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Celeste Angelic Medium, a trusted psychic or a Scam?

celeste medium scam
Celeste Medium Scam
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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 08/09/20 1:08 AM EDT
  • Updated: 09/19/20 9:00 PM EDT
Celeste Medium Scam or Trusted Psychic?

Review: Celeste Angelic Medium – Scam or Trusted Psychic?

And here comes another angel medium, that is not at all that angelic, if you follow our reviews. Celeste is one of the best known psychics in town (aka the internet), having her advertisement in as many places as possible.

She calls herself half angel, half human and with her airy fairy aura it might as well be true. Unfortunately you can´t believe in Celeste either, as she is a marketing gig like all the other psychics we have reviewed so far.

When you find Celeste on the internet, you are prompted to sign up for a free angel reading with her. If you do so, you are sent an avalanche of emails prompting you to buy something from her. But that´s not all.


Celeste the Mother of all Scams

First of all, Celeste is not even a real person, because her picture can be found on a stock photo website. Same as “Medium Maria” she is not a real psychic but a real model, whose picture is being sold all over the internet by a media company, claiming that this is Celeste the Angel Medium.

However, neither the Privacy Policy nor the Terms and Conditions mention Celeste to be a fake persona being used for entertainment purposes! That´s clearly a fraud, since this information is crucial to be visible on the website. I´m not sure how they can get away with this, but there seems to be loophole here.

The question is, if this company passes a stock photo off as a real person, what else are they doing that´s against the law? Sending out false promises, generic readings and mails that pressure you to buy more, for sure.

It´s surprising what companies come up with these days to earn money with questionable tactics that pray on the vulnerable and do not deliver what they promise.

Since Celeste looks very convincing, they might have a lot of people requesting readings from her though.


Fraud Alert

If you are familiar with our reviews, you know by now that psychics who don´t really exist follow the same strategy. You order a free reading and then get lured into buying more for a good amount of money.

These companies make money by using manipulation and scare tactics to get people to buy. Often they pressure their clients to get a specific reading, because otherwise that person would be cursed forever.

These tactics are some of the worst and they are a disgrace to all the humble and honest psychics out there, that truly do a good job. Using people that are in a vulnerable, sensitive or hopeless position in their life to earn money, while not helping them, is an absolute no-go. With one million business ideas out there, these people should be able to find a business model that´s based on integrity and honesty.


Celeste The Angel Medium, How she operates

The persona of Celeste is of course set up in a way that anyone looking for a psychic will find her convincing. Her website looks professional and the messaging is all about her ability to connect to angels and connect you with your angel team.

Her face appears to be very friendly and warm, unlike her messages, which put a lot of pressure on you. Some refer to Celeste also as the “Princess of Light” since she connects with light beings of all forms.

Like so many other online psychics that are designed by media companies, Celeste claims to offer free readings, because she wants to help as many people as possible. It seems to be very convincing.  Given the soothing look of her website, you easily believe her that.

Once you sign up, she immediately sends you your free reading, which is basically impossible. If she was a real person taking time for her many requests that are coming in through the ads she has plastered all over the internet, she would need at least 24h to tune into the energy of a person.

If you test it out with several emails, you´ll soon find out that the free message she sends is the same for everyone, just the recipient name changes in the email.

But wait for what´s coming after you received that one.

Her website is more or less the same as some of the other psychics, which gives you a good idea of how this works. Once you have seen a few of them, you can easily spot who is a trusted source and who is not. Mostly because, real psychics are visible somehow in some form, either via new videos, different photos, published books or the like.

As most of the media companies creating these fake psychics are based in Gibraltar or Hong Kong, they certainly create all the websites with a specific scheme. One of the companies that we have reviewed a lot here is New Lotus Web, Ltd. But there is more, which might just be offsprings of New Lotus Web Ltd.

When you investigate in Celeste’s website a little more, you soon start to see where things don´t glue well together.

Celeste is not the only stock photo that´s being used, but even the testimonials are stock pictures. She has the same products in her online store, as some of the other psychics. Her biographical background can not be verified and there is no proof on her upbringing, her connection to the angels and her gifts.

Her only readings are done via mail, which makes it hard to believe she exists as a real person (which we found out already is a lie anyways). Her marketing is run by Replay Sarl Ltd. out of Switzerland, which is remarkable, since her website is in English and nothing on her part has anything to do with Switzerland. Since Switzerland is a country where companies can avoid taxes, that gives a bad taste. Similar to the companies that operate out of Gibraltar and Hong Kong, where all the other fake psychics come from.


