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Angela The Angel Medium, Scam or Trusted Psychic?

angela the angel medium
Angela the angel medium, Scam or Trusted Psychic?
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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 08/09/20 1:23 AM EDT
  • Updated: 08/09/20 1:23 AM EDT
Is Angela the angel medium a Scam or Trusted Psychic?

Review: Angela the Angel Medium – Scam or Trusted Psychic?

In our series of reviews we came across another psychic that we´d like to present to you. Her name is “Angela, Medium of the Angels,” who also goes by a few other names, such as “Guardian Angel Messenger,”  “Medium Angela” and “Angela Guardian Angel.”

Similar to the other psychics, we have reviewed already, Angela calls herself a highly gifted clairvoyant.The biography on her website is not too far out, so she might as well be a really good psychic. According to the description, she has been working as a psychic for 40 years and has a close connection to the angels. At age 7, she had a near-death-experience in which her Guardian Angel saved her from a three-day-coma. Since then she can communicate with the angel realm and light beings. It´s her mission to help other people with her special gifts and connect them with their life purpose. Fair enough.

Her biography could apply to many genuine psychics, so it´s not really a red flag. Many psychics have a close connection to Ascended Masters and Angels, that´s where they receive their information from. However, when we started to investigate a little further, the suspicion of a scam became stronger.

Free Psychic Readings

“Angel Medium Angela” claims to give free readings, which we know by now are hardly ever free. You can´t request a direct reading from her via her website. The only option you have is to leave your email, receive a free reading and then follow a link or a call to action, to purchase an in-depth reading for a specific amount of money. Though the website looks personal, there is no way to reach her directly without a free reading at first.

With all psychics we have reviewed so far we had the same issue. If they offer a free reading, they usually end up harassing your via email sending you all sorts of scary messages about curses and misfortunes that´ll befall you. You are then prompted to buy a reading that will help your reveal the source of the curse and allow you to release it.

Most of the time these messages are very generic and could apply to anyone. They don´t contain overly personalized details, nor do they prove that the psychic truly has a gift.

The problem with the fraud psychics is that they claim to read your energy, even without your permission, and then go on offering you all sorts of readings and healings for a high fee to release something from, you were not even aware of in the first place.

A genuine psychic with a busy practice will not have time for that. They´ll be so occupied with helping people, it wouldn´t enter their mind to check other people´s energy without permission.

The more vulnerable readers might respond to such emails, but if you get a lot of them, you simply become annoyed and question their integrity.

If you find a true psychic, you are the one contacting them to ask them for help and only then they are allowed to read your energy and give you advice.

A Marketing Company behind her

The next thing we noticed about Angela is that her digital marketing is run by a marketing company. This could be the case, if she decided to outsource her online presence to them, but it could also simply mean that she is fake and doesn´t even exist! Same as with the other psychics, it´s hidden in the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Medium Angela is the creation of Kandinsky and Partners Ltd. The company is registered in two different countries, which are both known for money laundering and tax avoidance issues.

Their first address is: Kandinksy & Partners Ltd., Flat B, 9/F Hua Chiao Commercial Ctr.

678 Nathan Road, Mongkok, KL Hong Kong

Their second address is: Kandinsky & Partners Limited, 8A Pittmans Alley – Main Street, GX11 1AA Gibraltar

As we mentioned before, Hong Kong as well as Gibraltar are dodgy places to do business. It´s questionable that whatever the business does there is legal. Hong Kong doesn’t need to follow the Chinese Law and Gibraltar is a place to avoid taxes.

Furthermore, the address listed for Angela is the same one that has been listed for the scam “Medium Maria,” who we also reviewed before. Although the companies represented at the address are different, it seems to be the place for digital agencies to set up websites selling psychic services, which are not based on real people.

The psychics present themselves with a catchy biography, are only reachable through a free reading and then start to bombard you with endless emails that are based on manipulation and scare tactics.

As we have seen with Psychics like “Extraordinary Ron,” “Medium Maria,” “Chris Voyant” and the like, their tactics are quite the same. They don´t respect your privacy and won´t let go until you buy a reading. Non of them is ever present in person and you can´t trace their biography.  There is nothing to back up the claims they make about their gifts and their history. Most of the time reviews about them are quite negative, although some also have a following of loyal reviewers (which might be fake though).

A massive red flag that stands out for us is that “Angela the Angel Medium” is represented by a marketing team that writes emails and marketing collateral for her. It is not clear what she writes herself, when she tunes in with the angels for each person and what on the other hand are generic messages.

