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Best Kasamba Customer Reviews

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 01/24/21 9:00 PM EST
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The Top 10 Best Customer Reviews About Kasamba

You have probably felt stuck in life and could not really find the secret to dealing with it. And if this applies to you, do not worry! We all have been there. You just need to find the most optimal way to solve your problem. Believe it or not, many people who feel lost in life or are uncertain about how to make their lives better commonly refer to psychics for spiritually guided advice. Nowadays, psychics are considered as spiritual coaches or wellness professionals who help people make progress in their lives.

Finding the right psychic advisor is the key to having a successful reading that can actually guide you through challenging periods of life. The best way to find a legit psychic is to use a reputable platform instead of referring to a fake website or app.

If you are seeking a reliable psychic platform, you should definitely consider getting a psychic reading on Kasamba. Along with having over 20 years of experience offering psychic services to a worldwide audience, Kasamba features hundreds of incredibly talented psychics with varying occult skills. No matter what type of questions you have, you can easily find an advisor that can provide comprehensive answers and give you clarity.

However, it is of huge importance to check customer reviews prior to receiving a paid psychic reading on any platform. Customer feedback allows you to gain a broad understanding of how a particular platform works and what are some of the pros and cons of using it.

In this article, you will find 10 customer reviews sharing positive thoughts about Kasamba.

10 Positive Customer Reviews About Kasamba

Although Kasamba is a leading psychic website appreciated by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, you still need to check customer reviews to ensure that this is the right platform for you. To make the task easier for you, I carefully selected the best 10 customer reviews about Kasamba and accompanied them with verified facts.

Kasamba Review #1

“I consulted two different psychics and they both were incredibly helpful. I felt like both readings were accurate and the advisors delivered the details I was looking for quickly. I appreciated that they did not try to artificially lengthen the session for me to pay more. The psychics were professional during the reading and I was really pleased to talk to them. I like how consistent Kasamba psychics are. I have tried many other psychic websites and they do not always provide such a great experience. I will definitely come back to Kasamba and read with a couple of other psychics.”


Kasamba has invited this customer after purchasing one of the services on their website. Therefore, it is clear that the review is posted by a legit Kasamba customer who has recently received a psychic reading. Evidently, consistent service quality is one of the critical factors that determine how successful a business is. In the case of Kasamba, many customers have shared their thoughts about receiving accurate readings constantly. This is because Kasamba features world-class psychics skilled in a wide range of divination techniques and you can effortlessly find the advisor that can help you solve specific issues.

Kasamba Review #2

“I really enjoyed my reading with Spiritual Annie. She delivered the reading quickly and her answers seemed to be pretty accurate. If you need psychic advice, I would recommend connecting to Annie. She provides precise psychic readings without wasting your time and money. I promise you will never regret reading with Annie. I can really feel her psychic power and she is just awesome!”


This is another review by a customer who has been invited to share his/her thoughts about the service received on Kasamba. He/she talks about Spiritual Annie, an expert in love and relationship reading, career forecasts, dream analysis, astrology, and spiritual healing. Annie is a professional psychic with 16+ years of experience providing psychic readings. With over 5,700 reviews on Kasamba, Annie has a 4.80-star rating and offers readings for $9.99 per minute.

Considering customer feedback posted on Kasamba, Annie is a genuinely gifted advisor. It is no surprise that the customer posting the review above is amazed by how accurate her readings are.

Kasamba Review #3

“I was feeling quite suspicious of my relationship due to the things that have been going and I really needed to know if it was worth fighting for. To be honest, I was very skeptical about psychic readings in general and I thought it would be just another scam. However, the psychic I had selected was extremely accurate with everything she mentioned during the session. I really enjoyed reading with the psychic and I will definitely talk to her again about my POI.”


Although the customer does not mention the specific psychic she has consulted, she was invited by Kasamba, meaning that she has actually received a paid reading on the website. Therefore, I am sure that the review is legit. I have read many customers talking about how skeptical they were initially and how the accuracy of psychics had changed their attitudes toward psychic readings in general. Believe it or not, Kasamba advisors are so professional and compassionate that they can really change the way you think about psychic services.

Kasamba Review #4

“I have been using Kasamba for almost two years now and this is the only platform I trust. I really appreciate the readings I have received so far. They all have been incredibly precise and helpful to me. The predictions and timelines ended up being true. Psychic Sid, Mystic Love Visions, Love Soulmate, and George Wic are my absolute favorite advisors on the platform. Thank you, Kasamba psychics, for always being there for me.”


