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How to Protect a Psychic Circle?

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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 09/03/21 9:33 PM EDT
  • Updated: 08/01/21 9:36 PM EDT

How to Protect a Psychic Circle?

Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, surprises and miracles, problems and pain. In some cases, challenges and difficulties are the results of our daily activities and other decisions we make in life. However, sometimes we experience sudden changes in life without any rationale behind them. Psychics and mediums explain this by the presence of negative energy around an individual. And if you are a sensitive person, unwanted energies can significantly influence your overall well-being. This is when protecting your psychic circle comes into play.

To maintain positive energy vibrations and clear out your energy field, you should consider casting and protecting your psychic, AKA magic circle. Your psychic circle acts as an energy shield that protects you from harm and damage caused by dark energy. Learning how to protect a psychic circle will enable you to get rid of harmful energies and stay away from negative external influences when meditating or performing various rituals.

If you are a newbie and do not really know how to cast or protect your psychic circle, we’ve got you covered! In the following sections, we will define a psychic circle and explain why it is essential to protect your sacred circle as you meditate or perform rituals. We will also provide some easy tips to cast and protect your psychic circle. Finally, we will let you know when you should refer to a professional psychic for further assistance and guidance.

What Is a Psychic Circle?

During the last two decades, various psychic services have been getting increased attention from individuals worldwide. Still, some people are not aware of some of the most prevalent psychic terms and self-protection techniques. The psychic circle and its protection are such aspects of the psychic world.

When hearing the term “psychic circle,” people often associate it with a Psychic Circle Store (Psychic Circle Oddities) or a Psychic Circle board game. The truth is that the actual psychic circle has nothing to do with an online shop and is not even a psychic circle board. Hence, psychic circle board experiences are not even related to casting and protecting an actual psychic circle around an individual. Here is how everything works!

A psychic circle, also known as a magic circle, is a circle of space that acts as a barrier to house and protect your spells, energy and auric fields, and defend you from energy vampires or other negative forces. Psychic circles are either physically marked out on the ground or they are totally imaginary.  

Many people believe that a magic circle is all about witchcraft and the purpose is to cause harm to the innocent via supernatural means. They claim that procedures involving a psychic circle are closely related to different branches of ritual magic. However, the rituals of casting and protecting a psychic circle are not really performed by ritual magicians, and therefore, have nothing to do with ritual magic or witchcraft.

Psychic circles are widespread in Wicca beliefs. While some people think that Wicca and Witchcraft are the same, this is not true whatsoever. Witchcraft involves the use of magick and spellwork for a variety of rituals, whereas Wicca is a religion and a spiritual belief system, just like Christianity or Islam.

According to Wicca practitioners, a magic circle is nine feet in diameter. However, the size of the circle varies depending on its purpose. In Wicca, people typically use a cone of power to raise the energy within the psychic circle. Wiccans believe that the barrier is pretty fragile and passing through the circle might lead to its weakening or dispelling. They recommend not to leave the circle (unless absolutely necessary) in order to avoid breaking it.

Why Should I Protect My Psychic Circle?

You might ask yourself: but how can I benefit from protecting my psychic circle?

The response to this question is pretty straightforward. Here’s why!

Traditionally, magic circles were used to create barriers between individuals and the spells and rituals summoned by them. Nowadays, psychic circles are more about preserving various spiritual energy systems within the circle and protecting oneself from dark energy. Protecting your psychic circle will ensure that the circle contains the form of sacred space and grants you protective energy.

Still, there is no universal answer to why one should protect his/her psychic circle. People with different cultural and religious backgrounds perform psychic circle protection rituals for varying purposes. For instance, the Sumerians called the use of ritual circles Zisurru, the main goal of which is to protect oneself from evil by enclosing the psychic circle with flour or other powdered cereals.

While some psychics believe that psychic circles protect their energy fields from negative influences, others claim that psychic circles are cast to protect their energies as they perform various rituals or summon spells. Sometimes psychic circles are evencast for meditation; Therefore, such circles are also referred to as meditation circles.

In a nutshell, psychic circles (AKA magic/magical circles) provide protection against negative energies and other external influences that would not be beneficial for an individual. In addition to that, psychic circles are often considered as vessels (power plants) that hold your personal energy and magnify your psychic powers as you perform various readings or rituals.

Tips to Casting a Psychic Circle

If you have ever read instructions for performing certain rituals, you have probably seen the phrases “Start by casting a circle of protection” or “First, cast a psychic circle and refer to elements.” This is an essential step that ensures that your personal energy field is protected throughout the ritual. Hence, you should always follow the instructions and never skip this procedure.

Psychics and magical practitioners use various techniques to cast psychic circles. Depending on what their religion and beliefs are, they might use contrasting rituals and methods to successfully cast a circle. I will share one of the easiest ways to cast a circle of protection before you start performing a psychic ritual. Believe it or not, casting a psychic circle is one of the most influential aspects that enable you to protect it.

Below are a few steps you should follow.

  • STEP 1: Find Appropriate Location, Ideally Open Space

First things first, you should find a place to perform psychic circle casting. Ideally, you should be looking for flat and open space. It can be indoors or outdoors, anything that works for you at the moment. The most important aspect is that you should not be disturbed during the process. So, find a spot with no people around and try to feel calm and relaxed.