When requesting a free reading from “Angela the Angel Medium”, she not only sends the free reading, but also pressures you to buy an in-depth reading. Since she sensed that you are bound to a spell or a misfortune soon to come, she needs to give you more details for which you have to pay to get all the juicy information!

Even if Angela existed, it would be difficult to find out where she lives and since when she runs her business. There is no way to verify her existence, nor any positive reviews to back her up.

Pressure on Buying

The price is $69, exactly the same as for some of the other psychics mentioned before. When you pay for the reading, she performs a ritual or a spell to release you of your burden and turn your life around. However, if you don´t buy asap, the price would switch to her normal offering price, which is $129. Non of these prices are visible on her website though, so if you wanted to request a reading right away, you wouldn’t be able to.

If you don´t respond, she will keep on messaging you, always with the same underlying tactic of blackmailing and pressure.  Her attempt is to make you believe something bad is about to happen, if you are not going to be saved by Angela.

We didn´t use her services, expecting the same nonsense that we have seen from other psychics that came readymade from marketing agencies out of Gibraltar or Hong Kong.

What might be working with other people, is not working with us anymore. We have been scammed before, we have also tried some psychics on purpose just see what they tell us. Angela is so similar to other scams, we wanted to save us the money and the time here.

A reliable psychic will not pressure you, nor will they consistently send you emails assuring you how bad your future will look like. They give genuine advise, when asked for, which includes positive and negative. Assessing your energy field and your future without your permission is already a violation of the code of ethics and manipulative behavior that will backfire to them one day sooner or later.

No Refund Policy

On Angela’s website you can find a section about how to claim your refund up to 30 days after your reading was sent to you. However, same as with “Extraordinary Ron”, “Chris Voyant” and “Medium Maria”, you can’t claim this money.

A long list of negative reviews about Angela speak for themselves. Most of the people are upset about having payed for her services that were of poor quality, then asked for a refund, but never heard of Angela again. Only a few actually got their money back, but that was the minority. They might have persisted longer though.

Money Taken out of the Bank Account

The next big alarm bell is, that some people even reported having money withdrawn from their accounts without having received another reading from Angela. They could not remember having given permission to withdraw money on a regular basis.

Most of her clients were very unhappy about the quality of the readings and simply did not take “Angela Medium” seriously any longer. Some people tried to validate her readings with two different emails and got the exact same response.

Which goes to show that there is no Angela contacting her Guardian Angels to give you a reading, nor to give you the name of your Guardian Angel, but it´s a marketing agency having set up automated email responses to generate passive income.

It´s a Scam

For all the reasons listed above, Angela is clearly not a trustworthy psychic. Most likely she does not exist and a marketing team is running all campaigns for a fake persona.

We´d recommend you to do your research, when booking a psychic reading and only book with verified trusted people. Check that they have a history of working with satisfied clients and positive reviews to back that up.

A psychic reading can connect you with your Soul, your passion, your true love and the miracles of the Universe! You don´t want to miss that, so hands off from Angela Medium and any other of the psychics mentioned above!

Save your money for a real psychic and stay away from “Angela the Angel Medium”!

72 Replies to “Angela The Angel Medium, Scam or Trusted Psychic?”

  1. I had a horrible experience with Angela Medium! She sends tons of messages, puts a lot of pressure on buying, makes you believe something bad is about to happen and she never ever gives a good reading or does these rituals she claims she does! I wanted my money back, but even that she could not fulfill. Don´t buy anything from her, she is the worst psychic I ever encountered.

    1. She is the worst, like so many others described here on this wonderful website. I´m really sorry for you that you needed to go through this! I made the same mistake and felt really bad reading all her emails until I decided, enough is enough and unsubscribed. I never bought anyhting from her, I hope you´ll get your money back eventually.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this sensible information here! I see the advertisement for Angela everywhere, on websites and in apps, and I was really wondering if she is good or not. She looks so nice and has such a gentle nature to her! But I understand now, why the marketing is so aggressive and that she does not even exist, as it seems. Shame on the company behind here!

  3. Angela got me to buy a reading from her, after I received the free one, and it was a waste of money. I was just curious to see, if she really had powers and if her magic and her angels could do something for me, but nothing came out of it. The information in the reading had little to do with me and I don´t think she channeled that for me specifically. Reading this post now, I can see the full picture! Unfortunately.

  4. Angela is a total scam. I got a free reading and than wanted the rituals to help me, so I payed her for that, but I think she never performed any rituals and her reading was also were wishy washy, she certainly did not tune into my energy. Will never pay money for services like this and definitely do more research next time!

