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How to Develop Psychic Abilities: A complete Guide (2021)

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 03/28/21 12:15 PM EDT
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How to Develop Psychic Abilities: A Complete Guide

We all probably know that psychic readings can help us solve even the most mysterious issues we face in life. Psychics, mediums, fortune tellers, and healers offer some truly helpful advice that enables us to move forward and just keep living. Believe it or not, you can also become a psychic, even if you have not been gifted with actual psychic powers. By learning how to develop psychic abilities, you can improve your intuitive and perceptive skills.

While you CAN develop psychic skills, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. You cannot just read for people or for yourself and become a psychic or medium. There are a couple of ways you can develop and advance your intuitive abilities. If you are enthusiastic about becoming a genuine psychic advisor, keep reading! We share some of the best ways to discover your actual potential and improve your overall reading skills. To ensure that you are on the right track, we will also list and discuss different psychic abilities for you to carefully select the best option for you.

Be Open to Tapping into Your Psychic Skills

Before we discuss specific psychic abilities and the ways of developing your intuition, it is essential to address a couple of related aspects.

First of all, you should be aware of the fact that we develop our extrasensory abilities during childhood. In such cases, psychic ability can be considered as an innate ability or trait that is present in a given human right at his/her birth. While intuitive gifts are sometimes passed down from past generations,  they can also be acquired in response to various environmental circumstances and occurring events in life.

In addition to that, we are not really restricted to what we can imagine, think of, or feel during our childhood. As we grow up, our subconscious mind tells us how to respond to various situations based on how our mind has been programmed by people around us or even by our own selves. At this point, we do not really believe in special abilities. Rather, we consider ghosts, spirit guides, and other otherworldly events to be just a figment of our imagination.

Prior to learning how to tap into psychic abilities, you should get ready for it. The most important factor is to be open-minded. Your willingness to uncover your natural gifts is key to enhancing a variety of skills. In a nutshell, the way you approach the development of your psychic powers affects the outcome.

For further information on how to develop your psychic abilities, check out the sections below!

Types of Psychic Abilities

As a matter of fact, different psychic abilities enable us to gain insights into a variety of situations in life. Depending on types of psychic abilities, one can read about contrasting issues, such as love, relationships, career, finances, deceased loved ones, future opportunities, and many more. While there are natural abilities we are gifted with from our early childhood, other psychic skills can simply be learned and enhanced as we practice.

Although you might not be interested in every single psychic ability, it is important for you to have a general idea of how each power works. This allows you to find the one that truly grabs your attention and seems to be a perfect fit for your skills and capabilities. To help you make the right choice, we will provide a brief list of psychic powers and abilities below.

IMPORTANT NOTE. Below are some of the most popular special abilities used by psychics, mediums, and healers worldwide. If a specific psychic power is not listed in this article, it does not necessarily mean that the technique is not legit. We have just summarized the most widespread psychic skills that you should definitely be aware of.

The term “divination” can be explained as “to be inspired by a god.” This is a technique used for gaining insights into various situations via different occult practices or rituals. Divination is a broad term that incorporates a couple of different psychic reading methods. Basically, divination is the practice of seeking clarity into mysterious aspects of life by following a variety of supernatural means.

We have also covered some of the strangest methods of divination. If you are enthusiastic about what they are and how they work, go check them out HERE.

  • Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is one of the branches of alternative medicine which enables psychic healers to heal an individual’s energy. Although the rationale behind this psychic ability is pseudoscientific, many people still believe in a variety of energy healers and refer to them whenever they face negative occurrences in life. In fact, energy healing can help you positively charge your vibrational field and allow you to simply feel better by observing and altering the shifts in energy.

Learn more about how to protect yourself from negative psychic energy by reading our comprehensive guide.

  • Mediumship, AKA Channeling

Mediumship, also referred to as channeling, is another psychic practice that involves the communication between living human beings and spirit guides. Practitioners of this psychic ability are commonly known as “spirit mediums” or simply “mediums.” Although there is no proof that otherworldly spirits exist and they can guide us through various situations in life,

  • Remote Viewing, AKA Telaesthesia

Remote viewing (remote sensing or telaesthesia) allows the psychics to see distant or unseen events or people of interest. Since there is no scientific proof of the existence of remote viewing, the ability is considered as pseudoscience. Basically, psychics “sense” different occurrences with their mind and this cannot be explained with any other words. Different psychic advisors have their unique approaches to RV and there are no specific guidelines on how to master the technique.

