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How Do Psychics Work Over the Phone?

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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 08/22/20 2:14 PM EDT
  • Updated: 11/01/20 2:03 PM EST

In the previous centuries, you had to travel to a psychic or medium to receive a reading. 21st-century technological advancements allow us to consult a psychic without even leaving home. Some of the most popular psychic services are offered through telephone calls, emails, websites, and mobile apps. The customers have access to a wide array of psychics and can also choose the specific service they are willing to receive. After completing a few basic steps, a customer can connect to the chosen psychic through a phone call, live chat, or video call.

While virtual psychic reading services are considered to be advantageous in some ways, they can also be linked with dozens of unpleasant issues. The most widespread problems associated with virtual services are scams, blackmailing, and illegal uses of personal information.

Although telephone and email psychic readings have been extremely popular at the beginning of the 21st century, they have been slightly shaded by other virtual services during the last couple of years. The reason for this is that the majority of psychic scam cases involve séances offered over the phone or email.

In this article, we will focus on psychic services provided over the phone. Specifically, you will learn more about how psychics work over the phone, what tricks they use during the calls, and whether telephone readings are reliable sources of information. We will also explore two of the most popular platforms offering services over the phone.


How Do Psychics Provide Guidance Over the Phone?

To receive psychic guidance over the phone, you will just need to dial a specific number provided by an individual psychic or a psychic company. The procedure for these two cases is slightly different, so it will be discussed separately below.

  • Consulting an Individual Psychic Over the Phone

Some psychics provide a private phone number for their customers to call when they need guidance. This is especially common when a psychic that you have already consulted in person gives you his/her phone number for emergencies. In such cases, you simply dial the provided number and either talk to the psychic directly or arrange the psychic session and call the psychic later.

When you are consulting an individual psychic over the phone, you will, most probably, not be charged during the call. Instead, the psychic might tell you to pay a particular amount of money using other payment methods. Typically, the price of a psychic reading session is negotiated prior to making a phone call. But in some cases, you will be charged for the minutes you stayed on the line.

  • Consulting a Psychic by Dialing a Company Number

If you have decided to receive psychic guidance from a specific company over the phone, you will need to call a particular number provided on their website or in the advertisement. Most of the time, you will be asked to select the service and enter a PIN of a specific psychic to start the psychic reading session.

Generally, there are two options when calling psychics on a company number:

– You dial the number and you are charged during the call. You pay a specific rate per minute, along with being charged at the standard carrier rate.

– You pay via card prior to starting the session, but you will also have to pay your phone carrier’s additional charges.

In addition, some companies also allow their customers to send text messages with a specific question. In such cases, you pay a certain fee for each received SMS. Be aware that the number of messages you send per reply might be limited.


What Tricks Do Psychics Use During Phone Psychic Readings?

Evidently, the psychic industry is among the doubtful businesses. The reason for this is the mysterious nature of different types of psychic readings. People look at psychic services with skepticism, and this is significantly influenced by so many psychic scam cases throughout the world.

Similarly to in-person reading sessions, fake psychics also use some tricks to fool their customers during phone psychic readings. To be more accurate, companies teach their fake psychics how to conduct psychic reading séances over the phone so that the company revenue is increased.

Some of the most common tricks used by psychic companies during phone readings are discussed below.

  • Generalized and vague statements that could apply to almost anyone

The most widespread technique used by psychics for scamming people is talking about extremely general topics that could be true for almost any individual on earth. This technique works just fine for each and every type of psychic reading session. Whether you are talking to a psychic in person or on the phone, you might be a victim of psychic fraud.

  • Keeping customers on the hotline for as long as possible

To increase the revenue, companies operating over the phone train their psychics to keep the customers on the hotline for longer periods. Artificially increasing the duration of a session is a very common trick in the psychic industry.

For instance, you might be waiting in a nonexistent queue before actually talking with a psychic. Of course, your phone carrier will charge you for every second you spend on the line. After starting the session, you will be required to pay not only carrier charges but also psychic reading fees. And this is when everything gets even trickier.

