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Accurate or Fake Free Psychic Readings via Phone or Chat

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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 08/29/21 10:46 PM EDT
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Accurate or Fake Free Psychic Readings via Phone or Chat

Although people have always been referring to psychics and mediums in the past, psychic services have become especially popular during the last two decades. The main reason for this is often considered to be the emergence and development of technology. The Internet made numerous psychic reading services accessible to a wider range of people and much more affordable than those delivered during face-to-face sessions. Plenty of trusted platforms offer accurate and budget-friendly psychic readings via phone or chat. Kasamba, Keen, California Psychics, Oranum, and Psychic Encounters are just some of the top-rated psychic reading websites that you can trust.

Believe it or not, some psychic platforms grant customers an opportunity to receive a psychic reading at no cost. And this is when people start to doubt the accuracy and trustworthiness of the service. Some individuals believe that truly insightful readings would never be free and these services are fake. The truth is that free psychic readings can be just as accurate as paid ones as long as you select the suitable psychic advisor and ask proper questions.

In the following sections, we will briefly explain how remote psychic readings work and why certain companies offer services for free. Next, we will address the accuracy of free psychic readings delivered via phone or chat. To give you even more information, we will list and discuss some of the major pros and cons of receiving free psychic readings remotely. Finally, we will answer frequently asked questions about free remote psychic readings.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the topic!

How Do Free Remote Psychic Readings Work?

Before we actually address the accuracy of free remote psychic readings, let’s talk a bit more about how virtual psychic services work and why companies offer free readings.

Generally speaking, remote psychic readings are those delivered via phone, email, live chat, or audio/video call features. In some cases, virtual psychic readings (especially Tarot card readings) are performed by AI bots.

There are a couple of ways you can receive an online psychic reading. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Calling the psychic hotline
  • Consulting online psychics through psychic reading platforms, such as Kasamba, Keen, Oranum, and others
  • Receiving a psychic reading through the psychic’s official website
  • Getting an email psychic reading
  • Receiving an online Tarot reading by shuffling the deck and selecting the cards all yourself

Why Do Companies Offer Free Psychic Readings?

As mentioned earlier, various psychic companies offer particular services for free. Tons of people are pretty curious about why anyone would provide psychic services at no cost when individuals are willing to pay for this type of readings.

Most of the time, psychic companies and individual advisors offer free psychic readings for promotional purposes. First-time users often receive trial readings as an introductory offer. In some cases, you may receive 3-5 free minutes for your first psychic reading on the platform. This is solely because you are new to the platform and the company allows you to explore some of their services for free. This marketing strategy aims to reach potential consumers and turn them into actual customers.

By offering free services or trial psychic readings, companies show new customers that they truly value the relationships between them and the users. Oftentimes, psychic reading platforms build a win-back strategy by offering free readings to customers who have not paid for the services recently. In this way, they re-engage lapsed customers and retain them as active users.

In the case of psychic readings, free trial minutes are pretty helpful, especially for an individual consulting the psychic advisor for the first time. These minutes help customers learn more about the reader before actually paying for the session. Besides, they are enabled to test the overall performance of the platform and determine if the specific service is worth paying money.

What Do I Need to Know About Free Tarot Readings?

Although the main topic of this article is the accuracy of free psychic readings via phone and chat, free Tarot readings are also popular, so it is essential to address a couple of issues.

Typically, free Tarot readings are computer-generated readings that are based on some kind of algorithm. In such cases, customers are sometimes asked to provide general information (name, birthdate, city/country of birth, gender, and email) and the reading is delivered accordingly. However, some platforms do not require any sort of personal information. All you have to do is select the Tarot card reading topic/type and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. As a result, you will receive a general Tarot reading briefly answering your question.

Clearly, such readings should not be trusted as there are no actual Tarot readers behind the screen. Most of the time, computer-generated Tarot readings are based on specific Tarot card combinations and your personal information may not even be considered. The readings are pretty generalized and the details may apply to literally anyone on earth. These free Tarot readings should be used for entertainment purposes only. Taking the received information too literally might result in harmful consequences.

If you are wondering whether you should trust free Tarot reading websites, here is the answer for you.

Contrarily, some psychic reading platforms also offer free Tarot readings for new customers. In this case, Tarot readings are delivered by actual card readers. These experienced readers deliver Tarot readings based on your personal information and try to answer your life questions. If there is a genuine advisor behind the screen, the free Tarot reading can be trusted.

Free Email Readings vs. Free Phone and Chat Readings

As mentioned earlier, psychic readings are also often delivered via email. Due to the development of various psychic platforms, email readings are no longer as popular as they were a couple of years ago. Still, some people enjoy receiving email readings, especially when they are free. If you are not really sure what the difference between free email readings and free phone/chat readings is, here’s everything you need to know.

To begin with, email readings answer just a few of your questions and you may have to wait for about 24 hours to receive a response. Although psychics often reply in just a couple of hours, it is pretty unlikely to receive an instant reading. In the case of phone and chat readings, you can interact with a psychic and get answers to some of your burning questions.

When receiving a phone reading, you pay for the selected psychic service and additional charges may apply. In the case of a chat reading, you only pay for the minutes you spend consulting a psychic. The same applies to audio and video readings. If you have access to a computer or smartphone, receiving a live chat or audio/video call reading would be more affordable.

Are Free Psychic Readings via Phone and Chat Trustworthy?