  • Psychometry, AKA Psychoscopy

Psychometry, also known as Psychoscopy, is a precognitive psychic ability that involves gathering information and gaining insights into different aspects of life by making physical contact with an object. Psychometry readers claim that every single object carries a unique energy field, allowing them to obtain knowledge about the object’s history. Even though the concept of psychometry reading is widely criticized, there are thousands of advisors specializing in this particular psychic ability.

  • Telepathy

Telepathy is another precognitive psychic ability that allows psychics to receive information from another person without actually using any of the sensory channels or making physical contact. The term “telepathy” is often used along with another similar psychic reading technique known as “clairvoyance.” The latter technique can be defined as the ability to obtain information through extrasensory perception.

  • Astral Projection, AKA Mental Projection

Astral projection (mental projection or astral travel), is a paranormal ability that involves out-of-body experience through an astral body. The projection takes place when you consciously separate your soul from your physical body. The feelings you get while traveling outside or throughout the universe as an astral soul are completely different from your typical body experiences. Astral projection is typically associated with dreams and other forms of meditation.

  • Astrology

Although astrology is not a pure psychic ability, it is still commonly used by psychics and mediums to make their readings more accurate and comprehensive. Astrology is also a pseudoscience that involves the divination of information about various aspects of life by observing and studying the alignment and movement of various astronomical (celestial) objects. There are different types of astrology that are currently practiced throughout the world, such as Indian Astrology, Western Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Burmese Astrology, and Horoscopic Astrology.

While psychic abilities listed above are among the extrasensory gifts that we either have or do not, astrology is a pseudoscience that can be learned and mastered by constant practice. As a matter of fact, you do not really have to be intuitive to deliver astrological predictions.

  • Palmistry

Palmistry is yet another pseudoscience that involves reading the lines, mounts, shape, and color of a palm to deliver a variety of readings about past, present, and future. People who specialize in palmistry and can read people’s palms are regarded as chiromancers, palmists, or simply palm readers.

Palm reading is not always considered as a pure psychic ability since people learn how to read palms. The type of lines and mounts along with the shape and color of a palm affect the final reading. Each characteristic has a unique meaning and this is what palmists examine and interpret to deliver accurate palm readings.

  • Cartomancy

Cartomancy is one of the most popular techniques for gaining insights into various occurrences in life or predicting future events. In fact, there are lots of different card decks advisors use during readings. However, Tarot card reading is by far the most popular reading technique worldwide.

Although psychics commonly implement card reading techniques when offering guidance, these are two types of readings and there are some differences between psychic and Tarot readings. To deliver readings using a Tarot deck, you will need to learn how to interpret individual cards and different card combinations.

  • Numerology

The last psychic-related ability listed in this article is numerology, pseudoscience through which psychics derive meanings from different numbers, letters, symbols, and corresponding combinations in your life. Numerology readings are typically based on numerical values of your birth date, important date, name, or other related words. Each number and number combination has its unique meaning and gives you insights into a variety of situations in life.

Similarly to astrology, palmistry, and cartomancy, numerology can also be learned over time and you do not really have to possess a psychic gift to be a successful numerology reader.

5 Ways to Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Powers

Have you ever asked yourself: “What Are My Psychic Abilities?”

If yes, you should definitely keep reading since this section will teach you how to uncover some of your hidden powers. If not, you should start thinking about whether you might actually possess any of the psychic skills listed in the previous section.

While some people possess artistic gifts, others are more into psychic abilities that can guide us through challenging periods of life. Being aware of your intuitive powers allows you to improve the overall quality of your life and even help others solve a wide range of issues.

Whether you have been gifted with psychic skills or you just want to generate those special powers, there are a couple of ways to developing psychic abilities. Below are 5 of the most helpful tips you should consider to develop your intuition and psychic powers.

1.    Review Available Resources About Different Psychic Abilities

If you are enthusiastic about becoming a psychic reader, you should first take a look at available resources about psychic abilities, basic principles, and theoretical aspects of psychic reading techniques. This will help you get a general idea of what psychic readings are and how they work. Besides, reviewing available literature or online resources will make it much easier for you to choose the right psychic ability for you.

If you have not heard anything meaningful about psychic abilities yet, you can also use the list of psychic abilities provided in this article. However, you should be aware that there are a lot more psychic reading techniques than we have summarized throughout the text. Hence, you should always use Google to search for additional resources and learn even more about different psychic powers.

