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How Do I Know if a Psychic or a Medium Is Real?

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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 07/03/20 10:43 PM EDT
  • Updated: 11/01/20 2:10 PM EST

Consultations with psychics have been relevant for the last several centuries. People visit different types of psychics and mediums to receive readings and get feedback on their personal lives, future events, or even basic day-to-day activities. Although many consider this pseudoscience and its divinatory practices as imaginary and unrealistic, various individuals across the globe have proven the existence of psychic abilities. Even public figures have solved life-changing issues through the help of gifted mediums.

Similarly to any other field, there are scammers among talented psychics and mediums too. They pretend to have extrasensory perception and commit fraud by preying on unaware clients. But this does not mean that every psychic should be regarded in this way. On the contrary, there are plenty of amazing psychics and mediums who have aided numerous people with their reliable readings and predictions.

To be aware of the issue of scammer psychics, you should just follow some general rules for choosing the right advisor. To make it easier for you to select a trustworthy psychic or medium, I have compiled the list of aspects to be considered that will be further discussed later on. The primary purpose of the article is to answer the most frequently asked question: “Are psychics and mediums real?”

If you want to dive into the topic, keep reading!


Who Are Psychics and Mediums? What is the difference?

First things first, let’s talk a little bit about psychics, mediums, and differences between these two terms.

Starting with psychics, they are people who have either been gifted with extrasensory perception or have learnt some general techniques, such as card readings. There are different types of psychics, each practicing slightly different divinatory methods. Some of the common types of psychics include astrologers, numerologists, clairvoyants, cartomancers, palm readers, psychometry readers, lithomancers, crystallomancers, mediums, and others. Although the outcome of the sessions is somewhat similar, each psychic uses special methodologies to uncover differing topics.

While some of the types of psychics can just learn how to read and interpret cards or use the physical energy of an individual by feeling some objects, mediums are solely dependent on extrasensory perception. They communicate with spirits and deliver the messages obtained through the non-physical energy of the soul. The surrounding souls help them see events from the past, present, and future of a client.

Summing up, a medium is always a psychic, but a psychic might not be a medium. In other words, a medium can be considered as one of the types of psychics.


What Do They Use to Provide Readings and Predict Future Events?

Each type of psychic uses different tools to provide readings and predict the future.

As we have discussed in the previous section, there are different types of psychics specializing in contrasting areas. Thus, they use different approaches to solve the issues. The brief summary of what each kind of psychic uses to provide readings and predict some critical future events are as follows.

  • Astrologers – provide predictions and issue horoscopes based on celestial object observations.
  • Numerologists – link the value and meaning of different numbers to possible life events.
  • Clairvoyants – read the aura and feel invisible aspects of life through their paranormal abilities.
  • Cartomancers – use different types of card decks to uncover the future of an individual. One of the most common cartomancy techniques is Tarot reading.
  • Palm readers – observe lines and mounts on a palm to predict the future or characteristics of an individual.
  • Psychometry readers – require physical contact with an individual or with objects related to him/her to obtain necessary information.
  • Lithomancers – utilize various kinds of stones and provide feedback considering the position of each stone after tossing them on a board.
  • Crystallomancers – look into a transparent crystal with globular shape and see important future events that an individual might face.
  • Mediums – contact souls surrounding a person and perceive past, current, or future events considering the energy received from them.

How Do I Know if I Need a Psychic and What Type of Psychic Should I Consult?

People usually do not know whether they need a visit to a psychic or not. If you are in a life phase with dozens of problems that cannot be solved and you do not know what to do to make your life more enjoyable, you most probably want to consult a reliable psychic. They will not only predict future occurrences but also give you advice on what to do and how to act.

If you cannot decide which type of psychic to address, review the previous section and choose the one that you think would work best for you. 


Are Psychics Real?

But is it worth to visit a psychic for a piece of advice? Are they even real?

The answer to the above questions is, “IT DEPENDS!”

Generally speaking, lots of people have claimed that their lives had become much smoother and happier after their visit to a psychic. Although readings are real, there are cases when they do not end up being true. Note that this is not necessarily the psychic’s fault. There is a bunch of aspects affecting the chances of an event to occur. Since your life is dynamic, even a simple action can alter your future.

Another factor that should always be considered is whether you are visiting a real psychic or a typical scammer. If none of the predictions were close to reality, you might have been a victim of well-planned fraud. To prevent this from happening, explore the next section about avoiding psychic reading scams by simple tricks. 


What Should I Do to Avoid Psychic Reading Scams?

You should always make sure you are not another victim of an organized psychic reading scam. To do so, here are some quick tips you can follow prior to visiting a particular psychic.

  • Never visit a psychic you have never heard of. Talented psychics are usually well-known in the area where they live. It will help if you always try to choose a psychic a friend of yours has recommended or the one having many satisfied clients.
  • After you have selected the psychic, make sure you do not share any specific details before the visit and during the séance. Most of the scammers use your personal information to do research on you and provide feedback based on the daily activities you share through social media.
  • Some of the psychics can also be certified. If this is the case, you should ask for the certificate to be sure that you are not being scammed.
  • If you are planning an online session with a psychic, you can simply check the rating and public reviews from past clients. This might help you find a suitable spiritual coach.
  • Some scammers have low rating score and barely any reviews but offer services for pretty high rates. You should realize that they just do not have anything to lose. If anyone decides to schedule a session with them, they will simply tell dozens of lies and still get paid.
  • Note that not every psychic with high rates on seances is a scammer. Similarly to any other industry, psychics set the prices depending on their experience and considering how they value their time.

Concluding Remarks

Consequently, it can be stated that psychics and mediums are real. The only issue is whether you end up consulting a genuine psychic or yet another scammer. If you consider the tips and tricks provided throughout the article, you will be able to find the right psychic and get valuable advice based on the readings and predicted future events.

You just need to be careful while seeking a psychic. Do your research and believe in these gifted people!

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