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How to Develop Psychic Abilities Test

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 05/08/21 10:37 AM EDT
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How to Develop Psychic Abilities Test

Possessing psychic powers is truly a blessing. What could be better than being able to see your future life through your third eye? Being a psychic is not all roses and you have to deal with plenty of unpleasant things in life. However, intuitive abilities guide you through even the most challenging periods of life, leading to a brighter and more prosperous future. If you are unsure whether you have been gifted with psychic abilities, you should definitely take a psychic test. It will help you uncover some of your supernatural skills linked with your sixth sense.

For some reason, people find it challenging to unlock their natural ability to see things beyond human perception. Even though there are some limits to human perception, they do not actually apply to the spiritual world. Instead of taking these limits too literally, try thinking outside the box. Believe in your abilities and listen to your subconscious mind to never lose your self-concept.

In this article, we will share some of the most optimal ways to uncover and test your supernatural powers. Before training your psychic mind, it is of huge importance to identify various empath abilities and determine the one that best suits your inner self. Explore this how to develop psychic abilities test to find some of the most effective intuitive exercises and master psychic reading techniques.

10 Obvious Signs That You Have Psychic Abilities

Before we teach you how to develop psychic abilities, let’s check if you already have some intuitive powers. Believe it or not, some signs verify your psychic nature. Without completing any psychic tests, you can sometimes tell if you possess spiritual gifts.

You might have already believed deep in your heart that you are a psychic. Instead of being secretly sure about your supernatural powers, let’s uncover them together. We will help you find your actual potential in life!

Below are 10 of the most obvious signs that you might actually be a psychic. If you believe that some of these signs apply to you, congratulations! You might be among the gifted people with various spiritual senses.

1.    You Have a Lot of Empathy for Others

One of the most obvious signs that you are a psychic is that you can easily understand what other people feel or experience, even if they are not closely related to you. By simply communicating to a person, you might feel the level of pain or joy he/she is or has been experiencing recently.

Although everyone might share the pain and joy of their close friends or family members, psychics take these feelings literally as their own. In a nutshell, the feelings and emotions of other people become your feelings. You do not simply feel for someone, you feel with him/her with all your heart.

Since you can easily understand what other people experience, individuals enjoy sharing their stories with you. Your power to calm and heal an individual’s un-quiet mind is what attracts him/her to you.

2.    You Feel Awkward in the Crowd

If you do not really enjoy spending time in crowded areas, it might be a sign that you are a psychic. This can be explained by the fact that psychics absorb both positive and negative energies from people surrounding them. In crowded places, your sensitivity to various energies becomes even more noticeable. Even if you do not have physical contact with specific individuals, their presence already affects your feelings and emotions. Your soul senses everything that is happening around you. The more people are present, the worse you feel.

3.    Self-Isolation Helps You Heal

Spending too much time in crowded places or with even a couple of individuals might easily overwhelm you. Hence, self-isolation helps you heal and regenerate the energy in order to move forward. Typically, isolation offers various benefits that enable you to recover from anxiety. The best way to self-isolate is to spend some time alone outdoors or meditate.

Although self-isolation helps you restore your energy, prolonged loneliness might lead to various health issues, especially those related to your mental health. If you feel overwhelmed, try to isolate yourself. However, never forget the limits and keep track of your isolation routine.

4.    You Enjoy Spending Time in Nature

Since you find it hard to not care about people surrounding you, you might need some time to recharge after communicating with them. Due to the calming effects of remote areas, psychics feel drawn to natural environments that provide space to take a break and rest. Going on a solo trip or hiking alone might help you calm your inner self and restore your energy.

If you are truly comforted by nature, it might be yet another sign that you are actually a psychic!

5.    You Have Vivid Dreams and Visions

Psychics and mediums typically have vivid dreams and clear visions. They sometimes seem so real that one might even get scared. If you have been seeing some vivid dreams recently, it might be a sign that your third eye is starting to perceive the other side of the world. Such visions are among the most obvious signs of spiritual awakening. Hence, you should carefully observe your dreams as you might have a genuine ability of intuition.

6.    Close and Intimate Relationships Overwhelm You

Although it might seem ridiculous, psychics typically find it challenging to be in a romantic relationship. This is because psychics absorb their partners’ feelings and have to deal with sensory overload on a regular basis. If you feel like you get stressed by too much physical or emotional contact with your partner, it is not necessarily because you no longer love him/her.

In fact, you might be a psychic empath who needs some time alone. Unfortunately, not everyone can understand that spending too much time with another person is pretty overwhelming for psychics. Setting healthy boundaries and sharing your thoughts/feelings with your partner might help you solve the issue and maintain your romantic relationship.

