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Judgement Tarot Card
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?
  • By Gemma Irias
  • Published: 08/09/20 8:35 PM EDT
  • Updated: 08/09/20 8:46 PM EDT
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?

Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot carries a strong, determined man with a brawny chin and orange hair. His blue, gold and black armor represent the colors of spirituality, triumph and seriousness. He also wears a black tunic full of alchemical symbols. There is a moon on each of his shoulders. One is happy, while the other looks angry. On his head, he wears a crown with a six-pointed star. Like the Magician, he has a baton in his right hand. The cloth covered with stars implies that the man is thinking of higher things.

The man travels alone in his chariot, from a castle in the background, through the woods and over a river. He is only accompanied by a black sphinx and a white sphinx. It is only the force of his will that moves this man.

Spiritual wisdom is guiding the Chariot forward with the aid of instincts. Unlike the Magician, the Chariot suggests internal mastery. For you, this could mean that there will be a victory in your life, some kind of personal accomplishment or even triumph.

The Chariot symbolizes an inner strength or a determined mind. You have what it takes to succeed alone. You are able and prepared for a fresh adventure.

It is also a sign of bravery in situations that require it. You might need to fight for your rights or beliefs and depend on what you already have in order to gain success. This card shows a person who is not dependent, and others do not depend on them.

This attitude means that you are hardworking but not because you are seeking praise or approval. These things are put to one side as to accomplish something more significant.

When Reversed:

If upturned, the Chariot might suggest a lack of bravery, concentration, and determination. It is possible that you rely too heavily on others. You could be under the impression that the external factors that will lead you to success and that you focus too much on material objects. This card may highlight where you are looking too hard for approval.

You might be too afraid to go out there alone. If this is true, make sure you are in your relationship for the right reasons, and not because you need to be with someone.

It might be that in order to accomplish what you want, you need to start to focus more, or possibly take a few steps back.


You have had a moment of achievement that still helping you today. If you have just passed a course or started a new job, you need to assess your success and decide how this will take you to new horizons.


You are very close to your accomplishment. This could be that application for a new job that you are likely to get or a new job that you will provide you with ample knowledge.


There is plenty to look forward to and you might be getting things in order for something exciting. In this position, the Chariot is at its strongest. Be yourself and you may benefit from working alone.

Yes/No Question:

The answer will be yes.

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