Just like paid psychic readings, free psychic readings can be either accurate or inaccurate. The fact of paying for a service does not really make it trustworthy. The resulting psychic reading can be trusted as long as you select the right psychic advisor and ask properly formulated questions.

For some reason, people think that free readings are not reliable just because they are free. The truth is that these readings are free for a reason and the rationale behind this is not about scamming customers. In fact, psychics deliver free readings just like they would in the case of paid readings.

Depending on what type of free reading you are eligible for, the psychic will provide the service accordingly. If you were granted a complete psychic reading for free, you will ask questions and receive guidance. If the platform offers you a couple of free minutes, you can use this time to introduce yourself and ask questions before actually starting the session.

In a nutshell, free psychic readings via phone and chat are trustworthy, as long as you consult experienced advisors. This is why receiving trial readings is a popular choice among those who enjoy speaking with psychics and spiritual advisors. Besides, satisfied customers prove the fact that free psychic readings can be just as accurate and insightful as paid options.

In case if you are not satisfied with your psychic reading experience, you should refer to the customer service group. However, free services and trial readings are not always subject to refunds as you have not paid for them. Even if your free reading did not end up being reliable, you still get experience, allowing you to improve the quality of your following consultations.

The Pros and Cons of Free Remote Psychic Readings

To make things even more explicit, we will list some of the major pros and cons of receiving free psychic readings via phone and chat.


  • You receive a FREE psychic reading
  • You save some money while getting quality psychic advice
  • You receive a reading without leaving your home
  • You easily learn more about how psychic readings work in general
  • The best way to test how a given psychic reading platform or psychic hotline works
  • You can check the trustworthiness of a psychic advisor before paying for a session
  • Free minutes allow you to introduce yourself and share your list of questions
  • An excellent option to entertain yourself
  • Phone and chat readings delivered by actual psychics can be trusted
  • You can receive different types of readings and get career advice, relationship advice, astrology advice, and answers to tons of other open-ended questions


  • Free Tarot reading websites offer computer-generated readings that should not be trusted
  • You may not always be able to receive a free psychic reading by your favorite reader
  • When receiving a free psychic reading via phone, additional charges may apply
  • There may be a time limit to your free psychic reading
  • Free minutes may not always be used for actual readings

FAQs About Free Remote Psychic Readings

To sum up the article, let’s answer some common questions people ask about free psychic readings via phone and chat.

  • How can I receive a free psychic reading via phone or chat?

There are a couple of ways you can receive a free psychic reading. Visiting trusted psychic reading platforms would be a smart choice. Most of the time, these platforms will provide plenty of discounts and promotional offers for new customers. You may receive a complete psychic reading at no cost or a couple of introductory minutes for free. Such offers apply to both phone and chat readings.

  • Are free psychic readings via phone and chat a scam?

No, free psychic readings are not a scam. Companies offer introductory discounts and free services to reach potential customers and grab their attention. This is done for promotional purposes and is an excellent way for first-time customers to test particular platforms and individual psychic advisors.

  • How accurate can free psychic readings via phone and chat be?

Free psychic readings can be just as accurate as paid ones. The fact that the service is free does not necessarily make it less reliable. The purpose of a free psychic reading is to prove to new customers that the services offered by a given platform are genuine. Free psychic readings can be pretty insightful as long as you consult the right psychic advisor for you.

  • Does user satisfaction guarantee apply to free psychic readings?

Typically, a satisfaction guarantee does not apply to free psychic services. The reason for this is that you cannot receive a refund for a reading you have not even paid for. The primary purpose of a free psychic reading is to test the platform and the specific advisor. If you are not satisfied with your trial reading, you can simply avoid using the website/app and find another advisor you can truly trust.

  • What type of psychic reading can I receive for free?

It depends. Generally speaking, you can receive any type of psychic reading for free. However, such promotions often apply to quick and simple readings about relationships, families, finances, and career choices. You may not always be granted an opportunity to communicate with your deceased loved ones for free, as these readings require much more time and effort. Still, some platforms do not have any restrictions and you can select the desired psychic reading category from the list.

  • How to find the right psychic advisor for me?

Whether you are receiving a free or paid psychic reading, you should take your time to find the right advisor for you. Luckily, most psychic platforms allow you to receive a free psychic reading or use free introductory minutes with any psychic of your choice. Hence, you should always do some research before consulting one. No matter if you are looking for psychics, mediums, or Tarot card readers, these tips will help you get the most of your psychic reading experience.

  1. Carefully read the psychic’s bio
  2. Always check the overall rating and user reviews
  3. Make sure you read the testimonials from previous customers
  4. Check the psychic’s field of expertise
  5. Ensure the selected psychic can answer your questions by checking his/her reading categories

For further tips and recommendations, check out our guide to finding the perfect psychic for you.

  • Can I receive a free psychic reading on a given psychic platform multiple times?

Not really. Free readings are introductory offers for first-time customers. Although you may still get plenty of discounts, you should not expect to receive another free reading. Still, some companies offer additional free readings for customers who are no longer using their services.

While some people create multiple accounts to receive several free readings, you should avoid doing that. You may get banned for using fake accounts and never be able to receive readings on the platform again.

  • Can I receive a free psychic reading in person?

Typically, psychics who deliver face-to-face readings do not offer free services. However, you may still receive a free psychic reading from psychics who are invited to special events, such as birthday parties or weddings. Although you do not pay for the reading, the host has already paid for the service in advance.

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