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Judgement Tarot Card
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?
  • By Gemma Irias
  • Published: 08/09/20 8:36 PM EDT
  • Updated: 08/09/20 8:37 PM EDT
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?

Empress Tarot Card Meaning


The Empress tarot card is full of significant imagery. First, we see this beautiful woman resting on a throne covered in pillows. She is in a meadow full of ripe and a river meandering around her. She has gold accompanying her, with a staff held high like a blessing and a symbol of Venus under her throne. The crown upon her head has stars, a symbol of her connection to the higher world. The pomegranates all over her gown represent the fruit of carnal knowledge.

She is the quintessential image of femininity, mother, and goddess. She is the ultimate symbol of fertility, accentuated by the ripe pomegranates and wheat, both ready to be harvested and created into something new. The river flows, as does her emotions and sexuality, engulfing her.

The Empress is comfortable with her position. The phallic-like wand appears to be no burden for her, she accepts that it is there and seems happy to display it. There is no malice in her use of this object, nor does she feel embarrassed by it. She is the definition of sexuality and fertility, beauty and imagination. Her sensuality is combined with artistic creativity.

This prosperity and creativity are mirrored in you. The card indicates where your feminine energy goes and where you will discover your beauty. The fertility of the Empress could point to material matters like good fortune and having lovely possessions.

At the same time, this fertility may well represent pregnancy or labor. The Empress highlights your motherly side, looking after others. On the other hand, it might indicate the areas in which you look after yourself. If you receive this card, it might be telling you that it is time to enjoy life a little more, appreciate the beauty of the world and what is on offer.

The green trees further the emphasis of fertility and this is combined with the red pillows on her throne, the color of life and the carnal body. The gold sky behind her represents wealth, triumph, and luxury. You might need to learn how to embrace and honor your carnal nature, not forgetting your body.

When Reversed:

When the Empress is drawn reversed, it indicates discomfort and the lack of ability to accept things. The feminine energy that one possesses is turned down, not listened too, or input expressed. In this position, there may be a warning about women or that you fear femininity. You might find that your energy is too focused on the external rather than the internal. You might be imposing your femininity on people who aren’t interested or can’t appreciate it.

You could be frustrated by artistic block when the Empress appears reversed. It may also point to issues with fertility or menstruation. You might have been ignoring what is best for you and placing the needs of others ahead.

The Empress is more than capable of looking after herself first but is also aware that she is able to help others when she is well. If you find yourself doing too much for others, learn from the Empress.


You may have had an influential female in your life in the past and this female could have been an example to you, a motherly figure or even a bully. If the latter, you will have dealt with this although it may still have an impact on your life. This card could point to a female educator, colleague, or possibly a romance.


The Empress in the present points to a fresh start, but perhaps bot right away. You might be prepared for the next project. If you are bored right now, do not worry, the new beginning will come. There is a strong maternal presence in this card, look to wiser women for help.


This is the ideal position for the Empress. If you are in a relationship, one of you is transforming into the Empress. If your question is regarding work, this will turn out well and you will be comfortable.

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