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Best Oranum Customer Reviews

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 12/17/20 12:43 PM EST
  • Updated: 12/17/20 12:43 PM EST

The Top 10 Best Customer Reviews About Oranum

Oranum is one of the most popular psychic sites on the web. Along with being pretty affordable and convenient to use, the platform features some of the best psychics from different parts of the world. Another benefit of Oranum is that the advisors specialize in a wide range of divination practices, meaning that you can find the right psychic for you without facing any difficulties.

Although hundreds of thousands of customers trust Oranum, you still need to check reviews before getting a paid reading. To get a better idea of what people love about the platform, here are the top 10 positive reviews about Oranum. To ensure that the reviews are reliable, I will include verified facts about every single one mentioned in this article.

10 Positive Customer Reviews About Oranum

Below are the top 10 positive Oranum reviews you should consider before consulting a psychic on the website.

Oranum Review #1

“I am one of the biggest fans of Oranum. I have been using Oranum services since the beginning and I managed to find some of the most talented psychics on the platform. Currently, I only read with Alycia Rose, Benny Ciaccio, LoveDrNikki, and Psychic Fae. These four psychics have always been correct about the predictions and their advice is always helpful for me.

TIPS FOR CONSUMERS: Never choose a random psychic on the platform. Instead, select the one that you have the strongest connection with.”


Overall, the review seems to be pretty reliable. First of all, the customer has the right approach to choosing psychics in general. Unfortunately, I could not find any psychics named “Fae,” but since the review was posted a few years ago, it is understandable. Benny Ciaccio can still be found on Oranum, but he might not be as active as other psychics on the platform. Finally, Alycia Rose and LoveDrNikki are two top-rated psychics loved and appreciated by hundreds of people, so it is no surprise that the customer trusts their readings.

Oranum Review #2

“I was incredibly delighted with my first reading delivered by an Oranum psychic. The majority of advisors on Oranum are extremely talented and offer professional psychic guidance. In some cases, the readings were surprisingly accurate and I felt scared. I believe everyone should give Oranum a go. The information obtained during the readings might be far beyond expectations.


Although the customer has not mentioned any specific advisors, his/her thoughts seem to be legit. Considering my personal experience, the majority of Oranum psychics are extraordinarily accurate with their readings. You just need to choose the best fit for you and be open-minded during the session.

Oranum Review #3

“Luckily, I came across one of the best psychics on earth, Mrs. Mae. It was my first reading on Oranum and she left me pleasantly surprised. Mae’s reading and timing were extremely accurate. She was truly concerned about me and talked about some aspects of my life that I have never shared with anyone before. Mae made a believer out of me and I would recommend her to anyone willing to receive an accurate reading.”


This review mentions Psychic Mae, a professional psychic, a Usui Reiki Master, an Expert Tarot Reader, and a Shamanic Practitioner. Mae is a top-rated psychic on Oranum and she has even been among the top 100 psychics. You will feel how special Mae is the moment you have a look at her introductory video.

Oranum Review #4

“Me and my husband had a family reading with Gayle and it was amazing. She was so accurate and precise with the details provided during the session. I am planning to schedule another reading session with her!”


Unfortunately, I could not find any Oranum psychics named Gayle. It does not necessarily mean that the review is inaccurate. Rather, Gayle might have been an advisor on Oranum in the past. She just no longer works for the platform. In any case, this is yet another positive review talking about how accurate Oranum psychics are.


Oranum Review #5

“I have always been skeptical about psychic readings, but I decided to try out Oranum’s email reading. I was astonished when I received an email from the psychic. She was 100% accurate with the names of my daughter and her dad. I could grasp every detail of the reading and knew exactly what she was talking about.”


Although Oranum no longer offers email readings, the company was incredibly popular for high-quality email readings back in the day. Oranum email readings emerged roughly 10 years ago and people have been sharing their thoughts about how accurate the email psychics are ever since then. Therefore, it is no surprise that this customer is pleased with her thorough psychic reading. 

Oranum Review #6

“I finally decided to consult a psychic on Oranum and I talked to three random psychics found on the website. I tried a demo session with the first psychic (LoveSean) and he did not bait me to pay for actual reading. He was really nice, but I have not asked any specific questions. Unfortunately, I could remember the second psychic’s name, but her reading was not that useful for me. For my last reading, I connected with Gloria and she was totally amazing. I have never talked to a better psychic in my entire life. The reading focused on the aspects of my life I was most curious about. Gloria was so accurate that I will just keep reading with her.”