  • STEP 2: Start by Cleansing Your Space

Keep in mind that you should always cleanse the selected spot before you actually cast a psychic circle. This will help you create a sacred place and make your circle much more powerful. There are a couple of options to cleanse your space. For instance, you can use your mind and mental skills to push out or burn away unwanted energies. You can also use a broom or besom to sweep away negative influences.

  • STEP 3: Define Your Psychic Circle

Next, you should define your circle and make it as large as needed for a specific ritual. To do so, you will need to take into consideration the location you have selected. Then, you should either mentally define your circle or physically mark the four cardinal directions with the representations of four elements.

When physically defining your psychic circle, you should put the representations of four or five elements at the corresponding points around the imaginary circle. The circle should be around 5-6 feet in diameter.

Below are the cardinal directions and corresponding elements:

East – Air
South – Fire
West – Water
North – Earth

When defining a psychic circle, people either use four or five elements and create a cross shape or a pentacle shape, respectively. The shape of your circle typically depends on the nature of a specific ritual that you are going to perform and is totally up to you.

  • STEP 4: Relax, Keep Calm, and Call the Elements

Take your time to relax and call the elements to start casting the psychic circle. Make sure you feel calm until you call the elements. Start from the East and move clockwise until you call all four elements.

Turn to the East and say: “Element of Air, I call on you.” OR “Spirits of Air, I call on you.

Turn to the South and say: “Element of Fire, I call on you.” OR “Spirits of Fire, I call on you.

Turn to the West and say: “Element of Water, I call on you.” OR “Spirits of Water, I call on you.

Turn to the North and say: “Element of Earth, I call on you.” OR “Spirits of Earth, I call on you.

While still facing the North, try to bring the energy up from the earth and transfer it into your body. This is when you might have blurred vision and see white light. Do not freak out when this happens, as this is not a vision syndrome. This is the point when the circle is being created. To finish casting the circle, say the following:

Mother Earth, I call on you. Father Sky, I call on you. With these elements together under spirit, I cast a circle of protection above, below, and within. Thank you, the circle has been cast. Blessed the circle be.”

  • STEP 5: Do Your Work in the Middle of Your Psychic Circle

As you have already cast your psychic circle, you can perform your rituals or practice meditation. Simply sit or stand in the middle of your imaginary circle and work your magic. The circle will protect you from harmful external influences during the process.

  • STEP 6: Close Your Magic Circle Whenever You Are Done

Whenever you are done, you should close your psychic circle and release the energy. To properly close the circle, you should thank the elements.

Face East and say: “Air, you were here, and I am thanking you.”

Face South and say: “Fire, you were here, and I am thanking you.”

Face West and say: “Water, you were here, and I am thanking you.”

Face North and say: “Earth, you were here, and I am thanking you.”

Face North and say: “Mother Earth, you were here, and I am thanking you.”

Face North, look at the sky, and say: “Father Sky, you were here, and I am thanking you.”

Take a moment and say: “The circle is open, but never broken. The love of the DEITY NAME is forever in my heart. I thank you for lending your energy and for watching over this sacred circle. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again. Blessed be!”

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind that these are some general tips on how to cast a psychic circle. As you practice and master casting the circle, you are totally free to add some additional steps and create your unique procedure. The circle is your personal protective shield that prevents negative energies from entering your space and empowers your psychic visions. Hence, you should do whatever works best for you.

Tips to Protecting a Psychic Circle

As you cast a psychic circle to meditate or perform a specific ritual, the circle is not supposed to be open for long periods of time. Therefore, protecting your psychic circle is not really about keeping it existent. The psychic circle protects you and you are also responsible for protecting it.

The best way to protect a psychic circle is to properly cast and close it. Thanking the elements will ensure that the circle is cast and closed adequately. Besides, you should never leave your psychic circle randomly. This does not mean that you should exit the circle and then repeat the entire casting ritual. Instead, you can temporarily exit the circle by making a cutting motion across the line. This can be done by holding an athame (a ritual knife) or a wand in your hand.

When temporarily leaving your circle, you should say: “I use THIS to open the door.”

Whenever you decide to return to your psychic circle, you should reverse the process and close the door.

People often use various protective crystals, stones, and crystal jewelry during the rituals performed within a psychic circle. In this way, they get extra protection for themselves and for the circle as well. Some of the items that act as a protective stone and psychics’ favorite protection crystals include:

  • A psychic protection stone or crystal – Purple Amethyst Stones, Ascension Stone, Dalmatian Stone, Eilat Stone, Amethyst Crystals

To find an excellent stone or crystal, you should always review crystal books and check some reviews of crystal protectors. In this way, you will easily get a perfect stone or crystal for specific rituals and readings that you perform within a psychic circle. You can also use a macrame crystal holder and DIY a necklace to keep the crystal with you at all times.

When Should I Refer to a Professional Psychic?

If you use a psychic circle when performing various psychic rituals, you probably possess psychic powers and you might not need to consult a professional psychic for guidance. However, if you are not a psychic and cast a circle to protect yourself while meditating, you might consider referring to a professional psychic for some tips and assistance. This is what smart people do, at least.

First of all, casting a psychic circle is not always as easy and effortless as it might seem at first glance. Things might get complicated if you are not aware of how to perform various circle casting rituals. This is when you should refer to a professional psychic and get some help with properly opening your psychic circle.

Besides, if you notice something strange happening after casting your psychic circle, you should also visit a psychic and try to understand what is going on. As there are various energies involved in the process, you should be extremely careful when working with psychic circles.

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