7.    The Aura of a Place Matters to You

While some people do not really care about the vibes of a particular place, psychics take the aura too seriously. This is not because they want to think about it. It all happens unconsciously. As soon as a psychic enters a room, he/she immediately senses different auric fields, which leads to the formation of certain feelings and emotions. When spending time in a peaceful atmosphere, psychics thrive. Contrarily, chaotic environments drain the energy out of psychics pretty quickly.

If you are affected by auric fields surrounding you, it is a sign that you might have the natural gifts of an aura reader.

8.    You Feel Physical Pain or Pleasure of Other People

Along with being able to sense other people’s feelings and emotions, psychics can also experience physical senses, such as the pain and pleasure of others. By simply speaking with or touching an individual, psychics can tell whether the given person struggles with any type of physical pain or experiences pleasure. If you take someone else’s pain as your own and experience the severity of their physical senses too literally, you might actually be a psychic.

9.    You Can Easily Tell If Someone Is Lying

Most psychics have the ability to transmit and read other people’s thoughts. If you have noticed that you can easily tell what your friends are thinking about, you might have telepathic powers. These telepathic abilities enable you to tell if someone is lying or telling the truth. Hence, you can easily identify honest people and keep them around you. Although you might not always sense the specific thoughts, you still have a feeling, telling you whether a person is being sincere.

10.  You Are Extremely Sensitive to the Environment

Generally, psychics have an increased sensitivity to the environment, including sounds, smells, and various occurrences. Sensitivity to the environment means that you might be easily disturbed by specific odors, sounds, or physical sensations. Certain sounds might even trigger your emotions and make you feel a bit awkward. Therefore, psychics typically use lower volumes when listening to the media and avoid any pungent odors.

If you feel like you are more sensitive to the world around you than other people, it might be a sign that you possess certain psychic abilities.


5 Tips for Developing Psychic Abilities

While some people are born with psychic abilities, others can simply develop them as they grow up. As a matter of fact, the sixth sense is not linked with a usual reasoning power or an ability to make logical assumptions. The sixth sense is all about your intuition and the power of gaining insights into unseen aspects of life. Human abilities have no limits and you can definitely develop or increase your psychic powers.

Here are 5 useful tips for developing psychic abilities or taking your current abilities to the next level.

1.    Learn More About Different Psychic Abilities

Before actually developing your psychic powers, you should review available resources to learn more about different psychic abilities. By exploring various psychic reading techniques, you will get a better idea of how things work in the psychic industry and find the psychic ability that seems to be relevant to your inner self.

Although there are hundreds of psychic abilities, it is hardly possible for a single person to possess all of them. Some people have abilities in clairvoyance, while others are good at token-object reading, AKA psychometry reading. Therefore, you should not expect to be good at every single psychic reading technique. Rather, explore different options and stick to the one that grabs your attention. Select psychic abilities that you are enthusiastic about and would love to develop.

2.    Listen to Your Dreams and Visions

As a matter of fact, your dreams and visions uncover a large variety of aspects of your life. They might tell you things you would have never known. Most of the time, people who are new to the psychic world receive instructions on how to move forward and develop psychic abilities from their vivid dreams and visions. Therefore, you should never ignore the things you see while you are asleep. Pay attention to your dreams and try to interpret them. Creating a dream journal and taking notes might also help you keep track of your dreams.

3.    Develop Your Intuition

Developing your intuition is key to uncovering and strengthening your psychic abilities. Intuition is considered as the basis of a variety of psychic abilities. Psychics and mediums use their intuitive abilities in tandem with clairvoyance or other powers to gain insights into the future and deliver accurate readings. The term clairvoyance refers to the ability to perceive various events beyond normal sensory vision. However, psychics typically combine clairvoyant abilities with their intuition to offer more comprehensive guidance.

Instead of performing cold readings, you should train your intuition and deliver readings based on your sensations coming from your inner self.

4.    Refer to Professional Psychic Advisors

Although you can learn more about psychic abilities in general, you might actually need some help and guidance to properly develop your supernatural powers. The best way to advance your psychic abilities is to consult professional psychics and mediums, attend psychic webinars, and participate in psychic masterclasses. In this way, you will not only gain theoretical knowledge but also take a closer look at how everything works in the psychic industry. Besides, professional advisors will share some tips and recommendations in order to help you get started.

