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How to start a retail psychic business or storefront

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 10/08/20 10:25 PM EDT
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Starting a Retail Psychic Business

Starting a retail business is not an easy job. In contrast to online companies, retail businesses require way more effort and financial resources for being successful. When thinking of starting a retail business, you should first identify the area in which your company has the potential to grow and develop. Typically, it would be best if you considered launching your business in a niche that is relevant among the members of a specific society.

Since the services offered by the psychic industry have been popular worldwide, many people think of starting their own psychic business. Whether it is online or retail, there are plenty of factors you should take into account for launching a successful business. As we have already covered the issue of starting an online psychic business in 9 steps, now it is time to focus on the steps you should follow for setting up a retail psychic business.

To start a retail psychic business, you should follow these steps:

  1. Select a niche and develop a valid business idea;
  2. Do some research to make sure your idea is worth the investment;
  3. Brainstorm your company name and register it;
  4. Conduct research on regulations to make your retail psychic business legal;
  5. Find a suitable location for your psychic business;
  6. Hire professional personnel and train them to meet the standards;
  7. Find gifted psychics in the area and make sure they can deliver quality work;
  8. Decorate your psychic shop so that your customers feel relaxed during the sessions;
  9. Advertise your business to attract locals to your psychic shop;
  10. Let the psychics do their job but never sit back!

If you have decided to start a retail psychic business, you should definitely check out the following sections to get detailed information for the steps listed above. The article covers all the basic details that you need to know for launching a successful psychic business.

How to Start a Retail Psychic Business in 10 Steps

We all know that starting a business is not always an easy task to do. For your business to be successful and profitable, you need to carefully follow some basic steps and take necessary precautions to prevent violation of laws and rights. Although you may have heard that starting an online business is a relatively effortless way of making a profit, you should not be afraid of launching a retail business instead. Just be aware of the actions you need to take to make your business legal.

10 steps for starting a retail psychic business is further discussed below.

1.    Select a niche and develop a valid business idea

First of all, you need to find a focused area of the market that your business will serve particularly. Selecting the right business niche is essential for launching a distinctive company and making it easier for your business to surpass its competitors.

To select the right business niche, you should think of a couple of factors. For instance, since you are choosing a niche for your retail psychic business, you should consider local customers’ needs and preferences. The fact is that your target audience basically includes locals. Of course, you may attract customers from other locations as well, but at the beginning, you should focus on providing services specifically for locals. So, the first thing you should to for identifying your niche is to select your target audience.

To make your niche even more specific, you should further explore your audience. To do so, you need to get an idea of what they need and what they would expect from your business. Obviously, there is no point in selecting a niche if your target customers do not require related services. By identifying problems your business can solve, you will easily narrow initial niche ideas and create a profitable business.

In the case of the psychic industry, there are a couple of options you can go with. You can choose a specific area of divination and offer related services. For instance, you can launch a psychic shop offering Tarot card readings solely. In this case, your target customers are the ones believing in such readings. You can also open a shop and hire psychics specializing in Palm reading since this is another popular psychic service. Similarly, you can find gifted astrologers and offer exclusive horoscopes.

Clearly, offering a single service at your psychic shop will narrow down the number of customers since not everybody trusts Tarot readings or astrological predictions. Therefore, it is better to start a psychic business and provide a couple of related services to complement the readings. By hiring psychic advisors specializing in different divination practices, your shop will give a wider range of services and this will definitely increase the number of customers.

2.    Do some research to make sure your idea is worth the investment

After finding the possible business niche, you should validate your idea by conducting research and ensuring your target customers can benefit from the service. Evaluating market viability can also help determine whether your business has the potential to grow and develop gradually. Hence, validation of your business idea is key to starting a successful retail psychic business.

Since you are thinking of launching a local psychic business, it is important to check whether local companies operate in the same niche as you. Evidently, it is challenging to come up with a business idea that does not exist yet. But when we talk about local businesses, finding a unique business niche is relatively easy compared to online business ideas. In any case, you should try to think of an idea that does not have substantial competition. If you still want to start a retail psychic business although you have a local competitor, simply try to provide something unique and offer better services than your competitors. My advice is to forget any business ideas that already have tough competition.

