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AstrologyAnswers, Scam or Trusted Psychic?

astrologyanswers scam or trusted psychics?
Is AstrologyAnswers.com a scam or are they trusted Psychics?
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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 08/09/20 12:56 AM EDT
  • Updated: 10/25/21 3:21 AM EDT
Is AstrologyAnswers.com a scam or are they trusted Psychics?

Review: AstrologyAnswers.Com – Trusted Psychic or a Scam?

AstrologyAnswers.com has been around the block for a while and was first associated to a founder called Katherine. It didn´t take too long that Katherine was found out as not a real person and the company needed to adjust their marketing to that. They then listed a real astrologer and psychic called Adrian Duncan as their founder and had Adrian speak to the audience in their intro video on the website.
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Adrian Ross Duncan is a long-standing, respectable astrologer and it makes sense for an astrology website to link up with him. He build up a solid reputation for himself and has written books, had his own astrology school and is known for his expertise.

Unfortunately, AstrologyAnswers.com only had him sign the emails and appear as the face of the company, not giving readings himself. Though you can get readings at the website, Duncan would only sign them but not actually produce them.

Although initially they were promoting him a lot, he is not as much mentioned anymore.Their main face now is Dawn Anne, an astrologer with similar high quality reputation. However, Duncan still appears as part of the team on AstrologyAnswers.com.

The website also associates with other astrologers of name and fame, like Debra Silverman and Terence Guardino, who post videos for them every week. Both of them are highly respectable and accurate astrologers, who careg high amounts for their personal readings on their own websites. Which gives the AstrologyAnswers.Com an air of trustworthiness. However, that´s of course just a trick to lure people in to buy their readings, which are done by someone else.

You can´t purchase a reading with Debra, Adrian or Terence on their site though, since they all run their own businesses and their time is limited. What these astrologers do, is to work together with AstrologyAnswers.com to get payed for showcasing their name on their website, and therefore giving the website more credibility.

Even the master astrologer on the website called Dawn Anne can not be consulted. She is the new face of the place and signs the emails, but can not be booked for a reading.

While this might be the case for astrologers who are highly busy and only work with a select group of private clients, it still got us thinking when we were reviewing this website.

Red Flag: Email Spam

The website offers you a handful of daily horoscopes and articles related to astrology and spiritual insights regarding star signs. The articles are basic but informative. The horoscopes are actually pretty good and very accurate. If that´s what you are looking for, the website might give you some value.

However, the story turns around, when you want to receive further readings with them. You´ll then only get generic content that could be done for anyone. In order to receive those email readings, you need to sign-up first and inform them about your date of birth, birthplace, marital status, employment status and gender.

While some of the information requested is important for an astrologer to give you the exact reading on your planets, some of the information seems to be too much to ask for, since the astrologer should be able to detract that information from the reading. The marital status for example is not necessary in a reading. It is only necessary, if a media company wants to sell you relationship readings after finding out, if you are single or not.

Once they have your information, New Peak Media starts spamming you every day. You´ll receive a new email with new offers and content almost on the daily, which is impossible to come from a real astrologer. Who would have the time to send so many emails, if they´d be doing readings for their clients? It just confirms the suspicion that they only send out generic content, which is the same for everyone or at least for every star sign.

Like most of the media companies that operate a metaphysical, psychic or astrological business New Peak Media gets very aggressive when sending out their information, to push you to buy. Most of the tactics are questionable since the emails portray you a doomed future, if you don´t get help from them – asap.

To test their services further, we decided to pay for an actual reading, just with a different email. Both of them were exactly identical except of course for the name and the date of birth. The price was either $67 or three installments of $29. The reading then arrives in just a few minutes, which of course makes it obvious that there is no astrologer behind it, who is preparing them.

Red Flag: Negative Reviews

Another red flag we found out about is that the website is also offering services from an astrologer called Norah, who you can find on PremiumAstrologer.com. Her reviews are very bad and she has been known as a scam. That in comparison to the genuine astrologers they work with, doesn´t go well together.

The company seemingly noticed the discrepancy and tried to remove her name from all materials, but a reviewer posted a screenshot that clearly shows that Norah and AstrologyAnswers.com are associated to each other.

But that´s not the only thing. Next to the scam potential of Norah, a lot of users left negative reviews about the company AstrologyAnswers.com. They were complaining about having the wrong reading sent to them, being charged more than what they agreed upon, or having payed for monthly readings and never getting anything in return.

And the main complain of course, is that many clients simply got generic content, which gave them no real value whatsoever. In each reading there is a promotion for another reading, which gets too pushing over time. If you buy one reading, you don´t want to be sold another reading right away. Let it settle for a while.

Red flag: No refund policy

After all the negative comments we read, it should be clear that many people want a refund. Either because they never received a reading or their reading made no sense at all. The company claims to be offering a 60-day refund policy, but no one ever got a refund even if they requested it.

What to watch out for

After reading all this, we can not encourage you to get a reading with AstrologyAnswers.com. They are a scam. However, if you only read their daily or weekly horoscopes for free there is no harm in this as the free content is actually good.

