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Judgement Tarot Card
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?
  • By Gemma Irias
  • Published: 08/07/20 1:46 AM EDT
  • Updated: 08/09/20 8:49 PM EDT
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?

The Five of Cups Tarot Meaning

Element: Water

Function: Feelings, love, spirituality, creativity

This card is a darker one to those that we have seen before and pints to a loss. The greyness of the sky shows sadness and things that we don’t know. The black cloak that covers the person shows just a trace of someone crying over three cups that have spilled red and green liquid. The red signifies magic and passion whereas the green represents life. There is nothing growing in the lands behind, there only sits a house, blending in with the colors of the dirt on the ground. A river flows between the person and the house, and they will need to cross a bridge to reach the house.

The three empty cups could easily be refilled if the person just took them to the river. The person pays so much attention to the fallen cups that they have failed to notice the two cups that are still standing. They aren’t able to see that there is some good still. This card portrays the loss of something inside, emotional or psychological but even though the loss is not tangible, it is still painful.

The grief that is seen with the Five of Cups could be a failed romance, a disappointment, or perhaps a failure of some kind. The standing cups, the house and the river do not mean that the card suggests light at the end of the tunnel. You could look at the card and say that there is a comfort to be found, but this person can only feel the loss and only this person can appreciate how much the loss meant.

This card is specifically about the time of loss and the sadness felt. It could be that so much grief is unwarranted considering the loss, but this will depend on the person who has suffered the loss. The person on the card is not ready to see what they still have and what the next steps are. It is not the moment to be moving forward.

When Reversed:

Before you assume that there won’t be a loss or a disaster, know that the Five of Cups reversed suggests that the period of grief is over and you will soon be ready to go forward. What is gone is gone and now is the time to turn around and see that the other cups have. Sadness will still be felt but you are able to accept it as well as the loss.

It might also imply that you are nearly prepared to try again. Although you haven’t recovered, you have learnt from the experience and though you may have been foolish in the past, you won’t repeat the same stupid errors.


You have experienced a great loss and you might still be thinking about it now. Your emotions have absorbed a lot of your energy. In life, we will have both good and bad experiences, remember that both serve their purpose.


It is possible that you have suffered a significant loss, and this is bringing about great stress. Life may be dark now, but this will end. Learn from this situation and let it help you to grow.


Rather than expecting a loss, you will likely experience a time of regret. Be aware of what you are doing now and decide if there are things you can do to prevent regret and suffering in the future.

Yes/No Question:

In this case, the answer will be no.

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