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Do You Have Psychic Abilities?

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  • Published: 06/10/21 9:42 PM EDT
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Do You Have Psychic Abilities?

Have you ever wondered how psychics and mediums gain insights into a wide range of mysterious occurrences? The simple explanation for this is that they have psychic abilities, enabling them to see, hear, sense, or even smell things ordinary people would never notice or pay attention to. Being a psychic or medium is not really about predicting the future. Being gifted with special abilities means that you can help people guide through a variety of challenges and difficulties in life. This is exactly why the psychic industry has millions of customers annually and the number of individuals enthusiastic about psychic services has been increasing rapidly during the last two decades.

Did you know that you might also have certain psychic powers? Some experts even believe that we are all psychic to some degree. If you have not noticed any special gifts associated with your natural abilities, it might be because you do not yet know how to use psychic abilities. In this article, we will share 10 common signs that tell you more about your paranormal powers.


How to Tell If I Have Psychic Abilities?

Psychic power is an innate ability that allows certain individuals to see, hear, feel, or smell things through sources other than normal human perception or ordinary sensory channels. Despite the fact that more than ¾ of the entire population believes in paranormal phenomena, it is still pretty challenging to identify people who actually possess psychic abilities. In fact, it is not always clear whether a person is a psychic/medium or not.

We cannot really tell if a person is psychic/medium because we all have unique perspectives on different aspects of life. Although the extent of reality is fixed, perception of reality is a variable.

While different types of people possess contrasting supernatural abilities, there are some common signs and ways to tell if a person is a psychic/medium or not. Believe it or not, you might already have these psychic abilities that you do not yet know about.

In this article, we will teach you how to tell if you have psychic powers. Keep reading to determine whether you have been granted any psychic gifts.

1.    Theoretical Aspects of Psychic Abilities Apply to You

If you are enthusiastic about the psychic world, you should start with reviewing available resources and literature about theoretical aspects of various psychic abilities. This will help you get a better idea of how different divination practices work and make it much easier for you to determine whether you possess any of the supernatural powers. Check out this list of psychic abilities to learn more about individual psychic powers. You can also review some of the strangest methods of divination HERE.

We would suggest starting with psychic abilities that are widely used worldwide. Some of the most widespread psychic powers include remote viewing, telepathy, psychometry, astral body experiences, dream exploration, mediumship, and energy medicine. If none of these abilities seem to be relevant to you, continue with lesser-known supernatural powers. If you have managed to find correlations between your natural abilities and a specific psychic practice, you have probably been gifted with that particular power.

2.    You Are Highly Sensitive to the Environment

High sensitivity to the environment is one of the characteristics of individuals with psychic or empathic abilities. Typically, psychics get easily triggered by various sounds, smells, and physical sensations. Your extra keen senses lead to a heightened sensation, meaning that you might get easily disturbed by the environment around you. If this is the case, you might actually possess psychic abilities.

To avoid being emotionally or mentally triggered by certain sounds, psychics often read instead of listening to audiobooks or even the media. If reading is not an option, then they just use lower volumes. Psychics also tend not to use perfumes with a pungent smell. Instead, they use fragrances with neutral scents.

3.    You Are Extremely Emotional and Empathetic

Since psychics can feel what others experience physically, mentally, or emotionally, they often find it challenging not to care. Even if you are not closely related to a given individual, your empathic nature still feels what he/she experiences. You might even take their feelings as your own.

Psychics can intensely feel others pain or pleasure, making it easier for them to understand what an individual experiences at the moment. This is why psychics are so good at guiding people through difficulties. If you have noticed that people really enjoy sharing their stories with you, you might be a psychic empath.

Having lots of empathy for others is pretty overwhelming sometimes. Therefore, psychics tend to isolate themselves to reset and fill up with energy to move forward. Although psychics might seem to be vibrant people, their lives are not all roses.

4.    You Have Strong Gut Feelings and Intuition

People with psychic abilities often experience sudden flashes of clarity into various occurrences. These feelings of intuition are associated with an individual’s sixth sense, hunch, or gut. For centuries, people have believed that you should always trust your gut, or your gut feelings to simply be true to yourself. By following your instinct, you can definitely find the best path of life to follow.

Although we all have gut feelings, it is believed that psychics experience stronger feelings compared to ordinary people. And if your gut feelings end up being correct, then you might actually be a psychic.

Some of the most common signs of a gut feeling include flashes of insights, tension in your body, goosebumps, prickling, nausea, butterflies in stomach, sweatiness in palms or feet, and certain feelings of scariness or safety.

