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How Often should I get a psychic reading?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 11/19/20 3:10 PM EST
  • Updated: 11/09/20 3:13 PM EST

How Often Should I Get A Psychic Reading?

Psychic readings aren’t like oil changes in your car or your AC filters. There are no kilometers to measure or recommended months before it’s time to get a new reading. Even psychics may disagree on the ideal frequency of your readings, some might suggest once a month while others think twice a year is sufficient.

Unlike the maintenance of our appliances and vehicles, how often you have a psychic reading is a very personal choice. To answer the question, it is worth going back to the first reason why you want a reading in the first place. Let’s take a look at two very different reasons and how they might affect the frequency of your readings.

  1. You have questions about your future

Perhaps you are looking at buying a new home, planning your wedding, or hoping to change careers. Once you have had your reading and discovered the answer to your question, there is very little point in revisiting your psychic until you have seen how things play out or until you experience a major change. Some people fall into the habit of not liking what they hear and going back just to see if anything has changed. A psychic is only going to pick up the same information if your situation remains the same.

It’s important to remember that psychic readings offer you guidance and can answer some big questions, but they don’t set your future in stone and you still have the control to make your own decisions and necessary changes.

Rather than planning a psychic reading based on time frames, it might be a better idea to plan your readings based on significant changes in your life.


  1. You hope to contact someone who has passed away

In this case, you are somewhat out of control and really, so is your psychic. Remember that your psychic is an oracle, the deliverer of the message. Just because you want to contact a spirit and your psychic is available, it doesn’t mean that the spirit is ready and willing to establish contact. Like humans, spirits are travelling on their own journey and need to reach a point where they are able to contact the living. If your psychic doesn’t make contact with your loved one, it might be worth returning in the following week or two.

At the same time, during a reading, a different spirit might make contact with you. Despite not being who you intended; they might still have something important that you should listen to. As psychics, we don’t have the ability to pick and choose who wants to communicate with the living.

These are very different cases and it doesn’t really answer the question of how often to get a psychic reading. The biggest take away from this is that you must rely on your instincts to answer this question. It’s a very personal decision that will depend on your circumstances; too soon and you risk receiving the same information or missing out on information because you haven’t had time to reflect on the guidance from your previous reading.

Tips for planning the frequency of your readings.


  1. Your psychic’s advice

Be very careful of a psychic who is overly enthusiastic or puts pressure on you to return for a reading too soon. A good psychic will know that time is needed for processing. Just like an unethical salesperson who tries to sell things you don’t need; psychics shouldn’t put any form of pressure on you to return before you are ready.

  1. Don’t leave psychic readings just for the bad

Though we have mentioned that you shouldn’t rush into booking your next psychic reading, you also want to make sure that you do have regular visits, whether that’s once a year or once or twice a month. Leaving reads for when you are in desperate need of help won’t allow you to get the most out of your readings.

  1. Prepare for your psychic reading

Only in the films do people walk into a psychic reading and expect to get significant meaning out of it. You may have heard people saying that you will only get out of a reading what you put into it, and this is very true. Prepare the questions that you would like to find answers to because this will help keep your reading focused. Don’t forget that you might also want to take a pen and paper to make a note of some of the answers.

  1. Avoid readings when you are overly emotional

Ironically, we feel the greatest need for a reading when we are most upset but this is probably the time that we will gain the least. When we are upset it is difficult to create a list of the right questions. It is going to be more challenging for you to concentrate on the guidance your psychic is giving you and to remember this information and process it later. While you are upset, instead of rushing to your psychic, use this time to prepare for your next reading.

  1. Have a budget

This is probably one of the most important things to consider. So many times, we have heard from people who have spent a fortune on psychic readings, not because of scams but because their readings were too frequent. Include your readings as part of your budget. If you feel like you need an extra reading one month, make sure you understand that you will have to sacrifice something else on your budget. Don’t blow your budget just to ask a psychic if there is an end to your financial problems.

  1. Think about the time you need

Once you have had one or two readings you will have a rough idea of how long it takes to work through your questions and how many sessions you will need. It is then worth making sure that your budget allows for this number of sessions. Also, do you have enough time in your schedule for this number of sessions and the time you will need afterwards to reflect on your learnings?

With the right planning and being sensible with your time and your finances, you will be able not only get the most out of each reading but you will find that you enjoy the readings more with enough time between each one to notice the differences in your life and the positive changes.

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