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Can Psychics help us fix broken relationships?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 11/03/20 9:54 PM EST
  • Updated: 10/23/20 9:56 PM EDT

Can Psychics Help Us Fix Broken Relationships?

Psychics and mediums guide us through even the most challenging crossroads of life. Whether we have personal problems or difficulties linked with our career, consulting a spiritual advisor can make it much easier for us to deal with specific issues.

Since psychics can be super helpful for solving various us to solve a wide array of life problems, some people think that they can even help us repair broken relationships and heal broken hearts. Although psychic advisors offer exceptional pieces of advice, they are still far from being superheroes. Just because they can see and feel things that normal people cannot, it does not mean that they can fix every single problem and help us deal with any unwanted situation.

Evidently, lots of people refer to psychic advisors after a heartbreak, breakup, and divorce. It is obvious that psychics can help us find the right pathways in such situations, but can they also help us fix broken relationships?

If you are wondering whether you should seek psychic guidance after a breakup or divorce, keep reading! You will find all the necessary details you might need to know.

How Do Advisors Provide Psychic Guidance?

First, it is crucial to get a general idea of how things work in the psychic industry. Typically, psychic advisors ask a couple of basic questions, such as your name, date/time/place of birth, and gender. If you have connected to a psychic for a love reading, they might request the same information about the person of interest as well.

Next, the psychic will divine a reading utilizing specific tools or occult practices. For instance, he/she might refer to Tarot cards to gain insight into your soul and provide accurate guidance. Besides, a psychic might offer a reading that is based on astrological predictions, palmistry, or other divinatory techniques. Depending on the tools and methods a particular psychic uses, the reading can either predict future events or provide guidance on how to act for a better outcome.

Generally speaking, psychics guide us by seeing, sensing, or physically feeling different occurrences. While some advisors use specific tools for divinatory purposes, others might provide readings without utilizing any additional instruments.

Are Psychic Readings Always 100% Accurate?

Unfortunately, some individuals do not really get how psychic readings work and how accurate they can be. One reason for this is that fake psychics ensure their customers that they deliver 100% accurate and trustworthy readings every single time. But you should realize that such claims cannot be trusted. No matter how talented and experienced a specific psychic is, there is always a chance that his/her readings end up being slightly inaccurate or even completely wrong.

Some readings might seem accurate at first glance, but after some time, you might notice that the predictions are not going to come true. This happens because psychic readings and forecasts can be changed due to the dynamic nature of our lives. Even if the context of a psychic reading ends up being correct, the timing of the events might not be exactly the same as predicted by an advisor.

That being said, psychic readings are not always accurate and reliable. Oftentimes, our lifestyle and other minor activities significantly affect the end result. And even if you have not done anything to alter the prediction, be aware that things happen and psychics can be wrong sometimes.

Can Psychics Guarantee Fixing a Broken Relationship?

Considering what we have discussed in the above two sections, it is clear that there is no guarantee a broken relationship will be fixed. If a psychic ensures that his/her readings will definitely heal your heart and fix a broken relationship, you are probably being scammed by a fake advisor. When fraudsters see someone struggling because of losing his/her loved one, they do their best to calm such customers and nick as much cash as possible.

On the contrary, genuine psychic advisors always let the customers know how exactly the readings will help them. Instead of promising to fix a relationship, they just explain how everything works. Basically, consulting a psychic after a breakup or divorce might help you find explanations to certain occurrences. Besides, psychics can advise you on how to move on and what would be best for you at a particular time. Additionally, they can offer some tips on how to TRY fixing a broken relationship instead of providing specific instructions that might not help at all.

Summing up, psychics cannot and MUST NOT guarantee to fix a broken relationship. There is no way one can tell you exactly what to do to get your ex back. So, never visit a psychic in the hope of reconciliation with your ex. Instead, consult a psychic to relax, calm your soul, and get motivated to move on.

How Can Psychics Help Me After a Breakup or Divorce?

As mentioned in the previous section, you should never visit a psychic with the expectation of regaining love in a relationship. You may be wondering how exactly a psychic can help you after a breakup or divorce. Here are a couple of things a psychic can offer for healing your broken heart:

  1. Psychics can feel your pain and know exactly why you are struggling;
  2. Psychics can make it easier for you to talk about your emotions;
  3. You will not have to worry about dealing with judgmental comments during a reading session;
  4. Psychic readings can guide you through even the toughest crossroads of life;
  5. Psychic readings allow you to see the positive aspects of life;
  6. Psychic readings motivate and prepare you for living a better life;
  7. Psychics do their best for you to feel relaxed and increase your peace of mind;
  8. Psychic readings can brighten up your mood and help you find the real purpose of life.


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