The payed readings however, are of no use and have not changed anybodies life until today.

AstrologyAnswers.com is however presenting a slick website and listing all their astrologers on there. It´s very convincing and easy to navigate. And as we said before the free readings are great and convincing. Just the payed content is lacking severely, since it´s only automated emails.

It´s still a bit of a scam that they list well-known astrologers on their site, yet non of them is offering readings for you. We could let that slip, but it´s definitely a scam if you order a psychic reading and only receive a generic one that´s the same for everyone.

It´s also untrustworthy, if you order a reading and the content has nothing to do with your life and your current situation. After all astrology is proven and it works. So they could absolutely do better here!

If you are looking for a genuine astrologer, who can help you, do some research, read the reviews and only trust the sources that are trustworthy. You will find what you are looking for!


In our opinion, AstrologyAnswers.com is just another scam.

But check out their free readings, there might be something in there for you.

64 Replies to “AstrologyAnswers, Scam or Trusted Psychic?”

  1. I can confirm what you describe here in the post! I found them because of the good astrologers they are associated with and the good impression they make. I personally love Debra Silverman and her quirky astrology videos and I believe she is a really good astrologer. But, the readings from this website are just very simplistic. They are not good at all to be honest. I wanted to get an in-depth reading like from Debra, but geez, that was not the case. The blurb I got was utter nonsense and had little to nothing to do with me. Given the fact that astrology is a proven science and that you can trace planets and their constellations and the characteristics of star signs, I was surprised how little they got right about me. I mean this is not some woo-woo, but actual science since thousands of years! I really regret having spent that money, but maybe I just needed the lesson to be learned. I´ll trust myself from now, and no online sites anymore.

    1. Good to read that because I was thinking about getting a reading from them, and wasn´t sure about the quality. I expected them to not send the fancy astrologers to write the astro reports they sell, but at least seasoned astrologers, who know what they are doing. Shame they are a total sell-out as it seems.

  2. I`m a follower of Ross Duncan since ages and found this website through him. I didn´t know he was not giving reading through the site and it was all generic info on there! What a shame. He is a great guy and some of the other astrologers too. So they have so much potential, but if the readings you pay for have no quality, what´s it worth.

    1. I`m following Ross Duncan too and always found him a great sport. He´s amazing. Dunno why he lends his name to a mediocre website.

  3. I went in search for an astrology reading, and came across them, I enjoy the free section and the astro stuff on there and was wondering where to buy my next astrological reading. But this just confirms that I better find a real person to go to, then ordering online.

    1. Yes found an astrologer in your area or one on instagram! There is a lot of professionals that are amazing out there! Try it!

  4. I follow Terence Guardino and found his readings always accurate, such a shame to hear that he is not offering his readings as in-depth version via astrology answers! I wish they would offer the readings from all these amazing astrologers on there!

    1. If you want a reading from Terence, you need to get on his wait list and pay a high fee! He is too good already. Find a local astrologer that can give your readings, there is a lot that learned their trade well and that can read your birth chart, your relationship compatibility and financial situation. It´s amazing what´s in the stars, but they truly tell you everything!

  5. How can I get a reading from one of the Astrologers without having to pay them by the hour? I know they charge a lot, but I just want a written reading from them, maybe they have students that work for them, do you know?

  6. I know Astrology Answers from back then! I was consulting their website a lot actually! Now just came across this coincidentally because I was looking for an astro website with horoscopes and an explanation on the current occurrences in the world.

  7. I got a reading from them, just because I´m a fan of Debra Silverman! And let me tell you, what a shitty reading that was. Horribly inacuret and not even matching my star sign! I mean they must be busy to send out such bad readings, or their marketing team is sh*t, but never again.

  8. I need a bunch of astro readings to be done for my clients, where can I order that online but from a trusted source?

    1. I´d suggest you find a real astrologer, there are tons on youtube or certainly in your neighborhood or State? Check on google if you can find an actual person that you can talk to.

  9. I got the free readings from Astro Answers and liked them a lot, I also trust several of the astrologers that they work together with. So I ordered a payed reading because of that, and assumed it was in the same quality as their free readings, Unfortunately not. It was way worse and really not what I expected from a professional site like this. I sent them an email to complain about it, but so far never heard back from them!

    1. Yeah, I went through somewhat similar to what you have written above. The free reading was good and it was a way to trap us into buying more. But honestly, the payed readings weren’t worth the money.

  10. So loving the videos from Debra and the readings from Duncan!!!! I`d love to get a reading from them one day, not sure when that will be though 🙂 The free readings are good though, I´ll take them meanwhile. After reading this post I might not buy anything from the website.Thank you.

    1. I found Debra because of her funny astro videos and boy is she good! She has a way of explaining things that is amazing!

  11. May the stars be with you 😀 Always check your compatibility with your romantic partners first, to safe you the drama later!

  12. With this experience, I don’t think I can ever trust any psychic. His readings are just false. There is nothing that happened as he claimed to be happening in my life. He is the worst, super negative scammer that you can not even imagine.

