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How to Focus Psychic Energy

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  • Published: 05/12/21 10:40 AM EDT
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How to Focus Psychic Energy

A large variety of studies and research papers provide evidence of the existence of psychic energies. Some documents even mention that we are capable of developing psychic energy and enhancing our psychic abilities. Unfortunately, there is no scientific proof that psychic powers actually exist. However, there are millions of people worldwide with genuine supernatural abilities. Believe it or not, regular practice lets the psychic focus, manipulate, and direct his/her psychic energy.

But how to focus psychic energy?

Unfortunately, there is no brief answer or guide to this issue. Rather, there are a couple of different ways you can develop your psychic abilities and direct psychic energy. If you are enthusiastic about uncovering your psychic gifts and finding your true potential in life, this article is definitely for you.

In the following sections, we will define psychic energy and provide a complete guide to discovering your psychic powers. We will also teach you how to focus psychic energy to those around you. Next, we will list a couple of quick and easy tips for those interested in finding out what their psychic energy field looks like. Finally, we will address the issue of the importance of psychic meditation and provide a brief guide to practicing it.

What Is Psychic Energy?

As a matter of fact, not every experience and phenomena we face in life can be explained scientifically. For that reason, different forms of occult practices and alternative medicine branches refer to certain types of energy or force to describe mysterious or spiritual occurrences. There is no scientific evidence for the existence of this form of energy and it also significantly differs from physical energy. For that reason, scientists often criticize the use of the term and refer to the ideas described by such energy as a misconception of a variety of phenomena.

While the 21st-century discoveries are not really explained by any form of force rather than the one described in science, the concepts of “life energy” have been relevant in the 18th and 19th centuries. Before discovering genes, biologists explained their observations by the existence of different organizational forces. For instance, German biologist Hans Driesch believed that processes within organisms were controlled by the form of energy called entelechy. The term “entelechy” was also used by Aristotle to refer to a mind-like or psychoid life force. However, modern science does not recognize any form of energetic properties except for physical energy.

The lack of scientific proof does not prevent spiritual thinkers, psychics, and mediums from believing in the existence of psychic energy. The concepts of such energy are described in energy medicine, one of the alternative medicine branches. According to various spiritual practitioners, discovering your psychic energy and learning how to manipulate it can actually help you develop and strengthen your intuitive abilities.

Along with granting certain supernatural powers, discovering your psychic energy can help you charge yourself with positive energy vibrations. Energy healing is one of the most optimal ways to cleanse your energy field and simply feel better. By exploring personal energies, we can find a key to becoming more successful in life.


A Complete Guide to Uncovering and Strengthening Your Psychic Abilities

Who does not wish to have a certain type of superpower? We have all dreamed about being psychics and fortune-tellers, at least in our childhood. Luckily, there are a couple of ways you can develop psychic abilities or even become an actual medium. While this might seem quite ridiculous, we are all born with particular intuitive powers. In early childhood, these psychic abilities are more noticeable. However, they fade away as we or our surrounding people ignore them. Hence, it is always possible to awaken your third eye and benefit from your intuitive gift.

You should always keep in mind that you are unique in your own way and just because something works for a particular group of individuals, it does not necessarily mean that it should also work for you. The tips provided below are meant to be suitable for different types of people. Therefore, you might not find every single recommendation relevant specifically to you.

Take your natural ability to the next level and make the most of your mystic gifts by following the quick and easy tips below. This guide will help you discover your true potential in life and enhance your psychic powers.

1.    Do You Have Psychic Abilities? Let’s Find Out!

First of all, it is important to identify your psychic abilities. Being aware of the fact that you possess specific supernatural powers will make it much easier for you to strengthen them.

For some reason, many individuals are skeptical about psychic abilities in general. Some of them have never thought about the fact that they might be gifted with extrasensory perception or other occult powers. Still, it is pretty natural to ask yourself: Do I have psychic abilities? Believe it or not, chances are high that you are a psychic, at least in the depths of your heart, mind, and soul.

