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Esmeralda Psychic Review, Scam or Trusted Psychic?

esmeralda psychic
esmeralda psychic scam or trusted psychic?
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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 07/27/20 10:02 PM EDT
  • Updated: 09/21/20 1:39 PM EDT
esmeralda psychic scam or trusted psychic?

Esmeralda Psychic Review – Is Psychic Esmeralda A Scam?

If you are looking for a genuine reading from a psychic, you certainly want to know, which one you can trust. We get a lot of questions from our readers, who wonder which psychic they should get their first reading from. So we decided to give you a heads up on the different psychics online.

Psychic Esmeralda is one of them. Although she seems to be quite popular and convinces with her family history which were gypsies, we have our doubts about her. Esmeralda advertises herself as authentic clairvoyant, tarot reader and certified medium. According to the information about her, she was initiated by her family into sacred magic and the art of spells.  Especially her grandmother has an influential role in teaching her the secrets of the family, which has been supposedly known for accurate predictions.

What we also know to be true though is that Esmeralda never stops sending aggressive emails. She is a master in creating interest to then pull money out of her clients pockets and scare people with curses that might have been put on them. Her constant mails involve manipulative tactics to pressure people to buy her services and get rid of curses – which is a scam.

In her descriptions she is either called a certified medium or an authentic clairvoyant, give then backstory of her family, but neither of these seem to be true. After verifying her her address, we found out that her business belongs to New Lotus Web Limited in Gibraltar, an online marketing agency that is the host of several other online psychics.

You will never get Esmeralda on the phone or via video chat. The only way to communicate with her is via email, which says a lot. Is Esmeralda even a real person? The operation of the business seems to be to buy contact lists from companies and then start cold pitching her services to the people on the list. If a client falls pray to the messages and follows the link to her website, he is asked a lot of questions and personal information to be filled in.

After signing up, the emails that she sends are exactly the same to everyone. The only thing that changes is the name of the recipient. They are written with a sense of urgency, many of them telling the reader that they are cursed since birth and she can relieve the curse for them. She’s stressing the fact that the curse is the reason for their misfortunes and someone who has been jealous or didn´t like their family was the root of all evil.

Her mails contain letters like this:

Dear (Insert Name)

You must absolutely do something, it is vital for your future! If you don’t intervene quickly your future could become gloomy…even though it has everything needed to be bright.

(Insert Name), I don’t know what is happening, I have the impression that you are not aware of just how much is at stake. Perhaps you haven’t read my previous emails? In that case, I understand and I suggest you read them right now.

For the past few days I have written to tell you that someone you know is about to harm you. It is not the first time you may say, but this time, it is a special type of harm. I am speaking of sorcery, and believe me… it is invisible harm that does the greatest damage.

(Insert Name), I am not talking nonsense here… sorcery wreaks havoc! I have great affection for you, and certainly that is why I had this vision concerning you. Let me remind you that just before I dozed off, I heard a voice whispering:

(Insert Name)”

Don’t you think that someone was warning you through me? I am convinced they were!

This is precisely why I am coming on so strongly again today. It is my role as a clairvoyant to be the link between the visible and the invisible, between here and above, between this dimension and others.”

The first reading is for free, which attracts many people in search for answers to her business. After answering a free question though, she pressures the client to purchase an in-depth reading for 59 US$, asking them for further information like their date of birth. In the detailed reading she uses emotional blackmailing tactics and persuasive language to scare the more vulnerable readers so that they book a reading. Esmeralda is a scam – heavily relying on manipulative tactics.

She makes people believe that they are under a spell from another person, which negatively impacts their life, their family relationships and their health. She goes on creating stories about them to make the client believe that trouble with their loved ones is about to come, people will harm them and that they’ll eventually loose everything.

The cure for all is, of course, the sacred magic of Esmeralda. She assures the client in need to help them for an additional fee of $59, but that´s not the end of the story. After each payment she comes up with a new problem that needs to be fixed that only she has the remedy for. If the person is believing in her services, they’ll soon end up spending a lot of money.

The next move of Esmeralda is to make the vulnerable reader believe that a family secret needs to be passed on to them. She assures that she will channel a document with the information for them – if they pay for it, of course. However, most people who purchased the ‘secret’ from her say they never received it or could not download it.

It´s almost impossible to find positive reviews about Esmeralda, while the negative ones are outweighing the few good ones. Most importantly, if people notice they got scammed and claim a refund, it´s impossible to get a hold of Esmeralda – or the New Lotus Web Limited Media Agency in Gibraltar. Although she promotes her services with a refund policy, it´s seems to go without saying that refunds are not given. Nos does she have a phone number to call her.

After all, when you as a customer decide to let Esmeralda go, she does not let you go! If you unsubscribe, you´ll still be bombarded with emails asking for more money, go figure.

