention to the exact wording. Rather, they just think about the context of the question and believe that the reading is pretty accurate.

6.    Reframing inaccurate claims to make them sound legit

Reframing inaccurate claims and never admitting the wrongness of the assumptions is yet another trick psychics and mediums use. If a fake psychic ends up providing a totally inaccurate reading, he/she will never admit it or apologize. Instead, the psychic will reframe the claims and interpret the reading in a completely contrasting manner. To make sure their claims are not contradictory, psychics will act as if they were clarifying things for you.

7.    Revealing hidden fees right at the end of the reading

Last but not least, psychics often reveal hidden fees when the session is about to end. After paying a fixed rate or the rate/minute, a psychic might tell you that you will need additional séances and readings to receive complete guidance. Many fake psychics often mention negative energy or curses surrounding you. They just try to trigger your emotions so that you will pay extra money for the following cleansing sessions. If the psychic notices that his/her trick worked, the cycle may continue forever.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

To help you improve your psychic reading experience and avoid being a victim of a psychic scam, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions below.

  • What to expect from a psychic reading?

So, what is a psychic reading? Or what is a psychic medium reading?

A psychic reading is a session with a professional psychic advisor who uses supernatural powers to gain clarity into various occurrences in life. A typical psychic reading will answer some of your burning questions about love, relationships, career, finances, and other aspects of your personal life.

On the other hand, a psychic medium reading is a special type of séance that involves spirit communication. When consulting psychic mediums, you are enabled to contact the spirits of your deceased loved ones and receive insightful messages from the other side.

  • Do genuine psychics and mediums also use tricks?

Unfortunately, even genuine psychics and mediums may use certain tricks during the sessions. Although they know how to give a psychic reading, they may still make high-probability guesses based on your visual appearance. However, it does not necessarily mean that the advisor has no psychic powers and the entire reading is fake and inaccurate.

Be careful if you notice that a psychic or medium uses tricks as he/she delivers a reading.

  • How to prepare for a psychic reading?

To receive an accurate reading and improve your overall life experience through guidance, you should always prepare for the psychic session. Keeping an open mind is one of the essential factors that play an essential role during psychic readings. You should be willing to accept new ideas and perspectives on life.

In addition to that, you should prepare specific questions to ask a psychic. Think of what could possibly help you move forward at the moment. Check out our ultimate guide to learn more about the questions to ask a psychic.

  • How to prepare for a psychic medium reading?

If you have decided to receive a psychic medium reading, you will also need to prepare yourself for that. Keeping an open mind is just as important as in the case of general psychic readings. Besides, you should have a clear idea of what you are expecting from the reading. Are you willing to contact your deceased loved ones? Are you in need of spiritual guidance from the other side?

  • How to find the right psychic for me?

Finding the right psychic for you is also significant when receiving a reading. You should select the advisor, considering the type of person you are. Even if a psychic knows how to do a psychic reading, he/she may not always be able to deliver reliable readings for every single individual. Therefore, you should take your time to find the perfect advisor for you and your current needs.

The best way to find the right advisor is to check customer reviews before booking an appointment. Feedback from previous customers often shares some tips and recommendations for future clients. This may also help you avoid some of the common mistakes people make during psychic reading sessions.

You should also ensure that the selected psychic can answer your questions. If you want to receive a relationship reading, you should consider contacting a love psychic. If you are worried about your pet, consult a pet psychic instead. If you want to communicate with your deceased loved ones, schedule an appointment with a psychic medium.

  • How to avoid being a victim of a psychic scam?

Avoiding psychic scams is not as challenging as it may seem at first glance. As long as you consider a few tips and recommendations, you can easily protect yourself!

Here are 8 things to avoid psychic reading scams:

  1. Do some research before scheduling a psychic reading session
  2. Check the qualification of a psychic before paying money
  3. Check the overall rating and customer feedback of a psychic
  4. Avoid sharing your personal information before the actual session
  5. Keep your social media private
  6. Know what topics to discuss during the psychic reading session
  7. Do not let your appearance reflect your personality and thoughts
  8. Do not overtrust psychics, even if they seem legit

For detailed recommendations on how to avoid psychic reading scams, explore our comprehensive guide.

  • What to do if I notice that a psychic or medium uses tricks?

If you notice that a psychic gives you a vague statement or uses any other tricks mentioned in this article, you should politely ask him/her to end the session. Of course, you can continue the session, but it is doubtful that you receive any valuable information. When a psychic or medium uses tricks, he/she is probably trying to scam you and this should be the last thing you want to happen during your psychic reading.

  • Where can I receive accurate psychic readings without getting scammed?

The most optimal way to receive genuine psychic guidance from top-notch psychics is to consult advisors through trusted psychic reading platforms. If you are looking for some websites and apps to get accurate readings, here are some of the most reliable and affordable psychic platforms for you.

You can also check our honest reviews of these psychic reading platforms HERE.

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