This customer has also been invited by Kasamba to leave a review on TrustPilot. He mentions four different psychics and highlights their levels of expertise in psychic reading. To make sure the review is reliable, I checked every single psychic mentioned by the customer.

I found two psychics named Sid and I am not really sure which one he was referring two. In any case, both psychics have high rating scores and they seem to be professional as well.

Mystic Love Visions has a 4.89-star rating and over 1,500 reviews. The great majority of customers thank the psychic for always being therefore them. He offers affordable readings and seems to be an incredibly nice advisor.

Love Soulmate is another gifted reader with a 4.82-star rating and more than 8,800 customer reviews. She specializes in love and relationship readings and has helped thousands of people solve mysterious issues in life.

George Wic is also a legit psychic and has a 4.69-star rating on Kasamba. He has been offering psychic services for more than 25 years and has delivered thousands of successful readings to people worldwide.

Kasamba Review #5

“During my last reading with one of Kasamba’s psychics, I felt so uplifted and positive about every aspect of my life. The psychic uncovered every detail about the situation and gave me insights into what was going on in my life. He was extremely explicit and I can tell he is a true psychic with exceptional power. Although I read with psychics on a regular basis, the readings do not always end up being so insightful. I am so grateful to Kasamba for always making my experience pleasurable.”


Despite the fact that the review does not include specific details about the psychic, it is posted by an invited customer, meaning that she has undoubtedly purchased a service on Kasamba. Since her experience is quite similar to what others have posted on different forums and review websites, there is no reason to doubt the validity of the review.

Kasamba Review #6

“I was skeptical about Kasamba and thought the psychics were scamming people. However, I realized that I was totally wrong after my very first reading on Kasamba. I have already read with a few different psychics and they have delivered personalized readings with accurate details. Kasamba psychics have helped me get through difficulties and challenging situations linked with my love life.”


The customer admits that her thoughts about Kasamba were skeptical initially and the accuracy of readings received on the website changed her mind forever. People with similar experiences with Kasamba have shared their thoughts on different forums and it is no surprise that the customer is excited by how professional Kasamba psychics are.

Kasamba Review #7

“During the last year and a half, I have been using Kasamba services regularly, predominantly twice a week. Kasamba features a wide variety of readers and you just need to find psychics to whom you connect better. It is all about individuals’ energies and the strength of the connection between you and the reader.

I have already read with a couple of readers on Kasamba, but the best psychic for me has always been Truth and Light. Vik is the most reliable, compassionate, and intuitive psychic I have ever met with. He does not sugar-coat the truth and tells you whatever you need to know. You just need to give Vik some time and he will get back to you with 100% accurate details. I am so thankful for Truth and Light.”


Although this customer has not been invited to post a review by Kasamba, she sounds pretty legit. First of all, she talks about her personal experience with one of the Kasamba psychics, “Truth and Light.” After checking his profile on Kasamba, I can verify that he is a genuine psychic with over 13,000 customer reviews and an overall 4.97-star rating. And believe me, it is not that easy to maintain such a high ranking when working on a psychic platform.

In addition to that, the customer mentions his name, Vik. However, the psychic does not share his real name on his Kasamba profile, meaning that the customer has actually consulted Truth and Light and this is how she got his name. Overall, you can certainly trust the review and consider consulting Vik as well.

Kasamba Review #8

“The only reason why I created a TrustPilot account is to tell you how much I love and appreciate Kasamba. Chiefly, my experience with this website has been gratifying. I am fully aware of the fact that not all psychic predictions end up happening and the timelines can also be altered. However, the psychics I have read with have delivered accurate readings only.

While I was seeking suitable psychics for me, I tried Keen as well. I have received a couple of readings there and the psychics just could not get to the point. This convinced me that Kasamba is undoubtedly the right psychic website for me.

Along with extremely talented psychics, the payment process on Kasamba is pretty straightforward. The chat feature is also convenient. Kasamba lets you know when your session starts and makes things clear so that you can scope the time you spend in a reading session. The customer service team does an excellent job, as well.

I appreciate the fact that Kasamba’s biggest priority is to offer high-quality psychic services and I feel that they really value their customers. When searching for a legit psychic website, do not search anywhere else and refer to Kasamba.”


This customer has not been invited by Kasamba and does not mention any specific advisors. However, her review still seems to be pretty legit. The rationale behind this is that her review includes particular details and information is provided logically. Besides, she understands how psychic readings work and does not expect every single reading to be 100% accurate. Unfortunately, many people do not really get this and perceive psychics as scammers just because the predictions or timelines were not always accurate.