2.    Attend Psychic Webinars, Workshops, and Master Classes

Since you should also learn how to use psychic abilities, it is important to attend psychic webinars, workshops, and master classes offered by professional psychic readers. While literature and online resources give you a basic understanding of how psychic readings work, there are lot more aspects you need to contemplate to actually develop psychic abilities. The best way to learn more about hidden details associated with psychic reading is to communicate with actual psychics, mediums, and healers.

While some advisors offer in-person educational sessions, others give lectures through various online platforms. Typically, face-to-face sessions are more expensive than those delivered virtually. Both personalized web experience and straightforward experience can be incredibly beneficial for gaining knowledge of different psychic powers. Considering your preferences and budget, you can attend educational psychic master classes either in person or remotely.

3.    Start with Basic Psychic Reading Techniques

After getting aware of some of the basic aspects of psychic abilities and readings, you should start mastering different psychic reading techniques to develop your intuition. If you are not an individual gifted with psychic powers, you should definitely start with basic techniques that do not really require your intuition. Astrology, numerology, palm reading, and Tarot reading are among the best options for beginners.

Obviously, these four reading techniques are widely used along with other psychic abilities. However, you can just learn how each method works and deliver corresponding readings. Knowing how to interpret different celestial events, numbers, palm features, or Tarot cards will allow you to deliver actual readings for your own self or even others. These readings will teach you how to increase or psychic abilities gradually.

One thing you should consider is that offering paid readings at this point is not appropriate since you are in the process of developing your psychic abilities. You are not an actual psychic reader yet. Hence, your advice and readings might not be accurate enough for others to consider the information while making important choices in life.

4.    Continue with More Intuitive Psychic Reading Techniques

As a matter of fact, astrology readings, numerology, palm readings, and Tarot readings promote enhance one’s intuitive powers. Therefore, mastering any of these reading techniques is key to developing your psychic abilities. The next step is to continue with more complex reading techniques that actually require the involvement of your intuition and extrasensory abilities. If you are not sure how to strengthen psychic abilities after mastering the reading techniques mentioned above, here are a couple of tips for you.

First, try to complete a few simple exercises to actively cooperate with your intuition. Start predicting even the smallest events when possible. These predictions do not really have to be shared with anyone. You can just keep them in your mind. If you are about to visit a place you have never seen before, try to imagine details about it. This is one of the best exercises for training your intuition. You can even sign up for specific courses offered by the Academy of Intuition Medicine that help you develop intuitive powers.

Remote-viewing exercises are also ideal for developing intuition and becoming a better psychic reader. These simple tasks allow you to uncover your psychic sense and put your psychic gift in action. You can also try to communicate with your spirit guides to receive guidance from them.

5.    Practice to Increase Your Psychic Abilities

Since psychic abilities are dormant skills that have the potential to grow and develop constantly, you should keep practicing. Along with getting better at reading people’s energy or mind, you can improve your psychic-learning sense by regularly using your psychic abilities.

The best way to practice your psychic skills is to read with your friends or family members just for fun. Without sharing personal experiences, try to deliver a reading answering their questions. This technique will also enable you to develop superior listening skills, which is extremely important when reading for people.

If you believe that you have already developed and advanced psychic abilities, there is one last thing you should do. Prior to introducing yourself as a professional psychic reader, it is recommended to take a specialized psychic reading exam. There are different types of psychic ability tests you can choose from considering the area of your specialty. After passing an exam and getting an official certificate, you can not only read for your close friends but also offer paid readings for a larger audience.


There are hundreds of different psychic abilities practiced by readers worldwide. However, there are a few most popular psychic reading techniques, including mediumship, remote viewing, energy healing, telepathy, astral projection, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience.

After reviewing theoretical resources and speaking with a couple of professional readers, you should start practicing your psychic abilities. Instead of offering paid services, read for your friends first and ask them to help you get better at psychic readings. If your intuition seems to be accurate, you can test your psychic abilities and get a certificate of proof. If your readings are not accurate yet, keep practicing! The more you practice, the better your intuitive skills get.

Since not everyone is gifted with psychic powers, these techniques might not always work for you. Keep in mind that you cannot become a psychic in just a couple of days, weeks, or months. Being able to read people’s energy and mind requires years of experience and constant practice. And in some cases, people are simply not meant to read for others. If you could not develop your psychic abilities after practicing for years, maybe it is just not for you. Still, there is nothing you should worry about. You will definitely find your purpose in life and true potential in a different area of specialty.

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