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How to Become a Psychic Medium?

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  • Published: 09/10/21 9:33 PM EDT
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How to Become a Psychic Medium?

Mediumship is one of the most popular and insightful psychic abilities that enables gifted people to communicate with spirits and receive messages from the other world. Although spirit communication seems to be pretty mysterious and even dangerous to some individuals, thousands of exceptionally talented psychic mediums offer services that involve channeling or other forms of mediumship. While being a psychic medium is often considered as a privilege and a type of natural gift, some experts believe that anyone can develop psychic powers and become a professional medium.

If you are curious about developing psychic abilities and becoming a psychic medium, we’ve got you covered! In the following sections, we will explain what it means to be a psychic medium and share some easy tips to become one. Next, we will discuss 5 exciting ways to work as a professional psychic medium. Finally, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about psychic mediums in general.

After reading this article, you should be able to tell whether you have any spiritual gifts to become an authentic psychic medium. The tips and recommendations shared throughout the text will not only inspire and motivate you but also make it much easier for you to start working as a professional medium.

Let’s get started!


What Is a Psychic Medium?

Psychic mediumship, or simply mediumship, is all about mediating communication between the world of the living and the world of the spirit. Those who practice mediumship are also known as psychic mediums, spirit mediums, or just mediums. According to multiple spiritual cultures and traditions, mediums act as intermediaries between the two worlds. They listen to spirits and deliver messages sent by them. This can be done through various reading techniques and psychic abilities, including clair senses and automatic writing or drawing.

Mediums use different techniques to successfully connect with spirits. Ouija (spirit board), séance tables, and trance states are among the most common mediumship methods used worldwide. Besides, various psychic senses and extrasensory abilities enable mediums to connect with spirits of the dead and interpret their messages.

Experts in the field describe mediumship either as mental mediumship or physical mediumship. Mental mediums tune into the spirit world, while physical mediums refer to the materialization of spirits or apports of objects. Some mediums go into light or deep trance states and allow the spirits to control their minds. Nowadays, channeling is considered as a contemporary form of traditional mediumship. Still, the purpose of the séance is the same: to communicate with otherworldly spirits and receive messages from the other world.

Mediums use their psychic gift in action in order to help people communicate with their deceased loved ones once again. Mediums often give people direction in life based on what their spirit guides have shared during the session. Listening to your spirit guides can make it much easier for you to live a life with clarity.

Psychic vs. Medium: What’s the Difference?

The terms “psychic” and “medium” are pretty confusing for some people. Although these two terms describe individuals with completely different types of supernatural powers, they are often used interchangeably. The main difference between a psychic and a medium is the following:

  • A psychic uses various psychic abilities to gain insights into an individual’s past, present, and future.
  • A medium is a type of psychic who can communicate with spirits and deliver messages from the other side.

In a nutshell, “psychic” is a broader term that incorporates different types of psychic powers that enable gifted people to gain clarity in life. Contrarily, “medium” is a much more specific term that describes an individual with the ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead. In conclusion, a medium is always a psychic, but a psychic might not always be a medium.


6 Tips to Become a Psychic Medium

Being able to communicate with your deceased loved ones can indeed be a blessing, especially when you face difficulties and challenges in life. People who you genuinely loved and cared for in life often represent your spirit guides after passing away. They guide you through even the toughest crossroads of life and this is why it is so beneficial to communicate with them.

Becoming a psychic medium not only makes it easier for you to connect with your own spirit guides but also enables you to help those who are desperate about talking to their deceased loved ones. Besides, you can even get paid while working as a professional psychic medium. If this seems to be favorable for you, here are 6 tips to become a psychic medium and leave a more spiritual life.

1.    Develop Psychic Abilities

Before you even think of becoming a psychic medium, you should open your third eye and unlock psychic powers. Developing your natural abilities is key to becoming a psychic medium since you will not be able to communicate with spirits if you do not harness your supernatural skills first. While some people believe that only gifted people are capable of connecting with spirits, others claim that anyone can develop and hone psychic abilities through practice. No matter which belief makes sense to you, becoming a psychic medium still requires possessing or developing psychic abilities.

The most optimal way to unlock your psychic powers is to awaken your third eye, or the Ajna chakra. This is the sixth primary chakra in the human body located on the forehead, above the intersection of the eyebrows. A balanced or open third eye is responsible for an individual’s perception beyond normal sight or sensory channels.