    1. It’s true. They got no time to perform the rituals. It’s all the lies. They sip margaritas after telling us they are performing the ritual. It’s great that this website is helping out people like us.

  5. What can I do to protect myself from scams like this? In the beginning they always seem so real, how can I tell fake apart from real? I would like to get a reading with a good psychic that can read my aura.

    1. Trust your intuition, you always know the answer. And check how your body feels, does it feel expansive, easy and light to follow a person or not? You know the answers, dear.

  6. Angela made me really suspicious. Whenever there is an older lady on the web all over the place, with such a beautiful face and the whole marketing set-up, it feels immediately like a scam to me.

  7. When I found Angela, I immediately trusted her. So I received her free reading, which was quite general but I thought it´s because it is free, I bought a ritual / reading from her and really waited for the miracles to come in, but noting happened. Literally, nothing has changed afterwards! I´m very upset abut that.

    1. Really, her rituals do not work? Normally they should. I bought the same one and it did quite a few miracles in my life. I left my husband of 10 years, who was abusive, met a new man and we are now getting married!

    2. 📌📌Absolutely had a bad experience
      I purchased a $160 worth of products from Angela wanting to read about Angels and other things she advertised!! I never received the ITEMS and it has been 3 months. I have produced the records of purchase that hopefully she will return the funds immediately 3 months later📌📌

  8. I asked Angela to send me my soulmate, but he still did not arrive! I don´t know what to do! She is also not replying to my emails I think her rituals don´t work.

    1. Sorry to say Margarit, but she definitely lied to you. Soul mates do not come through these things. I gotta get out of your own comfort zone and look out for someone that actually comes to you naturally. You don’t need spells to find out soulmate. I hope yours will arrive soon. Do not lose hope!

  9. Celeste seems to be all light and fairies, but oh boy are her readings dark. If she would give positive advise at least, but it seems to be nothing good coming out of her. It doesn´t surprise me that she is not real and a marketing company is running her campaigns.

    1. Wo, really? Were can I book this and how do I find trustworthy psychics in my area? I´d love to know really! Any leads are very much appreciated. Thank you! I live in Arkansas.

  10. The automatic subscription is a really bad thing, but it also happened to me! I think you click something when you order the reading and then it automatically switches to monthly order after that. Either way, it´s very dodgy practices and this has to be specified beforehand! The readings are useless, so don´t bring your money here!

    1. Ah no! How bad, I was wondering how I subscribed automatically, because I also did not notice anything, but maybe it was automatic click somewhere. Ah, not liking this at all. What a shitty behaviour from these psychics, to collect subscriptions without informing their customers about it!

  11. They take my money from my bank account every month and I don´t even get a reading sent anymore! I don´t know how to unsubscribe this, do you know? Do I need a lawyer?

  12. Angela got me hooked for two years. I did not even notice that I was spiralling down and down more and more. All of her emails sucked me in, and I ended up buying one reading after the next from her. Her rituals were supposed to work, but they did not work for me. And I was waiting for results for such a long time, but my situation worsened instead of getting better.

    1. Oh, Luisa! It makes me really sad to hear this happened. You have to increase your will power. Join consulting of reliable psychists to feel better.

  13. Angela got a whole lot of my money, but I never got what she promised me in the emails! The readings were vague and general to say the least and she never adressed any of my personal issues clearly. Can´t recommend her services, sorry, stay away!

    1. Ah yeah she is a fake, so bad to hear you paid for her services! How much did you give her? Did you try to get the cash back from her? I thinnk she is the worst, next to all these other fake psychics on the internet!

  14. She is fake. Total fake. At first, she promised to give a free reading, but once you get yourself in this trouble, there is no way going back, your email will get flooded by her filthy messages. Pure scammer, I would say.

  15. She is so fake. I believe she doesn’t even exist but a some fake piece of S*** created by marketing companies to fool innocent people.

    1. It´s the worst. I just started finding out about these marketing companies here through this website and got really shocked why this is happening. I can´t believe that companies do things only for the money and why they don´t follow their own passions and purpose. The world would be a better place if people would do what they love!

  16. I warn every one of you to be aware of her. She just blackmail and pursurize you to buy her reading. Well in reality she has nothing in her hands. None of her readings are true

    1. Angela is a spammer, you don´t wnat to buy anything from her, nor get the free readings from her. Too bad she is still on the internet fooling innocent people.

  17. It’s so hard to save yourself from these type of scams because they are everywhere but thanks to you guys for such platform that can save us from drowning our money.

  18. I have been fooled by this lady. Her readings are so fake. Now I have been emailing her to return my money but she is not responding to what I am saying, but instead started cursing me.