5.    You Have Vivid Dreams or Visions

As a matter of fact, psychics often receive messages through dreams and visions. We all see dreams while we sleep, but psychics have much more vivid dreams. Typically, people have their most vivid dreams during the rapid eye movement (REM) phase in which the brain is most active. In the case of psychics, all dreams can be extremely vivid.

While vivid dreams and visions can be pretty confusing sometimes, psychics know how to interpret them. If you have vivid dreams that make you feel joyful, sad, or scared, it might mean that you have psychic abilities. The reason why you cannot really tell what these dreams mean is that you do not yet know how to elucidate them.

The best way to learn dream interpretation is to keep a dream journal and write down whatever you remember when you wake up. This will also teach you how to increase psychic abilities over time.

6.    You See Auras Around Living Beings

If you have noticed that you can easily tell what a person is like, it might be because you can see the aura around him/her. When entering a room full of random people, you might sense various auric fields that either make you feel excited or exhaust you. The formation of certain feelings and emotions is pretty normal for psychics and you should not freak out when this happens. Simply avoid spending time in chaotic environments to prevent your energy from draining out.

You might even see certain rays of light or hues surrounding living beings. These colors might represent the auras of these living beings, or it just means that they (or their spirits) are trying to communicate with you.

7.    You Feel or See Things Before They Actually Happen

Some natural gifts enable psychics to develop a sense of knowing things before they actually happen. This is not only about having good intuition or strong gut feelings. Psychics who predict the future have clear visions of events that they have never seen before. Some of them claim that these visions come from the alternative reality, or the parallel universe. If you have also felt or seen something that would happen in the future, you are probably an actual psychic.

While some predictions end up coming true, others simply seem to disappear. However, it does not necessarily mean that the prophecy was inaccurate. The reason why something did not come true can be the fact that our lives are incredibly dynamic and our daily decisions influence the way our future pans out. Still, some people believe that our destiny has already been written and we cannot change it, no matter what choices we make on a daily basis.

8.    You Have Encountered Your Spirit Guide

While some professionals claim that mediums are much rarer than psychics, there are still hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who can communicate with the spirits. Many believe that every single individual on earth has his/her own spirit guide, typically a deceased grandparent or someone they really loved. The issue is that not everyone manages to speak with his/her spirit guide.

If you have encountered your spirit guide or had a conversation with other spirits, you have definitely been gifted with a unique psychic power. Some people get really scared when spirits visit them. As a newbie, you might also have mixed feelings about them. As you keep communicating with the spirits, you will gradually get used to them. You will also realize how obliging the spirits from the other world can actually be.

9.    Consult a Professional Psychic to Verify Your Psychic Abilities

To verify that you genuinely possess extrasensory gifts or other psychic abilities, you should consider visiting a professional psychic or medium. They will help you understand your psychic potential and might even give you some tips on how to enhance your innate abilities.

While psychics and mediums can be incredibly helpful, not every single advisor will be willing to help you develop your own psychic abilities. Some of them might regard you as his/her direct competitor and simply avoid sharing any information with you.

Having a straightforward experience with a professional psychic or medium would definitely help you identify your psychic powers. However, if you fail to select the right psychic, you might end up receiving a bunch of lies. By finding a psychic who truly wants to help you find your true potential as a psychic, you will ensure that your powers are not “wasted.”

10. Take a Psychic Ability Test to Check Your Psychic Abilities

If you cannot visit a psychic or consult one remotely, there is another way to check your psychic powers. By completing a What Are My Psychic Abilities Test, you will get a general idea of what you are capable of. The majority of tests ask you general questions about your daily experiences. This allows the algorithm to match the right psychic abilities with you.

If you have already verified your supernatural powers, you should definitely check out this “How to Develop Psychic Abilities Test” and enhance your theoretical and practical knowledge.


Can Anyone Have Psychic Abilities?

Due to the mysterious nature of psychic powers in general, there is no specific answer to whether everyone can have psychic abilities. As there is no scientific evidence of paranormal phenomena and we cannot explain how people can gain clarity into various occurrences, it is hardly possible to tell who can or cannot have psychic abilities. Still, there are a couple of contrasting perspectives on psychic experiences and we will discuss the most widespread theories.

Note that none of these theories have been proven to be 100% true. It is all about an individual’s beliefs and what makes sense specifically to him/her. These 5 theories are just the most widespread assumptions about how people acquire or unlock psychic abilities. Instead of believing in a random theory, just think of what seems to be more relevant to you. All people are different and so are their viewpoints.