Manipulation and Harassment by Celeste

If you are not being sucked in to Celeste’s marketing emails at first, you´ll receive an avalanche of messages from her. What starts off with angelic readings, soon turns into harassing and manipulating emails that really cross a line.

The more messages you get, the scarier they become. All of them are centred around the worst of all marketing tactics: You have a curse on you and the more you need her help, the more she will convince you to buy. It’s either the monthly subscription, the next reading or something from her online shop that`s highly suggested for your well-being.

Whatever message you receive will be about negative occurrences in the near future that only Celeste can help you with. If you are susceptible to this type of manipulation, you are in for a ride, since Celeste pulls all the tricks.

After you receive the first reading with her, Celeste bombards you with messages claiming that she is reading your energy field, that she found out something specific about you and that she can release all your worries, since your situation is pretty worrisome.

In order to be protected from the negative future that´s ahead and release the curse thatßs from the past, she is offering you a “Grand Angelic Ceremonial of Karmic Deliverance” with an angel talisman for a special price of $79 which usually would cost you $150. She stresses the point that this is what you truly need in order to fix your current situation.

Celeste goes on emailing how much she knows about you, your life and your struggles, just by having received the date of birth and the name from you. The focus is always on the negative though, so that the most vulnerable people are being pressured into buying.

A true psychic wouldn´t use pressure, manipulation or anything similar to get you to buy. They´d be receiving your request and tell you about the positive and the negative, if need be, but never about only the worst case scenarios.

The number of negative reviews about Celeste confirms that she is one of the worst fake psychics out there. Some people really gave her their last money, when they needed advice. Others say she tells them they have only 72h to live, if they don´t buy from her! Some people truly believe her and give her all their money to find out that Celeste can´t help them at all.

Many of her past customers confirm that she always sends the same Guardian Angel name in the free reading and the content simply repeats. All of them conclude that Celeste is a heavy scam, not to be trusted at all!

Celeste is a Scam: Yes!

If you´d like to get a reading that actually impacts your life positively, forget about Celeste. Find a true psychic that has a gift and sees with their heart. Someone who can tell you all that´s good in your life and how you can transform even for the better.

Real psychics are reachable in person, have positive reviews and are trustworthy.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from Celeste!


74 Replies to “Celeste Angelic Medium, a trusted psychic or a Scam?”

  1. Celeste is the worst medium I consulted online. Her emails are extremely negative and she pressured me into buying more of her services, and at first I truly believed her, because I got scared of these emails! She told me I´m under a spell and that bad things will happen, if I don´t buy from her and so I did buy, but my life did not change and I´m not even sure what she saw there and if that was true. She just kept on sending me more and more negative emails and made me feel really bad. Don´t trust her! She is a very bad woman!

    1. She is so much over the top, it´s unbearable. I subscribed to her free readings too and was sent so much negative wack, I just unsubscribed at some point. Couldn´t deal with it anymore. Was too much!

    2. Me too I subscribed Celeste angelic medium, and got a lot of emails from her.. And paid her twice but asked for a refund from her because nothing happened from the ritual That sent to me and now I’m a Lil confused if she’s a scam because I got my money back twice.. Maybe I am just lucky to have it back.. I’m always be grateful to God forever and Amen🙏

  2. Celeste is very popular and I always wondered why I keep seeing her on so many websites with her ads. I understand now what´s going on! This is horrible, I mean how can people do these type of scams, if they can have another more fulfilling business?

  3. I can join in here, had the worst experience ever with Celeste. Got pulled in through her nice face and the gentle demeanour, but her emails are far from that. I still bought one of the first offers she sent me, but it was rubbish. Never again. Unsubscribed immediately after that.

  4. Celeste really pushed me away already from her aggressive advertising everywhere! She´s literally on every website about astrology, spirituality, psychic offers and whatnot, and when I see someone so often, I can´t believe they are real people doing real work!

  5. Total scam this Celeste, I never trusted her from the beginning, and it really gets on my nerves that I see her everywhere I go on the internet. She has her face plastered all over the place, for Christs sake. Seems like not enough people are buying into her stuff anymore!

    1. Yeah nothing gets more fake than Celeste. She has been around a long time, I don´t understand why nobody takes her down ever!

  6. Celeste is a dark witch that uses black magic instead of Angel prayers. Not the type of person you want to pay money too.

