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Extraordinary Chris, Scam or Trusted Psychic?

extraordinary chris
extraordinary chris scam or trusted psychic?
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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 07/27/20 9:58 PM EDT
  • Updated: 11/01/20 2:39 PM EST
extraordinary chris scam or trusted psychic?

Psychic Review: Extraordinary Chris – Scam or real psychic?

One of the reasons we started this website is to separate the wheat from the chaff. There is a number of amazing psychics out there that truly help people with their gifts. But there is also a number of con artists that pretend to be real psychics, while they only steal your money without giving you value. To not fall pray to a fake psychic, you better check their history and their reviews, before you purchase a reading. Remember, a real reading from a truly gifted person can change your whole life. It can lead you to connect with your passion, meet your Soulmate and live a truly fulfilled and abundant life. A scam on the other hand is just a waste of your time and money.

On this site we provide you trusted reviews to understand who you can rely on. Since we have experienced both the real and the fake ones, we want you to find the best psychics out there and understanding which ones are just scam.

You might have read one of our articles before, where we mention the highly fraudulent agency New Lotus Web Ltd. from Gibraltar. They host several “psychics” on their platform and are the marketing team behind the names of Psychic Esmeralda, Medium Maria, as well as William the Guardian Angel.

In this article I’m presenting another psychic, called “The Extraordinary Chris”. He goes under several similar names and also belongs to the tribe at New Lotus. However, what has struck me from the beginning is that the agency is a digital marketing solutions company. It´s not clear how they are related to the psychics and if the psychics even exist in real life!

The address in “Psychic Chris” privacy policy is the one for New Lotus Web Ltd:

World Trade Center

1st Floor- Unit 1.02 Suite 253

6 Bayside Road

GX11 1AA Gibraltar

It´s the same as in the other psychics address. What might not be known to you is that Gibralta is a hot spot for companies to do dodgy money business and avoid taxes. Since Gibralta operates under a different set of rules, criminals can easily get away with scams or other illegal activities, as they are not being handed over to the police in the States.

This could mean that New Lotus Web Ltd. is specialized in offering marketing solutions to psychics and healers – or they create personas online, such as “Chris the Psychic” or “Chris Voyance”, to fool people. You can find out more about Chris on his website here: https://oraculum.psychic-readings-for-free.com.

Given those facts, it doesn´t sound too convincing to trust a company based out of Gibralta. Whatever happens to the customer (you and I) through the company could not be legally pursued, if they were simply stealing money and not delivering what they are saying.

If you were looking for a refund for one of your readings, it might be complicated to get it. Even if the website proclaims that refunds are possible, you won´t get “Psychic Chris” or anyone from New Lotus Web on the phone or to respond to your request. As a matter of fact, the mails that are being sent out, after you sign up for a free reading, are most likely the same for everyone.

If “Psychic Chris” was a real psychic with a trustworthy business, there was no need to base his company in Gibraltar or hide behind a marketing and media company in location with that fame.

He could still be genuine, and simply have a strong marketing team behind him to promote his work. However, his emails are very standard and could come from anyone. They are missing a personalized touch and therefore seem to be a bit to pushy. Also, he is not reachable by phone. The joy in connecting with psychics is in speaking to them directly and hearing their voice, so that there is an excange. Chris is only responding via messages and as said above, not in a way that seems authentic and connected to the person that´s inquiring.

While his marketing is very convincing, his messages are not. They are the same for everyone and follow a scheme to pull people into buying when they don´t immediately respond to his first requests. Similar to some of the other psychics, he uses manipulation tactics to get people to spend money.

The mails written in the name of “Chris Voyant” or “Psychic Chris” are pretty impersonal and sound like a marketing strategy rather than a heartfelt letter to the recipient. The content could apply to anyone, the meaning is open ended and not specific enough to truly address personal issues unique to a person. To prove that Chris has psychic abilities the content would have to be more personal. Most of the messages are aimed at blackmailing people into buying, by using pressure and emotional manipulation to help them make a decision. While some people come out of curiosity to Chris ordering a free reading, they end up buying (if so) because they feel there is a need to fix something. Now, if this need truly exists is another question.