While some people visualize crystal balls or a deck of Tarot cards when thinking of psychic abilities, the list of psychic powers is much more extensive than that. In fact, there are hundreds of unique occult practices used by different psychics and mediums across the globe. You can find the list of some of the most widespread psychic abilities in the article posted on Observer. This lexicon of abilities will help you get a general idea of what type of psychic power you might possibly possess.

Some of the most obvious signs that you have special gifts as a psychic include:

  • You have a lot of empathy
  • You have good intuition
  • You are highly sensitive to smells, sounds, and other sensations
  • You enjoy spending time in nature
  • Being in crowded places makes you feel anxious
  • You care about everyone surrounding you
  • People tend to feel relief when sharing their problems with you
  • You always try to avoid any sort of conflicts
  • You experience sensory and emotional overload quite frequently

To check some additional signs that you might be a psychic empath, explore Crystal Raypole’s article on Healthline.

2.    Believe in Yourself and Overcome Your Fears

If you have already uncovered some of your possible psychic abilities, now it is time to strengthen your belief in yourself and overcome some of your most evident and disturbing phobias.

Staying upbeat will enable you to reach goals in life, find inspiration and motivation for various activities, and be more successful in whatever you are currently trying to achieve. Before enhancing your psychic abilities, it is essential to be confident about your own natural power. Your spiritual ventures will be much more exciting and valuable if you just believe in yourself.

While various psychic phenomena can be frightening, you can overcome your fears for sure. If you find it relatively easy to communicate with spirits, but the experience makes you feel overwhelmed, you should either avoid connecting to the spirits or try to fight your fears. Check out this article by NHS Inform for further steps on how to cope with your fears and anxieties.

3.    Pass On Your Positive Vibes to Others

Maintaining a positive attitude toward different aspects of your life is another important step to making most of your psychic abilities. Basically, you should try to keep yourself distracted with some of your favorite activities and hobbies to keep a smile on your face. Positive feelings will also enable you to feel spiritually free, which creates a solid basis for the enhancement of your supernatural powers. You should get rid of stress and negativity before stepping into a deeper state of consciousness.

Along with that, you should always try to pass on your positive vibes to people surrounding you. This will not only make them feel happier but also allow you to be in a joyful and healthy environment. As a matter of fact, being surrounded by negative people and energy vampires significantly influences your energy field. Hence, you should always try to maintain an optimistic attitude and share your positive feelings with others as well.

4.    Take Relaxation Seriously

For some reason, many people ignore the importance of being relaxed with respect to the enhancement of psychic abilities. However, relaxation is incredibly crucial for not only uncovering but also taking your natural gift to the next level. By relaxing your body, you will easily clear your mind, relieve pressure, and even alter your brain wave patterns.

One of the best ways to relax your body and mind is to practice meditation. Meditation will allow you to temporarily boost your mental performance and charge yourself with additional energy. By releasing the stress out of your body, it will be much easier for you to perform various occult rituals, particularly those linked with channeling or spirit communication.

5.    Improve Your Power of Clairvoyance by Practicing Remote Viewing

If you have discovered clairvoyant abilities, the best way to strengthen them is to practice remote viewing. Since clairvoyance is all about perceiving events in the future or beyond one’s normal sight, expanding your imagination will help you become a better clairvoyant.

Start with mentally traveling to locations without physically being there. It could be the nearest shopping mall, your friend’s house, nearby cinema, or literally anything you can think of. Try to observe people, objects, decorations, colors, and anything that you can visually imagine. Then, go to that particular places, look around, and take notes of the objects/people that match with your visualization.

Another simple exercise is to observe given objects for a little while, close your eyes, imagine the object, and open your eyes only when you see the object clearly in your mind. After visualizing one object, move onto the next one and continue the process for as long as you wish. This will definitely strengthen your imagination and remote viewing abilities.

