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How do Gemstones work?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 10/17/20 8:57 PM EDT
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What is the purpose of gemstones in a reading?

Gemstones have been used for generations to support spiritual practices because of their powerful energetic properties. Every stone has a unique energy that can assist with transformation and healing.

Spiritual guides, mystics, mediums and psychics incorporate gemstones into their practices for various reasons including amplification of energy, protection but most importantly, for the layer of meaning they add to a reading.

Gemstones are most frequently used in zodiac readings because of their relationship with the planets, sun and moon. Astrologers believe that gemstones have the ability to deflect or enhance planetary influences. Traditional Vedic astrology encourages you to wear gemstones every day to receive the benefits of their power. It’s believed that wearing your astrological birthstones supports good fortune, health and success.

Vedic and western astrology take somewhat different approaches to the use of precious stones for horoscopes. Both cultures found their cosmic knowledge of stars and gems on the zodiac wheel, which is divided into 12 sections called signs (Capricorn, Leo, Virgo, etc.) that each represent a constellation.

One of the key differences between these two approaches to the zodiac is where the method used to derive your sign. In western astrology, your sign describes which constellation the sun was in at the time of your birth, meaning gemstones are ascribed to a specific month or zodiac sign. Whereas traditional Vedic astrology marks signs by the constellation which resides on the eastern horizon at your time of birth

Both systems prescribe the use of gemstones, but in western horoscopes, you receive a birthstone which corresponds to the month you were born in and in Vedic readings gems are assigned to planets, not constellations.

Because everything is made of energy, certain stones are to enhance, redirect or balance astrological influences. Astrologers will direct you toward the best gemstones for your current cycle or phase while encouraging you to chose the stone which speaks to you the most. This is because astrologers value free will and believe that when a stone calls to you, it’s because it holds a specific meaning to your life at that time.

If you want to bring beauty into your life that also promotes harmony, consults with an astrologer to find out which stones are aligned to your cosmic path.

What are gemstones?

Gemstones are pieces of mineral such as amber or lapiz that have been cut and polished. They are formed when minerals below the earth’s surface react with water in different ways due to pressure or influences from other minerals like copper or zinc.

Vedic tradition gemstone association

Sun: Ruby, garnet, red tourmaline

Moon: Natural pearl and moonstone

Mars: Red coral

Jupiter: Yellow saphire, topaz, citrine

Venus: Diamond, white sapphire, phenakite, white topaz

Saturn: Blue sapphire, tanzanite, amethyst

Western astrology birthstones

January: Garnet, rose quartz

February: Onyx, amethyst

March: Aquamarine, bloodstone

April: Diamond, clear quartz

May: Emerald, chrysoprase

June: Moonstone, pearl

July: Ruby, carnelian

August: Peridot, sardonyx

September: Sapphire, lapis

October: Tourmaline, opal

November: Topaz, citrine

December: Turquoise, tanzanite

Meaning of gemstones used in astrology

Ruby: Nobility, passion, energy, honour.

Moonstone: Inner growth, strength, intuition, good fortune in love and business.

Citrine: Success, healthy mind and body, creativity, improves energy.

Phenakite: Positive changes, meditation aid, spiritual courage, insight.

Amethyst: Calm, clarity, grounding, letting of the fear of the unknown.

Turquois: Connected to water, flow states, creativity, protection from negativity, improved wellbeing.

Emerald: Stone of successful love, opens heart, inspiration, peace, patience, unity.

Garnet: Primordial fire, sensuality, purification, love, strength, creative energy.

Diamond: Crystal of light, high frequency, illumination, inner vision, imagination, psychic development.

Clear quartz: Master healer, amplification, harmony, regulates energy, clarity, high vibration.

Pearl: Purity, innocence, integrity, wisdom, serenity, strengthen relationships.

Onyx: Absorbs negative energy, protection, stabilising, past life healing, release old injuries, self-control.

Rose quartz: Universal love, harmonious relationships, opens heart, purifies, deep inner healing, self-love.

Bloodstone: Life, birth, vitality, strength, passion, courage and nurturing properties.

Peridot: Good health, good sleep, peace, compassion, balances mind and emotions, cheerful energy.

Sardonyx: Stone of strength and protection. Courage, happiness, virtue, stability, enhances willpower, stamina and alleviates depression.

Lapis lazuli: Royalty, honour, spirit, wisdom, truth, vision, highly prized in ancient times for it’s celestial connection.

White sapphire: Good fortune, spiritual insight, power, strength, the wisdom of judgement, clarity of thought, opening the mind.

Tanzanite: Transmutation, change, intuition, perception, higher consciousness, detoxifying, calming, soothing.

Opal: “Eye stone”, fire, innocence, purity, inspires love and hope, luck, happiness, ancient Greeks believed opals could give people the gift of prophecy.

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