    1. She is a witch, or her company is an evil entitiy, but there is nothing good about it. So true! Thank you for this article that shines a light on all of this!

    1. Oh no! Unsiúbscribe at the bottom of the emails! don´t let these emails get you dear! Just leave them and find positivity in your life.

    2. Dear Karla! I’m so sorry to read this. At this time, you have to strengthen your willpower and believe in a reliable psychic ( Do research before buying her readings).

  7. Celeste is one of the oldest scams on the internet. She is not real, does not good emails and has no real readings on offer that are personalized. Stay away.

  8. I got a free reading from Celeste after I found her on a few websites and just wanted to give it a try. I found the reading ok but very superficial and general. But immediately afterwards there were so many more readings coming in, it started to get really too much for my taste. I kept reading her messages, but boy is this woman negative and only concentrates on the negative. How can she have such information? I didn´t like it at all, especially since she emails almost every day! I left the Celeste pretty quickly before she got my money.

    1. Yes she is the worst, super negative, blackmailing, pressuring and manipulating, all to get more money from the innocent that need help and come trustworthy to her. I find this really so bad, that on the internet there is so much scam and you can´t trust the psychics anymore at all!

  9. Celeste is one of the oldest scams on the block. She has been around for a while now and still her advertising is the same. She sends aggressive emails out, which you don´t want to read, so please do yourself a favour and stay away from Celeste. She is not real and her photo is from a stock webite, for real!

  10. Same for me. Joined her because of the free reading, expecting something uplifting and loving to come my way, and instead I was being blackmailed and sent a string of emails that went from bad to worse. Horrible. I immediately unsubscribed and started to look on the internet waht the story is with her, so I found your website. Thanks for putting this great stream of resources out here!

    1. Well done Linda! Glad you took the leap. A lot of people don´t do that and for them it becomes hard to tell lies from the truth and understand when a psychic is simply not good for them.

  11. Celeste is a really bad person, or let´s say person that was created by a media company. They set her profile up and started to promote her but nothing about her is real. Don´t buy!

  12. She is a fraud. I urge everyone don not waste your money and time on someone like her! There are big companies behind this kind of scam, that are making too much money by fooling innocent people and stealing from the vulnerable.

  13. I have been fooled by this lady. She told me i am under spell and scared me soo much that I bought her service and let me tell you they were nothing just nothing. And when I asked her to return my money he just cursed me.

  14. Dont get over by her polite gesture or by nice face. Reality is all different from what she posed. She is the most negative psychic that you can evrr imagine.

    1. What experience did you have with her? Did you buy a reading? If you can share your experience, it would really help us. Thank you!

    2. Oh its true! She tells you that your life is falling apart and you must buy from her to get it fixed. But that’s just another tactic to make you waste money on her lies.

  15. I urge everyone to save themselves from her. She is nothing but a scammer that will fool by all kind of senseless talks.

  16. I had a reading from celesta. But unlike her looks it was nothing. None of her reading came into real life. I just wasted my money on her.

    1. Yes, Celeste is a big fake and nobody wants a reading from her, since she does not give real readings! Nothing she does has the magic spark. Although there are people that have this! Please don´t give up and find a real psychic that does white light magic for you, you´ll not regret it!

  17. She is all fake. I can guarantee that please don’t trust her. She will keep on sending horror and scary emails that will be so disturbing.

    1. I also received a lot of very disturbing readings and emails from her and started questioning my whole life! This is the worst, I never had that before, it almost had me spiral down and down more and more! Horrible! Luckily I noticed and pulled out and then started researching on the internet and came across this website!

  18. I was about to buy a reading from celesta but came across this article. And I Am so thankful that I did like all other I would have been regreting.

  19. I have been conned by celesta. She owe me big amount of money as none of her reading reading was true or close to reality. But now she is not responding and not giving my money back.

  20. Probably the scams are why she is so popular. I am just devastated. Like are there no trusted psychics available online?

    1. Jessica, don’t be frustrated. There is a lack of reliable online psychics, but there are some on which you can trust. Keep trying to find a perfect one for you.

  21. I don’t know whether everything that is written in this review is true or not but I want to share my experience with you all. I was prompted with an advertisement that offered a free reading so I got one. It was amazing. I am definitely going to get more readings for her. As far as marketing is concerned, I think she has the right to market her talent.

    1. Is this true? I can´t believe there is people that actually get something out of these readings. How weird is this. The article shows clearly that this is a scam. So how come you got so much value from her?