So hands off from Esmeralda´s services! She is a con artist that will not bring more happiness to your life, but quite the opposite. Don´t believe any of her messages. She sends exactly the same ones to everyone who subscribes to her, and even you unsubscribed from her!

74 Replies to “Esmeralda Psychic Review, Scam or Trusted Psychic?”

    1. I am glad you did your google research before getting scammed out of your hard earned money! thanks for stopping by 🙂

      1. I’m glad I found you. I’ve been contacted by Esmeralda, it’s exactly like you said. I have studied the Tarot for over 25 years, I never charge anyone for a reading. I’m also a practitioner of the magical arts, I’m a second degree in my tradition. People like Esmeralda infuriate me, she adds an undue burden to those that are seeking help and guidance.

        1. Hello yes she tried to scam me to ,I am haven’ very bad times in my life up to the point where can I really carry on ,if it’s ok would it be ok to message me on this or send me a email please Howard

  1. I did come across her and it was a really bad experience! Never bought the reading in the end, but man does she annoy with her emails and constant blackmailing and the pressure she puts on you with buying her services! It´s insane, can´t believe I even gave my email away for this. Not even the free reading is worth it, she is definitely a scam!

    1. Blackmailing is sure shot sign that the person is not a real psychic and very manipulative, they should never manipulate you int buying or believing your life is doomed. A real psychic always shows your the way to the light! Remember that.

  2. Oh my God, I understand now! I got a free reading and a payed reading from her, but the constant pressure to buy more and keep on trusting her felt really bad at some point and my husband told me to stop the emails from her. Luckily, because I was starting to feel bad about what she kept on telling me. I only realized much later that this is manipulation tactics. I lye a lot of trust into psychics, but this one was definitely a scam!

    1. Yes, I hear you! It was the same for me. I started to feel bad after receiving these emails and then stopped them altogether!

  3. I found her online through a free tarot reading and then paid for a reading . So how can I stop this, as she /they don’t reply to my emails ?

  4. Uff Esmeralda! I watched a documentary about witchcraft from Romania and wanted to find a real witch that could perform some spells for me, so I came across her. But the website was already a bit weird, which had me research the reviews first, to get to know her a bit better. Since online you never know who deal with, well I was fully trusting her. I´m glad I found you guys here, to read all these in-depth reviews! I had no idea!

    1. What´s the documentary about? I´d love to watch it too! And learn witchcraft myself. If there is so many scams out there, we better get our hands on the practices ourselves! Somebody gotta pass on the wisdom! xx

    1. Girl, you should ask for a refund! Do not let these scammers get away with your money. ASK FOR A REFUND RIGHT AWAY! Email them several times.

  5. I´m really sad that she is not a real person and that the story about her is not true! Why do companies take money from people that don´t get what they pay for?

  6. Yes, i made the mistake on clicking on the link, she also mentioned someone from a suburb that will be able to help me (which was extremely co-incidental) but i haven’t replied to any of her emails and am continually getting aggressive emails daily. NO real psychic would do this

  7. She is really creepy, nothing good about her, even if her picture looks very convincing! All these emails, the hassling, the pressure to buy, that´s marketing not psychic services. For real.

    1. Her emails are really the same that are sent to everyone. Do not get fooled. My sister and I got a reading from her and we both received same emails. Not worth the money at all. SO FAKE!

  8. Esmeralda puts a lot of pressure and manipulative tactics in her emails! It´s not a psychic service, but pure marketing. She prays on the vulnerable to buy her stuff, how bad is that. Instead she should help, where help is needed!

  9. Did anyone get a full reading with Esmeralda? That´d be interesting to know. I´d like to find an Eastern European psychic that is really good.

    1. Yes, I ordered a full reading, which was really good and pointed out things I was blind to, so it literally changed my life, which might have been a coincidence though, because afterwards the emails became more and more negative and I could not stand them anymore, so I unsubscribed from Esmeralda. but the reading was great!

  10. Esmeralda had me buy all her things and then I noticed nothing of it made any sense at all and she was not even reading my energy. What a bad behavior! I think the company behind her should be sued.

  11. I got so scared reading her messages, I bought her offer. I wanted to find out, who could send me evil energy in my surroundings, since I don´t know anyone that would do that (but then it is invisible so I would not know). The reading did not say anything special though I felt a bit better after receiving it, maybe because I believed it or because of Esmeralda, I don´t know.

  12. Where can I get a trot reading from a good psychic? I need a reading asap, but only from trusted sources! Thank you community 🙂

    1. Vandi Grzalska! do more research on this website and read articles. I hope you will find the best psychic for you that will feel you better.

  13. Esmeralda is still owing me money and she is never responding to my emails! Or her team, or whatever. I bought several readings from her, but they were all bad quality or maybe fake, nothing was for my life, and I´m very upset about it!