Still, the presence of competition does not necessarily mean that you should give up on your business idea. All you need to do is research the competition and think of how you can outrank similar businesses. For instance, your local competitor might offer low-quality services, have horrible customer service, or own a bad website. You will just need to do an in-depth analysis of your local competitors and focus on the areas in which they are not that strong. In this way, you can successfully enter a business niche and your company will potentially take off.

As you have validated your business idea, it is now time to find some specific problems your company can solve. For this, you can either do online research and overview some of the most popular forums or have an in-person communication with a couple of target customers from the area. During the meetings with your target customers, you will have an opportunity to interchange thoughts with the audience and improve your already-existing idea.

Finally, it would help if you determined how profitable your business niche can actually be. This is an essential step for deciding whether your idea is worth putting money into a commercial venture. If you feel like you can benefit from starting a retail psychic business in the selected niche, go for it! If you are not sure about the profitability of your business idea, there is no need to hurry. Just take your time and do some more research on the topic to better understand how everything works.

3.    Brainstorm your company name and register it

The next step is brainstorming your company name and registering it. While you might think that your business idea is more important than your company name, it is not true whatsoever. Many business owners and specialists have been clear about how important your company name is for starting a successful business. Therefore, before actually launching your company, make sure you have selected the right name that can help the business stand out and grow.

The main reason why a company name matters is that it is the very first thing your customers see. A reasonable and catchy company name creates a good first impression and can even help you build trust with your potential customers. Along with that, a company name helps the customers get a general idea of what to expect from it. And finally, your company name is one of the key factors that differentiates your business from others and makes it unique.

There are several tips that you can consider for creative and successful company name brainstorming. For instance, you can take small pieces of paper and write down every word that comes to your mind when thinking of your company name. Later, you should narrow the list and leave the ones that you like the most. You can also use online dictionaries to find synonyms of the selected words since you may come across the name ideas that sound even cooler. Additionally, you can think of some foreign words that are easy to read and pronounce. Be aware of the translation and make sure it is not harassing for your potential customers.

When brainstorming on a company name, it is important to consider a couple of factors. For instance, your name should not be too vague and unclear. Instead, try finding a more specific and descriptive word. Keep in mind that the name should be creative and appealing, as well. So, instead of choosing a descriptive but boring company name, you should develop a more engrossing term that can also describe what your company offers.

While keeping your company name simple, you can also use related spellings to make the name even more unique and easy to remember. You can think of something similar to Tumblr, Flickr, or Compaq. Make sure your name is unique and you are not copying other businesses, especially your local competitors.

Finally, you should find a catchy word that not only describes your business but is also easy to read, spell, and pronounce. Believe it or not, people do not like spelling or pronouncing hard words. And such company names are typically not that easy to remember. Just think of some easy-to-pronounce names, so neither you nor your customers have trouble talking about your company.

Remember that after you come up with a specific company name, you will need to register it. Required procedures vary from country to country, so it is better to consult local specialists to obtain reliable information.

4.    Conduct research on regulations to make your retail psychic business legal

After validating and developing your business idea, it is important to take some additional steps and make your retail psychic business legal. Since you are opening a local psychic shop, you should first consider whether it is allowed to start a psychic business in the area. As a matter of fact, some countries and states ban fortunetelling and similar divination practices. So, it is important to make sure that you are not infringing law by launching a retail psychic business.

First things first, you will need to choose the structure of your company. Typically, you will be asked to select either an LLC or a corporation. Choosing a business structure is important for protecting you from personal liability under certain circumstances.

As we have mentioned in the previous step, you should register your business name. There are a couple of options, including an entity name, a trademark, a DBA, and a domain name. Depending on your preferences, you can choose one of the ways of registering your business name.

