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Becoming a Psychic on California Reviews

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 11/25/20 8:05 AM EST
  • Updated: 11/13/20 8:07 AM EST

How do you become a psychic at California Psychics?

Back in the day, people from different cultural backgrounds referred to fortune-tellers to receive guidance and plan their lives accordingly. Whether it was some advice on when to plant and harvest or instructions on how to organize spiritual ceremonies and rituals, psychics and mediums were asked to derive readings accordingly.

And even in the 21st century, psychic advisors play an important role in our lives. If we are looking for a piece of advice to improve the quality of life and resolve issues related to love, relationships, career, or money, experienced and reliable psychics are ready to guide us through the challenging passages. Obviously, having an opportunity to consult an online advisor without leaving your home is a huge plus.

Since the demand for online psychics has significantly increased during the last couple of years, more and more advisors consider offering remote reading sessions instead of having an in-person conversation with the locals. If you have already discovered your psychic abilities and want to help people worldwide, you should definitely consider working as an online psychic for California Psychics.

In this article, you will learn more about how California Psychics works and what it is like to work for the platform as a remote psychic.

What Is California Psychics and How Does It Work?

Before you think about becoming an advisor at California Psychics, it is essential to know more about the company itself.

As a matter of fact, California Psychics is a leading psychic platform offering readings by talented psychics having years of experience working in particular fields. California Psychics operates through the official website and the apps for Android and iOS devices.

By choosing one of the options above, you gain access to the list of world-class psychics and various reading services. Along with paid readings about love, relationships, past life, missing persons, career, and money, California Psychics allows you to receive horoscopes completely for free. While these horoscopes are a little bit general and might not always be accurate, you can get much more specific predictions by talking to one of the Astrology Psychics.

To connect to a psychic, you will first need to create an account and provide billing information. Next, you select the desirable psychic from the list and click on the buttons saying “TALK” or “CHAT.” Another reason why California Psychics is so appealing to the customers is the number of deals offered regularly. You can check California Psychics deals and special offers here.

Overall, California Psychics is a user-friendly platform with a wide variety of services you can receive 24/7.

Is California Psychics a Reliable Platform?

While some people think that the reliability of a psychic platform is relevant only for the customers, this is not the rational way of thinking. In fact, the credibility of a platform is a critical factor that should be contemplated before advisors consider working for a website or mobile app. No matter how talented a specific psychic is, the reputability of a platform he/she works for is what makes the advisor either more reliable or even dodgy. If you work for a psychic website that cannot build trust with its customers, nobody will consider you as an honest psychic.

Luckily, California Psychics is one of the most reliable psychic platforms available on the market. As long as you select the right advisor, you should rely on the readings, but avoid taking the predictions too literally. No matter how accurate the reading is, it can still change over time. And even if you have consulted a top-rated advisor, things happen and there is a chance that the information is not 100% accurate.

Due to the relevance of the issue, I have already reviewed the performance of different California Psychics advisors, and here are my honest thoughts about the platform.

Why Should I Become a California Psychic?

As we have already discussed how California Psychics works and listed the factors that make it reliable, it is now time to talk a little more about why one might want to consider becoming a California Psychic. Some of the reasons include:

  • California Psychics is a well-established psychic network;
  • California Psychics offers ethical services and supports customers and psychics;
  • Reputability of California Psychics makes it easier for you to be discovered worldwide;
  • The company grants you an opportunity to work directly from home;
  • By working as a psychic, you can help people and make their lives better;
  • Testimonials by valued psychics are exceedingly inspiriting;
  • California Psychics offers a training program through which you learn how to connect to customers;
  • If you have been selected, you will be allowed to work as a psychic in about a month.

Although California Psychics is a trustworthy platform and psychics enjoy working for the company, you should do some research before actually applying to become one. So, take your time to learn more about the company and its policies regarding psychics.

How Can I Work as a Psychic for California Psychics?

If you have already decided that California Psychics is the right psychic platform for you, you should simply go to and apply to become an advisor. By submitting an application for the position of a psychic, you get a chance to become an independent contractor at California Psychics. The job is 100% remote, meaning that you can work from home.

To be eligible to become a psychic at California Psychics, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 or above;
  • Live in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa;
  • It is not mandatory to be a native English speaker, as long as you can speak fluently;
  • Have experience in delivering accurate readings using one of the psychic abilities: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Remote Viewing, Empathy, Channeling, or Medium Reading;
  • Possess a dedicated work line without call waiting, call answering, or call blocking features;
  • High-speed internet;
  • Be able to work at least 10 hours a week;
  • A high-quality photo of you that will be used for your profile and additional advertisements.

While these are some of the requirements listed by California Psychics, you have no guarantee that your application will be accepted, even if you meet all of them. However, the chances of receiving approval are higher if you comply with specified standards and have experience providing readings through live chat, direct messages, or email.

After submitting an application, the recruiting team will review the information and decide whether you fit the company’s needs or not. If your skills and experience seem to be acceptable for California Psychics, you will be asked to complete additional steps before they allow you to work as a psychic.

The recruiting process at California Psychics includes 4 steps:

  • Step 1 – Two 10-15min phone evaluations with the recruiting team (1-2 weeks);
  • Step 2 – Basic background check to make sure you are the right candidate (1-2 weeks);
  • Step 3 – Submission of materials to complement your profile (time varies);
  • Step 4 – Online training program teaching you how to take calls (1 week).

The entire recruiting process takes about a month, but the specific timeframes depend on the number of applications received at that particular period.

What Should I Consider Before and After Submitting an Application on California Psychics?

It is no surprise that psychic readings change the way people perceive different events happening in their lives. While it is not recommended to rely solely on psychic predictions, some individuals still consider the readings to make major life decisions. To make sure you are the psychic people would love to consult, it is important to assess a couple of factors before and after applying to California Psychics. Besides, these tips will increase the chances of receiving a contract offer from the company.

  • Tip 1 – Do not apply if you are not a genuine psychic;
  • Tip 2 – Do not waste your time if your goal is to scam people;
  • Tip 3 – Do background research to be sure that California Psychics is the right platform for you;
  • Tip 4 – Make sure you meet every single requirement listed by California Psychics;
  • Tip 5 – Fill in the application form carefully to avoid any mistakes;
  • Tip 6 – Make your application catchy but keep it professional;
  • Tip 7 – Never lie about your experience and psychic abilities;
  • Tip 8 – Be nice and friendly to your customers so that they consider connecting to you again;
  • Tip 9 – Do not use tricks to extend the length of a reading artificially;
  • Tip 10 – Initially, offer readings at an affordable rate so that you attract customers;
  • Tip 11 – Increase your rate gradually as the number of customer reviews increases;
  • Tip 12 – Consider customer feedback to improve service quality.


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