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Eight of Wands

Judgement Tarot Card
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?
  • By Gemma Irias
  • Published: 08/07/20 3:20 PM EDT
  • Updated: 08/07/20 3:20 PM EDT
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?

Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Element: Fire

Function: Function: Will, activity, Imagination, Beginnings

There is no person with the eight wands. They are all in the sky and all in the same direction, pointing down towards the right. The scene is beautiful, calm, and full of nature and life. There is a river flowing across the entire card and green mountains on the other side of the river. It is a scene of peace.

We aren’t sure of the direction of the wands, they might be falling down to the right, or flying up to the left. Regardless of the direction, they move together with force. There is nothing getting in their way, nobody and nothing is controlling them or stopping them.

The eight wands can move as they please and they have immense power when doing so. If you draw the Eight of Wands, it is a symbol of the movement of energy pushing forward our ideas and plans. You should know like as with the wands, there is nothing blocking your path.

The Seven of Wands defended its ground. The Eight of Wands defends no ground but then it doesn’t need any either. The wands have moved on from protecting the ground as they have discovered something better, they are in flight, they have liberty.

This card represents the importance of letting go of things that you once considered important. This will allow you to discover your true self. There is no need for you to grasp onto the past or the present. The future is full of optimism and you will not need a heavy load to get there.

This card could also point to something new and innovative that you are going after. Nobody else had thought of this before. You have the freedom to take this idea in any direction but as there is no contact with the ground, it might be that you have no proof to support your idea. This is ok, the Eight of Wands is concerned with the beginning, the inspiration.

You may also find that you feel more self-driven, just like the eight wands are propelling themselves forward, you too will be able to propel yourself forward. You may find yourself in a situation where you can promote your idea to one person or many and you will notice the enthusiasm.

When Reversed:

You might just be present when the Eight of Wands appears reversed, this is to say that you don’t have the motivation or inspiration to go out into the world. You are moving along at one speed, or even worse, the movement is becoming slower.

On the other hand, it could also mean that you are moving too quickly and your risk crashing and burning if you keep going at this pace. Look at the amazing countryside along your path. You should slow down some that you are able to take in this beauty.

It could also be a sign that there are challenges that will immediately stop your movement. You may not have been able to predict these challenges, but they have immense power. It is essential that you remove them or try to find a way around them. You won’t be able to just fly through them.


You may have been impatient in your past and acted too quickly with the results you weren’t looking for. Sometimes, doing nothing is the necessary course of action. Nevertheless, acting on impulsive may allow you to experience things you would have missed. Experiences, both positive and negative can be a good thing.


If you feel like you are standing on the edge, be careful not to rush into anything. If there is a big change that you want in your life, you should take time to think, however, if it is not so significant, you should try it out. Break up your routine a little!


You might be able to enjoy a successful career or create something that is very positive. Always remember that acting quickly and acting rashly are not the same. If you have a choice in the future, take some time to think it over, don’t take too long and over analyze and follow your good instincts.

Yes/No Question:

The answer is going to be yes.

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