Similar to other psychics on the internet from New Lotus Web Ltd., who use the exact same strategy, Chris makes people believe that they are doomed with bad luck, such as financial problems, family trouble, bad luck in love etc. If they believe in what he says they end up buying a reading to release the bad energy from their life, which possibly did not even exist in the first place.

After one problem is cleared, however, there will always be another one. For the rather vulnerable clients to can become a hook and they end up spending a lot of money. What starts with a free reading in the first place, becomes a marketing hype and subscription like sales machine. A big red flag for a psychic.

A real and trusted psychic is so good in their services that they don´t need to sell in such an aggressive and manipulative way. Their gifts spread by word of mouth, if anything. Apart from that, as mentioned before, having New Lotus Web Ltd. Behind Chris send of a warning signal. A company that´s located in a money laundering hub is not the best advertisement for a high vibrational energetic service.

Furthermore, there is next to nothing to know about Chris, his gifts, his history and where he started giving readings. He is a fictitious persona on the internet, but impossible to verify in real life. Which makes it questionable, if he is a real person and if so, where, how and when he started to gain credibility for his services.

When it comes to reclaiming refunds for Chris’ services, if you have not been satisfied due to generically generated messages, you won´t have any luck. There will be no response from the New Lotus nor from the psychic himself. It´s impossible to reach anyone that understands customer service on their end.

Another warning signal is the many negative reviews people write about Chris the psychic. There is a few positive scattered through, from people who believe in his messages. But the negative reviews outweigh the positive ones, which rings some alarm bells for us. If there is a consistent stream of negative experiences with a particular psychic, rest assured that there is something off here. A real psychic receives rave review after review, simply because they see, hear and feel more than the ordinary human and can point out highly personal things, they simply could not know, if it wasn´t for their gifts.

Bad experiences with Chris range from taking money for services he did not complete, refusing to pay out refunds, not giving the readings as promised and so and so forth. Other people felt pressured to buy, making them the scapegoat if they didn´t care about paying. Another client requested a reading, never received it, was sent an email from a UK address of Chris, which turns out that it belongs to a company that specialises in registering businesses. When he requested his refund from them, he wasn´t answered. And yet another client who claimed a refunded got simply blocked with his email, so that it didn´t arrive anymore.

The ones that received a reading from Chris stated that he had a very impersonal cold tone to him that rather degraded the reader than helped them to feel uplifted. He promised to cure their feelings, but never showed any affection in his readings. It´s not even sure if he truly exists, because New Lotus could have just hired an actor to play Chris part online.

We would only recommend psychics that are trustworthy, affectionate and have a history of serving people with their gifts. If you are looking for an in-depth reading and an experience with a real psychic, check different sources to find out about the person. A truly gifted psychic should either be able to be reached in person or have articles and reviews written about them, that speak about their extraordinary help and accurateness. On our site you will only find verified psychics, that have years of experience and a track record of satisfied clients.

That being said there is no reason to trust “Psychic Chris” or “The Extraordinary Chris” as the information available about him is extraordinarily controversial. It´s a big fat scam and you better invest your money elsewhere.


83 Replies to “Extraordinary Chris, Scam or Trusted Psychic?”

  1. He definitely is a scammer in my opinion, all the extraordinary chris emails are auto generated and match up to ones other users get sent regularly.

  2. I spent a ton of money on his offerings just to find out that all of them are generic and nothing did ever change my situation! Keep ypur hands off his free stuff, he only sucks you in to pay him lateron!

    1. I am sorry you had to deal with that situation, be sure to check out our site more in the future to know what you are getting into before breaking out your wallet.

  3. I booked a reading with him, because I believed him to be a great psychic, but the mails I got was so impersonal and had nothing to do with my situation, I highly doubt he even checked my energy and my situation! He might just be very busy, but even then, what a bad psychic attitude! I answered him with questions, but he never replied!

  4. I found it extremely obvious that this was not ‘Chris’ as the emails and readings were so programmed and if I ever tried to email or reply I would just get a copy of what I sent without any direct contact. I’m waiting for my refund but I’m not feeling hopeful. Do you recommend any genuine psychics in Australia?