    1. I really hope you get your money back. It’s so frustrating to spend so much money only to find out it went into waste.

    2. How bad! I hope you get your money back soon. These fake psychics are the worst ever. there is wonderful psychics out there that truly help people, but these ones exposed here are just misrable.

    3. Exactly Mariella! It’s totally a fraud. I think her readings lead a person towards depression because investing much money that goes in vain is a big loss.

  14. Esmeralda is one of the oldest scammers. I warn you of her scam before. She sends negative emails to you, that you do not even want to read. So, I urge everyone to stay away from her. She is not real, just scamming and fooling people out of their vulnerabilities.

  15. She is pure scammer and just scare you by all kind of evil thougts. Don’t trust her and her messages they all are a part of her scam.

    1. So true! She scared me by telling me that something bad is going to happen to me. but here’s the twist. Something bad did happen. 🙁

  16. Thankyou for such information. Now I am feeling so relived that I have not invested on her readings otherwise I would have been scammed as well.

    1. Yes, better you find a psychic that is in your area that truly supports you and has had lots of clients from whom you know that they had good results with that person.

  17. I have been fooled by to an extent that I felt like she is harassing me by her negativity. She told me all sort of things like I am under spell and no one is faithful to me. It was such a tough period to me. I urge everyone to save themselves from such kind of people.

  18. Can’t believe that people can fell into this level of cheapness that they starting making money by your insecurities this is all bullshit. I am so glad that you are there to help people.

    1. Yes right? Making money of other people´s insecurities is the absolut worst! I hope people will trust their intuition more than anything and walk a path of grace and strength.

  19. I had a free reading from esmerald. But I was not satisfied and back out then she kept on sending me aggresive mails. It was so frustrating.

    1. Ushna doesn’t be frustrated. Be relax. At this time you have to increase your will power. Ignore her aggressive mails. She also harasses other people who buy her readings by her negativity. 

  20. They all are rubbish who are scamming people for money and dont care about their problem. Its disgusting to see psychics workinh like that.

  21. All what esmerald do is scamming. She will send you emails on emails to buy her readings she will tell you things that are far from reality. But she kept on pursurizing you. And one thing keep in mind that real psychics don’t do that.

  22. She is all fake. Who will use all the tactics to trap her. I have been victim myself. Dont get fooled by her she is a scammer and keep on sending on sending all sort of messages.

    1. Chloe, she does the same with other people who buy her readings. She fully involves people and makes them feel that they depend upon her readings. Even if people ignore her, she started sending annoying emails to them. 

  23. I was in a very dark phase. I was lost and I didn’t have anything to look forward to. It seemed like life had just put its full stop. That’s when I came across Esmeralda. I approached her and I got help from her. Even though, these emails might look fake but trust me when someone is going from a rough period, all they need is a push and a few words to make them believe in the future. That’s what Esmeralda helped me with. She gave me hope.

    1. Wow, so beautiful to hear that! I love to read success stories and people who could transition from negativity to positivity. It´s all possible, sometimes you just need the right support and people who truly understand you!

  24. I am so happy and satisfied to feel that that this website is spreading awareness among people regarding these scams. This article is too precious as it is saving people money, which they have earned hard. 

  25. Does she really sends the same emails to everyone. My friend and I got the same emails from Esmeralda. So we decided to reply her with a same email as well. But guess what, she didn’t even noticed and sent us a same email to both of us again. LOL. I don’t think she reads any of them. She just says her thing and that is to buy her readings.

  26. Esmeralda told me that an evil spirit is following me from past 2 years and is the reason for all the bad things happening to me. So upon hearing this at the same time I contacted another Psychic and discussed this matter with him. That psychic told me that there is no spirit following me and Esmeralda must have lied.

    1. Where did you find the other psychic and would you mind sharing his name and website here? I have been looking for a psychic for so long and I could not find anyone to trust!

  27. Special thanks to this website for saving my life and money. I was going to pay for readings. I wa sonly reading these reviews for fun on this website. Thank God I found this article. 

  28. At first, Esmeralda attracts people towards her with sugar-coated words. Once a customer buys her readings, her attitude changed. Please stay away from her.

    1. Yes she is too negative with her emails, it gets worse and worse. Don´t buy into that. There is so many amazing psychics out there, but Esmeralda is not one of them.

  29. I want to consult a genuine psychic for my small sister, but I am finding only scams. Can anybody suggest to be the best one?

  30. Bloody witch, she stole my money and still didn´t pay me back! I ordered three readings with her and she just sent me some random stuff that nobody needs for real! Don´t waste your time and energy on her!

  31. I got caught paying the £59 and the promised information was never sent, I tried contacting her through her email but no response. As you say lots of words and the asks for money. She made constant complaints that I did not contact her that is because I wanted clarification of the way forward. today I sent another email to her address which failed, something needs to be done about this, she is praying on vulnerable people.

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