Sometimes, psychics talk too slow so that they increase the duration of the reading séance. Or, they might simply talk too much to make the call longer. Psychics working over the phone can also ask some random questions and claim that this is necessary for providing an accurate reading. In fact, they just try to make you spend more money. Some dishonest psychics even hang up the phone so that you make another call and pay even more for a consultation.

  • Convincing customers that they need another phone reading session

The next common trick that phone psychics use is telling his/her customers that they should schedule another phone reading session to receive complete and accurate psychic guidance. To do so, they might even talk about false future events or possible difficulties in an individual’s life. After convincing the client that something unpleasant might happen, it is obvious that the client will do his/her best to avoid undesirable situations.

While customers freak out about having problems in life, psychic companies celebrate their undeserved success.

  • Retrieving personal information

Lots of cases of the retrieval of personal information have been reported in various countries throughout the entire world. Psychic companies operating over the phone often obtain personal information and use the details for blackmailing their customers.

Sometimes, psychics might use personal information separately from the companies they work with. Dishonest companies and psychics simply take advantage of their power and do not consider how their customers feel.

Since stealing personal information is one of the widespread issues associated with phone psychic readings, you should always be very careful and attentive during the session.

  • Saving payment methods and charging extra fees

If you have paid with your card for a phone reading session, the company might save your payment information and randomly charge you for services that you have not received. To be unnoticeable, they might charge you a dollar or two at a time. When you have hundreds or thousands of dollars in your bank account, you might not even notice the disappearance of a couple of dollars.Although it might not change your financial situation, they can easily get reach by stealing a few dollars from each customer.

  • Unqualified individuals that have been trained to work as fake psychics

Unfortunately, not every psychic you talk on the phone is a real psychic. Instead of hiring experienced psychics and mediums with actual supernatural abilities, many psychic companies train individuals to work as fake psychics. How this works is that they teach them some specific techniques by which the “psychics” can easily scam you. They have pre-planned responses to almost any question one could possibly ask during the phone reading séance. They just know how to act as if they were talented psychics.

While the company and dishonest psychics make money for doing nothing, you receive guidance that is based on a bunch of lies. If you consider the feedback received during reading sessions with fake psychics, you might even end up making the worst decisions of your life.


Are Phone Psychic Readings Accurate and Trustworthy?

There is no specific answer to whether phone psychic readings are accurate and trustworthy. It all depends on who you are talking with. If you are consulting your personal psychic over the phone just because you needed an emergency reading séance, you should probably trust the predictions and feedback provided during the session. On the contrary, if you are consulting a psychic from an unknown company, you should be aware that the person you are talking with might not even be a genuine psychic.

To receive an accurate reading that you can trust and consider for making even major decisions in life, you should always find a reliable psychic to talk with over the phone. To do so, you can either ask a friend of yours for some recommendations or go to online psychic websites and select a psychic there.


Some of the Most Popular Platforms Offering Psychic Services Over the Phone

If you want to consult a psychic over the phone but do not really know how to find the right advisor, you should probably check out some of the online platforms offering phone psychic services. Two of the most popular ones include The Circle and Sally Morgan. Some additional information you might need to know will be provided below.

The Circle is one of the online psychic platforms allowing customers to connect to readers in many different ways. Along with live chat and live call options, people can contact various psychics over the phone. If you consult a psychic over the phone, you simply pay for the minutes you stay on the line via your phone bill.

If you are wondering how to select a psychic, it is a pretty easy job. You just go to the official website and choose the reader based on customer feedback, overall rating, and rate per minute. Each psychic has his/her unique PIN that you need to use to connect to the specific advisor. You should just dial the number and follow the instructions provided during the call.

Due to the fact that you can check the feedback of various psychics before starting a conversation makes the website more reliable.

Another psychic website providing psychic services over the phone is Sally Morgan. The website offers four psychic services, including consultations through webchat, email, text messages, and calls. For receiving guidance over the phone, you will need to choose one of the four payment options first. After selecting the suitable one, you dial the number, select reading, enter the PIN of a specific psychic, and finally, receive your reading.

Similarly to The Circle, Sally Morgan also displays the feedback and overall rating of the psychics. This makes it easier for you to make the right choice and receive guidance that would really help you with dealing with some difficulties in your life.



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