  22. Celeste is a name of Swendler. She doesn’t even exist. It is just a fake company wasting people’s time and money only for its benefit.

    1. A devil disguised as an Angel, I suppose! Honestly, what a shame to scam innocent people who are just looking for some back to get their life back on track. Truly sick of her to do this.

  23. The Angel who is opposite of an Angel, I am sure. So I decided to get a reading from Celeste it was okayish and it felt like I needed to buy more before I really get something that is useful to me. So I thought, she is famous and she might help deal with my issue, so I bought 2 more readings from her. They were useless.That’s when I understood whats its all about. She just wanted me to keep on buying the readings and gave nothing in return.

    1. Did it take you really 3 readings from her to understand she is an absolute fake? Oh my. I hope you learned something from this!

  24. Hey!
    I am here to appreciate how Celeste has been a great help to me. I was very down back in the days. She lifted me up and gave me hope to move forward in life. Truly an amazing person to talk to and confide in.

    1. Olivia! I am happy to read about your experience. Sometimes our luck works much better. I think in your case it is like that.
      Best regards to you

  25. Celeste is the worst psychic I have ever experienced online. My consultation with her is my first experience with any psychic. That was such a terrible experience. At first, she was right, but then her attitude totally changes. She sends me negative emails and compels me to buy her readings. Very Disgusting!

  26. Celeste is the worst psychic I have ever experienced. My all money goes in vain. She is only successful in bringing negativity towards my life.

  27. She calls her an Angel, but she is not an Angel; instead, she is the devil in her attitude. If you want to save your time, stay away from her.

    1. So true, Celeste is not an angel but a fake profile set up by a marketing agency. Don´t waste your money on her, it doesn´t make sense!

  28. Thank you for writing this!!! I was literally one minute from pushing the pay button when I decided to do a little more digging before I spend my last money… Can’t believe how gullible I am, Jesus!

  29. I found Celeste with her free readings and fell in love with her kind demeanour and her nice words. I bought two readings from her afterwards, but soon her mails started getting more and more pushy and negative and I started to feel bad. At first I did not notice what was going on, but after some time, it got worse and worse, and I noticed it was always happening when I received her emails! So I stopped them and since then I feel much better.

    1. Thank God you noticed this! She can bring you in a negative spiral of depression and manipulation, that get´s really malicious at some point!

  30. Celeste offered me a free reading via the internet and I found her so interesting and so calm and soothing just to see her in the pictures and I was immediately drawn to her. So I got a free reading and it gave me a good feeling and then Celeste send me more and more emails and somehow there was more pressure in there, and they seemed a bit negative and she made me feel afraid and then I bought a reading with her, so she could help me be less afraid. But it got only worse and her reading told me to buy more readings from her and then I bought another one and then it was even worse and started to feel depressed and wow, my daughter had to tell me to stop listening to Celeste! Only after some time I started to feel better and then I saw that this was all fake! I feel so bad now.

  31. I got an email saying that i can get my free reading. However, I supected she is a scam, and so I came here and I read this. All they want is peoples money!

  32. Yeah i guessed it that she is a scam as the message started getting scarier she told me in the email two day before which i just saw yesterday night that i have got just 72 hours and there is a serious problem she even told me to mark an exact date but not to worry now i know that she is fake i am happier whose life doesnt have ups and downs and people dont stress over what she says you can just call for angelic help yourselves

  33. I first started getting emails from someone named victoria after a free tarot reading, then Celeste became interested as they know each other and was drawn to my case, then again from victoria, a brother and sister were suggested.all saying great things were on the way but a dark entity risked me not succeeding and taking my good fortune and swapping it their bad karma .all 3 of these people said This entity had been with me and was why I struggled. I needed to act fast so they could do a ritual .each slightly different but effectively the same.
    They cared, would do this for free, and yet when I clicked on the link, money was always involved.when I didn’t reply the messages got almost threatening in a passive way. Did I not realise what was at stake, why would I not take this opportunity etc etc. I haven’t been in a great place lately and I’ve found this all very stressful. In my gut I think I knew that if these people were so concerned for me, why would they not just offer me healing and help without the’ free’ but it’ll cost you X amount.
    Thankyou for sharing this.i now feel able to block the emails and the harassment.
    Has anyone else had issues with tarot reader medium victoria or the brother sister combo?

  34. She did the same to me omg I was already falling for it because most things she said were really happening…I’m happy I didn’t pay a dime

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