    1. We do hope to expand into Australia at some point and do some indepth psychic reviews, but as of now we don’t have any recommendations yet. Please keep us updated on the status of your refund, how much did you send to Extraordinary Chris?

  5. I ordered a free reading with Extraordinary Chris and did not notice what I got myself into! He kept sending me message after message and it didn´t stop. In the end I was so afraid of the future, I bought a full reading from him, believing he would help to i prove my situation. But even the reading pointed out that there were many obstacles to overcome and do more, and he kept sending me more offers, but really nothing to make me feel better! It took me a while to see through this! And I claimed a refund, but nothing so far. What a bad experience! I know there is good psychics out there, it´s just so hard to find them!

    1. I`m so sorry to hear that! What a nasty scam you have fallen for. I hope you learned something from this situation and feel better now! There is good psychics out there, maybe just not on the internet theses days.

  6. This dude is the worst! I found him online through another website and really fell hard for his story, at that time I had never hear about psychic scams! Got the free reading from him, followed the emails he sent me and then really felt pulled to book a reading with him. I felt very low in my life at that time and wanted to gain a new perspective through the reading. Once I got it, it seemed to be very generic and there was no real advice in there that had to do with my specific situation, so I started doubting his psychic skills. This is when I also started researching in the internet what other were saying about him, since I thought maybe I just get judgemental. But it was like I finally opened my eyes and started to see the full picture. I found several websites with really negative reviews about him, and then I found yours, which is the last drop in the bucket!

    1. Ah Ferdi, I´m sorry to hear that about you and your experience with this Chris! I hope you got out of the loop easily and now see clearly for your life and how much power you have. You are your own best psychic in the end!

  7. Do you know how to best get the money back, when you received a reading from a psychic scam, but noticed afterwards it´s not even a real person?

  8. Too much scams online taking money from vulnerable people. I wish there were more real psychics on the internet, that you can trust. How do we tell the difference?

    1. Hi I am a psychic-medium. Never do free readings and don’t be too cheap on reading prices. A “REAL” psychic -medium should not force unwanted services like Spell Castings. The client should come to the psychic for that. In my start up in 2016 I have done spells for selective clients and they did work. I also tell clients not to micromanage, the spirit world or universe. I will also tell them if I can read them or not because their energies can be really bad. I don’t do spells any more and I have stopped about 2 years ago. I only focus on readings only. I don’t have time to babysit grown people, but I do give honest readings, I don’t force unwanted services.

      If you want to avoid scams, don’t do free readings.

  9. I found his emails after the free reading already so bad vibes, I immediately unsubscribed. But nonetheless I´m looking for good psychics online, it´s getting worse and worse to sift through the mass of scams at first.

  10. Gibraltar is a hub of money makers and fake companies. You shouldn´t trust anyone who registers their business there!

    1. This is so true, I just found out about it here through the website and am amazed at what is going on! So crazy. Don´t pay for any of these fake psychics and find someone who is true and genuine!

  11. I don´t think this Chris is extraordinary in any way. I consult psychics on the regular for my business. But the first few emails from him were already so off-putting, I couldn´t follow him for very long.

  12. His free reading is kind of ok, but you are still fooled by his story then. Once he starts sending out all these emails it starts to get crazy and crazier and at some point you either buy it, or you just leave. I just left.

    1. They basically are phishing for information to make you think the reading is “O.K”. I would highly suggest to pay for a reading instead of being too cheap. To avoid scams, just pay for a reading. That is how to avoid the headaches. Also a psychic should never force unwanted services like spell castings.

  13. Extraordinary Chris made me believe I need to fix my whole life. After the free reading he sent me many more emails and at first I believed him so I bought his other reading too, but there was nothing in there that had anything to do with my life. I felt ripped off to be honest, first he is emailing a lot and then his reading is not even good and he makes me believe I need to change everything in my life. Horrible person.

  14. No real psychic should use the tactics that Chris is using. No real psychic is so manipulative and oppressive like he is. There is clearly something out of tune with him and I believe that what the article says here, can be true. Chris makes ppl feel really bad with his emails and I think it´s even causing mental health issues for them. So instead of helping he is making the situation worse for some people.

    1. I am a real psychic -medium people like him piss me off. I don’t do free readings and I don’t force unwanted services. This is how I get repeat readings and same clients since 2016.

