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How to Protect Yourself from Negative Psychic Energy

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 03/09/21 8:24 PM EST
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How to Protect Yourself from Negative Psychic Energy

Since psychic services have been becoming more increasingly popular worldwide, people started referring to spiritual advisors on a regular basis. Although psychics and mediums can actually guide us through even the toughest crossroads of life, we should still be extremely cautious during reading sessions to avoid unpleasant psychic attacks. However, you might not always be able to block negative psychic energy from entering your auric field. In such cases, you will definitely consider a couple of quick and easy ways to protect yourself from dark psychic energy.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about psychic energy, psychic attacks, psychic and spiritual protection, and related self-protection techniques. To highlight the importance of self-protection from negative energies, we will summarize an article about a woman who was told by a fortune teller and a palm reader that she would die at the age of 64. The woman is 80 now and lives a happy life with her family.

If you are worried about psychic attacks and want to know more about powerful protection techniques, keep reading. We share some of the most common methods of protection to enlighten your mind and recharge yourself with positive energy.

Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

To make things more explicit, it is important to list some of the symptoms of a psychic attack and define a couple of terms associated with negative psychic energy. Being aware of the common psychic attack symptoms will make the process of psychic energy healing even more successful.

·         Psychic Energy Definition

Before we actually discuss how to protect yourself from negative psychic energy, let’s talk a bit more about special psychic energy and psychic energy abilities in general.

You might have asked yourself – What is Psychic Energy? Here is a quick answer for you!

Psychic energy might either refer to spiritual energy (esotericism) or mental energy (psychological). Spiritual or alternative medicine practitioners claim that spiritual energy is force distinguishable from the scientific form of energy. Contrarily, mental energy is a psychological phenomenon that influences various aspects of the psyche, whether conscious or unconscious.

Although there is no scientific proof that these secret rare psychic energies exist, various psychic/spiritual therapies and reading sessions still use and manipulate these energies.

·         What Are Psychic Attacks?

Psychic attacks are harmful or hurtful actions that cause distress to someone’s feelings or mind. In contrast with physical attacks, psychic attacks have nothing to do with physical harm. In a nutshell, a psychic attack can be anything that involves non-physical aspects of wounding someone.

·         What Do Psychic Attacks Look Like?

Psychic attacks do not look like anything specifically. The fact that you have been a victim of a psychic attack might not be perceptible from the very beginning. However, you will soon start feeling a bit awkward. For instance, you might face mental health issues or experience other hurtful feelings related to random aspects of life. If this is the case, you are probably surrounded by negative energies and need some professional guidance for protection. Still, there are a few psychic protection techniques that you can refer to on your own.

·         What Is an Energy Vampire?

An energy vampire is a person who, whether intentionally or not, leech off of us for our energy. If you have been experiencing energy drain recently, you are probably surrounded by one or even more energy vampires. An energy vampire can be your friend or just a random person who you have been talking to. They do not necessarily aim to harm you, but the way they act and talk literally leaves you exhausted. If you have ever felt that way, do not worry. This article will list a couple of ways to cope with energy vampires around you.

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Psychic Attacks

Tapping into psychic energy and learning more about the ways of powerful protection against psychic attacks will make your life even more enjoyable. While some people use protective shields, such as a black obsidian shield of faith, others prefer cleansing their energy fields through various psychic shields.

Below are the top 5 best ways that help you achieve psychic protection.

1.    Cord Cutting and Earth Cording

Many psychics and mediums believe that people stay in their ex-partner’s energy fields, even after they separate physically. So, breaking up with your loved one does not necessarily mean that there is no connection between you two. And this is true for literally any relationship, not only romantic ones.

The ritual that allows you to heal after ending a relationship with someone you truly loved is called “Cutting the Cord.” The purpose of the ritual is to cleave the energetic cord between you and someone you have broken up with. Although you can visit a psychic for cord cutting ritual, it is always better to perform it yourself. This allows you to be surrounded by intense energies and emotions of your own.

To perform the cord cutting ritual, you just need a string, preferably a black string with a length of inches or feet that are multiples of nine. Next, write your name on a piece of paper and write the name of the other person on another piece of paper. You can also use two pictures instead. After rolling up the pictures or the pieces of paper, tie them to two different ends of the cord. Finally, focus on your emotions and cut the cord in the middle. You can also use a candle to cut the cord with fire. Imagine that the candle is what will heal you after the ritual is over.

Although the cord cutting ritual can be performed without any ceremonial occurrences, you can also use some candles, meditation, or other cultural practices that seem beneficial for you.

2.    Strengthen Your Auric Field

Cleansing or strengthening your aura is yet another way to fill up with protective energy against psychic attacks. One of the best ways to enlighten your auric field is to practice and increase your psychic energy. By discovering your own intuitive power, you can become a better healer for your own self. As you uncover your natural intuitive abilities, you might even be able to receive angelic protection.

