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How can I develop Psychic Abilities?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 11/08/20 11:05 AM EST
  • Updated: 11/05/20 11:07 AM EST

How To Develop Psychic Abilities

Some might think that you are born with a psychic ability or you aren’t. Some don’t believe that such a thing exists, but others make some of the most important life decisions based on their own or somebody else’s psychic abilities.

We are all entitled to our own opinions regarding psychic abilities, however, it is difficult to deny intuition. It might be something simple like knowing something was going to happen in that way or thinking of someone and bumping into them later. You can put it down to coincidence, but many believe that we all have a level of intuition. It’s up to us to choose whether we want to develop our intuition so that we are able to sense what is happening in alternative realms.

Children are naturally highly intuitive; they have a well-developed sixth sense and are often better able to read micro expressions than older children and adults. This also explains why children are more likely to talk about seeing spirits. Unfortunately, adults slowly push down this intuition as children grow up and so it is more difficult to appreciate the intuitive psychic abilities we all have.

Much like our beliefs, our reasons for wanting to develop psychic abilities will vary. It doesn’t mean we all want to start performing professional readings. Improving intuition and psychic abilities help us to make important decisions related to our relationships and careers. It can energize us and fill us with positivity, which rubs off on those around us.

Let’s look at how we can work on developing our psychic abilities so that we can lead a better, more fruitful life.


  1. You need to be open to the idea that you have psychic abilities

The fact that we all have this amazing power can be quite scary. Despite wanting to know the answers, we still fear them. For this reason, some people will convince themselves that they aren’t able to tap into their abilities. The first thing that we have to do is remove this negative block and welcome the idea that our intuition is able to grow and flourish.

It’s not enough to weakly tell ourselves that we have psychic abilities. We need to tell the universe with the conviction that you believe this. And, before telling the world that you believe in your own abilities, you actually need to genuinely believe in it!


  1. Get better at reading other people

It is more than likely that you have met at least one person and got that instant feeling that there was something off about them, maybe not that you didn’t like them but more like there was something untrusting about them or a bad energy. This is a perfect example of your intuition kicking in.

You can develop this skill by focusing more on the energy around people rather than their appearance, what they are wearing or their words and tone of voice. Spend time reading the things that people can’t control (like their micro expressions and energy). A good exercise is to focus on a person’s energy before even starting a conversation with them. Trust your intuition first and then use the conversation to confirm what parts of your intuition were accurate.


  1. Appreciate what happens in a room

Take a few minutes to scan a room and look at every single detail. Like with people, don’t necessarily focus on what is obvious, but what is not glaring at you in the face. Take in the smells and sounds, the way the light reflects in different areas. Explore the energy in the room and decide how this makes you feel. Never shy away from your feelings.


  1. Practice remote viewing

Remote viewing is when you imagine what a place is going to look like before you visit it. Imagine you are going to a new supermarket, restaurant, work location, etc. It has to be a place that you haven’t been to before or seen photos of. Draw up a mental image of what you think that place will look like, even make a note on a piece of paper if it helps.

When you visit the new place, compare your mental image with the location. In some cases, you will have general things correct, like the shape of a room or even the right color schemes. Other times, you will be surprised by how specific your mental image can be. You may get windows on the right wall, décor on the walls, even furniture in the right spots.


  1. Find support from your spiritual guide

There is a spiritual realm where our spiritual guides are waiting to offer us support and lessons. More often than not, there is someone in the spiritual world that we have lost and are there to be our spiritual mentor. Before we can start drawing on the wisdom from our spiritual guides, we need to make a connection with them.

To make a connection, we need to ask for a very specific sign. If it’s the middle of winter and you ask the universe for a sign like rain, the chances are this is just the weather, not a sign from the spiritual realm. When your request is more specific, like asking to see a dancing monkey, it is more likely that this is a sign and not a coincidence.


  1. Balance your chakras

The seven energy wheels that run from the base of your spine to the crown of your head play a massive role in your energy. Sometimes, one or more of the chakras will be blocked and this can have an impact on our intuition, mainly because our energies are also out of balance. There are several practices that can help encourage the energy to flow correctly through your chakras, yoga, meditation, Reiki, crystal healing and aromatherapy are some examples.


  1. Get better at understanding your dreams

Turning that intuition into a psychic ability can be boosted when we start tapping into our subconscious, and this can be done through our dreams. Dreams are representations of alternative realities. There are no physical or emotions limitations and we are better able to connect with the full spectrum of our psychic abilities. The better you get at this, the easier it becomes to slip between the conscious and the subconscious.

It’s normal that with so many scams in the world, we are warned about the psychic world and how it’s just a way for fraudsters to make a quick buck. This is not always the case. Some people take a lot of time to develop their psychic abilities with a genuine desire to help others. Try practicing the techniques above to start seeing a difference in your psychic abilities with the aim to increase your energy, make better decisions and start enjoying life more.

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