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The Devil Tarot Card

Judgement Tarot Card
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?
  • By Gemma Irias
  • Published: 08/07/20 1:50 AM EDT
  • Updated: 11/09/20 6:21 PM EST
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?

Devil Tarot Card Meaning

This is another card that is often misinterpreted, mainly due to the Devil’s ruling of the underworld in a number of cultures. Despite the somewhat frightening image, the Devil card is not necessarily as bad as one would assume and in many ways it the contrary of the Lovers.

Where the angel sat, a Devil now occupies its place. The devil is half-man half-goat, a satyr with traits of lustfulness. He is, in fact, the seven deadly sins. His bat wings are anger, the bird’s claws are a symbol of envy, his lion’s face shows pride and his rounded belly represents gluttony. The half of the goat points to lust as he crouches on the throne in sloth. In front of the Devil stand a man and a woman, chained together in greed.

Above his head, there is an inverted pentagram. The elements are above the spirit, a way of telling us that sensuality is winning.

Not only are the man and woman chained together by the neck, but they are also attached to the Devil’s throne. The man makes a feeble effort to reach out to the woman, but she pays no attention. Both have curly red hair, horns and tails, all of which highlight the characteristics on the Devil, and specifically, lust. The man’s tail has been caught alight from the Devil’s torch, whereas the woman’s tail has a bunch of grapes on the end, a sign of the forbidden fruit and excessive amounts of wine.

It is the Devil who ignites the flames of lust, but who is in control? They are chained to the throne but not the Devil himself and while the Devil stares straight ahead, neither the man nor the woman is trying to do something about the situation. The devil exerts no power and keeps a neutral expression on his face. Each image on the card shows the dark side of us that we would rather not see.

If you have drawn the Devil, it means that you are able to cope with your dark side, that part of you that you prefer to disown or ignore. You may also find that this carnal aspect you have is something you accept and don’t make the effort to balance it out or calm it down.

On a positive, this card can suggest an intelligence for business, a sharpness that allows you to understand people well and know what they want. At the end of the day, most of what we really want stems from one of two things, food or sex.

When Reversed:

In the upturned position, this card isn’t simply a sign of good, nor that you lack sexuality. It could suggest that you are not in control of your carnality. You may also have strong desires that you deny yourself because of extreme guilt.

You might find that you are struggling to develop healthy meaningful relationships with others due to an addiction or a weakness for certain pleasures.

The Devil reversed can also point to a person with materialistic traits, they can be rather demanding, but they aren’t motivated or determined to make the effort to achieve worldly success.


You have come out of a time of materialism or addiction and you are now free from it. This could have been anything from a TV series or a drug, even a person. Make sure you do what it takes not to make the same mistake again. This is the perfect position for the Devil as things are behind you.


You might be suffering from an addiction, but you aren’t aware of it. There may also be something you feel embarrassed about. Either way, it’s time to put an end to this. You will have to make a sacrifice, and this will take effort, but it will be worth it.


There is a situation in your future that will restrict your personal growth. It might be a romance that isn’t right for you. Have faith in yourself and be sure about what you want to gain from life.

Yes/No Question:

In this case, the answer will be no.

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