Next, you should obtain detailed information on how to pay taxes. This is a very specific topic and is completely dependent on the location of your psychic shop. Therefore, it is better to consult local authorities and get further details on what additional steps to take.

Besides, you will need to apply for business licenses and permits, considering the retail psychic industry regulations. This is also dependent on your retail psychic business location, so make sure you consult the professionals.

For the final steps, you should open a business bank account and have it separated from your personal finances. Since personal liability protections are not always enough for protecting your business, you should consider purchasing business insurance. After consulting local authorities, you should be able to choose a suitable option that provides the best protection from any potential risks.

5.    Find a suitable location for your psychic business

Finding the right location for your psychic business is yet another key factor that can affect your company’s growth and development. First of all, you should think of your target customers and determine the spots where they may live. If you select a place in an area with no potential customers, you may end up spending too much money on rent while making no profit at all. Therefore, you should make sure that people living in the area are interested in psychic services and are willing to receive readings at your psychic shop.

If there are any local competitor psychic shops in the area, you should think twice about selecting the location before renting a property. Avoid moving in next door or even across the street from a business competitor. Instead, try to find a more beneficial spot for your psychic shop to outrank the competitors.

Another thing you should consider when choosing the location for your psychic retail business is foot traffic. To select a place with good foot traffic, you should visit that particular spot several times a day to see how people navigate through the street. Ideally, it would be best if you considered locating your retail psychic business in a medium-traffic area so that your potential customers easily spot the psychic shop.

Although psychic places are not as overcrowded as other shops, you may want to consider selecting a location that is easily accessible for pedestrians and individuals driving a vehicle. Along with accessibility, you should consider having convenient parking near your psychic shop so that your working personnel and customers can easily park their cars.

Moreover, taking into account the image and history of the location is also of huge importance. As a matter of fact, some religious individuals do not appreciate divination. Therefore, opening your psychic shop near a church or in a building with a religious background may not be a good idea. Suppose you have decided to open a psychic shop where previous psychic shops have failed to succeed. In that case, you should definitely consider finding another location that would work better for your business.

Finally, when searching for the right location, you should also consider utilities and other costs. Before renting or buying a property for your retail psychic business, make sure you can afford to pay bills. Keep in mind that these costs are not always included in leases.

6.    Hire professional personnel and train them to meet the standards

Since you have decided to start a retail psychic shop, you will need to hire personnel and train them if required. Hiring professionals will help you manage your business and keep everything on track, no matter how many customers you have.

Ideally, you will need a clerk who can work as a front desk agent. This person should welcome the customers and schedule psychic sessions with desired advisors. You will also need to hire an accountant to interpret and keep track of financial records, including business expenses and income.

More importantly, you should hire an HR professional who can establish, maintain, and develop company policies and ensure that both staff members and employers’ rights are preserved.

Besides, you should consider hiring a person to clean the area regularly. You can partner with a specific cleaning company for a better experience and request a one-time cleaning or a permanent form of service.

Even if you hire professional personnel, you may still need to provide particular training sessions. In this way, you can make sure your staff members are suitable for your retail psychic business and can meet your company’s needs. By training your crew, you can also check how helpful they can actually be and whether they provide services that your potential customers appreciate.

7.    Find gifted psychics in the area and make sure they can deliver quality work

The next step is to find talented advisors with sufficient experience working in the psychic industry. The main reason why hiring gifted psychics is a must is that they communicate directly with your customers and they can even change their lives positively or negatively. If a psychic advisor is not talented enough to provide accurate readings, your customers may even risk their lives by considering feedback received during the session.

Although you MUST care about the quality of the services your customers receive, you should also care about company image and reputation. If you have too many unsatisfied customers, you should probably consider having a conversation with your psychics and replacing them with genuine psychics. The fact is that if your advisors cannot provide quality work consistently, locals will soon learn about that and you will just lose the majority of your clients. To avoid this from happening, do your best to employ only the gifted ones.

