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How do I channel my psychic abilities?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 10/05/20 12:45 PM EDT
  • Updated: 10/03/20 12:45 PM EDT

How do I channel my psychic abilities?

Many incredibly talented psychics in the world have a strong connection to metaphysical realms that looks impossible to replicate. But is it? Is it possible we all contain within us dormant supernatural powers, or only a chosen few?

The answer? Anyone can learn to channel psychic abilities! As with all skills, developing extrasensory talents can be achieved with consistent training and a little patience.

Everyone is born with empathic senses that are lost over time. That means it’s natural for humans to tune into the vibrational frequencies of their environment, be able to detect subtle changes in energy or the emotions of other people, sense spirits or obtain insights about the past and future.

Most people fall out of synch with their intuition as they age, but it’s possible to reestablish the link at any point in life. There is an excellent chance that your psychic abilities have been manifesting on subconscious level already, which is why you were drawn here!

Have you ever experienced a sudden inner knowing or flash of insight? Maybe a friend spontaneously entered your thoughts minutes before you run into them and you find yourself telling them ‘I was just thinking about you’. Rummage through your memory, are there times when dreams have manifested as reality, or off-hand comments have turned into prophecies?

Though we might forget the connection the power to divine never truly leaves, psychic phenomena arises to call your attention to the potential that lies within. To be psychic simply means you have access to information which lies beyond the five senses.

Whether you want channel psychic energy to expand your consciousness, connect more deeply to yourself and to Source, enhance creativity or become more effective at manifesting with intention you will need to spend time strengthening your intuition.

Here is a guide for developing psychic abilities.


To reach your full psychic potential, you need to align heart mind and soul and learn how to be calm and present. That means being able to listen to your heart and souls then use your mind to take action.

Meditation is the most effective way to bring heart, soul and mind into alignment as it promotes tranquility in your mind allowing you to hear the messages as you receive them.

During meditation, you become attuned to the wisdom of your spirit, which brings harmony to your inner world and quiets the mind. Just five minutes of meditation a day will significantly increase intuitive prowess.

Practice following your heart

One of the more challenging aspects involved in the journey is overcoming self-doubt. Have you ever had an overwhelming sense that something was about to go wrong but told yourself you were just being silly? Or has your gut told you to go for something great, but a moment of hesitation causes you to miss it?

The reason this happens is that we have become conditioned to trusting external advice rather than our own inner knowing. To overcome self-doubt, build up trust in small steps by taking little risks. Practice following the advice given by your heart and act on your instincts.

As you go pay attention to the outcome, if a prediction turns out to be inaccurate, ask yourself, ‘Was it a gut feeling or an emotion?’ ‘ Did I believe that thing would happen, or did I just want it too?’. This way, you use self-awareness to build trust in your capabilities.

Energy scans

Practice turning off your mind and reaching out energetically to the vibrations in your environment. Scan the room you’re in then listen to what comes up metaphysically, what does your intuition tell you is happening below the surface? You can do this in any situation to feel out nuances in energy and the emotions of people.

Open up your chakras

Chakras are a vital component of our energetic bodies, vibrant open chakras, in particular the third eye, support psychic insights. You can do this with a chakra balancing massage, guided meditation, sound healing or reiki.

Eat well, sleep well, exercise

Not what you were expecting to see but important none the less! Taking care of your physical health is a significant factor in how well you can ‘download’ spiritual data. Everyone is familiar with ‘gut feelings’, but only a few people know that poor gut health can interfere with intuition.

Lack of sleep, feeling sluggish and low from a lack of exercise is another obstacle as it alters your mood, making it challenging to discern what is emotion and what is guidance. The ‘cleaner’ the vessel, the easier it is to channel psychic information.

Keep a dream diary

Journaling your dreams establishes a link to both the personal unconscious and humanities collective unconscious. Dreams are where archetypes live, and spirits can more easily transmit messages. A dream journal helps you keep track of patterns or insights you may have missed.

Everyone has a deep inner knowing, we all come from the same source with equal opportunity to engage it. All it takes is daily practice, trust and an open mind.



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