  15. How many people got scammed already by Extraordinary Chris? I`d like to know. I mean there is a lot of people, who are only searching for a reliable psychic to book a reading with, but some really go all the way and simply book with anyone from the web! It´s a but disheartening to read how this business works these days, it used to be a helpful tool to connect people with their heart back in the days.

  16. Heya, yes I´m one of them. I fell hard for him because of the free reading and I guess he just hit a nerve with me, and there were a lot of things he said that seemed to be so true for my situation, so I bought a reading as well and found it soso, I still believed all his story, but after letting it settle in, I had the intuition to look on the internet if I find more information about him and landed here. Oh my, so I really spent my money on a fake person believing they could help me! Was an eye opener.

  17. I got the initial free reading which tried pulling me into requesting for a further six months reading saying there is a cosmic event approaching n he can help me make some crucial decision which ll ve some important bearing on my life and all. I knew of all d online phishing scams wen u provide dem d cc details so i started checkin further n dis is d first site i land at.. although most of the things he said in his first free reading did sounded true in my case, nevertheless m not takin chances wid my money. Thanks fr d review.do let us knw if u knw some true genuine psychics who dnt scam or spam u ..

  18. Bloody Scammers everywhere, it´s so sad to see this. I can´t believe there is a whole industry behind this! I mean when are people waking up and doing something good for humanity!

    1. Thank you all so much for opening my eyes to such a cruel and dishonest man! My first experience ever with a psychic which I am very sceptical at the best of times. I have only just signed up with this elusive person and already I had my doubts after receiving an abrupt E-Mail from him!!! On doing my research he has a totally different accent (AMERICAN) on his videos, or he’s just very fluent in French, does this person really exist??? I have unsubscribed, bet he didn’t see that coming.

      PS Don’t get sucked in by a fraudster, or he’ll drain your bank account!!!

  19. I so love the readings from this Chris, no joke! I don´t know why everyone does not like them. They are very accurate for me every time! UI´ll keep following him.

    1. I do too he is very personal with me and has helped me tremendously he is very intelligent helpful and doesnt make me pay most of the time he works with me for free and knows much about me without telling him much information who does sessions for only giving them a 5$ donation sometimes no psychic I know I’m progressing very well and doing great in our free sessions he is a person and does care

  20. I found Chris Voyance online and urgently was looking for help in the financial department. I thought he could help me and ordered a free reading, He kept on sending me messages about that bad things will happen in my life if I don´t get another reading with him and so he can protect me and do something for me, so ordered another reading also from him. It was not very precise and just simply scary how it was written and I was not sure, if he really read my energy. In the end my financial situation did not better and I got a little bit upset for paying money for a reading, if it does not do what it is supposed to do! I emailed him, but he never replied!

    1. Ah I´m so sorry to hear that! Could you get your money back in the end, and did you find a way to solve your finances? If so I´d be interested to hear more about it!

    2. Ah, Jesse, I am so sorry to read about your condition. Go over this website to find an excellent psychic that will make you feel better.

  21. At first, he posed to be the most genuine psychic. But once you get in contact with him, he is the biggest scammer of all time who does nothing except looting money from vulnerable people. I wish I could have found this website much earlier. Nevertheless, you can never be too late. And thank you for putting this much effort so he can not scam other people.

    1. Yes, it took me a long time to find out about that, I guess I just believe too easily! But after a while it doomed on me that the messages were nothing but spam and he really does not do any good for the people. Then I started researching on the internet and came across this website! And boom, here is everything revealed.

  22. He is a bigger scammer of all time. I just got fooled by his free reading which was nothing but some senseless day to day life things. Don’t waste your money on him.

    1. Irtiza Shah! I am so sorry to read your experience. You said right he is a bigger scammer of all time. Many people like you became a victim of his trap. You have to move towards positivity by consulting other genuine psychic—best regards for you.

  23. Thankyou soo much for putting this much effort. I was about to invest on his reading. But suddenly I thought of visiting your site. And Thank God I did that, cause you have saved me big time.

    1. I love this website. They compiled so much concise information, and it´s very accurate. I could not find another website that lists so much information. Thank you!

