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The Death Tarot Card

Judgement Tarot Card
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?
  • By Gemma Irias
  • Published: 08/07/20 3:28 PM EDT
  • Updated: 11/09/20 6:20 PM EST
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?

Death Tarot Card Meaning

Like the Hanged Man, this tarot is widely misunderstood and feared of for the wrong reasons. The Death card doesn’t point to the death of a living person, more the end of something. This causes fear in those who are struggling to let go of something.

Death is riding a white horse, similar to Death of the Four Horsemen and the Apocalypse, a sign of the end of the human ruling. In his right skeletal hand, death carries a black banner with a white rose. The two colors representing oblivion and purity. Those in his path submit to death.

The King lays on the floor, already dead. The Hierophant barters for his life. There is a woman in white kneeling on the floor. She is looking aware, accepting her fate yet still clutching onto life with the red roses in her hair. Only the child looks straight at death as the horse marches towards him.

The powerful imagery of Death takes our focus away from the fact that life still goes on. The sun is about the rise, the rivers flow and the trees stand tall against the mountain. This suggests that is not the end for everyone. Death is not the absolute end, but rather makes way for the birth of something new. The dead King offers the chance for a new one to rise up.

The Death card means you are about to go through a very deep transition. Something in your life is going to come to a complete stop and metamorphize into something else. You shouldn’t want to look back at this point.

This card is telling you that there is something in your life that you cling to. It doesn’t mean that you should be torn away from this thing, but you should learn that clinging is not good. By learning to accept the change, you will be able to look forward to the sun rising on a new day.

When Reversed:

Although reversed, it doesn’t mean you will be able to escape change. There will be a transformation, regardless whether you embrace it or not. You can’t bargain your way out of it, and you should stop trying to resist it.

It might also be a sign that you are scared of what you don’t know. Instead of risking a possibly bad situation, you would prefer to remain in the dark, despite knowing that the change is inevitable. Go with the change or it will end up happening too you and you will have to put up with the consequences.


You went through a life-changing experience and it has led you to where you are today. Your life is very different compared to what it was before. You may even find that you are a very different person. This is a good position for Death as you have survived the hardest part.


You have to learn how to embrace the change that is about to come. Free yourself from the past and welcome the future, even if it is unknown. Take a leap of faith.


Your significant change will come. Make a decision and follow through on it. You have little choice in the matter as you won’t be able to leave halfway through or take an alternative path.

Yes/No Question:

The answer to your question will be no.

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