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Are Psychic Readings over the phone Accurate?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 12/28/20 8:03 PM EST
  • Updated: 11/22/20 8:07 PM EST

Psychic Phone Readings and Accuracy

As a previous skeptic, I was never convinced an in-person reading was ever going to provide meaningful insights or guidance. True, I didn’t attend my first reading and become an instant believer. It took some time, and some work from my side to see and feel the rewards.

So, when someone told me I should try a phone reading, I dug my heels into the ground and said absolutely not. The number of scams from over the phone readings were too many to ignore as I had flashbacks of adverts on TV where Miss Cleo’s Jamaican accent seemed to come and go as frequently as her abilities.

Why Do People Feel That Psychic Readings Over the Phone Aren’t Accurate?

The common misconception is that a psychic needs to see the person in order to pick up on their energies. Without this face-to-face contact, there is too much distance between the reader and the querent to be able to tap into these energies.

For those who haven’t heard for the most famous psychic phone scams, the general idea is that you would see someone like Miss Cleo take a call in the advert and reveal something that only psychic abilities would have been able to know. Big flashes of ‘call for your free reading’ encouraged thousands of people to call in. Rather than speaking to Miss Cleo, who was previously an actress, the caller would be connected to students or other people looking to earn some money from home. These people would have a script to read from, or just make up their own advice.

The free reading ended after three minutes. After which, callers ended up paying hundreds extra on their bills. I was determined that I was not going to be another one of these victims.


Why Are Psychic Readings Over the Phone Accurate?

My research first led me to something I hadn’t thought of. Phone readings actually reduce the chance of cold readings. Cold readings are where experts can pick up on the clothes, jewelry, and colors you are wearing, the car you drive, your speech patterns and body language in order to use say things that encourage you to believe in their abilities. If you go to an in-person reading wearing red and an engagement ring, the psychic may tell you that you are a romantic at heart— you are looking forward to your wedding, wearing a color associated with love, and it’s a fairly general statement that applies to lots of people. Phone readings don’t permit the reader to pick up on these details.

We will now look at some of the other reasons why phone readings are not only accurate but, in some cases, more accurate than in-person readings.


Both the Reader and the Querent Can Be More Relaxed

First looking at the querent, having an in-person reading can be quite daunting, even nerve-wracking. Despite wanting to know the answers to questions, they might still fear what they are going to hear. Having a reading from the comfort of your own home allows you to feel more relaxed. When you are more relaxed, your psychic will be able to get a clearer reading.

Not many people look at things from a psychic’s point of view. We have this mental image that psychic readers are full of confidence and love to put on a show. This isn’t always so. There are a great many psychics whose sole purpose is to heal. As the dramatics aren’t necessary, readers may also feel more relaxed carrying out readings over the phone.

When both parties are more relaxed, the connection between the energies is stronger and the reading will be better.



Being a believer is not something that everyone wants to shout from the rooftops. They might get grief from friends or lectures from family members about wasting money. A reader is probably unlikely to appreciate the negative impact of this worry about what others think. Even if you go to an in-person reading with the most positive of thoughts, your subconscious could be giving off negative signals that will affect the reading.

Having a psychic reading via the phone means you don’t have to leave your home. Nobody has to know that you are having a reading and your energy won’t be restricted by the concerns of other people’s opinions.


Different Psychics Have Different Abilities

For this to be fully appreciated, it is worth taking a closer look at vibrational energy. All humans and objects have their own vibrational frequency, measured in hertz. The simplest thing like listening to a song is because atoms move through vibrations and cause energy.

A psychic doesn’t have to be in the same room as a person to understand these energies. There are different ways that psychics can read a querent.


  • Clairvoyant- a clairvoyant sees energy fields. They can notice a person’s aura or energy field. They will pick up on dreams that you have and may have visions that lead to insights and messages. They are often excellent at interpreting dreams.
  • Claircognizant- these people have the ability to know things, but on a higher level than the average human. Claircognizant people may get a sense of Deja-vu, sudden strokes of insight, and clear ideas. They will often have the answer to a problem without a lot about information of the situation.
  • Clairsentience- this ability doesn’t rely on our 5 senses but more on a deeper understanding of people’s emotions. They are also very sensitive to changes in energy, moods, and often called overly sensitive. It might be easy for them to touch old objects and understand messages just through touch.
  • Clairaudience- those who are gifted with clairaudience are able to gain more by listening to what others say. They will probably listen more than they talk, and music will help them to connect. When people speak but are unable to get the meaning across, abilities of clairaudience will allow the reader to make sense of your jumbled words.

The main point here is that a psychic may have one ability or more but tapping into one’s energy doesn’t always involve a querent to be sat in front of the psychic reader.


How to Choose Your Psychic Reader by Phone

The other great thing about not having to go to an in-person psychic reading is that you have a wider range of psychics to choose from. If you are limited to the psychic readers in your local area, you have less chance of finding one you can connect with and one that isn’t a fake. Ask about what type or types of abilities they have and remember that if you don’t feel the right connection with your psychic reader on the phone, don’t feel you need to continue the relationship.

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