By balancing your lower chakras first, you will build a solid foundation for the awakening of your sixth chakra. At this point, you might start having certain visions, but you still need some practice to develop your psychic powers. Consider meditating, practicing spiritual yoga, paying attention to your dreams, spending more time outdoors, and eating a healthy and nutritious diet. This will help you unlock your intuitive abilities and take a step forward to becoming a psychic medium.

For further information, check out our complete guide on how to develop psychic abilities.

2.    Learn How to Communicate with Spirits

Developing your psychic abilities and unlocking intuitive gifts is key to becoming a psychic medium. However, mediumship is all about connecting with the spirit world and your intuitive powers are not enough to successfully communicate with spirits. Therefore, you need to master spirit communication and take your supernatural skills to the next level.

Many experts in the psychic field believe that every single living being on our planet has its own spirit guide. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of detecting and communicating with their spirit guides. And those who can actually connect with the souls of their deceased loved ones are truly lucky. This is because our spirit guides offer guidance and try to send certain messages, warnings, or other information that can be beneficial in any possible way.

However, it is totally possible for an individual to learn how to communicate with his/her spirit guides through practice. Meditation is among the most popular ways to connect with the spirits. As people meditate, they not only gain a new perspective on lives, but also increase self-awareness and reduce negative emotions. Besides, meditation enhances imagination and creativity, making it much easier for individuals to communicate with their spirit guides.

3.    Prepare Yourself to Read for Others

If you are enthusiastic about becoming a psychic medium, you should be aware that unlocking your psychic gifts and developing your sixth sense is not enough for being a professional spirit communicator. To use your gift of mediumship in everyday life and help people around you, it is essential to prepare yourself and learn how to read for others.

Whether you are delivering a psychic reading, tea leaf reading, or even an animal reading, you should have the sense of feelings developed well enough to gain insights into various situations. Your empathic sense is even more influential when you are offering mediumship readings. In order to provide services that your customers will be satisfied with, you should enhance your empathic abilities, meaning that you should be able to feel for others as you connect them with their spirit guides. This will make your reading sessions much more enjoyable and calming.

The best way to prepare yourself to read for others is to practice delivering readings. You can ask your family members or a couple of friends to help you with the process. Try to connect them with their deceased loved ones and deliver test readings. This will help you master spirit communication and enhance your abilities to interpret the messages received from the other side.

4.    Consult Professional Psychic Mediums

You should always consider consultations with professional psychic mediums as a practical tool to further explore your psychic-learning sense and learn how to become a psychic medium. Since psychic abilities are pretty mysterious, it is hardly possible to develop these powers by simply reading online articles or books. Although theoretical aspects give you general insights into how things work, applying these concepts to your everyday life situations is what makes you a psychic medium.

While some people work on themselves and develop psychic medium abilities without any help from another individual, others need some guidance to stay on the right track during the process. If you feel stuck and confused, you should definitely refer to a professional psychic medium and ask for guidance and recommendations.

Keep in mind that you cannot just go to a psychic reading website and ask a medium to teach you how to communicate with spirits. Instead, you should attend psychic masterclasses, workshops, webinars, or one-on-one classes to enhance your otherworldly sense and master spirit communication.

The best part is that psychic mediums often share their own experience, making it easier for you to avoid making some of their mistakes. However, we all learn from mistakes and you should not be worried if you make any as you develop your mediumship powers.

5.    Take Psychic Medium Tests and Get a Certificate

After developing psychic abilities, mastering spirit communication techniques, and consulting psychic mediums for further guidance, you should consider taking special psychic medium tests to verify your skills. Even if you are confident in your psychic abilities, passing psychic tests will make you more credible and trustworthy for your customers. Besides, your chances of working as a psychic medium will significantly increase if you get a certificate that proves your professionalism.

Note that taking psychic tests is not required for an individual to become a psychic medium. There are many exceptionally talented mediums out there who have never completed a single examination in life. Still, they offer accurate readings and have customers from all around the world.

6.    Practice and Improve Your Psychic Abilities

Although there are some straightforward techniques that enable you to unlock your psychic abilities, developing supernatural skills is not an easy job. Besides, regularly practicing your powers to enhance and hone them is key to becoming a successful medium. Hence, you should not expect to turn into a psychic medium without continuous practice.

To improve your psychic abilities, complete various psychic exercises and test your practical skills. If you incorporate humans in your psychic exercise program, you will also increase your sense about people with different energies and personalities.


5 Ways to Work as a Professional Psychic Medium?

As you may already know, psychic mediums do not only communicate with their own spirit guides. Rather, they help other people connect with their deceased loved ones and receive messages from the spirit world. Hence, psychic mediums work as professional spiritual coaches and some of them even do this for a living.