  24. I urger everyone don’t email him. He will set a such a trap that you will left with no option but to buy a reading. Save your self from this scammer.

  25. I can’t believe my eyes that he can be so fake. Had been following him since 2 months and let me tell you he is all fake.

    1. Why did you even follow him for 2 months. His fakeness was so easy to spot with just a single email that I received from him. However, I am glad you opened your eyes to know the truth.

  26. Chris is the most fake person, you can ever imagine. He just fool you by his fake persona but reality is not what he predicts.

    1. yes, that´s so true! I´m glad you found this out as well! Did you get a reading with him or did you only get the free reading from him? I´d like to knwo what other people have experienced with Chris Voyance so far!

  27. I had a reading a from chris and thought it will change my life. But no it was nothing but random things. Nothing from his reading came to reality.

  28. I was about to book a reading from him. But so glad that I have checked your website before doing so. Otherwise my money would have been drowned.

  29. I followed Chris for a while and received his free reading, which really hooked me, since it was spot on. Maybe it was a coincidence, but I totally believed him. So then I booked another reading with him, but that was rather soso, and I felt not sure about him anymore. Then I booked again one, because he kept sending me mails and what can I say the last reading really showed me that I let myself being fooled here! Now I found the article and see what´s going on!

  30. I read an Article on another website about Extraordinary Chris when I was looking for a trusted psychic online. I read positive reviews about him so I decided to get a reading from him. The first reading was really personal to me and it did speak to me so I continued to buy the readings. I got like 3-4 readings and all I have to say is he is EXTRAORDINARY!

    1. Same Bella. I had a similar experience. I was going through a dark phase and he literally dragged me out of it. So I can confidently say that he is great and I am still getting readings from him weekly.

  31. I was searching for a real psychic. I found this website very helpful. Thanks, Psychic reviews for this eye-opening article. This will help people to be safe their time and money. Also evade them from getting into more depression. Keep it up.

    1. True! I can say the same. These articles are eye opener. Its so sad how these psychics trap us with their lies. Sometimes I feel sad for myself and the people who are naïve to get fooled my them. But then again, we all are humans and we make mistakes. I just hope none of us gets fooled again.

  32. I am so done with these online psychics. I mean, who even is real here? I had such as bad experience with him and I am so sad to lose my money. Basically, I found Chris online and I even read positive reviews about him. I blindly believed them and BOOM! bought a reading from him. It was soooo general that it looked like coming from a novice in this field. NEVER AGAIN!

    1. Rahul! I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Don’t be sad. This kind of person doesn’t care for others. Increase your will power. Do long research and find a genuine and trust-worthy psychic that will make you feel better. Only invest your money for a psychic that deserves your precious money.

  33. All I am here to do on this website is to WARN PEOPLE against this scammer. I repeat, do not get any readings from him. They are as fake as artificial eyelashes. I got twice and they were meaningless. Most of the text didn’t even make sense. It felt like it was copy pasted from several places. A BAD EXPERIENCE!

  34. My wallet broke off due to this spam psychic. How bad experience I had! I am disturbed because of his autogenerated Emails he sent me daily.

  35. Never take a chance to judge Psychic Chris. There’s no need to judge him when the 100% results are in front of you. He is only a fraud. He will left you with a wastage of your time and money.

  36. I cannot even imagine how anybody can fall to this level. He is the biggest scam deceive people for only his personal benefit.

      1. Why? Becaause he knew what city you were located in? 😂
        just so you are aware- his office is located at a marketing agency. And I garuntee they have your address. Public information. And can get it through the internet:) — nothing genuine about him. I promise. If you want we can compare emails and see if they are auto generated?

  37. I started following Chris a while ago and read all his free emails after subscribing to his free reading! It seemed all good at first, but after some time his emails turned so bad and were repeating themselves, I completely lost interest. When I was thinking of ordering a reading with him at first, I soon lost patience with him and his demenour. I then started to google around and find out more about him, and well, nothing good came out of this! Even this article describes it all very well! He is a scam, and you should stay away from him!