    1. Asad! I am so sorry to hear about your experience. It’s a reality that she is fake. Be strong, ignore her curses, and bring positivity towards your life. Keep on Emailing her until she will refund you. Hope so you will get your money back. 

  19. I had free reading from angela but let me tell you it was a part of her scam she just want your email and then keep on harassing you to buy her reading. I just unsubscribe her.

  20. Thankyou soo much for putting this article. There are alot of people who get fooled by these psychic but you guys are saving us from such evil psychic.

  21. How can fell to this level? I mean making money out of people insecurities. It’s all rubbish. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Rohmay! It’s a bitter truth that these kinds of persons exist in this world. What we can do is to do great research before consulting any psychic.

  22. I just got trapped by her. It was the total loss of my money and time and when I ask for refund there is no response. She is fake never ever trust her!!!!

  23. My first experience with Angela Medium wasn’t a pleasant one so I wanted to find out its just me or others are having the same issues. I landed here and now I know why I felt the way I did.

  24. I am surprised to read this review because to be honest, I had a great experience with her. I got a few readings from her and they really made sense. It is true that I approached her from the advertisements and emails she sent. But is was all worth it. Whatever service I got from her was worth my money. I cannot speak for others, but I am happy with Angela Medium.

    1. Ella, we all have our own unique experiences, and I think your luck was good enough to get a worth-paying service from Angella Medium. Happy for you.

  25.  Angel medium is fake. Total fake. At first, she promised to give a free reading, but once you indulge yourself in her readings, there is no way going back. She impresses first and then she shows her real colors. Her emails are full of depression and even curse you if you don’t buy from her.

     Grateful to this website for opening people eyes by sharing common signs of these fake psychics. Overview of this website before contacting any psychic will be proved beneficial.

  26. So guess what happened with me. I am about to begin a rant. My friend and I decided to get a reading from Angela after reading this website’s reviews. We just wanted to test her. Within a few hours, we both received emails. AND GUESS WHAT? They were same. Even the full stops and punctuations were the same. SO FAKE!

  27. Okay so I contacted Tasha once and I must say she is just someone who wants money and nothing else. She forced me to go for a ritual which I didn’t want in the first place. But her words were so convincing that someone terrible is going to happen if I do not go for it. BOOM! I was trapped. She made me go for the ritual and nothing happened really. My life remained as it was before. BUT! One terrible thing did happen so I think she didn’t do the ritual but took my money.

  28. Oh my! I am here to rant after losing my money to Angela Medium. I paid for a reading but never got one. I just received an automatic email saying that the reading is in process. But a week has passed and I have got nothing. They aren’t even responding to me emails. Can anyone suggest me what I can do next?

    1. Really? That´s even worse than getting a bad reading that´s been auto-generated via email. Now they don’t even send these readings out anymore! Oh dear, it´s getting worse and worse!

  29. I had suffered a terrible experience with Angella Medium! At first, it seemed that she wa the ideal psychic who respects her client’s needs and feelings. Now, I think she is only greedy for money. She told me before 10 days that my reading is in process. But I have got nothing till now. Very disgusting. Can anybody suggest me real and great psychic?

  30. I bought the readings from Angel Medium. That was just OK. I didn’t feel any change. I am happy now because I have found a better psychic than her.

    1. Do you midn sharing the details with the other psychic you found now? I´d like to know, where she is located and what benefits you have gotten from her so far! Blessings

  31. I have little saved money that I invested in buying readings from Angella Medium. I got nothing special. Nothing changed in my everyday life. It hurt me a lot.

    1. Yes it sucks if you spend you money on a psychic and they don´t give you what you expect. It´s the worst. I wish you all the best and I hope if you ever get a psychic reading again, you will get it from a genuine psychic who is amazing and trustworthy!

  32. Do real psychic even exist?i never believe they do exist.I looked up Angela the angel medium took me here.I was skeptical because she sent me many emails, telling me about myself,my temperament, everything, i believed her for a min.She s like dnt tell nobody ur talking to me.

  33. After receiving an email from Angela I put her intergraty to the test she has fail many times over with dates and prediction after I question her she texted to blow me off to Maria medium which she also fail the intergrity test in the past be careful people we’ve been rated out ! Good luck 🤞

  34. Here the same, she keep trying to sell you things that make you LIFE better. I do not believe this but was very curious about the horoscope. From that day on, they send your emails every week.
    It so anoying and so the mails are removed without reading.

    I purchased a $160 worth of products from Angela in February 2021 and 3 months later I still have not received the items!!! She bombards your emails with products that she obviously does not Produce!!! 📌📌

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