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How Much Do Psychic Readings Cost?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 06/27/20 7:41 AM EDT
  • Updated: 07/01/20 1:28 AM EDT

Believe it or not, psychic readings are still prevalent in the 21st century. Dozens of people all around the world are willing to go to a medium to receive a type of therapy and get answers to some of the life-changing questions. Several factors are commonly considered for choosing the right psychic. Along with the experience and rating of a particular medium, the price of a session has a significant influence on whether one arranges an appointment with him/her or not.

Therefore, after the question “how good a specific psychic is?” there always comes a follow-up question: “how much does it cost to receive a psychic reading?”.

Due to the importance and relevance of the price range for getting psychic readings, I will provide the average costs and discuss some of the factors that might influence the price.

What Does It Cost to Go to a Medium for a Psychic Reading?

First things first, let’s talk about the general prices for psychic readings. Note that the cost is extremely variable from psychic to psychic. Thus, it is hardly possible to report the specific value of a session.

Typically, mediums offer readings from about $1 to even $35 per minute. Sessions generally last for about 30 minutes to an hour. As a result, you might end up spending somewhere between $30 and $1050 for a 30-minute reading session and $60-2100 for a meeting that lasts for an hour. Psychics might set a fixed price for a course, but still, the final cost depends on how long does it take for a medium to complete the reading.

As you can see, the range is pretty broad and it is not even possible to make it somewhat more specific. There is a wide array of aspects that needs to be considered to state more precise costs for getting psychic readings. To learn more about the factors playing the pivotal role in such a variable price range, keep reading! I will cover all you might need to assess for getting an idea of how much a visit to a medium can cost.

What Are the Factors Influencing the Price of a Psychic Reading?

As there are various issues affecting the cost of a psychic reading session, I will take into account some of the critical aspects, which are as follows.


Similarly to any product or service price, the cost of psychic reading sessions is also country- or city-specific. What this means is that countries that are considered as “cheap” compared to others might offer services for lower costs. On the contrary, countries with high and expensive living standards are most probably going to provide services that cost much more.

Evidently, if you have planned to visit a medium for psychic readings in a relatively expensive country, you should not expect the fees to be low. Instead, you might have to pay even ten times more than in the case of cheap countries.

Be aware that paying more just because a specific medium is from an expensive country does not guarantee that the results are more accurate. Sometimes, readings by affordable psychics are much more reliable than the feedback received from an overpriced medium.


Not only the location but also the environment influences the price of a psychic reading session. One might think that as long as the psychic is experienced and trustworthy, it does not really matter how the environment looks like. But this is not the case.

It has been proven that the accuracy of the readings is dependent on how a particular individual feels at that specific moment. Therefore, receiving readings in a decent environment and a pleasing atmosphere is of immense importance.

Presumably, the quality and overall style of psychic room décor are also reflected in the price of a session. If a medium has created a charming environment for the clients to feel relaxed and comfy, he/she might charge you more than the one who simply receives people in a regular room.

Type of Questions You Ask

One of the considerable aspects that influence the price of a reading is the type of question you are asking a medium. Finding solutions to different kinds of topics does not require the same effort. Instead, each and every problem is complicated in its own way. Some of them are pretty easy to solve while there are dozens of issues that require great endeavoring for the readings to be interpreted.

The level of intricacy is directly linked with the amount of time a medium needs to provide the feedback. Therefore, the more complicated your question is, the more time the psychic needs to conclude the reading, meaning that you will be charged more for detailed queries and less for somewhat general and straightforward issues.


Experience is among the most prominent features of an individual psychic. Thus, it is also reflected in the price of a reading. The reason for this is that when you have over 10 years of experience in successfully providing reading services, you might allow yourself to increase the cost of your session. In this way, experienced psychics are valued for the effort and years they have spent mastering the art of reading. If one does not have enough understanding and mastery of the field, he/she should not risk setting higher prices for the services because nobody will trust someone with few to even no experience. On the other hand, individuals willing to receive accurate readings will most probably prefer to pay a higher rate for a visit to an experienced and trustworthy psychic.


While there are lots of psychics out there with completely no certification, numerous mediums have spent years learning specific skills to earn a certificate of a professional psychic reader. The price of a visit to a certified medium is usually higher than in the case of psychics with no certification. This is because certified mediums can prove their credibility by presenting a document stating that they have completed specific theoretical courses and passed examinations.

Note that this might not be true in some cases. For instance, if a medium has roughly 20-year experience working in the field, he/she might set higher rates due to the number of successful sessions and mastery of reading, even without possessing any type of certificate.

Rating and Reviews

Last but not least, the overall rating and reviews of a medium also influence the price of a psychic reading session. Currently, there are various psychics offering reading services online. You just log in to a particular website and book an appointment with the medium of your interest. In such cases, you can access the reviews from his/her past clients and decide whether it is worth paying the rate to that specific medium. Typically, the higher the overall score of a psychic, the costlier the reading services.

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