  38. I sent “extraordinary Chris” (more like less than ordinary, or extraordinary scammer Chris) 60 dollars. And am extremely saddened I did not do research first. As you stated it mostly targets vulnerable people. Which is sickening to me, especially with the state of America right now, or the world in general. But marketing agencies don’t care clearly. Definitely glad I read this. Hoping to find out who is good / worth my money versus the bad ones. I guess I should research that first.

    1. Sorry with your bad experience, feel free to send us the product/email you paid for so we can use it to alert other customers in the future when they get similar emails (webmaster@psychicreviews.com) Most likely what you got was a generic spam with your name slotted in 🙁

  39. I had letters after l contacted another psychic years ago.. as a psychic medium l was not impressed the mailing address was Netherlands l got other so called psychics same address… one who l could say was genuine Paul wagner.. He sent me a sword amulet and a reading free of charge his readings were accurate the evil woman he mentioned out to hurt me was my own sister he predicted accidents where the sword of protection would protect me a near injury be a car running into me l sensed it and ran it crashed into a bus shelter avoiding me.. I moved away from a collapsing ceiling in a shop.. I used my own psychic senses quite a bit.. I’ve given accurate readings to people in person free.. but l can’t predict by email.. And as a medium l can’t read my own future as psychics often can’t l went to see a woman who claimed to be a medium l sensed straight away that she was a fake.. n

  40. I sense that the man you are seeing is nothing to do with psychic readings just someone who has had his profile stolen. . have you tried reverse imaging I’ve had letters nearly all from Netherlands. Esmareda.. Ruby.. And some with foreign sounding names as soon as you contact one they pass your details around

  41. I am a psychic – medium I don’t do free readings, I charge $25 for 15 min and $50 for 30 minutes. I have worked on many murder cases and I have worked on national murder case in the usa. I have worked on Kamille ‘Cupcake‘ McKinney case and everything that was hidden came out in the court room. I don’t do free readings, I do offer refunds, but they must cancel on the same day as purchase; they can not cancel the last minute and expect a refund.(Like a doctors no show). If you are a current repeat client I will refund you if I feel your not trying to screw me.

    People like these assos make us legit psychic-medium have a bad name and it drives me nuts. I had 125 5 star ratings on Google til Google had it issues, I had to start over 3 weeks ago, but it is ok. And on to note this, I dont charge expensive fees, I give honest readings, I hate these psychics so called, they are most defiantly a scam. I tried the “free readings” on them, but knew not to give money because they are crap. I Don’t force things on my clients all, so yea its good to educate people about these scammers.

  42. Hi I should have done my research on Chris the extraordinary Psychic before I paid him and got my readings. I would like a refund but it looks like I won’t get one now because I see other people tried. I just thought I found a good honest Psychic. I just lost $90.00 not a lot but don’t know how to get a refund probably not if it is a scam. So have people emailed him to get their money back? What is his email or is that fake? Love some help here. Then two weeks ago I bought a dog off someone in person then we had the dog for 2 days had to give him to the SPCA. He had a real bad nipping problem and caused open wounds & bruising so bad. We contacted the owners to take the dog back right away and give us our money back. Because of injuries it caused. We contacted him right away two days after purchase. He said he wanted to find a home for him but he wouldn’t take the dog back or give us our money back. We couldn’t keep him because of injuries and he drew blood several times. So he wouldn’t help us or come and get the dog or give us money back if we knew that would happen we would not have purchased the dog .I know the last info on Chris has nothing to do with him. I don’t know how to get our money back on the dog. We have lost $1,800 now. We are not doing so good on losing money we can’t afford to lose. I don’t want to go to court to stressful. I did ask if the dog had a nipping problem and did he ever draw blood or cause bruseing he said he nips not a lot and never drew blood. He kept it in a cage a lot & even at night time I said why doesn’t he keep him in the house with him at night. No answer and he couldn’t remember the breeders name he said he bought from. I did not listen to my gut instinct so I lost the money. I probably won’t be able to recover my losses. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  43. Chris is the biggest scam going I put in three different email addresses different birthdate and everything else and everything came back the same he’s a scam artist… before you do anything check the reviews on anything.., in the future just don’t give your money to anybody there’s more scammers out there than real people., I got scam a few times from different kind websites ; Never again I’ll never get scam anyone!!! Great Site for scammers!!

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