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Can you ask a psychic for a refund?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 12/21/20 8:03 AM EST
  • Updated: 11/21/20 8:06 AM EST

Can You Ask For a Psychic Refund?

We have to bear in mind that there are a lot of amazing physics out there, a few who are still learning the ropes and of course there are the fakes giving the rest a bad reputation. You can go through your whole life and never feel the need to ask for a refund. Generally speaking, this is most likely to occur with in-person psychic readings with a psychic that you have developed a closer relationship to.

Asking for a refund from a psychic is a tricky business. With the rise in online readings, it has become more challenging to follow up on the refund. Each company will also have its own policies, which we will look at further. Then there is my personal favorite “for entertainment purposes only” in the small print. Fake readings need to be reported and a refund requested so that it becomes harder for scammers to get away it.

On the other hand, sometimes, a psychic will be absolutely spot on, but the querent doesn’t like the answer. Whether it’s fear or anger that drives them to do it, they ask for a refund. We see two problems with this. The first is that it is obviously not fair. A person has performed a service and is entitled to compensation. Secondly, questioning a psychic’s reading leads them to doubt their own intuition, which is not good for them as a person.

Before reading on about asking for a psychic refund, calmly replay the situation and decide if you genuinely have reason to ask for one.

Why Is It So Difficult to Get a Psychic Refund?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why refunds are possible but incredibly difficult to obtain in the world of psychic readings.

“Entertainment Only”

As soon as you read for entertainment only in a legal disclaimer, you can pretty much kiss your refund goodbye. By law, a legal disclaimer must be included on psychic websites stating that not all readings are accurate, they are for entertainment only, you must be over 18 and psychics are not replacements for lawyers, doctors, accountants, or other professionals.

The purpose of the legal disclaimer is to protect companies from liability and claims. It’s a bizarre law that makes sense for many industries, but it appears to give fake psychics the perfect ‘playground’ for their unethical activities.  Psychics are there to provide guidance and help to uncover meaning in messages. People shouldn’t depend on the information to make decisions, but instead to steer them in the right direction. Nothing is set in stone; however, it is not just for entertainment.

Tech Platforms

There are a number of physic websites that are actually technology platforms used to connect people. As Amazon connects buyers and sellers, connects psychic readers to querents. has nothing to do with the psychic industry. Psychics can create their account and profile online and then carry out psychic readings via calls or chat. You can search for a psychic based on category or price read reviews before contacting them. Each psychic can set their own prices. Most are around the usual $1.99 or $2.99 per minute (with three free minutes) but there are some extortionate prices of over $10 per minute. Let’s take Psychic Johnny Wizard as an example. He can help you with your relationships. He has 137 reviews and a 4.8-star rating. Talking to Wizard Johnny will cost $15.99 per minute. A 15-minute call with Johnny, with three minutes free, will cost $191.88. Even a 15-minute call at $2.99 will cost $35.88.

Why is this relevant? Well, keen doesn’t offer any refunds as they are not responsible for the psychics available. They do have a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with a reading, you have 72 hours to make a claim. You still won’t get a refund, but you will receive $25 credit in your account. When you go back and look at how much you may spend per call, you can see that $25 is never going to cover the full amount, after all, 15 minutes is rarely long enough. Plus, you can only file one claim per month.

Many psychic platforms will have a similar policy. It is very difficult to trust technology platforms as there is no vetting of psychics or their abilities. Whatever happens is your own responsibility and this is clearly stated in the terms and conditions. Once again, these platforms have found a way to protect themselves against claims. It’s unlikely that the actual psychic will give you a refund. It’s more likely that the close their account and reappear on a different platform.

Companies with Genuine Refund Policies

If a psychic or psychic company has no concerns about the skill level and abilities, they should offer a money-back guarantee or a refund if a querent is genuinely not satisfied. Here are a few companies that stick to this policy.

How to Avoid the Need to Ask for a Refund

Sometimes the need to find answers takes over our more logical side. It’s easy to click the “chat” now button without reading all of the advice the website has to offer. For example, to prevent not liking what you hear and feeling that you should request a refund, you need to remember that you are paying for the time and not the content.

Because the success of a psychic reading depends on energies, there will be times that your energy and the reader’s energy just doesn’t match. If after 5 minutes, you don’t feel a connection with the reader, it is best to stop the process straight away. Remember, a genuine psychic will understand this.




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