Theory #1: Psychics and Mediums Are Born with Their Gifts

According to some professionals and experts in the psychic field, psychics and mediums are born with their psychic gifts and they are just meant to be advisors. A certain group of psychics and mediums believes that they have been born with a purpose to guide others through the crossroads of life.

They also claim that the universe selects specific individuals and grants them supernatural powers. Hence, you have to be born a psychic to possess these special powers. Otherwise, you will never be able to develop psychic abilities and become an actual psychic. These people suggest that psychic abilities are much more widespread while mediums are rarer.

Theory #2: Psychic Gifts Are Handed Down Through the Generations

Another popular assumption is that psychic traits are inherited through generations and often run in families. Based on self-reported surveys, approximately 58-70% of the participants claim that one or more members of their families also possesses some kind of psychic powers.

Thus, something has to be connected with genetics, right? According to Shari A. Cohn, there is a 50% chance that you have psychic abilities if one of your parents has them. If both parents possess supernatural powers, then there is a 50-100% chance that you also have them.

Although psychic experiences are reported by millions of people worldwide, they are rarely studied and verified through scientific tools and techniques. However, a group of scientists conducted research to identify the role of genetics in the development of supernatural abilities. Helane Wahbeh, Dean Radin, Garret Yount, Michael A. Woodley of Menie, Matthew A. Sarraf, and Marcela V. Karpuj surveyed 3,000 participants globally. For the final psychic cases, they selected 13 eligible candidates. For the non-psychic cases, they selected 10 candidates as controls. Next, the scientists obtained the DNA from the saliva and performed whole-exome sequencing.

Although the group of scientists could not find any differences in the exons of psychics and non-psychics, they detected that psychics had a conserved section of a noncoding DNA, also known as the wild-type DNA. This sequence was an intron adjacent to an exon in the TNRC18 gene on Chromosome 7. Although the research results claim that the alteration of GG to GA was found in 7 out of 9 non-psychic cases and was absent in all psychic cases, further studies and replication of the experiment are still required.

Along with a couple of scientific publications suggesting that psychic traits are inherited, families have reported that more than one of their children possess supernatural abilities, meaning that these powers can also run in families. Tammy and Aaren Glover are parents of four psychic children with varying powers. Check out the article by ABC News to learn more about the psychic family.

Theory #3: We All Have Psychic Abilities, But Not Everyone Knows How to Use Them

Some people believe that we are all psychic, but not everyone knows how to develop psychic abilities. Daily activities, as well as various life experiences, influence whether we manage to unlock our supernatural potential. As some people are more into psychic stuff, they are more likely to uncover and develop psychic abilities. Contrarily, skeptics do not believe that paranormal phenomena exist. Hence, they might never be able to find their true potential in life.

Those who have never tried to develop psychic abilities, but these powers seamlessly entered their lives claim that they have always been psychic to some degree. It just was not the right time for them to get into the real psychic world.

Theory #4: All Kids Have Psychic Powers, But They Forget About Them as They Mature

Certain groups of people suggest that kids are born with extrasensory abilities and they are characterized by Indigo traits. Since younger children are not really good at expressing themselves, it is pretty challenging to identify their psychic powers. However, some of their actions make it explicit that there is something unique about them.

For instance, psychic kids see auras and read people on a daily basis. The only issue is that they do not always understand what they are seeing or hearing. They ignore their visions as they are not aware of psychic abilities in general. Nevertheless, kids can still differentiate people and either enjoy spending time with them or simply dislike them for no apparent reason.

You have probably noticed that your kid has been talking to an imaginary friend. Some psychics and mediums believe that kids communicate with their spirit guides, which they often consider as friends. In some cases, they speak with their deceased grandparents. This explains why kids stay calm and relaxed when encountering spirits. They just feel safe and do not think that there is anything they should be worried about. Besides, they do not always understand what is going on.

Theory #5: Everyone Can Develop Psychic Abilities Through Practice

Last but not least, millions of people believe that anyone can unlock and develop psychic abilities by following a couple of tips and recommendations. To open your third eye and develop the sixth sense, you should activate lower chakras first through various yoga poses. Meditation and breathwork would also help you tap into your psychic powers.

Besides, you should pay attention to your dreams and keep a dream journal since psychics and mediums often receive messages through vivid dreams and visions. Advancing your intuitive ability is another step forward to developing psychic powers. Keep in mind that daily practice is key to unlocking your spiritual skills.

For further instructions, check out our comprehensive guide on how to open your psychic eye.

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