6.    Try to Read Others’ Thoughts to Enhance Your Telepathy Skills

Telepathy is a type of ability that enables us to receive messages in the forms of thoughts from other people. This type of communication involves the use of extrasensory perception rather than any normal sensory channels. The best way to advance your telepathy skills is to constantly read others’ thoughts. It could be your friends, family members, or even totally strange people on the bus. You can also ask your friends to draw a random picture while you try to read their thoughts and guess the drawing. This could work for literally anything!

Although this type of exercise will make you better at readings other people’s minds, you should never assume that the messages you have received through ESP are completely accurate. Even experienced telepaths make mistakes, meaning that possessing telepathy skills does not make your readings 100% reliable.

7.    Improve Your Psychometry Skills by Exploring Unknown Objects

Psychometry is a psychic ability that involves the use of extrasensory perception to make relevant associations from an object with a history unfamiliar to you. The practice of psychometry can be done by touching and holding a random object until you get a strong feeling about it. While holding the object, do your best to explore its past and also think about the history of its owners. These kinds of exercises can sometimes be frustrating, so avoid putting too much tension on yourself. Stay calm and relaxed throughout the entire exercise program.

While some objects carry an enthralling past, others are items with no history at all. If you could not feel anything when touching a particular item, it does not necessarily mean that you are not a psychometry reader. Instead, you might have touched an object with a history that is not really interesting to you or the people surrounding you.

8.    Pay Attention to Your Dreams and Learn How to Interpret Them

Dream exploration is a common practice used by a large variety of psychics and mediums worldwide. While this is an actual occult practice, having vivid dreams is one of the signs that a person is developing psychic abilities. Hence, it is important to pay attention to your dreams and visions to further advance your supernatural skills.

The best way to keep track of your visions is to create your personal dream journal and write down every single dream you can remember when you wake up in the morning. The dream book will enable you to find comprehensive meanings and basis for your dreams while accompanying you through your intuitive journey.

9.    Use Additional Tools to Master Various Psychic Reading Techniques

To develop and strengthen your psychic abilities, you can use a variety of additional tools – Tarot cards, angel cards, gems, crystals, runes, or candles. It could be anything that helps you gain clarity into various occurrences in life. You can also utilize random playing cards or a deck of cards used by professional card readers. However, you should first learn how to read and interpret specific cards, spreads, crystals, or other tools used for delivering psychic readings.

Initially, find some reliable sources to learn theoretical aspects of reading with given tools. Then, start practicing divination techniques with your friends or family members. Note that you should never offer professional guidance until you are 100% confident in your reading skills.

10.  Keep Practicing!

For the last tip, we would recommend practicing your psychic abilities on a regular basis. If you have completed every step in this article, whether you succeeded or failed, you should not stop! Developing psychic abilities requires incredibly hard work and it might take years until you master a specific divination practice. Just be confident in your capabilities and keep trying!

How to Develop, Focus, and Direct Your Psychic Energy?

As a matter of fact, developing and advancing your psychic abilities is not enough for becoming a skilled psychic. There are a couple of other aspects that you should take into account and focusing your psychic energy is among them. Believe it or not, learning how to manipulate your psychic energy can help you develop or enhance your psychic abilities. Along with awakening your sixth sense, developing psychic energy will keep your soul evolving.

Although it might seem pretty challenging at first glance, developing your psychic energy is easier than it sounds. It is all about your mind and the skills that originate from it. In other words, “psi” is a linkage between your abilities and mind. The term is commonly used to describe any form of psychic energy.

To develop your psychic energy, you should start with finding your energy roots and get in touch with your energy levels. According to various energy workers, you should meditate for a couple of minutes, imagine being in a sacred place, and gather strength to ground yourself to earth. One of the most optimal ways to perform the ritual is to visualize roots that are coming out of your feet and entering the ground beneath you. You can also imagine being surrounded by energy roots that help you ground yourself.

Discovering your psychic energy is all about visualization. Hence, you should complete a couple of different visualization exercises to develop your psi energy. First of all, be aware that visualization is not just about seeing pictures in your mind. This is one of the most powerful techniques that enhances your psychic talent. There are no specific methods that are particularly beneficial for developing your psychic energy. Any visualization exercise that you personally like would be extremely beneficial. Here are 5 of the most powerful visualization exercises described by Crystal Raypole.

