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How Accurate Are Psychic Predictions?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 04/11/21 12:15 PM EDT
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How Accurate Are Psychic Predictions?

Psychic readings, healings, and predictions enable us to solve a large variety of issues related to our romantic life, relationships, family problems, financial aspects, and many more. Hence, it is no surprise why so many people refer to psychics and mediums when they feel stuck in life. While hundreds of thousands of people consult psychics to improve the quality of their lives, others are still skeptical about the accuracy of psychic predictions.

The truth is that psychic readings can be both accurate and inaccurate. It all depends on the specific psychic, the type and context of your questions, your attitude during and after the session, and the nature of your daily activities.

In this article, you will find some of the most essential tips you should consider for a successful psychic reading. Along with sharing quick and easy recommendations, we will answer 10 of the most frequently asked questions about psychic readings and their accuracy. If you are worried about receiving a fake psychic reading, the following sections will definitely help you get some quality advice from legit psychics and mediums.

Accurate Psychic Readings: What to Know Before Consulting a Psychic

As a matter of fact, psychic readings can be both incredibly accurate and totally fake. There is no brief answer to whether psychic readings are accurate in general. The trustworthiness of a reading is influenced by a couple of factors, such as the psychic’s experience, your emotional and mental state of mind, and the energies between you and the psychic.

If you have never consulted a psychic before, or your session ended up being unsuccessful, below are some tips you should take into account before speaking with a psychic. By following these recommendations, you will increase the chances of receiving accurate readings in the future.

·         Find the Right Psychic for You

The most common mistake people make when scheduling a psychic reading session is that they refer to randomly selected advisors. Unfortunately, not every psychic should be trusted and not every single one of them is the right fit for you.

Some self-proclaimed psychics just try to scam people and bilk thousands of dollars out of them. Contrarily, other advisors are genuinely gifted and offer incredibly insightful readings. Still, they might not be suitable specifically for you. Just because a psychic is trusted by thousands of people, it does not mean that you will also receive accurate predictions from him/her. The truth is that psychic readings are too personal, meaning that not everyone’s experience is the same.

When searching for a reliable psychic, you should also make sure that he/she can actually guide YOU through the path of life. The simplest way to check if a given psychic is the right one for you is to pay attention to the energy field between you two. If you feel a strong connection, you should probably trust the psychic and refer to him/her for guidance.

Check out our comprehensive guide on how to find a good psychic near you.

·         Ask the Right Questions

For some reason, people usually think that asking random questions during a psychic reading session is totally fine. Believe it or not, the type of questions you ask a psychic significantly influences the accuracy of a resulting reading. Even if you are speaking with a highly-skilled psychic, the way you formulate and ask your questions can lead to getting either an accurate or imprecise reading.

For better results, you should always prepare for your consultation by thinking of some of the major questions to ask during a reading session. Writing down the question ideas can help you get the most out of your consultation. During an actual session, you can feel free to ask additional questions that come to your mind at the moment.

In addition to that, your questions should be specific rather than too general and vague. This will enable the advisor to get the point of your question and deliver an insightful reading. You should also ask more open-ended questions instead of those that require simple Yes or No answers. In this way, you will receive a much more detailed and comprehensive reading that can actually help you find the right path in life.

If you are still not sure about what to ask in a psychic reading session, check out our ultimate guide listing some of the most common questions people ask psychics about love, their ex, family, health, and career.

·         Do Not Let Your Visual Appearance Speak for You

Your clothes and makeup can speak for you! Yes, this is the truth many people just do not want to admit. Strangers make a variety of assumptions based on the type of clothes and makeup you wear. While these assumptions might not always be true, your visual appearance can still talk about some of your general characteristics, mood, and even attitudes towards different aspects of life.

Unfortunately, some psychics rely on the assumptions they make based on the overall style of your outfit. The color and type of clothes you wear, the complexity of your makeup, and the accessories you use to complete your look carry some basic information about you and your current situation.

For instance, by wearing an engagement or wedding ring during a reading session, you let the advisor know that you are either engaged or married. In such cases, psychics typically talk about your future with your fiancé(e), mention the number of kids you will have, and tell you whether your partner will ever cheat on you.

If you do not wear any of these rings at all, the psychic might assume that you are either single or in a relationship. In this case, psychics might tell you that you are about to meet your true love or that your partner is about to propose to you.

While it might seem to be a believable reading, psychics have just made some assumptions based on how you look. In reality, these readings are not accurate whatsoever. To prevent something like this from happening, wear casual clothes and avoid using any accessories that might speak for you.