Kasamba Review #9

“I realized that you can get high-quality and accurate readings, even from the lower-priced advisors. I feel like they genuinely care about their customers and do not only think of bilking you out of hundreds of dollars.

I have seen a few negative reviews and all I can say is that there are some people out there who just do not want to accept the answers and they leave bad feedback. I would recommend checking customer reviews before connecting to a psychic, just in case.

Kasamba is really doing great with psychic reading services and the accuracy of psychics is just beyond expectations.”


This customer addresses one of the most widespread issues related to psychic platforms. Oftentimes, clients do not like what they hear during a reading session and they leave negative feedback just for receiving an honest reading. In reality, you should really appreciate it if a psychic tells you the truth without sugar-coating it. A professional psychic will deliver a reading, no matter how bad the news is.

She also talks about the fact that even affordable psychics are able to provide accurate readings. And this is also true. Although Kasamba is one of the expensive psychic websites, there are some psychics who offer readings for about $5 per minute or less. From my personal experience, they can also be helpful. You just need to find the right fit for you.

Kasamba Review #10

“The main issue I am currently facing is that I have read with a couple of different psychics and I feel a bit confused. However, the reading with Fruno seemed to be the most accurate. He told me exactly what me and my partner had talked about, so I guess I will just continue getting psychic advice from him.”


To find the right psychic for you, it is essential to chat with a few of them. However, talking to a couple of different psychics might be not confusing and frustrating sometimes. You might receive contrasting readings and it is hard to tell which one is correct. Instead of giving up on psychic readings, take some time to analyze the information received during sessions and stick with the psychic whose reading was the most accurate.

Along with having the right approach to finding the advisor that you can trust, the customer mentions Fruno, one of the top-rated psychics on Kasamba. With more than 24,000 customer reviews posted on Kasamba, Fruno has a 4.97-star rating. The list of his specialties is comprehensive and this is why he is trusted by thousands of people. It seems like the customer has found the advisor she has been looking for.

How Can Customer Reviews Help Me Improve My Experience with Kasamba?

Sadly, many customers ignore reviews and then complain about receiving poor-quality services. While it is the company’s fault that the services are not worth paying money, customers can easily avoid such instances by simply being more cautious and attentive to detail.

Customer reviews are of immense importance in the case of the psychic industry. Due to the mysterious nature of psychic readings, it is hardly possible to tell whether you are talking to a legit advisor or a scammer. And this is exactly when the customer reviews come into play. By checking a particular psychic’s feedback, you get a general idea of how accurate or inaccurate his/her readings can be. Hence, you will no longer waste your time and money talking to fraudsters.

If you still doubt the usefulness of customer reviews, below you can see how customer feedback can improve one’s experience with not only Kasamba but any other psychic website.

  1. By checking customer reviews, you can see people’s overall impressions

Reviews are all about what customers like and dislike about a particular business or services offered by a given company. Although some reviews are totally fake, most of them share honest thoughts that can be extremely helpful for making reasonable decisions.

  1. You can consider tips and recommendations from experienced customers

Obviously, we all make mistakes and there is nothing more beneficial for avoiding some of the most common ones than hearing someone else’s experience. Customer reviews about psychic platforms usually include some tips and recommendations for potential customers. Oftentimes, the customers share some of the mistakes they have made in the past and warn you not to make the same ones.

  1. Customer reviews might include specific psychics’ names

Last but not least, customer reviews often include details about specific psychics. If you check positive reviews and come across different psychics, you can give them a go since there is a better chance to find the right one for you based on the reviews. On the contrary, negative reviews might alert you to the danger of possible scammers working on the platform.

How Can I Find Legit Customer Reviews About Kasamba?

Although there are tons of customer kasamba reviews posted about Kasamba, not every single one of them should be trusted. Unfortunately, many customers post negative reviews after receiving readings they did not want to hear. To make sure you are reading legit customer reviews, consider the tips listed below.

  • Use reliable review websites to check customer reviews. If you do not know where to start, check Simply type in the company of interest in the search bar and take your time to explore customer feedback. You can use any other review website, just make the selected one is trustworthy.
  • Oftentimes, companies invite their customers to post reviews on Trustpilot. When checking customer reviews, always pay attention to whether the review is marked with the “Invited” badge. Invited customers are those who have received one or more paid sessions and are more likely to be telling the truth.
  • Check if the company has responded to the review, especially in the case of complaints. Company responses will help you determine whether the review is reliable or not. Besides, you get an idea of how the company deals with unsatisfied customers.
  • Always fact-check details by visiting the official website of a company. Unsatisfied customers often overreact and they are apt to exaggerate negative impressions.



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