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How Accurate Are Psychic Predictions?

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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 06/22/21 9:46 PM EDT
  • Updated: 06/20/21 9:46 PM EDT

In the 21st century, various companies have converted some of their amenities to half or fully remote resources. This enables customers to access desired services through a computer or even a smartphone. During the last two decades, the demand for psychic reading services has been rapidly increasing. Obviously, having remote access to some of your favorite psychic advisors enables you to receive psychic guidance without spending too much time, energy, or money. This made psychic services even more popular across the globe. Still, people doubt the accuracy of psychic predictions and are still unsure if they should trust psychic readings in general.

You have probably asked yourself at least once whether psychic readings are accurate or just a scam. While there are lots of online resources addressing the accuracy of psychic predictions, research papers and articles often come to contradictory conclusions. This is what makes it pretty challenging for individuals to determine how accurate psychic predictions can actually be. In this article, we will explain the rationale behind psychic predictions and list 10 factors you should consider when thinking of the accuracy of psychic services. Finally, we will provide some real-world psychic predictions to check whether psychics have accurately predicted future outcomes.


What Are Psychic Predictions?

Psychic predictions are often considered as future predictions obtained through various supernatural abilities and occult practices. Hence, an individual who predicts the future is called a fortune teller and the process is commonly referred to as fortune telling. While many psychics and mediums advertise themselves as fortune tellers and promise to deliver 100% accurate predictions about various life situations, things do not really work like this.

For some reason, people often regard psychic readings as psychic predictions. However, there is a huge difference between a psychic reading and a future forecast. Psychic readings are more about guiding people through challenges and difficulties rather than providing concrete predictions. Still, psychic readings can include some predictions and recommendations about an individual’s future.

Psychic readings are delivered using various divination techniques and tools. Psychics and mediums have unique approaches to gaining insights into different life situations, meaning that they might not always utilize the same tools or techniques. In some cases, advisors do not use any tools at all. They just rely on their psychic abilities, extrasensory perception, Clair senses, or other supernatural powers.


Everything You Need to Know About Psychic Predictions

As a matter of fact, psychic predictions are so mysterious that it is hardly possible to tell whether they are correct or not. There is no direct response to how one can determine the accuracy of a psychic prediction. Instead, you should consider a few aspects of psychic services to better understand how accurate psychic predictions can be.

Below are the top 10 facts about psychic predictions that you should be aware of.

1.    Psychic Predictions Offer Guidance, Not Specific Instructions

When consulting a psychic or medium, many people expect to receive specific predictions about their future. This is caused by so many misconceptions about psychic services in general. While some people think that psychic readings are all about giving individuals word-for-word instructions about various aspects of their lives, this is not true whatsoever.

Psychic readings are supposed to guide, support, empower, and encourage you through challenging passages of life. They help you gain insights into various mysterious situations that affect your life in any possible way. They simply enable you to see things that you have never thought of before. However, these things have always been known for you deep down in your heart, mind, and soul.

Psychics and mediums often claim that predictions are not meant to describe an absolute outcome of a particular situation. Instead, they allow individuals to visualize their opportunities in life and the direction in which they should move forward to find his/her true potential. Psychic predictions portray the variety of choices an individual has, enabling him/her to make the right decisions in life.

Overall, you should never regard psychic predictions as specific instructions on how to move forward. Rather, use the predictions to gain insights into your life and get a better idea of what could possibly help you live a better life. Take psychic predictions as warnings, but never as specific guidelines.

2.    Psychic Predictions Can Change Over Time

If you have received a psychic reading recently or you have scheduled a psychic session, keep in mind that the information you receive during the séance can be changed over time. The reason for this is that the reading is delivered based on your current situation and even the slightest changes in your daily routine can change the outcome. Hence, just because a specific prediction did not come true, it does not mean that it was inaccurate. Your daily choices have just influenced your future.

The question of whether our destiny has been prewritten or if we are capable of changing our future has been the focus of philosophical debates for centuries. There is no evidence that our path has already been determined by the universe and there is also no proof that our decisions allow us to alter our destiny.

Still, psychics and mediums claim that psychic predictions can change over time and there is no guarantee that a specific forecast will actually come true. The main issue is associated with the predictions’ timings. Basically, psychics can visualize people, numbers, or even seasons, but timeframes do not always seem to be specific. When numbers come to psychics’ minds, they cannot really tell if this means days, weeks, or months. This is why psychics and mediums often avoid specifying timings.

