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Can Psychics really predict the future?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 11/05/20 7:33 PM EST
  • Updated: 11/01/20 3:02 PM EST

Can Psychics Really Predict the Future?

Various occult practices have been popular across the globe for centuries. People seek predictions and look forward to receiving psychic guidance to make major decisions in life. As a result of technological development and major improvements in internet speed, psychic services have become even more accessible to people worldwide. Although this made it easier for individuals to connect to psychics at any time, it also increased the number of psychic scam cases globally.

Due to so many reported instances of psychic fraud, people started to doubt the existence of genuine psychics, mediums, and fortune-tellers. But the claim that psychics do not exist is not 100% accurate. We should acknowledge that psychics DO exist, but we should also be aware of how different occult practices work.

As a matter of fact, people are usually concerned about whether psychics can really predict the future. Since the issue has been relevant recently, the article will focus on how psychics predict the future and how accurate the predictions can actually be.

How Do Psychic Readings Work?

Since there is no specific answer to whether psychics can genuinely predict the future, it is important to focus on a couple of issues before addressing the topic of the article.

To receive a psychic reading, you either visit an advisor in person or connect to one remotely. After asking a specific question, you will receive a reading that either answers your concern or guides you based on relevant predictions.

How psychics derive the readings is completely dependent on the type of practices they follow and the variety of tools they use. For instance, astrologers will provide predictions by considering your zodiac sign and alignment of certain stars and planets at a particular period of time. On the other hand, palmists will forecast the future after observing the lines and mounts on your palm.

Note that not every psychic offers predictions. Rather, some of the advisors simply gain insight into your life and guide you through various crossroads and passages. Hence, you should not expect psychic predictions from every advisor you have a talk with.

Prewritten Destiny or Free Will – What Portion of Our Life Is Predetermined?

The mysterious nature of our lives makes it almost impossible to determine whether our destiny is prewritten, or if we have free will. And this is the most important issue that we need to consider to get an idea of how accurate psychic predictions can be.

To make things more comprehensible and plain, let’s define these two essential terms.

  • Destiny – If we assume that destiny exists, it means that everything that happens in our lives has been predetermined, and there is no way we can change or get rid of the events occurring daily. This prewritten course of events is regarded as unavoidable, since the natural order of the occurrences has already been pre-established.
  • Free Will – Free will allows us to control our future by choosing a particular course of action over another. If we assume that there is such thing as free will, it means that the results of our efforts have not been prewritten.

Considering the definitions of the two theories mentioned above, it might seem that fate and free will are contradictory claims. But what if destiny and free will are compatible?

Evidently, philosophers and religious figures have the longest-running debates on whether our lives are predetermined or if we have the power to make choices that influence our future. Since there is no proof that either theory is correct, maybe it is better to assume that some aspects of our lives are predetermined, but our actions can also change the course of events.

Let’s say that a friend of yours invited you to a picnic, but your family had some plans for the weekend. By choosing to hang out with your friends, you are altering the course of events that would have occurred if you had chosen to spend some time with your family. And this could also be true if you decided to spend the weekend with your family members. For instance, if your predetermined destiny was to meet your true love while having fun with your friends, you would miss that opportunity if you stayed with your family instead.

As you can see from the example above, some aspects of our lives are prewritten by destiny. Still, our actions determine whether these prewritten events happen or not at a particular period. So, free will allows us to make choices between two options and in both cases, the events that occur have been predetermined by our destiny.

Are Psychic Predictions Always Accurate?

Although some psychics and mediums claim that they can foresee the future accurately, it is impossible to be 100% correct with the predictions at all times. Considering what we have discussed in the previous section, we should note that even the smallest choices and incidental actions can alter our future. So, if a psychic predicts your marriage in a year or two, it does not mean that you will get married for sure. Even a single decision can change the course of events that would happen in the nearest future.

Every single psychic that really cares about his/her customers makes it clear that the predictions are not always 100% accurate and they can change over time. The major factor due to which psychic predictions can change is the dynamicity of our lives. The activities in our daily lives are capable of significantly changing the prophecies we have received from even genuine psychics.

Besides, a couple of other factors influence the accuracy of the readings received during psychic sessions. For instance, your open mind helps the advisor to provide precise readings. Along with that, the energy that comes not only from you but also from the psychic plays a critical role in receiving accurate readings. Therefore, you should always be aware of the fact that things happen and even the most experienced psychics can be wrong sometimes.

Another issue that you should consider is that psychics are often wrong with the timing. For instance, an advisor might tell you that you are going to achieve career success in a month, but this might not happen during the indicated period of time. Note that if such a thing happens, it does not mean that the prediction was wrong. The fact is that it is not that easy to predict the exact time of the occurring event. This is because psychics usually see numbers and then they simply associate these numbers with days, weeks, months, or even years.

Summing up, psychic predictions can be accurate, but there is no guarantee that the forecast is 100% correct.

Should I Fully Trust Psychic Predictions?

Since psychic readings are not always accurate, you should not fully trust them for making major decisions in life. In fact, psychic predictions offer guidance, not specific instructions about your love life, career, or relationships with friends and family. Instead of taking the readings too literally and trusting them blindly, you should just consider them for gaining insight into different aspects of life.

Psychic advisors and spiritual coaches provide guidance and empower their customers by motivating them to think about the stuff they might not have thought about before. That being said, psychics aim to help their customers get on the right track and suggest the directions to move forward. They also warn the clients about possible outcomes of certain actions. Note that the results are only some possibilities and should not be regarded as unavoidable consequences.

Instead of fully trusting psychic predictions, simply use them for complementing your thoughts. Take your time to explore your choices and make the right one based on your feelings, not solely on psychic predictions.

What Should I Do to Receive an Accurate and Reliable Psychic Reading?

As we have discussed the issue of whether psychics can really predict the future, now it is time to provide a couple of handy tips for receiving an accurate and reliable psychic reading.

First of all, you should do some research before actually visiting a psychic in person or consulting one online. For detailed information, do not forget to check out our ultimate guide to finding a good psychic near you.

Be aware that not every psychic provides genuine readings. Rather, there are some scammers out there trying to fool people and receive money for fake readings. Therefore, you should consider some tips to avoid being a victim of a well-organized psychic scam and protect yourself. Here is our comprehensive article covering all the things you need to do to receive a genuine reading.

You might think that consulting an experienced psychic is enough for getting a valuable reading, but this is not the case. After receiving guidance from an advisor, it is extremely important to know how to use it to make the right decisions. Never take the readings too literally and consider them as some hints rather than specific instructions.

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