·         Never Share Details That Are Too Personal

No matter how trustworthy a psychic or medium seems to be, you should never share personal details during a reading session. Sadly, some fake psychics only care about your money. They might try to steal your personal information, such as your credit/debit card details, address, or other related details they can use for stealing money from you. Hence, you should always be extremely careful when introducing yourself to a psychic and talking about your private life during the session.

The details you can share during a psychic reading session include your name (sometimes your full name), gender, birth date and time, and relationship status. In addition to that, individual psychics might ask you to provide some other details about you. You can feel free to answer their questions unless they try to get your payment information or further details that can help them deliver a fake reading.

Note that a real psychic will never ask you to give him/her your credit/debit card information or anything related to your financial sources.

·         Be Aware That There Are Lots of Fakes

Although hundreds of thousands of reputable psychics do their best to help people solve even the most mysterious issues in life, there are lots of fakes offering psychic services both remotely and in person. Before scheduling a meeting with a selected psychic, you should make sure he/she is a legit one. Otherwise, you might end up receiving an inaccurate reading full of lies and false promises.

When an individual books psychics online, the chances of getting scammed are even higher. Since you are not visiting an advisor person, you have no guarantee that the person behind the screen is a legit psychic. Typically, fake psychics offer sessions, like curse removal or something related to dark energies surrounding you and your luck. Never speak to a psychic who randomly tells you that you need a special service for large amounts of money.

Therefore, you should never consult a random psychic. Instead, do some research and make sure that the advisor you have selected is a truly gifted one.

·         Allow Yourself Sufficient Time to Process

Whether you have already consulted a psychic before or you have scheduled a session with an advisor, you should always allow yourself enough time to process the situation and information received. Before speaking with a psychic, think more about whether you need the consultation. In addition to that, be explicit about why you need psychic guidance and whether spiritual psychics can actually help you. By doing some research prior to your psychic reading session, you will significantly increase the accuracy of the reading. After reading with a psychic and medium, you should also allow yourself some time to sort out the information received during the session. This will help you keep calm and relaxed.

FAQS About the Accuracy of Psychic Readings

While the tips listed in the previous section can help you prepare for your future psychic readings, there are a couple of factors you should be aware of before consulting an advisor. To ensure that you are clued up on different types of psychics and specialized readings, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about psychics, mediums, and readings delivered by them.

1.    How Accurate Are Psychics?

The truth is that there is no specific answer to how accurate psychics can be. As a matter of fact, the accuracy of psychics can range from 0% to 100%. While some psychics are totally inaccurate, others manage to deliver unbelievably accurate readings.

However, it is hardly possible for a specific psychic to be 100% correct at all times. No matter how talented and experienced a psychic is, there are lots of factors that influence the accuracy of a reading. Just because a psychic was inaccurate once, it does not mean that he/she is fake. In fact, psychic readings can change over time and the major reason for this is that our lives are highly dynamic.

Hence, you should never take predictions from psychics too literally. Even if they seem to be reliable, there is no guarantee that the reading is 100% accurate.

2.    How to Avoid Inaccurate Readers?

The best way to avoid inaccurate readers is to never consult random psychics you come across either online or near your area. Instead, take your time to do some research and validate the credibility of a specific psychic.

Another way to avoid receiving an inaccurate reading is to select a psychic based on the types of readings he/she offers. If you want to get some advice about your romantic life, the most optimal option is to consult a love reader. The same applies to any other topic you might want to discuss with a psychic. Find an advisor specializing in that specific area to receive a more insightful reading.

Unfortunately, you might still get an inaccurate reading, even if you have consulted a genuine psychic. The fact is that not every single reading will be 100% precise. The information you receive during a reading session might simply be altered by a variety of factors, including your daily activities and even the least important choices in life.

3.    Are Psychics Real? The Real-World Proof of Psychic Mediums’ Abilities and Powers

Yes, psychics and mediums are absolutely real and they can truly help people solve a large variety of issues affecting their lives. The real-world proof of the existence of genuine psychics and their otherworldly abilities is the fact that demand for psychic readings has been increasing continuously during the last two decades. As a result, services have become available not only in person but also remotely through websites, mobile apps, e-mails, and phone calls.

4.    Who Is a Real Psychic?

A real psychic is anyone who can gain insights into mysterious situations and uncover some of the secrets that others cannot even notice. A real psychic has been either gifted with supernatural abilities during childhood or developed some of the psychic powers as he/she grew up.

Some people believe that real psychics wear special clothes and have a significantly contrasting appearance. However, legit psychics are ordinary people who dress up the way “normal” people do. Although some psychics and mediums might prefer wearing strange clothes, this is not what makes them REAL. The fact that a person possesses supernatural powers is what makes him/her a real psychic.

