Avoiding Psychic Scams

8 Things to Avoid Psychic Reading Scams

Avoiding Psychic Scams

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Psychics can predict the future using various tools, including stones and crystals. They can also provide readings by feeling the aura and energy.
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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 06/27/20 7:42 AM EDT
  • Updated: 11/27/20 9:31 AM EST

8 Things to Do to Avoid Psychic Reading Scams and Protect Yourself

Psychic readings have been widespread all around the world for centuries. The readings are still popular nowadays. Although dozens of psychics are reliable and only intend to help their clients through different techniques, there are still some mediums committing fraud following an extremely dishonest scheme.

Due to so many victims of apparent scams, people tend to lose trust in psychics. Still, this does not mean that every psychic is mendacious. Rather, there are many genuine psychic readers with long experience in helping people with various problems. All you need to do is to consider several vital aspects before visiting a medium and receiving a psychic reading.

To make sure you are not the next victim of psychic reading fraud, you might want to have a look at these 8 things that can you can use to protect yourself from a scammer.

Here is the summary of the key points that will be further discussed in the article:

  • Do some research before visiting a specific psychic
  • Check the qualification and/or certification of a psychic
  • Check the rating and reviews of a psychic
  • Do not share any personal information before the visit
  • Keep your social media private
  • Know what type of details to share during the session
  • Do not let your appearance speak for you
  • Never overtrust any psychic

If you find any of the above topics relevant, check out the sections below!

Do some research before visiting a specific psychic

Doing some research before visiting a psychic is of essential importance.

The very first thing you should do before visiting a psychic is to do some research and get an idea of how everything works.

First, you identify the issue that you have. Then, consider different types of psychics and choose the one that best suits your needs. As you have selected a specific type of psychic, learn what he/she does and what are some materials or procedures used during the reading session.

Knowing what to expect from a psychic is essential so that you do not get scammed by various tricks. For instance, if you visited a Tarot reader, but the psychic has not used the Tarot, you were most probably scammed. Similarly, if a psychic asserts that he/she is a lithomancer, but there were no stones utilized during the reading, you were scammed again.

Check the qualification and/or certification of a psychic

As you have chosen the specific psychic, now it is time to check the level of expertise. To do so, you can simply ask the psychic to show you a certificate of proof. There are various certification options that are slightly contrasting for different countries. In any case, lots of psychics have passed specific examinations and received a certificate, which can be used to authenticate their skills.

Notwithstanding, there are still dozens of gifted psychics out there with no certification. In such cases, you can just check whether a particular psychic has enough successful experience in providing readings or not.

Check the rating and reviews of a psychic

With so many technological advancements in the 21st century, there is a wide array of online platforms offering psychic reading sessions. Along with the fact that you just need several clicks to “visit” a psychic without even leaving the house, you have access to the overall rating and reviews from past clients. This will definitely help you find an honest and talented psychic to receive accurate readings.

Besides, you might even have an opportunity to get a couple of free minutes to talk to the selected psychic and make sure this is what you were looking for.  

Do not share any personal information before the visit

When you contact the psychic to arrange the meeting, he/she might ask you some random questions. Be aware that any piece of personal information shared during the conversion prior to the meeting might be well-observed and later interpreted as if it was identified during the session. This is a common technique used by scammer psychics.

Just tell your name and negotiate about the specific date and time of the reading session. There is absolutely no need to share any additional details about yourself.

Keep your social media private

Keep your social media private at all times to avoid psychic reading scams.

Among the most popular methods used by psychics to scam clients is the observation of social media. As soon as they get your name and surname, they can quickly find you on any of the social media platforms, check out your profile, and investigate even your friends’ profile.

In this way, fraud psychics get detailed information about who you are, what you do, who are your friends and family members. Consequently, the information that was accessible through your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter will be interpreted in a slightly different manner during the reading session.

Keeping your social media private will not allow scammers to access the events and activities you share on a daily bases.

Know what type of details to share during the session

Usually, false psychics ask you questions about your personal life, interests, and feelings. If you notice any of such questions, be aware that the psychic might be catching some words to view your life from a particular perspective. Then, they will simply repeat everything using different terms.

Remember that you are the one who has visited the psychic to receive some feedback. You do not have to provide any specific details about your personal problems.

Do not let your appearance speak for you

Evidently, the appearance is the number one thing that psychics examine during the meeting. They observe the style of your clothes, accessories and makeup you wear, and the colors that dominate in you look. Therefore, you should never let your appearance speak for you!

Instead, you can just use a casual outfit with not a single detail that would have highlighted your personal characteristics.

Never overtrust any psychic

Last but not list, you should acknowledge the fact that everything has its limits. Even if you have found an extremely honest and reliable psychic, you should never overtrust him/her. You never know what a psychic has intended.

There have been countless reported cases when people shared personal information with psychics, who later used those details to contact their friends and relatives and share fake news. Besides, scammers have even stolen the money from their clients’ bank accounts.

If you are afraid of getting scammed by a psychic, just consider the tips that I have discussed throughout the article. Think twice before you make such a lifechanging decision!

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