If you are confident in your spirit communication abilities and want to work as a professional psychic medium, below are 5 of exciting ways to offer spiritual guidance and get paid.

1.    Offer Remote Readings

Remote psychic readings are incredibly popular throughout the world. Various psychic reading platforms enable individuals to receive psychic guidance without even leaving their homes. Besides, remote readings are usually more affordable than those delivered in person. Affordability and easy access to virtual psychic readings make these services so desirable for people globally.

If you are a newbie in the psychic field and want to work as a professional psychic medium, you should consider starting with remote services. This will prevent you from spending extra money on renting an office or decorating in to suit your customers’ needs. Besides, you can work from home and have a pretty flexible schedule.

What makes remote readings so beneficial for beginner psychics is that they gain experience and learn how to better read for others. As an online psychic medium, you will also get some customer reviews and feedback that you should always consider to improve your clients’ overall experience.

There are a couple of options to choose from in order to work as a remote psychic medium:

  • Build your personal psychic reading website
  • Register as a psychic medium on another psychic reading platform (Kasamba, Oranum, California Psychics, etc.)
  • Deliver psychic readings over the phone
  • Offer psychic readings through e-mails

Although all of these options seem pretty convenient, you should choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. While building your personal psychic reading website appears to be a pretty solid idea, it might be quite challenging to advertise your platform and gain customers. Delivering mediumship readings through e-mail might not always work as you lack communication with your client. The best option would be to create a psychic account on any global psychic reading platform. This will make it easier for you to get noticed and you will be able to deliver readings via live chat, video/audio call, or phone.

No matter which option you end up choosing, owning a personal website is always a good idea. In this way, you can easily create your own portfolio and even share customer testimonials. You can also start your own psychic shop business and sell various psychic-related products through your website. This will make you look even more credible and authentic to your potential clients.

2.    Offer In-Person Readings

Depending on where you live, you can also offer face-to-face readings. To do so, you should either rent an office or use your home as a séance room. Since renting an office for psychic readings is linked with extra costs, some psychic mediums prefer working from home. However, various psychic and spiritual healers do not recommend letting random people in your home, especially for psychic readings.

This is because spirit communication and any other psychic séance involves the exchange of energies. When offering psychic readings right in your home office, the negative energy of your clients might get trapped inside your house. As a result, you will need to constantly heal and cleanse yourself to charge with a positive energy vibe again.

Another issue with in-person psychic readings is that you might not always get as many customers as you would in the case of offering remote readings. The reason for this is that your location and demographics significantly influence the number of individuals willing to receive psychic guidance. In some areas, people are more into psychic stuff and are more likely to consult a psychic medium. Contrarily, people from certain countries or regions do not really believe in supernatural phenomena and they do not tend to receive psychic guidance at all.

Therefore, you should always consider your location and the interests of people living in the area before starting your own in-person psychic business. By doing so, you will ensure that you do not waste your finances, time, and effort.

3.    Offer Readings at Special Events

Psychics and mediums often provide services at special events, such as birthdays, weddings, or other gatherings. They typically put a stand or a tiny decorated cabin in which they offer psychic readings, including communication with deceased loved ones. Although it might seem ridiculous to some people, certain individuals really believe in paranormal phenomena and are enthusiastic about incorporating psychic experiences into their special days.

Since you cannot just ask a random couple to have you on their wedding party, you should advertise your service either through your official psychic website or using banner ads in your area. You can also boost your website by creating social media accounts and promoting it there. Obviously, having banner ads can be pretty expensive, meaning that this is not always the optimal way to promote your business. The use of posters and visit cards is an excellent alternative.

As spirit communication is often associated with mysterious and sometimes frightening experiences, you should do your best to keep the special event enjoyable and cheerful. Make sure you highlight some of the best memories of lives of those attending the event. Also, ensure that you spread positive energy to make the guests feel appreciated.

4.    Work as a Psychic Detective

Believe it or not, psychics are sometimes involved in various police investigations. The main issue is that police departments are not really open to talking about psychic detectives and investigators in public. Although police do not always let psychics and mediums solve various cases, they sometimes involve them in investigations that are way too mysterious to be solved using normal sensory and physical senses.

To become a psychic detective, you do not have to possess a university degree or proof of knowledge in a specific field. Your psychic abilities and willingness to take part in a police investigation are totally enough for you to work as a psychic detective. As a psychic detective, you might not receive an official request for services from a particular police department. Instead, families who are desperate about finding their missing children might contact you and ask you to give them any clues or hints.

