Tarot Readings

Are Tarot Card Readings Accurate?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 06/27/20 7:43 AM EDT
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The Tarot is referred to as a pack of regular playing cards implemented in the mid-15th century in multiple European countries. Initially, Tarot cards were used to play various games, including but not limited to the Tapp Tarock, Cego, Royal Tarokk, and different partner-calling games. On the contrary, some countries, especially English-speaking ones, used Tarot cards to predict future events through the practice of occult arts.

As the evidence of cartomancy using Tarot cards appeared during the 1750s, the popularization of this type of fortune-telling has become more and more popular. Although modern people tend to believe less in mystic and divinatory practices, Tarot reading is still admired in the 21st century.

But are Tarot card readings actually accurate? If yes, how accurate can they really be?

To address some of the most frequently asked questions about the validity of Tarot readings, I will further discuss the following topics:

  • What are Tarot cards?
  • How do Tarot card readings work?
  • Are Tarot card readings accurate?

If you are enthusiastic about any of the issues mentioned above, keep reading!

What Are Tarot Cards?

As mentioned earlier, Tarot cards are mid-15th century playing cards that were later used for fortune-telling purposes. A typical Tarot deck consisting of 78 Tarot cards falls into the following two sets:

  • The Major Arcana – comprises 22 cards, which can be used to uncover greater secrets linked with spiritual and karmic parts of life.
  • The Minor Arcana – consists of 56 cards, which are suitable for the prediction of less important secrets happening in our day-to-day lives. Among these 56 cards, there are 16 Tarot cards associated with personality features and another 40 Tarot cards representing some of the daily situations we might face. 

Every single card from the two sets above carry its unique story and symbolize a particular event or personal characteristic. At first glance, you might think that Major Arcana cards are more essential than the ones in Minor Arcana, but this is not the case. Minor Arcana cards can be equally crucial for the overall quality of your life since daily situations are exactly what makes up your entire existence.

How Do Tarot Card Readings Work?

Each card of the Tarot deck is unique and reveals a personal characteristic or predicts future events.

But how do Tarot card readings work in real life? The brief answer to the question is that a person receiving the reading concentrates on a particular aspect of his/her life. At the same time, the reader spreads the cards and interprets the meanings considering what is displayed on a specific card, its position, and adjacent cards.

Going into greater detail, an individual willing to receive the Tarot card reading should shuffle the cards and cut the deck for his/her energy to be transferred to it while focusing on the specific issue. There are two general types of readings, which involve either question or open readings. Depending on the type of desired reading, the card readings address either a specific problem or a broader issue.

Then, the reader spreads the cards in a pattern, which will later be used to interpret the cards. There are dozens of different kinds of spreads, while some of the common types include the Success Spread, Three Card Spread, Celtic Cross Spread, Spread for Careers, and Spread for Spiritual Guidance.

Following the order in which the cards are spread, the reader interprets the results by considering the meaning of the Tarot card, its position, and neighboring cards. 

Are Tarot Card Readings Accurate?

Finally, we have come to the point when we should address the most frequently asked question: “Are Tarot Card Readings Accurate?”

Unfortunately, there is no specific “yes or no” answer to the question that applies to every individual situation. Rather, the answer depends on a wide array of aspects.

For instance, not everyone knows how to read the Tarot. Therefore, if you are on an overnight party with your friends and decided to read Tarot cards, you should not expect the readings to be 100% accurate unless a friend of yours is a professional Tarot reader. You might have a lot of fun while spreading the cards or playing 16th-century games, but the correctness of the predictions is not presumable.

Besides, your energy is transferred to the deck while shuffling and cutting it before one starts to spread and read it. This means that the results are entirely dependent on how you feel at that specific moment and what you think about the cards themselves. The right mindset about Tarot card readings is the key to accurate predictions and feedback that the spreads give.

The accuracy of the Tarot card readings is much more valid when certified Tarot readers interpret the spreads. Certification levels differ from country to country but typically include the following:

  • Certificate of Tarot Reader
  • Certificate of Tarot Professional
  • Certificate of Tarot Master
  • Certificate of Tarot Grand Master

Depending on what certification level a particular Tarot reader possesses, the possible precision of the predicted guidelines can be roughly estimated.

Tarot readings are among the most powerful tools for generating predictions and feedback to improve the quality of an individual’s life. Although, there might be cases when the guidelines of even certified Tarot Grand Masters do not end up being accurate. The reason for this is not the fact that Tarot card readings are not correct at all. Instead, the problem might even be in you. What this means is that the life of any individual is extremely dynamic and the future is significantly influenced by specific steps and actions.

If you do not consider the feedback received from the Tarot card readings, they might never come true. Even some small changes in your day-to-day activities can lead to consequences that were not reflected on the spread while reading the cards.

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