3.    The Energy Vibrations Influence the Accuracy of Psychic Predictions

Believe it or not, your auric field and energy plane significantly influence the outcome of a psychic reading session. Psychics can pick up on their clients’ energy vibrations and deliver predictions based on what they feel during the séance. Besides, your life energy fields and the psychic’s natural energy affect the strength of the connection between you two.

Your vibrational frequency is your energy field indicative, which allows psychics to connect to you during a reading. When the connection is pretty strong, a psychic is capable of delivering a much more accurate reading. If the connection is not strong enough, the psychic reader might not be able to give you accurate predictions.

This is why it is imperative to select the right psychic advisor for you. In addition to that, you should always prepare yourself mentally and emotionally prior to consulting a psychic. Charging yourself with positive energy and cleansing your auric field will strengthen the connection between you and a psychic. This will increase the chances of receiving an accurate psychic reading.

4.    Psychic’s Abilities and Experience Affect the Accuracy of Psychic Predictions

Obviously, the type of supernatural powers and the level of experience of an individual psychic affects the accuracy of psychic readings and predictions. In fact, psychics and mediums are either born with psychic gifts, or they develop intuitive abilities as they mature. In both cases, beginners are not always capable of interpreting their visions or sensations the right way. This often leads to inaccurate or misinterpreted psychic readings and predictions.

While a Tarot reader can learn the meanings of individual Tarot cards and perform a reading accordingly, some specialized readings require practical understanding and natural abilities rather than theoretical knowledge. If you are new to the psychic world and want to develop psychic powers, consider practicing your skills with a friend or family members from time to time. Keep in mind psychic abilities cannot be harnessed in a week. You will need to continuously practice and master your natural skills.

5.    Psychic Predictions Are Sometimes Based on Cold Reading

Unfortunately, some self-proclaimed psychics assert that they have actual psychic abilities and offer fake readings to simply bilk people out of thousands of dollars. Those who are in desperate need for guidance trust these scammers and pay money for fraudulent readings. The main issue is that a scammer might deliver a believable reading, which makes the client think that the advisor is a truly gifted one.

The truth is that many fake psychics use cold reading techniques and offer life readings that have not been based on actual supernatural abilities. Instead, they just make assumptions after obtaining information by analyzing an individual’s age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, visual appearance, clothes, hairstyle, body language, and manner of speech.

After observing your physical characteristics, a fake psychic will give you a couple of universal guesses and assumptions. This will enable him/her to analyze your reactions and offer you specific predictions about your future. In such cases, psychic predictions are not accurate at all.

6.    Fake Psychics Often Tell You What You Would Like to Hear

When receiving a psychic reading, you might encounter an advisor who simply tries to comfort you by telling you whatever you would like to hear. By doing so, they win you over and convince you to like them. These fake psychics just do their best to persuade you that they truly understand and what you are going through at the moment. They give you false promises and predict the future just the way you would like it to be.

If you are desperate about getting married and having kids, they will tell you that you are about to fall in love with your soulmate. If you are trying to find a job, they will tell you that you will get your dream job in the nearest future. If your romantic relationship has been a struggle for some time now, they will assure you that things will gradually get back to normal. The list of false promises and things you want to hear goes on…


7.    Psychic Predictions Are Extremely Mysterious

We all know that the nature of psychic predictions is pretty mysterious. When receiving a reading, you cannot really tell if it is accurate or not. You need some time to process the information and see how things pan out in your life. It might take hours, days, weeks, months, or even years for a psychic prediction to actually come true. You have no idea whether the specific prediction was accurate or not until then. This makes it quite challenging to determine the accuracy of a psychic prediction when you receive it.

Since psychics and mediums do not always specify the timings, you might have to wait for decades for a psychic prediction to come true. Some dishonest psychics benefit from this and offer psychic predictions that might never actually happen.

8.    You Might Artificially Make a Psychic Prediction Come True

Psychic predictions often influence people in a way that they start making choices that would contribute to a specific forecast coming true. For instance, if you are a woman and a psychic told you that you would find your true love at a parking lot, you might start searching for people who seem to be attractive every time you park your car in the lot.

As a result, you might actually find a person who you fall in love with and you will definitely think that the psychic was extremely accurate with the prediction. The truth is that you made the prediction come true since you were trying to find your romantic partner at the parking lot specifically. You just ignored other places you visit during the day because you thought that the parking lot was the only spot for your true love to be at.