The easiest way to check if a specific psychic can provide accurate readings is to ask for any type of certificate. If the psychic manages to prove that his/her psychic abilities are genuine, go ahead and hire him/her. If not, there is nothing to worry about. You will just need to arrange an examination to test their abilities. After checking the accuracy of the readings, you should be able to tell whether a particular psychic is fit to be a part of your psychic crew.

8.    Decorate your psychic shop so that your customers feel relaxed during the sessions

As you have already found the right personnel and advisors for your retail psychic business, now you should start thinking of decorating your psychic shop so that the customers feel calm at all times. You should decorate your shop only after hiring psychics because the cabinets should be embellished considering the nature of services a particular advisor provides.

The most effective way to properly decorating your psychic shop is to exchange thoughts with particular advisors. After getting an idea of the environment they need for providing quality services, you can consult interior designers and decorators and furnish the space accordingly.

Some of the absolute musts for decorating your psychic shop cabinets and hallways include candles, lights, aroma sprays, and curtains. These four components are especially useful for creating a cozy environment for the customers and the advisors themselves. Feeling relaxed during the psychic session is essential for receiving an accurate and reliable reading that you can trust.

9.    Advertise your business to attract locals to your psychic shop

The Exterior and interior design of the property will probably attract individuals walking by your psychic shop. But you probably want to attract the attention of other people, right?

If so, you should consider promoting your retail psychic business. You can either do it yourself or hire a marketing manager instead. A typical marketing manager will help you manage your company’s promotion and provided services by raising brand awareness through different strategies.

In any case, there are a couple of proven ways of promoting your retail business in 2020. For instance, you can set up a Google My Business Account, which allows you to list your psychic shop on Google maps and includes it in search results. Another benefit is related to SEO since it enables your business to be easily found when people are looking for the services your offer. Finally, it is perfect for generating customer reviews that help Google display your psychic shop in search results, meaning that you get a completely free advertisement.

Another well-liked advertising strategy is to offer free or discounted services. Typically, people start thinking of receiving a service when they see a discount sign. Keep in mind that you should not offer services at an extremely cheap cost. If you do so, people will probably think that the quality is proportional to the price. It is better to keep regular prices but offer some benefits, especially to new customers.

10. Let the psychics do their job but never sit back!

Finally, you will just need to let the psychics do their job. Since you have selected top advisors living in the area, there is nothing to worry about. They know exactly what they are doing and how to communicate with their clients.

But keep in mind that you should never sit back. No matter how successful your retail psychic business is, it requires regular maintenance to keep it thriving. Some basic information on how to maintain your psychic shop is provided in the next section.

How to Maintain Your Retail Psychic Business and Achieve Success

In the previous section, we have discussed 10 general steps for starting a retail psychic business. Obviously, launching a company does not mean that you are all done. Even after achieving profit and gaining fame among the locals, it is important to constantly maintain your psychic shop to make it even more successful.

A couple of basic factors that you should take into account for maintaining your retail psychic business include:

  • Check how satisfied your customers are

The most important thing you should do for maintaining a successful retail psychic business is to check whether your customers are satisfied with the services received. To do so, you can ask each customer to fill in a quick survey after their psychic séance. Make sure the survey is anonymous and do not forget to warn the customers about that.

Another easy way to check customer satisfaction is to search for reviews online. People sometimes post reviews and share their personal experiences on different business review websites.

  • Renovate your psychic shop when needed

Keeping your psychic shop interior/exterior clean and up to date is also important for maintaining and growing your business. You just need to partner with a cleaning company, designers, and decorators who can regularly check if there is any need to clean or renovate the space.

  • Make sure there are enough candles, lights, aroma sprays, and other essentials

As mentioned earlier, candles, aroma sprays, and lights are useful for creating a cozy and warm environment for the clients to feel relaxed during psychic sessions. Therefore, you should keep track of these items at all times.

  • Use social media to offer promotions and share updates

Finally, you should use social media not for one-time promotions but also for regular updates. You can also set up a website or even launch an app through which people can schedule meetings with psychic advisors without leaving the house.

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