5.    Keep Practicing!

No matter if you possess any psychic abilities or you are in the process of developing them, you should keep practicing. Consider completing various psychic exercises to learn how to use a particular supernatural ability in tandem with another. Train your visual sense to become a better psychic reader. Repeat your favorite exercises either daily or at least a couple of times a week. Remember that you will not be able to become a real psychic unless you practice and master your skills.

Keep in mind that practice makes us better!


Test Your Psychic Powers!

Being able to answer a series of questions about your or someone else’s life does not necessarily tell you that you possess psychic powers. You might have a good intuition, but this is definitely not enough for being an actual psychic. If you feel like you can easily connect to other people and even read their mind, there might be something supernatural about your abilities. The best way to answer your question, “Am I a Psychic?” is to complete quizzes that test your psychic powers. Below are three of the best options to check if your third eye can actually see and sense various occurrences.

1.    Get a Book “Test Your Psychic Powers” by Susan Blackmore and Adam Hart-Davis

Test Your Psychic Powers” is a book written by Susan Blackmore and Adam Hart-Davis. The book consists of 10 chapters, each dedicated to a specific psychic power. The authors do not claim that any of these abilities exist. Instead, they encourage the readers to explore various supernatural powers and conduct simple or a bit complicated experiments in order to explain the rationale behind various paranormal processes.

10 psychic abilities discussed in the book include:

  • Telepathy
  • Crystals
  • Dreams
  • Dowsing
  • The Pendulum
  • Premonitions
  • Psychokinesis
  • The Ouija Board
  • Palmistry
  • Astrology

Each chapter is accompanied with relevant experiments to test the validity of psychic powers for yourself. These experiments will help you determine whether you possess any psychic abilities.

The kindle and paperback versions of the book “Test Your Psychic Powers” are available on Amazon under $10.

2.    Test Your Sixth Sense with Spiritual Science Research Foundation

If you are unsure about whether your sixth sense has already been activated, there is a quick and straightforward way to check it. Spiritual Science Research Foundation offers over 20 subtle experiments to test your sixth sense.

In each experiment, there is a picture, or two pictures hidden behind the white box. You are asked to observe the pictures for a couple of minutes and make notes about your feelings about them. In the next step, you will need to input your reading and identify your feelings about the pictures. Where they pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral? In the last step, the website will display statistics and the answer to the reading. You will also be able to the picture(s) that have been hiding behind the white box.

Experiments to test your sixth eye include:

  • Roses
  • Food
  • Shoes
  • Clothes
  • Candle & Lamp
  • Colors
  • Roads
  • Circular Motion
  • Various Figures (Circles, Boxes, Triangles, Squares)
  • Belongings
  • Border
  • Burial vs Cremation
  • Social Activities
  • Cupboard
  • Sinkholes
  • Hairstyles
  • Jeans
  • Earrings
  • Tattoos
  • Fonts

Completing these experiments will only take a couple of minutes and you will be able to easily test your psychic abilities.

3.    Use Zener Cards to Test Your Extrasensory Perception

While you can test your psychic powers via virtual cards, you can also check if you are a clairvoyant by conducting experiments utilizing Zener cards. Zener cards were designed by Karl Zener, a perceptual psychologist in the early 1930s. With his colleague, parapsychologist J.B. Rhine, Karl Zener conducted a series of experiments for extrasensory perception.

The Zener deck consists of 25 cards, 5 cards of each symbol. The Zener card symbols include a hollow circle, a hollow square, a hollow five-pointed star, a plus sign, and three vertical wavy lines. The purpose of the experiment is to test if a person can guess the symbol of a selected card. Keep in mind that you should thoroughly shuffle the cards before starting the experiment. Otherwise, it might be much easier to make predictions.

To conduct the experiment, you can purchase Zener Cards on Amazon. The deck costs around $25 and comes in paperback and regular card options. If you are looking for a more affordable option, you can download the app “Are You Psychic” on your Android or iOS device. The app enables you to test your intuitive abilities with interactive Zener cards.

The Benefits of Having Psychic Abilities

If you are still unsure about why one might want to have psychic abilities, this section is definitely for you. There are plenty of benefits of having psychic powers. The most evident benefit is that you get a chance to provide comprehensive answers to some of the hardest questions in life. Obviously, this can significantly change the quality of your life. Gaining insights into your future allows you to make the right choices, even on a daily basis. Psychic abilities simply enable you to experience things others are not capable of feeling. You can sense whether something good or bad is going to happen. You get messages from the other world that guide you through challenging periods of life.

While psychic abilities can simply make your life better, they also let you aid your friends, family members, or even complete strangers. What could be better than helping people make the right decisions in life? You can completely change the lives of those you truly care about for the better.

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