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Can you become Addicted to Psychic Readings?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 11/24/20 8:14 AM EST
  • Updated: 11/12/20 8:16 AM EST

Psychic Reading Addiction

Many times, people conjure up an image of psychic readings based on what they read in the news or see in the movies. With this image in mind, some will look at those who become addicted to psychic readings as foolish to waste their time and money—they are suckers who are falling for a pile of mumbo jumbo.

Before we look at the chances of becoming addicted, let’s understand a little more about what you can gain from a psychic reading.

What Is a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading involves a session with a person who is highly intuitive. Some people call this a supernatural power, but we prefer the term heightened perspective abilities. While there are people who are gifted in math or sports, others are gifted with a sixth sense. These people are able to see things in symbols, images, objects and situations that others aren’t.

There is a massive range of techniques from astrology to Tarot reading and these sessions can be in person, over the phone, or more often today, online. Psychic readings can help the querent understand more about their past, present and future as well as find guidance to some of the more difficult questions in life.

When you look at it this way, it’s perfectly normal that people want to visit psychics. We live in difficult times. Many of us who have suffered great difficulties in the past have still not been able to process them and then we are struggling with more challenges that we are facing in the present. Asking for some help from someone who has the ability to see things that we don’t is a logical step. If you are the type of person whose anxiety about the future controls too much of your present life, it would also make sense to seek answers.

What Is Psychic Addiction?

Psychic addiction is no different to any other dependency we may form. I will confess that I enjoy a glass of wine at the end of a day, there will be some that disagree and others that say it’s ok. But when this evening glass of becomes a lunchtime glass of wine, or when I can’t survive an evening without it, then it has become an addiction.

An addiction to psychic readings is when your psychic readings become the most important activity in your life. It’s when your readings occupy an excessive amount of your mind, not to mention your money. Most importantly an addiction is when you are unable to make decisions in your life without the input of your psychic. Psychics don’t lay your life journey out in stone. They are there to provide insight and guidance. If you can’t rely on your own intuition and are set on the path that your psychic tells you, this could be a sign that you are addicted.

Like other addictions, you may be oblivious, or you may have tried to stop the dependency, but it is impossible. The reason for this is because of the high one can get from a psychic reading. This is not the same as a physical high from a chemical addiction, but the relief from hearing what your psychic has to say can create its own sense of high.

What Does A Psychic Addiction Look Like?

Instead of listing some of the typical signs of a psychic addiction, let’s look at some cases and the consequences.

Case #1: Losing a loved one

Client A lost both their parents in their early 20s. This was obviously beyond tragic, they could no longer study, they lost their part-time job and was at risk of losing their apartment. This person consulted a psychic to communicate with the parents who had passed away.

They had several readings over a few months to try and contact them. They felt that this would bring the necessary closure so that they could start to rebuild their life. But the psychic was (fortunately) an honest one and could not connect with the parents during those readings. Client A increased the frequency until it was a reading almost every day. Despite the psychic suggesting waiting before the next reading, Client A insisted.

Case #2: Meeting Mr./Mrs. Right

It’s a common question, “When will I meet the right person?”. In a psychic reading, the psychic will be able to pass on messages that they interpret from their tool (Tarot, palms, Runes, etc.). Client B listened, took notes and left full of positivity.

The following month they returned disappointed because things hadn’t turned out as they had hoped. Bear in mind that a psychic will provide guidance but it’s up to the querent to apply the guidance to their life rather than wait for the situation to transpire. Again, contrary to many situations, Client B returned more frequently and even offered to pay more money for the psychic to provide more detailed readings.

Case #3: The psychic hopper

Client C had one question, should they move to a different city or not. They visited one psychic who saw that this wasn’t the ideal option. Client C didn’t feel that this was the right answer, so they asked another, and then another, and another. Finally, they were spending more than $1,200 a month on readings and not even aware of it.

Seeking other psychics because you don’t feel a connection with one is perfectly normal. But if you intend to keep switching psychics until you find the answer that you are looking for it can only point to an addiction. This is another situation that highlights the integrity of many psychics as in this case, Client C was advised to let some time pass before the next reading.

Help for Psychic Addiction

It is very unfortunate that there is still so much stigma when it comes to addictions in general, more so when it is a psychic addiction. In reality, it can happen to anyone, with or without education or money, old or young, single or in love. The stigma with psychic addiction is more severe because outsiders feel that it almost something to laugh at.

The best advice we can give you to overcome a psychic addiction is to talk to your psychic. One of two things will happen. They may tell you that a future reading will provide insights to resolve your problem. If you were an alcoholic, you know that someone offering you a drink is not helpful. Alternatively, your psychic will help you to create a plan that is in your best interest, which will include both your mental and financial health!



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