Finally, you should focus and direct your psychic energy by paying attention to a specific part of your body. You will feel the shift either immediately or in just a couple of minutes. This is caused by the energy that follows your perception. It is also pretty normal for the temperature to rise due to your focus. You might also feel certain vibrations or sounds while focusing your psychic energy. If this is the case, do not freak out! This is the sign that your attempt to focus and direct psychic energy was a success.

How to See Your Psychic Energy Field?

The psychic energy field surrounding you can also be referred to as your aura. This is a form of spiritual energy field that cannot be seen through normal sensory channels. According to various professional aura readers, every single living being has a unique aura. The personal energy field surrounding us consists of 7 auric bodies, which can be seen in different colors.

The 7 auric bodies include:

  1. Etheric Body – Lower Aspect
  2. Emotional Body – Lower Emotional Aspect
  3. Mental Body – Lower Mental Aspect
  4. Astral Body
  5. Etheric Template Body – Higher Physical Aspect
  6. Celestial Body – Emotional Aspect
  7. Ketheric/Casual Body – Mental Aspect

The colors of your aura are linked with primary chakras. Knowing the colors of the chakras will enable you to properly interpret the messages delivered by your aura. Below are 7 main chakras and corresponding colors of your auric field.

  • Root Chakra – Red
  • Sacral Chakra – Orange
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow
  • Heart Chakra – Green and Pink
  • Throat Chakra – Blue
  • Third-Eye Chakra – Purple and Violet
  • Crown Chakra – White

Although none of the chakras correspond to black color, your auric field might still appear black. This might be caused by negative thoughts, emotions, or energies surrounding you. Typically, any form of negativity can block the energy flow through your chakras. If this is the case, you should have your energy cleansed as soon as possible. If you are not good at energy healing, you should refer to a professional energy worker to charge yourself with positive vibrations. Keeping your auric field black for a long period might lead to severe issues, even those related to your health.


What Is Psychic Meditation and How to Practice It?

Meditation is a practice through which an individual attempts to focus the mind and attention in order to achieve a mentally and emotionally calm, clear, and stable state. As a matter of fact, meditation is a part of religious traditions, including a variety of Indian, East Asian, Christianity, Islam, and Abrahamic religions. Although the purpose of meditation is pretty much the same for all these religions, they have slightly different approaches and techniques.

Along with that, meditation plays an important role in neo-pagan and occult movements. The rationale behind this is that psychics and mediums believe that performing supernatural rituals requires a particular state of mind. Meditation helps them connect with the spirits or perceive messages through extrasensory perception. The practice of meditation also allows them to feel relaxed and calm before and after stressful sessions.

Unfortunately, some people do not find meditation relevant to developing psychic energy and increasing supernatural powers. However, meditation is key to finding your true potential in life. Since psychics and mediums have to deal with negative energies and spirits from the other world, they usually feel frustrated and anxious. And this is exactly when meditation helps them revitalize and come back to life full of energy. Even if a psychic has performed a simple reading session, meditation can help him/her stay focused and deliver a much more accurate reading. In a nutshell, no matter if you deliver a psychic reading, tea leaf reading, animal reading, or online Tarot reading, meditation can help you be more successful at your job.

To meditate, you should first find a calm and sacred place. Note that the place should be comforting specifically you. So, simply select a spot that makes you feel better. The next step is to either sit or lie and close your eyes. You can even use a cooling eye mask to feel comfier during meditation. Instead of making effort to control your breath, breathe naturally. Finally, pay attention to how your body moves as you breathe. Observe different parts of your body, including your chest, rib cage, shoulders, and belly. Although you need to focus your attention on your breath, you should not try to control its intensity or pace. Keep it natural!

While these were some of the general steps for meditation, you might need to follow additional steps in the case of different meditation techniques. Check out this beginner’s guide to popular meditation techniques by GAIAM.

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