  13. I have been fooled by these astrogler many times. Everytime I thought If something is wrong with me but now I know its them who are fooling you.

    1. Yes, there is nothing wrong with you! You are a great person and so loved, just know this! It´s other people who have problems are just self-absorbed, unhappy with their life, when they do thing like this. Be safe and stay high vibe and life will flow for you!

  14. These astrologer cost one hell of money but their reading and content has nothing to do with life. They trap you in a way that you think that they are right but once you are rational you know that they are fooling you.

    1. Yes, it´s so true, but it takes such a long time to help people to see that and also to understand if you are being fooled yourself! Depending on how depending you are on help, the worse it is. I was trapped in it for a few years, always following some other peoples advice, until I reclaimed my sovereignty and let all of that stuff go!

    2. One way or the other, we have all had a bad experience. I really hope you find a genuine psychic around your area. Good luck!

    3. Mariyam you are 100 % right. They show polite behaviour at first and then when you have paid them, their attitude changes. It’s much important to do deep research before paying to the fake astrologers.

  15. Thankyou soo much for giving this much information. I was about to invest money on them but luckily I discover your website.

    1. Wao Mani! I am happy to know that your money is saved. I also found this website very helpful to recognize between fake and genuine psychic. Keep on searching; I hope you will find a perfect psychic for you that will bring happiness towards your life.

  16. These astrologers are fake. They will con you in a way that you won’t even exist. They all are same and fake at the same time. Do get yourself trapped into their fakeness.

    1. I don´t think they are all fake. The free reading every month is amazing, but the rest, I think is just not high quality!

  17. How can someone fall into such level. It is hard to believe that they can be so cruel to make money out of your problem. It is totally disgusting.

  18. I had a reading from one of the astrologer but it was all rubbish, nothing like that had ever happened. To all are fake just don’t believe them.

    1. Yeahhhhh, all of them are fake! what to do. Let´s find some real ones or simply trust in the Gods and Goddesses, that´s easier. They give you bountiful blessings.

  19. Astrologer answers is a biggest scam you can ever encountered. It is all rubbish. I urge everone not to waste your money on them.

    1. Yes, Sarah, it’s a bitter truth that most online astrologists are fake. Overview of this website to see exposed faces of other scammers.

  20. I think the reason why she doesn’t offers a refund policy is because you wouldn’t need one. I had an enlightening experience with her and not even for a second, I would think of getting a refund. Her astrology videos are too good. I really enjoy watching them as well. She really knows that she is going and I hope she continues to do her work with passion and dedication.

  21. It’s extremely good information everyone must need before investing money for an astrologer. It’s amazing how this website is helping people to save their time and money.

  22. I used to visit this website to get so many answers but after reading this article my whole life feels like a lie. I am so disappointed how these things can be fake and how EASILY they can play with other people’s emotions. They really do not fear anyone. Ahh, WHAT A SHAME!

  23. I visit AstrologyAnswers for daily and weekly horoscopes and they are really fun to read. At first, I used to read them for fun because I didn’t believe in them but when I became a regular reader, I found that they were really accurate. At least, as a Libra I can say that they were accurate for me. What about the other star signs?

    1. Ah I love this! I come there too to read their readings, the free ones, and I love them! I´m a Leo with Capricorn rising and I find them pretty amazing! Thank God I found them!

  24. I got a free reading from Astrology Answers and it was a good one. It genuinely spoke to me and much of it was true so I went for another set of readings related to different stuff. However, to my disappointment, they weren’t the same quality. They were just random words picked from here and there. Nothing was genuine about them.

    1. Cara, I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I think the first reading given to you was made good to inspire you to buy another one. Do you want to find another genuine psychic for you to bring happiness towards your life?

  25. I am sick of these fake online psychics. These greedy people are only fraud. I am despondent about this. I have to find a psychic urgently. Can anybody suggest me the best one? Please only suggests if you have experienced that psychic.

  26. I am sick of these scams. They should shame of their this behavior. They grab the money of innocent people by fraud.

    1. Yes to this! I fully support you! we should get rid of them all. People deserve real psychics with real gifts, who create miracles and uplift humanity!

  27. AstrologyAnswer.com is the biggest scam. Their readings are not special for everyone. They have a fake online presence.

  28. I am sorry but you are confused about our services. Dawn doesn’t provide information about your future or past.

    I would like to enlightened you that Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

    I hope it clarifies your concern.
    Client Care Assistant
    Astrology Answers

    Ha ha what good is it, if this is the case? To keep it short and informative: I was asking them that, if they were able to pridict my future with the wisdom and rituals that i have to blindly follow based on my birth details, than why can’t they pridict my past? I provided them 4 dates in my past for them to triangulate requiring just one dominating word for a particular year; for example 2003, 2009..2010, 2018 and, the answer could be birth, death, marriage, accident , fire, etc. And if they wanted to be more precise it could be birth son, death father, marrige gay . ..you get ghe jist…well well .i don’t need my money back..i know now that, if they can pridict my past accurately than I’m all ears with goodies in allowing them to pridict my future…or else no way Hosey!

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