Some of the best ways to strengthen your auric field include:

  • Meditation
  • Reiki Attunements
  • Crystal Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Smudging
  • Using essential oils for relaxation
  • Spending more time in nature
  • Using sea salts for bathing
  • Being positive
  • Doing things that make you happy
  • Fitness and a healthy lifestyle
  • Setting an intention
  • Spending time with the right people
  • Avoiding energy vampires

3.    Surround Yourself with Light

Your healing energies can actually make you feel happier in life. However, it is crucial to choose the right healing techniques for successful end results. Psychic energy psychology implies that surrounding yourself with light and positive energy can truly protect you from psychic attacks and dark energy.

Laughter for protection is the most basic way of creating a brighter environment around you. However, you can refer to a quick and easy ritual to create a white light shield around you. First, sit on the floor, relax your body, take a few deep breaths, and visualize the white light wrap. Congratulations, you have just surrounded yourself with white light.

4.    DNA Activation Techniques to Positively Charge Your Vibration

DNA activation is an incredible spiritual journey, especially for those who are enthusiastic about exploring other realms of time. According to the DNA activation theory, you can actually clear energetic blockages surrounding you and achieve even more in life. This helps you find your true potential while healing your soul and protecting you from negative energies.

DNA activation involves a couple of essential factors, including meditation, healing, positive thinking, and forming healthy relationships. By following these quick and easy techniques, you can positively charge your vibration and protect yourself from psychic attacks.

5.    More in Alternative Healthcare

While there are some widespread techniques for protecting yourself from dark energies, people across the globe refer to alternative energy medicine methods that aim to achieve the same healing effects. When referring to professional healers, psychics, and mediums, you might end up receiving a peculiar healing session involving some strange objects or techniques. The main reason for this is that people with different cultural backgrounds have quite contrasting approaches to spiritual or psychic healing. In any case, you should only use the healing techniques you are familiar with to avoid unwanted psychic attacks.

The Need for Psychic Protection

If you are still unsure whether you need psychic protection, the quick response is that you DO. Cleansing your auric field and getting rid of dark energy is key to becoming enlightened and maintaining your mental health.

  • What Is Psychic Protection?

In a nutshell, psychic protection is a type of energy work that helps you keep calm and secure. By using various psychic protection techniques, you can easily clear negative energies around you and protect yourself from psychic attacks. When dealing with challenging situations, psychic protection can simply strengthen your mind and soul.

  • What Is Spiritual Protection?

Spiritual protection is also a form of energy work used by a variety of energy workers, healers, and psychics. Although psychic and spiritual protections are two different terms, the primary purpose of both is the same: they aim to protect individuals from negative energies. Besides, psychic protection can involve spiritual rituals and healing techniques.

  • Why Is Spiritual Protection Necessary?

Spiritual protection is necessary for a couple of reasons, but mainly due to the healing effects one can achieve through spiritual protection rituals. Some of the most common spiritual protection results include pain relief (whether physical or mental), achieving inner peace, increasing psychic energy, removing dark energies, and charging with positive energy.

  • Venturing Where Others Fear to Tread?

Although some people think that wise people never venture into anything dangerous, this is not completely true. We all undertake risky journeys in life. And if you are among those who venture where others fear to tread, you definitely need to use specific self-healing techniques to protect yourself from psychic attacks.

  • How to Avoid Needing Self-Protection in the First Place?

While psychic protection and healing techniques can keep you safe from negative energies, you should still be cautious to avoid something unpleasant from happening. The best way to prevent needing self-protection is to be extremely attentive to details when communicating with individuals. Pay attention to how they talk and how you feel after the conversation. If you feel like someone has been zapping your energy, simply avoid speaking with him/her. Energy vampires can really influence the energy surrounding you and the way you feel.

Another quick and easy technique is positive thinking. Meditation can help you stay calm and relaxed, meaning that you might no longer need any further self-protection rituals to feel better. Just be happy and enjoy every bit of your life.

  • Over to You: Do You Use Any Self-Protection Techniques?

Have you ever used self-protection techniques to cleanse your auric field and charge your own self with positive energies? If not, you should definitely try doing so. You will immediately feel enlightened and your attitude toward life will change forever!

Read Related Article – When I’m 64: Getting the Most of a Psychic Reading

While psychic readings are supposed to be insightful and motivational, they are not always pleasant to listen to. Sometimes advisors share details that do not really make us calm and happy. One of such examples is a woman who received a psychic reading telling her that she would die at the age of 64. Years later, she received another palm reading with the same exact prediction about her death.

As the woman turned 64, her entire family just wanted the year to be over and finally ensure that she would live a healthy life. Suddenly, the woman started feeling a bit awkward and she thought she had gotten food poisoning. Days passed by and her situation was only getting worse. As her daughters insisted that she had to stay in the hospital, she soon recovered. The woman is now 80 and lives a happy life with her family.

Although the psychic reading influenced the way the woman’s daughters reacted to her illness right at the age of 64, it was still quite frustrating for them to think about the prediction. This story is an excellent example of why someone might need self-protection or guidance from a professional healer. Worrying about things like this create a negative energy field around you and it is of enormous importance to cleanse it.

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