You can definitely trust this review and the main reason for this is that the customer does not randomly praise Oranum psychics. Instead, she shares honest thoughts about three different psychics and mentions the one she liked the most. She acknowledges that consulting psychics on Oranum is not all roses, which makes her review trustworthy. She even titled her review “It depends on who you choose,” meaning that you need to find the right psychic specifically for you to receive an accurate reading. 

Oranum Review #7

“I am leaving a 5-star review because of how the company treats unsatisfied customers and how professional their psychics are. Obviously, I have had slightly bad experiences with Oranum. In some cases, the readings were inaccurate, or I did not really like how the psychic treated me during the session. There have been instances when I faced technical issues, or the software did not work properly. Luckily, Oranum gave my credits back every single time I had a solid reason to request a refund. The customer support team has always been there to find the most optimal solutions to my problems. The negative reviews about the platform might be written by representatives of other psychic platforms. Just because you had a bad experience with Oranum, it does not necessarily mean that it is the company’s fault.”


This might be the most rational review of a psychic website I have ever read. Oftentimes, customers leave negative reviews whenever they receive an inaccurate reading and blame the business for offering fake services. However, you need to test a couple of psychics before you find the right one for you. This customer truly understands how psychic readings work and this is exactly how you should think of psychic platforms in general.

Even if you had a bad experience, the way the company responds to your complaint is what makes it either trustworthy or unreliable. Certainly, Oranum knows how to deal with unsatisfied customers and this is why you should consider consulting a psychic there.

Oranum Review #8

“I have connected to an extremely patient and compassionate psychic on Oranum. She comprehends specific details and meanings of given situations and can deliver in-depth readings that have always been helpful for me.”


Since the review does not include any details about the specific psychic, it is not possible to check whether the advisor is actually that good. However, many customers have posted about how talented and caring Oranum psychics are. Therefore, there is no reason to declare this review as a fake one. It is totally up to you whether you trust his/her positive attitude towards one of the Oranum psychics. 

Oranum Review #9

“Renee is an incredible psychic and her mediumship abilities surpassed my expectations. She is a gifted psychic and a legit accomplished medium. Thank you!


Even though I managed to find a psychic called Renee on Oranum, she did not have any customer reviews whatsoever. It seems like she no longer works for Oranum, but it does not exclude the fact that Renee has actually helped people back in the day.

Oranum Review #10

“I talk to a specific psychic on Oranum regularly and she always gives me honest readings. No matter how good or bad the news is, she keeps the readings sincere. We are completely free to choose any psychic on the platform and it is totally up to our mental state whether we select the right psychic to connect with. You cannot just talk to a random psychic and still expect to receive an accurate reading. If you do not feel the connection between you and the psychic, just hang up and try another one. I have read with several psychics and in some cases, we could not connect. And believe it or not, this has nothing to do with their level of professionalism or skillfulness. Take your time to find the psychic that works best specifically for you.”


This is another legit review. The customer realizes that it is hardly possible to feel the connection with every single psychic you meet. Just because you had a bad experience, it does not mean that the psychic was not talented enough or the platform scammed you. It only means that you should try connecting to another psychic on the platform to get an accurate reading.

How Can I Benefit from Customer Reviews about Specific Platforms?

If you are about to try out a particular platform, take your time to check customer reviews first. To do so, you can use Google and go to websites sharing customer ratings and reviews of the business. Some of the best options are Trust Pilot, Better Business Bureau, Sitejabber, and Glassdoor.

If you are still doubtful about whether the customer reviews about psychic platforms are helpful, here are a couple of reasons highlighting the importance of consumer ratings.

  • Reviews about psychic platforms enable you to know what to expect from the company in general;
  • Reviews depict how reputable a specific platform is and whether people trust the business;
  • Customer reviews commonly share some tips and recommendations that can make your experience with a particular psychic platform even better;
  • Psychic platform reviews usually mention some of the customers’ favorite psychics that you can connect with as well;
  • Checking reviews prior to using a specific psychic platform allows you to avoid some of the most common mistakes customers make on a daily basis.

Are Customer Reviews about Specific Psychics Also Helpful?


Although most psychic platform reviews are about customers’ experiences with specific advisors, they are still not meant to talk about their performance during reading sessions. Instead, platform reviews are more about the functionality of the website/app and how the company deals with unsatisfied customers.

Therefore, you should always check reviews about individual psychics to avoid psychic scams and undesirable outcomes. Reviews will help you get a general idea of how professional the psychic is and whether he/she can deliver honest and accurate readings.

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