Obviously, you could have found your love literally anywhere. However, you thought that the chances of finding your true love were higher at the parking lot. This is what a psychic made you believe in.

9.    Remote Psychic Predictions Can Be as Accurate as Those Delivered Face to Face

For some reason, people think that in-person psychic services are much more trustworthy and reliable than those delivered remotely. The truth is that phone readings and online predictions can be as accurate as face-to-face psychic séances. In some cases, a reading by phone can be even more precise and reliable since phone sessions reduce the chances of receiving cold readings instead of actual psychic guidance.

It is all about selecting the right psychic reading platform and a suitable psychic reader specifically for you. Whether you are looking for Tarot readings, picture readings, tea leaf readings, or general readings via other tools, you should consider a couple of platforms and select the one that best suits your needs, preferences, and even budget.

10. Even Legit Psychics Can Be Wrong Sometimes

When receiving a psychic reading, you should always keep in mind that even the most popular and highly rated psychics can be wrong sometimes. There is no way for a psychic or medium to be 100% accurate at all times. Things happen and even the experienced advisors can pick up on wrong energies or fail in interpreting their visions.

This is why it is hardly possible to determine how accurate psychic predictions can be. You might receive a totally inaccurate reading, a reading that is somewhat reliable, or a reading that is incredibly precise. In any case, you should regard psychic predictions as guidance rather than specific instructions to move forward.


World Psychic Predictions

As we have already discussed some of the critical factors you should consider when receiving psychic readings and predictions, let’s take a look at these real-world psychic predictions.

Psychic Predictions 2019

  • Tish Owen predicted that a leader from the northeast part of the US would emerge in 2019 and take care of the country just the way John Kennedy did. She also claimed that a woman would also emerge as a leader and win the seat she is running for.
  • Suzie Kerr Wright could clearly see that the president of the US would face family or health issues in July 2019. According to her, this would be a wake-up call for him. She also predicted the removal of two government officials due to illegal behavior.
  • Kiki Dombrowski predicted the increase in temperature leading to various heatwaves and fires. She could also see that Nashville would slow down the building craze and use the resources they had.
  • Tony Bernard predicted that several US officials would be charged with misconduct in 2019. He also predicted that people’s attitude toward farming and money would significantly change.
  • Psychic Nikki claimed that she was worried about Selena Gomez and that she had to be careful in 2019. She could also see that 2019 would bring joy to Meghan Markle and Lady Gaga. Psychic Nikki also predicted that two planes would crash at John F Kennedy airport in NYC.

Psychic Predictions for 2020

  • A psychic medium and astrologer, Kristy Robinett, suggested people to be more conservative with spending money and buying properties. She also predicted that 2020 would enable new business owners to quickly expand and succeed. According to Kristy, we would see peaceful communications for freedom and equality in 2020. She claimed that Donald Trump could win the 2020 election, but she could not see him carrying off the second term.
  • According to a Tarot reader Theresa Reed, 2020 would bring growth to people who had been working hard in 2019. She also associated the 2020 election with a battle royale and claimed that the victory would go to the one who won the debates.
  • Astrologer Amy Tripp predicted that Trump would face some issues, possibly health-related. She also stated that Trump had lower chances of being re-elected in the 2020 election.
  • The UK’s leading psychic, June Field, felt death coming in January 2020. Although she did not make any public predictions about coronavirus, she canceled all of her work commitments for 2020.

Psychic Predictions: President Donald Trump Will Lose the 2020 US Presidential Election

Clearly, psychics have always been predicting election results. Hence, it is no surprise that lots of psychics predicted Trump’s defeat in the 2020 US presidential election. Along with psychics, an American historian Allan Jay Lichtman has also indicated that Trump would lose the 2020 election.

While psychics use their supernatural powers to predict future events, Allan Lichtman relies on the Keys to the White House model, which he created in tandem with Russian seismologist Vladimir Keilis-Borok. The model is based on the 13 True/False criteria and is used to predict whether a specific candidate will lose or win the US presidential election. Allan Lichtman has successfully predicted the US election results for the last 40 years and he was also correct about Joe Biden becoming the next president of the United States.

As one can see, Allan Lichtman analyzes what a candidate has accomplished during the past years and determines the chances of him/her becoming a president. This is what some psychics do to predict future events, including the election results. In some cases, they do not even use any psychic powers. They just make predictions based on their critical and analytical thinking skills.

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