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How Do Past Life Readings Work?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 03/20/21 8:31 PM EDT
  • Updated: 03/08/21 8:32 PM EST

How Do Past Life Readings Work?

Recently I had my aura’s read and part of the reading was to look back at past lives. A young girl stone skipping at the beach didn’t make much sense to me, so I decided to look more into how past life readings work? Before we answer this question, it’s important to understand more about reincarnation.

What Is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is a belief that a part of the human continues to exist after it has died. This part, whether mind or soul, then gets reborn into a new physical form. For those who don’t follow a religion that believes in reincarnation, it can be a struggle to comprehend. We wonder if this is to do with how our minds change as we get older. Just like children how children are more inclined to see ghosts than adults as they are more open-minded. Cases of reincarnation are highly predominant in children.

Jim B. Tucker is a psychiatry professor who has looked at over 2,500 cases of reincarnation among children. One particular case was 4-year-old Ryan Hammons. Doctors assumed it was night terrors when Ryan was shouting ‘Action’ in the middle of the night and dreaming his heart exploded in Hollywood. It went on for months and the dreams were extremely upsetting for Ryan. He and his mon were looking through a book on Hollywood. Ryan pointed to a photo from the 30s with two men, one he named as George and the man next to him was Ryan.

Even Tucker understands that reincarnation takes a leap of faith to believe, but he also stated that more research needs to be carried out to explain what appears to be a carry-over of memories.


What Is A Past Life Reading?

It’s not uncommon for the movies and TV to perhaps romanticize past life readings, or at least not quite present them in their true light. Reincarnation isn’t just a case of a soul randomly choosing its next life. It involves a goal and Karama.

Each reincarnation should be into a more superior body, an ant into a dog, a dog into a dolphin, a dolphin into a man, a man into another man who has learnt the lessons from his previous life. Each reincarnation should lead the soul to a higher state of consciousness. Karma, or cause and effect, can influence the type of next life. So, for example, a poor person who has dedicated their life to helping others can expect a better next life. On the contrary, a rich person who is greedy may have to live a humbler life before processing.

A past life reading looks back at the different lives to give more insight into the journey you have been on. Like my reading, it’s unlikely that you will get specific details like your name. However, there may be enough information to help you answer questions and gain more insight into the life you should be leading now.


How Does A Past Life Reading Work?

There are many different tools that can be used for a past life reading. Some Tarot card readings can focus on past life and contrary to popular belief, a crystal ball isn’t just for reading the future but also to understand past lives. A past life reading is most often performed by a psychic or medium. This can be in person, if the times allow it or over the phone, by chat or email.

It’s worth taking note that a past life reading is not the same as past life regression. The person performing a past life reading will tap into your energies. A past life regression uses hypnosis to attempt to recover memories of past lives.

When you begin your reading, it’s important that you are both relaxed and have an open mind. Your reader will tap into your energies and doubt or negativity can block or interrupt your energy, making it harder to get a clear reading.

Your past life reader isn’t able to zoom into specific times that you want to learn about or a certain past life. The information won’t come in chronological order. It’s down to your soul to pass on information to your reader that will benefit your current situation.

You should also remember that you can’t fear your past lives as it’s not a sign of what is destined to happen to you in this life. Imagine you lived in 14th century England and were beheaded. The chances of you being beheaded in this lifetime are minimal. But this could explain why you don’t like wearing a scarf or necklace. Your reader won’t know that you don’t like things around your neck, so it’s up to you to piece the information together.

At the end of the reading, your psychic should clear their energy. As emotional as a past life reading can be for you, remember that your reader may well experience the same things as you did in your past life, which can be draining.


How Can Past Life Readings Change Your Current Life?

Many past life readers believe that issues from your past life can be brought into your present life. The problems you experience might come from unresolved issues from another life. With time, you can look back at all of the past lives your psychic told you about and look for patterns. It’s these patterns that allow you to make necessary changes in this life so that you are able to feel more fulfilled.

Are Past Life Readings Worth It?

Definitely! You are only going to waste your time and money if you go into a reading with a pessimistic outlook. Having a past life reading may not provide you with immediate answers, you will have to do some of the work to try and understand what your soul or spirit is trying to tell you. It’s also important not to obsess over those past lives that don’t seem to have any meaning. If you can’t find a link between your current life and a past life when you were backpacking through Australia, that’s ok. The message might make sense later on in your life!

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