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Can Psychics speak to the dead?

can psychics talk to the dead
can psychics speak to the dead
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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 08/02/20 3:10 PM EDT
  • Updated: 08/02/20 3:53 PM EDT
psychics and the dead

Can psychics speak to the dead?

Alone in bed, a small frightened boy whispers “I see dead people”, and a million people around the world draw in a sharp breath. It’s one of the most famous movie lines of all time and for a good reason. Throughout the ages, countless people have been desperate for a chance to communicate with spirits.

But is it actually possible?

Almost every culture on the planet has believed communication with the other side is achievable. Traditionally this role was the responsibility of a shaman, seer, or oracle who brought back messages, prophies, warnings or guidance from spiritual realms.

Communion with the dead was a widely accepted part of life for these cultures. Shamans would contact spirit guides or ancestors for help with diagnosing or healing a physical body.

In the past trance or ingesting psychoactive substances were often used to facilitate a connection with spirits, nowadays the methodology has changed, but the aim is still the same. Mediums can connect to spirits by channeling energy through meditation, automatic writing or reading the energy of a client.

Mediums differ somewhat from psychics, but usually, a medium has psychic abilities. Psychics engage with living energy. They can read your energetic field, see auras and help you find answers related to love, finances, your career or anything else that will help you to fulfil your life’s purpose.

A medium, on the other hand, can elevate their vibration high enough to reach the metaphysical plane and contact spirits, guides, angels and the wisdom of our ancestors.

Windbridge research centre is dedicated to understanding death, dying and the afterlife scientifically. Their mission is to ease suffering, and in pursuit of this goal, the research centre conducts studies with mediums.

The definition of a medium at Windbridge “are individuals who experience regular communication with the deceased (called discarnates) and report the resulting information to the discarnates’ living friends or relatives (called sitters) during specific events (called readings)”.

A controlled study directed by Windbrige showed evidence of communication with deceased persons. The mediums were given no information about the sitters before the reading. But all were able to provide accurate descriptions of deceased persons connected to the sitters.

The findings concluded, “the reporting by mediums of accurate and specific information about discarnates without prior knowledge of the discarnates or sitters, in the absence of any sensory feedback, and without using deceptive or fraudulent means”.

EEG readings taken from the mediums displayed a difference in normal thinking patterns as they communicate with spirits. The shift in their mental state suggests that something must be going on.

Further evidence to support the possibility that supernatural conversations are possible comes from psychological studies of legitimate mediums. The research rules out delusional behavior due to mental illness or disorders as a possibility. In fact, most spiritually talented individuals display above-average psychological wellbeing.

But ‘what’ exactly are they talking too? Is it the spirit or the ghost of a loved one, and is there a difference? The answer is yes, there is a distinction between ghost and spirit, and no, they are not talking to ghosts.

Mediums act as a bridge between dimensions by intuiting information from a deceased person. Consciousness survives even after the body has gone. And so it would be more precise to say mediums speak with souls who have moved from one form of existence to another.

The late professor of parapsychology, Hans Holzer best explains the distinction between ghost and spirit “Ghosts are similar to psychotic human beings incapable of reasoning for themselves… Spirits, on the other hand, are the surviving personalities of all who pass through the door of death in a relatively normal fashion”.

Spirits are free to travel between dimensions while ghosts are tied the location of their passing, often staying as caretakers. When a soul comes to visit or attend a reading, it has been called by a genuine loving connection which remains intact even after passing.

No empirical evidence exists yet that can prove undoubtedly, life exists after death. At least not scientifically as we haven’t figured out yet how to measure human consciousness mathematically! However, research in this field is increasing, and we also have an overwhelming amount of anecdotal proof.

There are vast accounts of individuals who have successfully worked with mediums for healing after a significant loss. Research even indicates the positive effect of psychic readings for the grieving.

You don’t have to be a medium to have made a connection either. Love keeps us connected in life as well as in death. It’s not unusual to be visited in a dream or experience synchronicities that remind you of your loved one.

These are indications of contact that we usually dismiss as fancy. If you want to know for sure, ask for a sign. Then keep your eyes open for a feather falling at your feet out of nowhere, or a special song on the radio.

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