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How do Palm Readings work?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 04/07/21 8:46 PM EDT
  • Updated: 03/08/21 8:48 PM EST

How Does Palm Reading Work?

I can remember back in high school one give said she could read palms. She went around telling us all is we were going to live a long life and if we would have a boy or a girl. Half were delighted and half were in tears, she probably picked up her so-called skill from a page of Cosmopolitan.

The truth is palm reading is rather more complex than that and it takes someone with experience to understand the information that our palms could be telling us. Some call it pseudoscience, a practice that claims to be scientific or factual but actually has no scientific approach. That being said, it has stopped numerous cultures from using palmistry to predict the future.

Some of the first evidence on palmistry goes back to early B.C in China, India, and Tibet. Some people have issues believing the predictions because as the practice spread, different cultures added their own interpretations. Your palmist in New York will see things differently to a Persian Buddha. Like many divination practices, it is often about finding a palmist that you trust and have a rapport with.

What Is Palmistry or Palm Reading?

Some people say that are hands are like a fossilized record as they are formed in the early stages of development. During a palm reading, a person will look at all of the features of the hand from the length of fingers to the different lines. They will then take this information and see how it relates to planetary movements and the events in your life.

Palm readers should look at both your left and right hand. This is because your dominant hand gives insight to characteristics that are practiced whereas the non-dominant hand shows the reader more about your natural personality. When combined, the reader can see the complete picture.

How Does Palm Reading Work?

Many people prefer to begin by looking at the bigger picture and then turning their attention to the smallest of details. A good place to start is by understanding the four elements and their relationship with the lines on your palms.

The Shape of Your Hand

The shape of your hand can point to one of the different elements, earth, fire, air or water. Your zodiac sign might be Aries, a fire sign, but your palm might point to air, showing a personality that is more intricate. The shape of the hand can also indicate an element. Earth hands have square palms with shorter fingers, unlike air hands which have a square palm and longer fingers.


The Topography

Really, the topography is a fancy way of saying the bumps or mounts in contrast with the flatter areas. The center of your palm is known as the Plain of Mars. As you run your other hand over your palm, you will feel a number of other bumps. From the base of your thumb and going in a clockwise direction, they correspond with:


  • Venus
  • Inner Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Apollo (the sun)
  • Mercury
  • Outer Mars
  • And Luna (the moon)

The higher certain raised areas are, the more predominant a certain characteristic might be and vice versa. For example, a significantly raised Jupiter can show extreme confidence whereas a low Jupiter may point to a lack of confidence. Mercury points to intelligence and communication, the Plain of Mars can show just how balanced your traits are.


The Lines and Creases

It’s the lines on your hand that can give insight into the future. A palmist will take each of the 5 main lines and look at the length, depth and curvature. They also have to consider if lines cross and the bumps that they pass over. Generally speaking, here is what the 5 lines can indicate:

  • Head line- it refers to our intellect and the way in which we think. A deep line could suggest our metal goals are complex. It can also tell us about the lessons we still need to learn.
  • Heart line- logically, this line is linked to love, romance, commitment and even sexuality. A lot of forks in this line might imply many lovers—it’s impossible not to check (the line from your index/middle finger to the outside of your palm).
  • Life line- a short life line is not a sign of a short life, it’s more about your experiences, independence and other people’s influence on your journey.
  • Fate line- it points to our destiny whether professional or personal, and the situations in our life that we don’t have control over.
  • Sun line- this line indicates when and how we will gain our success, fame, or our legacy.

Once a palmist has taken all of this into consideration, they will then be able to offer insights into your personality, situation and make predictions about your future.


Can Anyone Have a Palm Reading?

Yes, anyone can have a palm reading but there are a few things that may affect the accuracy of a reading. First and foremost, it will be the experience of the palmist and it takes time to be able to read such details.

Our hands, just like the rest of us, do age. Not only does it mean that readings will change over time, but it also means that as our hands get older it may become more difficult to see the lines clearly. Accidents that have left scars may hinder a reading too.


Causes for Concern

Due to the nature of the industry, it’s easy for anyone with confidence and the ability to tell a good story to advertise themselves as a palm reader. As with psychics and mediums, it is possible to use techniques such as cold reading to convince a client of non-existent skills. An overweight middle-aged man is likely to have health issues. Also, the clothes, jewelry and colors a person wears can provide information about someone’s personality.

Others may use research to create their insights. Men with longer ring fingers than index fingers tend to be more athletic and have more children.

Palm Readings can be fun and offer amazing insight. There is a good reason the practice has survived for thousands of years. Trust your instructs and remember that nothing said in a palm reading is set in stone.



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