5.    How to Find a Real Psychic?

Finding a real psychic is key to receiving a reliable reading that you can trust. While some people struggle to find legit psychics and mediums, the process is not that challenging whatsoever. You just need to consider a couple of quick and easy tips to find a genuine psychic.

First of all, check customer reviews! Sadly, many people ignore customer feedback and testimonials from past clients when searching for legit psychics and mediums. In fact, the reviews tell you pretty much everything to determine whether a given psychic is real or not. Considering other customers’ experiences, you can easily make the right choice and avoid consulting fake psychics.

Another way to find a real psychic is to ask your friends or relatives for some recommendations. If you know someone who is familiar with psychic readings, he/she probably knows the directions of real psychics that you can trust.

For those who have never consulted before, it is better to start with online psychic readings and then proceed with those delivered in person. The fact is that remote services are typically cheaper and you might even get some free readings on various online platforms. This allows you to learn more about how psychic readings work while testing a couple of different psychics. Besides, finding legit psychics online is much easier since you do not waste time and money traveling to a particular destination.

6.    How Do Psychics Get Their Powers?

Typically, people are gifted with psychic abilities and supernatural powers in their early childhood. However, not every single individual manages to discover his/her true potential as a psychic or medium. Contrarily, others simply develop intuition and psychic skills as they grow up and choose to follow a paranormal path in life. Hence, psychics get their powers either naturally or through extensive practice.

Not every psychic is the same, meaning that their abilities are also contrasting from each other. While some psychics deliver readings based on life energy fields, others communicate with dead people and convey their messages. Note that these are just two psychic ability examples and there are hundreds of other powers psychics possess.

7.    Are Psychic Readings Over the Phone Accurate or Just a Scam?

As phone readings are becoming more and more popular worldwide, people are more into receiving psychic guidance remotely. However, some individuals are still not sure whether virtual readings should be trusted. As a matter of fact, a psychic reading by phone can be as accurate as the one delivered during a face-to-face conversation.

The only significant factor that makes these two reading options slightly contrasting is that in-person consultations make it much easier for the energy vibrations to be felt by psychics. Long-distance psychic readings simply lack physical contact between a psychic and a client. If a psychic delivers psychometry readings, then you should avoid getting guidance over the phone. In other cases, phone readings can be just as accurate as regular psychic consultations.

8.    How Accurate Are Psychic Readings by Phone?

Briefly addressing the issue, the accuracy of psychic readings by phone ranges from 0% to 100%, just as it was in the case of regular in-person readings. Although people believe that face-to-face psychic consultations are more accurate than those delivered remotely, this is not always the case. Phone readings can sometimes be more accurate than those delivered in person, and vice versa.

As energy planes (positive and negative energies) are fundamental forces of life and death, some psychics really need to feel the natural energy of their clients. Therefore, phone readings delivered by them might not be as accurate and insightful as one-on-one consultations offered by the same advisors.

9.    Do You Believe Psychics Can Predict the Future?

People typically think that psychics predict future events and tell you exactly what is going to happen in your life. While psychics DO offer some predictions, their readings are supposed to give you general insights into a particular situation. You should neither take the readings too literally nor perceive the details as pure predictions. Instead, consider the information obtained through the reading as warnings and recommendations.

Here is a question for you: Do you believe psychics can actually predict the future? We would love to hear your thoughts on this matter!

10. How Accurate Were The Real Housewives Psychic Predictions?

As you may already know, The Real Housewives is an American reality television series broadcast on Bravo. The series have been located in a couple of US locations, including NYC, New Jersey, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Miami, Dallas, Salt Lake City, DC, and Potomac. One of the things that unite the series is that they all have featured a psychic at some point.

As people want to know whether the world psychic predictions are going to come true, many of them also wonder if the psychic predictions about the ladies ended up being accurate. In the majority of cases, the Real Housewives psychic predictions were incredibly accurate. Check out some additional details about the specific predictions and whether or not they came true on Bravo Media.

Interested in Getting Accurate Psychic Readings?

Are you enthusiastic about getting a legit psychic reading? Say no more! We know exactly what you need to receive a truly insightful reading. All you have to do is get ready for a psychic reading by doing some background research and preparing specific questions to ask a psychic. Being prepared for a psychic consultation both mentally and emotionally will increase the accuracy of a resulting reading. We have already covered these topics in great detail in the sections above.

Another thing we want you to know is that you should always look for an energy field indicative. This is crucial for staying safe before, during, and after a psychic reading. If you have felt hideous energy when communicating with a psychic advisor, you should definitely stop consulting him/her and think of protecting yourself from negative energies. Here is how!

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