Although working as a psychic detective can be pretty exciting since you help families find their deceased loved ones through spirit communication, you might not always be involved in investigations. Therefore, you do not get paid regularly. Still, you can offer private investigator services and solve various crime scenes using your psychic abilities.

5.    Start Your Own Reality Show

Finally, you can start your own reality show through which you will not only connect people with their deceased loved ones but also spread the awareness of spirit communication in general. While psychic medium TV shows could be pretty popular and exciting, not every television network is open to incorporating psychic experiences into their program.

Hence, you should consider starting your own YouTube channel or even a TikTok account. Since social media platforms are so popular throughout the world, it will be much easier for you to promote your content and gain views, subscribers, or followers. Besides, you can also advertise other services of yours through these social media accounts. A win-win situation, right?


FAQs About Psychic Mediums

In the previous sections, we explained what it is like to be a psychic medium and shared 6 exceptionally useful tips to become one. We have also recommended some of the greatest ways to work as a psychic medium. To make things even more explicit, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about psychic mediums in general.

1.    Can Anyone Develop Psychic Abilities?

According to some psychics and mediums, only gifted people can develop and use their psychic abilities as navigational tools to create a better life plan for themselves and for others as well. While some people possess artistic gifts, others have been gifted with psychic abilities. This means that not everyone can develop psychic abilities, no matter how hard they try.

Contrarily, there are psychic experts who believe that anyone can develop psychic abilities through regular practice and willingness to accomplish the goal. They claim that you just need to meditate, achieve peace of mind, and practice psychic abilities that seem to be suitable for you.

In a nutshell, there is no specific answer to who can develop psychic abilities. It is all about your personal beliefs and viewpoints on various paranormal phenomena and psychic experiences.

2.    How Long Does It Take to Become a Professional Psychic Medium?

When attempting to develop psychic abilities, people are pretty curious about specific timeframes. Unfortunately, you cannot really tell how long it will take for you to unlock your psychic powers and be able to communicate with spirits. In some cases, psychic medium symptoms start appearing in just a couple of days. However, it might also take weeks, months, or even years for an individual to uncover and master psychic abilities.

Instead of thinking about where your psychic abilities are and why they have not appeared yet, focus on keeping yourself calm and do your best to harness your natural powers. This will make the process much more straightforward and you will notice your psychic skills even sooner.

3.    Is It Challenging or Dangerous to Work as a Psychic Medium?

Many people get scared when thinking about paranormal phenomena, especially spirits. They consider spirit communication to be extremely dangerous and do not want to deal with any experiences involving the souls of the deceased ones. While working as a psychic medium can sometimes be quite challenging, it is not really dangerous. You just need to know how to perform various rituals to connect with those from the other side. Besides, the knowledge of how to interpret the messages received from the spirits is also essential for a successful experience.

Although working as a psychic medium is not dangerous itself, you will still need to regularly heal yourself and cleanse your auric and energy fields. This is because you have to deal with too many energies and you might get pretty exhausted by the end of the day. To prevent any unpleasant experiences linked with spirit communication, take your time to heal and consider meditating on a regular basis.

4.    How Much Do Psychic Mediums Get Paid?

Working as a psychic medium should be more about helping others communicate with their deceased loved ones than thinking about the financial side of it. However, people are still curious about how much psychic mediums make on average. Since we should consider various factors to talk about the specific income of a typical psychic medium, it is hardly possible to tell what he/she actually makes. It all depends on what types of services a medium offers and what his/her level of experience is.

Generally speaking, online psychic mediums offer readings from $5/min to $30/min on average. In the case of face-to-face readings, some psychic mediums provide 30-minute sessions for around $50 while others charge their customers $100 or more. Psychic mediums who offer readings at special events typically get paid around $1,000 (or even a couple of thousands) for just a few hours. Still, the numbers are not accurate and may vary from area to area.

5.    Are Psychic Mediums 100% Accurate?

When receiving a psychic reading, everyone is curious about how accurate it can actually be. Unfortunately, it is hardly possible to tell how precise a specific psychic is and psychic mediums are not an exception. Although they communicate with the deceased people, there is no guarantee that the messages received from the other world have been interpreted correctly. Besides, there are many fake psychic mediums that only care about the money and deliver fake readings.

The easiest way to check the accuracy of a psychic medium is to ask him/her about what a specific deceased person loved and enjoyed as he/she was alive. If the medium is totally wrong with all of the spirit/s favorite foods and drinks, you have probably been consulting a wrong psychic.

Still, even psychic mediums with decades of experience can be wrong sometimes. You should not expect to receive a reading that is 100% accurate.

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